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Avenged Sevenfold – It Begins.
April 15, 2013, 12:37 pm
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It has begun at


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99 – We Come Out At Night (Demo)
00 – Static
01 – Turn The Other Way / Darkness Surrounding
02 – Second Heartbeat (Demo)
03 – Unholy Confessions / Chapter Four
04 – Eternal Rest (Live)
05 – Bat Country / Burn It Down (Live) / Seize The Day
06 – Walk / Beast And The Harlot
07 – The Rev & Syn Gates (Lobby talk) / Almost Easy / Afterlife
08 – A Little Piece of Heaven (Live in the LBC) / Scream (DVD Credits) / Girl I Know / Crossroads
09 – Paranoid
10 – Nightmare / Welcome To The Family / 4:00 AM
11 – Not Ready to Die
12 – Carry On
13 – Static

DBN NOTE: Master list of songs playing.

Comment by Matt

I want to say each station stands for the year it corresponds with. (ie 99 is 1999 and that would be when the band formed) and so on. So the last one is this year and they have yet to release anything. I hope the channels for the TV part start working as well. :)

Comment by Sara Leann Robres

What does this mean!

Comment by Anonymous

Holy shit!!! This is amazing!!! I’m so excited!!!!

Comment by Shell


Comment by Anonymous

The trolling begins :\

Comment by Luis

Hahahaha I already died with your comment haha.

Comment by Anonymous

Wow, I’ve been visiting intermittently all day, and imagine my surprise when I find this awesome f+?*#ing radio! Wow wow wow! Great as always guys!

Comment by BreeJanko

If you press the left button on the bottom it plays “We Come Out At Night”. I’m guessing by the indications on the radio they’re going to post one of their old songs for each year, ending with the new stuff because the radio ends with 13

Comment by Jonathan

turn the knob on the left, each # on the top represents the years they’ve been a band, each year has their greatest song from that year

Comment by Anonymous

Ohhh, freaky, play with it!!! I think their cover of Paranoid is on this…

Comment by DaynaD

Yeah, if you tune the middle to 09 it’s on there. Awesome.

Comment by David

If you turn the left button to 13 and the right button to 04 and then press the left button you can hear a lot of static noises, including appearing to be some news voices!

Comment by Matt

Doesn’t matter what the left one is turned to, but theres a lot of creepy stuff if you let it keep playing

Comment by Robert Norris

Already working on figuring it out. Press the two bottom buttons, turn the dial on the right to the right once, and move around the slider.

Comment by Ernie

The numbers on the dials are the years as a band 99 00 01…. And each one plays a song. You have to used the dial to go to ’13 and its static with background previews and voices.

Comment by Anonymous

I swore i heard some music then Matt singing…maybe just maybe idk

Comment by RICKY

Oh you definately did at 3:05-3:15 when having it tuned to 13. That’s definately a teaser!

Comment by Yohan

This so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Zachary Brooks

I can’t see it cause I’m on my phone. I don’t have a computer either. Ugh! My life! :(

Comment by Ashley

Same here… I’m trying again and again but it won’t work ! Let’s just watch people going crazy instead :(

Comment by MzHyde


Comment by Anonymous

Keep listening i have been for about 15 minutes and i heard faint songs in the backround, not even kidding. And A Woman Singing!

Comment by Ross Third (@RossT556)

It sounds like they remade or remastered We come Out At Night. I’m so upset hgjdsahgjdg

Comment by Kim

It’s a demo of it, move the left slider and you get different songs/live versions/moments from each year :)

Comment by Robert Norris

That’s the rare demo version.

Comment by Anonymous

Nah Kim, that’s an old demo of it from way back when.This is so cool though! I have a feeling that this radio is somehow gonna be their method of releasing upcoming teasers and whatnot.

Comment by Wade

Lol, that demo is the reason I have listened to them for all these years. I was four when that came out. My mom threw it away when I was little and it upset me so much,

Comment by sikkisinn

Channel 07 is funny

Comment by Luc

We come out… at night!

