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Machine Gun Kelly On M Shadows, “He’s One Of The Greatest Lead Vocalists Since Axl Rose.”
April 12, 2013, 7:17 pm
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ARTISTdirect and Machine Gun Kelly spoke about the Cleveland, Ohio rapper’s album “Lace Up” and and having M Shadows appear on the title track “Save Me.” You can watch the footage of M Shadows recording his vocals and listen to the full song which also features Synyster Gates.

AD: It’s like your world opens up there.
MGK: Then, I’m fast-forwarding. Where my baby’s mom was staying at during the time was a really rough area. When I got my record deal, I ended up moving them out of there. I’d be tucking my child in, and I’d hear trashcans falling over. I’d look outside and see pitbulls fighting. You’d see crack fiends running up and down the street. Having all that shit come together on the first track, it’s like, “Yo, this is the person you’re about to hear an album from”. It’s the guy who’s seeing all of this shit. Then, you hear this scream and howl of “Can’t you save me?” and cry for help by a fucking metal singer. M. Shadows (Avenged Sevenfold) isn’t just a metal singer though. In my honest opinion, he’s one of the greatest lead vocalists since Axl Rose. The way he works his voice is amazing. I actually recorded that personally. I flew out to his house. It was just me and him in the studio. I got to record that shit live with no music. I got to hear how ear-piercing it was. I’m just glad that was how we started the album. Fast forward to “What I Do”, the record with Bun B. I’d never heard Bun B rap in that fat cadence before, ever. I felt like he gave me a gem.

Thanks Isaac for sending this in.


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Both are amazing vocalists, both have one of a kind vocals!

Comment by Forever Avenged

Don’t really care for MGK’s music, but “Save Me” was a decent song to listen to.

Comment by Jesse Rutan (@JesseRutan)

Good to see someone from his genre appreciate true art

Comment by Rob Navarro

Not into MGK’s type of music, but he is spot on in his opinion of M. While many of their songs highlight his vocal prowess, listening to Carry On may best validate what MGK said. M’s power and range is unbelievable and that song takes you back to the 80’s and the golden age of power rock, including GnR and Maiden.

Comment by Brendan

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