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Avenged Sevenfold Inside The Studio.
April 5, 2013, 5:02 pm
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Rafa Alcantara of TWENTYFOURCORE Productions (Live In The LBC DVD/Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan tribute video) posted a photo of himself and Avenged Sevenfold inside the studio with the caption “Good times, good family. Here we go again :) #A7X #itbegins


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Comment by Deathbat News

I need a like button for this comment alone. :D But seriously, Arin has to be official now, I hope.

Comment by Jenn

can’t wait for this release!! been a fan forever! excited!

Comment by jacob


Comment by Barry


Comment by saraloves


Comment by Harley Quinn

Super excited! #itbegins again… Album title?

Comment by IJ

So excited!! This is so exciting!

Comment by Estefania

Still excited!!!! :P

Comment by DaynaD

I just squealed so loudly, you have no idea.
Super excited right now! (:

Comment by Sara S.

Can’t wait for the new Album… Another push to the top of the charts, guys! Also, really can not wait for the touring cycle. Really hope they hit the Barclay Center… Because I’ve wanted to check it out, but really want my first time being there for an Avenged show.

Comment by Brian

I am so freaking excited for this album.

Comment by Alex

OMG *———–* so excited!!!

Comment by Ana Tillmann

Lot’s of teasers this week!! :)

Comment by Lindsey

Omg! Yes!

Comment by Anonymous

This is so exciting! Also, hopefully they make Arin an official member now. :)

Comment by clareyna


I can’t wait :D

Comment by Thea Strange

This picture makes think of the new DVD they were supposedly filming for during their last tour cycle. TWENTYFOURCORE productions is the company that produced Live at the LBC, and it would make sense if they worked with Avenged again.

Comment by Brendan

Why was Rafa in the studio? Maybe they filmed something like a studio report or something… Or maybe he was just visiting them as a friend…

Comment by MzHyde

In some interview with Matt (I think), he did say he enjoyed the “Making of” DVD they had for the self-titled and would like to do another one. I don’t totally remember, but it sounded like they wanted to do it for Nightmare, and then, for obvious reasons, they did not. So, maybe we’ll get another DVD! I still watch the old one haha

Comment by TomWhaley

Oh thank you, I’m gonna check what he said about it if I can find the interview! I would love them to do another making of DVD but even if they don’t, I’m still excited as hell for the new album!

Comment by MzHyde

They are lol they confirmed it. Its literally talked about maybe 3 posts ago here on DBN

Comment by Anon

A “Making Of..” DVD was not confirmed in that article. Matt spoke about a DVD but one can assume it’s the same project he spoke about in April of last year. With that said, that was over a year ago. At this point no one knows where any projects stand (a DVD, a CD/DVD combo, etc.,) what’s getting released or when.

Comment by Deathbat News

In the Q&A with M Shadows on Reddit:

Question: I absolutely loved “The Making of Avenged Sevenfold”, where the band gave a little insight to the process of making music. I’ve watched that literally fifty times. Is there any chance that there would be some kind of “Making Of” for the next album you guys put out?

Matt: Yes.. We didnt do it for nightmare because it was a very personal time for us.

Comment by mathieu pellerin

That Reddit chat (the same Tom mentioned in his comment) was posted on Nov 14th so it’s not the one Anon was referring to when they said a “Making Of..” DVD was “confirmed” and “literally talked about maybe 3 posts ago here on DBN,” this article was. A “Making Of..” DVD for this album HAS NOT been confirmed. None of them have said (in the Reddit Q&A or anywhere else) that they are filming one and even with Matt mentioning there’s a chance they would a lot of things can change between November and April. The only thing we can do is wait and see but there’s no doubt in my mind whatever they do will be awesome.

Comment by Deathbat News

Can’t wait now !
This is so exciting :) !

Comment by SynSvn

So I’m starting to think “it begins” might be a song title or something to do with the album title.

Comment by Raderj2

Me too xD

Comment by Bianca B. Sullivan (@RebelDeathbat)

Pretty sure Arin will be part of the band now, because they’ve been saying that they want to make an album with him before they make him an official member

Comment by Matt

omg so excited!!!

Comment by Anonymous

Awesome!! Can’t wait for the news coming real soon!!!!

Comment by Forever Avenged

Hell yess!! Cannot wait to hear it!!!

Comment by Walter

Very cool pic…. Looks like family again…..

Comment by Davie Jones

Uber excited for this!!

Comment by Rachel

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