Comment by Bernie

Has anyone seen anything on the tv besides bars?

Comment by Adam M. Francis (@508_foREVer)

Nope, because
That’s what you get if you right click on the video and copy the url.

Comment by Anonymous

Listened to the static the whole way through til I heard the Coast to Coast am song bit for the second time, it’s just random radio noises and such.

Comment by Shane

i just listened to a long old audio clip that sounds like it was in a restaurant , the reason i didnt turn it is cause I liked hearing the Rev talking

Comment by Anonymous* (remove the *)
here is the video of that audio if you care to watch

Comment by Shawn

The left one is the only thing that does anything.

Comment by Anonymous

ahhhh exciting!!!!

Comment by John

Anyone else get a mixture of colors on the screen and here a repetitive humming with a slow drum track?

Comment by Tyler

This is what television stations usually broadcast when nothing is airing, and the right dial seems to stop the video, so it looks like it changes the channel.

Comment by SynVanSambora

So much more. Go through every station. Enjoy all the music that made me fall inlove with this band.

Comment by ameh. (@himynameisameh)

Crazy stuff. For sure it’s just a teaser to hold us over. but the 13 knob does something.

Comment by Matt

It doesnt let me spin them on my computer?

Comment by ANdy

What’s the point of the TV? No matter what channel its on I get the annoying ringing… Also the same static that is on (20)’13 is on (20)’00…

Comment by Alexander David Marsh

I’m guessing that once they release the new stuff it will play video. when you mess with the right nob the video re-loads something so maybe several videos?

Comment by Jonathan Orr

I think number 7 is the best! :) That is like my favorite part of All Excess

Comment by Paige

The -00 and -013 top line stations are the same recording. We mastered the Left knob. How the hell does the right one work? Also if the top is a timeline, what is the bottom?

Comment by Riley Brogan

I kind of wonder if they will release bits and pieces of each song or maybe a hint of the album and the right knob loads different videos that the knob is pointing to.

Comment by Jesse Rutan (@JesseRutan)

That’s a good a guess as any. I think we’ve officially concluded that the right knob is for soon to come video’s and Station 013 is for soon to come music. But the bottom row of stations on the radio dial is about the only thing I don’t understand now.

Comment by Riley Brogan

i cant turn the dials anymore!! :( urg

Comment by Anonymous

Well my crap laptop just loads a black screen when going to their website.

Comment by Austin.M

I love the radio and can’t believe how creative they are!

Comment by Anonymous

The right now changes the tv station. but nothing comes up besides the colored bars

Comment by ZP

The right knob is for the TV Riley. I’m sure as time goes on there will be stuff to look at on the TV channels too

Comment by Andy W Spivey

The right dial changes the TV stations, although all of them are the same thing..

Comment by Mike Remke

Arghhhhhhhh the suspense is too much!! I just wanna repeatedly smack my head off the wall!!! Hahaha

Comment by A7XUKLOVER

Man, Unholy Confessions just gets better with age!!

Comment by A7XUKLOVER

I’m guessing the 13 station is going to become more clear every day.

Comment by Kyle

Good idea, similar to the Puzzle filling in for Nightmare’s cover art?

Comment by Nick Smallwood

in channel 7 with the rev there’s an actual video.. they’re at the bar drinking.:)

Comment by Anonymous

Every single song on the radio plays was a single (or multiple) they released in the corresponding year on the display, implying that they will release one for 13… hopefully soon. Does anyone know they significance of the bottom numbers? I’m stoked for the video, whatever it may be.

Comment by Jake


Comment by Giorgia (@djiordjia)

if 013 is just static. i wonder why 00 is just also static…

Comment by barry

Most likely because they don’t have any recordings to put up from the year 2000.

Comment by Anonymous

In all honesty I think we’ve found what we were supposed to. In short, more to come.

Comment by xGunslinger7 (@mleasure7)

What do you mean?

Comment by Kevin

That everything is just beginning. Hence the “It Begins” theme.

Comment by Deathbat News

Exactly. Kind of like the cover art mentioned in an above comment. This is how they keep fans interested at all times. I can’t wait for demos or video teasers! Looks like the colored bars will evolve into some sort of video(s)

Comment by xGunslinger7 (@mleasure7)

Ohhh I gotcha. Ya I had a thought that the dial on the right would be days of the week (They are labelled 00-07) so maybe a new teaser/video each day of the week and then after a week they’ll release a song? Hope so!

Comment by Kevin C

sadly. i think you’re right. i don’t see anything happening tonight. Even though Papa Gates tweeted BIG NEWS today followed by 4:15:13…he was probably trolling loll

Comment by LetsGOa7x

So. Dont get me wrong its great that this is all starting up. BUT all this 4:15:13 Hint stuff was just to hear material we have already heard before?? Minus the static news channel feed. Guess we gotta be even more patient.

Comment by James

“It Begins” means exactly what it says, it’s beginning. There’s no telling what these guys are up to. Patience is a virtue.

Comment by Deathbat News

HELP PLEASE!!!!!! my computer just loads a black page with a small link to the store at the lower left! i’ve tried refreshing and even logging in to my A7X account but it just does the SAME!!!!!PLEASE HELP IM DYING TO SEE THIS!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Jacob Coy Blankenship

Try updating your flash player?

Comment by Brady

I actually didnt have the latest version LOL, i just updated it and it still WONT WORK!!!! same thing happens. THANKS FOR THE help though, but u got any other TIPS???

Comment by Jacob Coy Blankenship

It doesnt use flash.. try using Google Chrome or the latest Mozilla Firefox.

Comment by Harris

The bottom numbers are Megahertz. Just in case anyone wanted to know xD

Comment by Anonymous

this pic probably means they are going old school!!!

Comment by zac

Well that have mentioned that they are going to try to create more Sabbath and Zeppelin like songs so that would make a little sense

Comment by Jesse Rutan (@JesseRutan)

The Radio brand is Tholomew. Most likely a reference to The Rev

Comment by Jeremy

Most likely? You mean Definitely.

Comment by Gregory Villafane II

The TV dial counts up to 7 and each number is linked to a separate URL (which right now is the same video)…
The TV dial is definitely there for a reason but it’s probably going to be updated every day or once a week… hopefully it’s daily… I can’t wait much longer for something new…
And 13 on the radio will probably be replaced by a new song when they decide to release it. I just listened to the full static file (I guess it’s less than 10 minutes) and did not hear anything that would sound like a message to us…

Comment by pm7x

You sir, are a boss, I was just about to rip all the code apart and get all the files.

Comment by Josh

The static in 013 is 9:15 long and is the same as 00. The color-bars are placed in every channel and is actually a 6 hour long video from youtube lol. Sound stops playing sometime in the first hour though so if you listen to it long enough the ringing will stop.

Comment by Riley Brogan

I think I’m just overthinking!!! AHHH I’m going out of my mind now. =p

Comment by Forever Avenged

theres a guitar riff with some drums under the static about 20 secs in then turns to elevator music then switches back to static where u hear matt starting to sing for a sec LOL

Comment by wakingtheballen

There are no easter eggs in the website’s code just in case anyone was wondering..

Comment by Josh

I checked for the same thing! I spent about an hour reading it and checking the different source links. What a bummer!

Comment by Marissa

This shit is gonna get us all paranoid !

Comment by Marc

I seriously hope people have grown up a bit over the last 3 years. I remember people were literally crying at the mere mention of 8 second song snippets.

Comment by Revenant

Hahahahaha. Hilarious because it’s true. I’m about as hardcore of a fan of a7x as you can get, but that was just ridiculous.

Comment by Zack

That’s why I’m glad DBN exists. I know DBN lady cant stop it completely from happening but this place isnt overrun with it.

Comment by Cal

<3 I CANNOT wait.

Comment by Shannon

Has no one seen an old radio like this before? The top and bottom numbers are supposed to represent AM channels and FM channels. The top is FM, which is a lower range, and the bottom is AM, a larger number for each channel.
My radio stations on FM are 89.5-107.9
My radio stations on Am are 850-1360 or so (I’m not exactly sure)

Comment by Nick

If you find out how to change to AM then be sure to let us know.

Comment by Riley Brogan

I don’t think the AM frequencies are used for anything besides looks, especially considering the dials automatically line up with the FMs.

Comment by Nick

So does anybody know when they will be release a single? I feel like it wont be for a while sadly :( I too was refrshing my twitter over and over while listening to static for hours… I wonder if they will make it to where the knob on the right will do something other than beep for 6 hours…. ughhh they are seriously torturing us!!!

Comment by Dennis Furio

There’s been no official talk about a single much less a release date for one. It’ll all happen sooner or later, though!

Comment by Deathbat News

im freaking psyched

Comment by Brandon

Oh my god, playing with it and heard Jimmy when he’s talking to Brian and over flowing glasses. Made my heart catch in my throat, wasn’t expecting it at all!!

Comment by Jordy Belikov

Here’s a theory. Right now there are no TV channels working.

I think every TV channel will be a different webisode studio update. And they’ll have one every week.

There are eight channel spots (including 00).

Thoughts on my theory?

Comment by steve


Comment by Anonymous

I’m positive that 13 will be replaced by either a clip of the a new song, or possibly a whole single. I’m sure the TV will be used for videos. Either clips of the live DVD, or inside the studio type stuff. They will most likely post things up slowly, and as much as that sucks, good music is worth waiting for. #BostonStrong

Comment by Patrick

The live version of Eternal Rest is freaking amazing

Comment by Woutb

If you listen to the static for about 4 minutes it starts a count down. it sounds kind of like a count down to a rocket launch. and then around 4:15:13 you can hear a fucking awesome sounding song in the background…

Comment by Seth Robbins

I’m sure Zacky is up to this… Freaking teasing A7x fans since 09! Can’t wait :)

Comment by ErubielA7x

I’ve never seen a comment section on DBN break through to triple digits. Lots O’ Hype. Maybe the first one!

Comment by Riley Brogan

It happens often when things are active! The highest on one article has been 603 comments.

Comment by Deathbat News

wow someone knows their a7x facts!!!!

Comment by kory

Which talked of?

Comment by Francis

It was a contest giving away an autographed set-list and t-shirt.

Comment by Deathbat News

My comment seems to have disappeared…oh well =).

I think it’s the Jimmy documentary. We know they’ve recorded the interviews for it. The A7X history is very Jimmy-centric (his best drum fills, solos, funny moments, etc.), then they release the tribute video on their YouTube, and there’s the drum picture with “It Begins.”

Comment by aightball

Thinking the right knob numbers means weeks. (i.e. 01 = first weekly update, 02 = second weekly update) Just a guess after looking at it for too long haha

Comment by xGunslinger7 (@mleasure7)

Yeah, I was thinking about that too, I just didn’t want to admit to myself that it would take that long for something to happen. So excited for this album!

Comment by SynVanSambora

If every band was like this I would get pissed, but I can tolerate it I guess.

Comment by Anonymous

So happy the band released these. These demos are great and can hold me over no problem until the album comes out.

Comment by Bryan

Uh… what demos are you talking about?

Comment by Adam

Probably the demos of past songs that are playing on certain channels.

Comment by Deathbat News

Just so you know, those demos aren’t new songs. The first one is a old demo of We Come Out At Night.

Comment by Anonymous

I’m thinking we will get like a mini-clip. Like for the self-titled album. Those little web clips. Whatever it is. I’ll be patient!

Comment by xGunslinger7 (@mleasure7)

If you listen to 13 long enough, you hear what sounds to be circus music and news reels. What does this mean??!!

Comment by Rob

Is anyone getting the loading screen when pushing the button on the right? It used to be the multicolored screen with the hours of beeping. Now its just a loading screen.

Comment by Creepindeth91

Me too, initially it would play the multicoloured bar video now it just loads continuously. But if you right click and copy url it still goes the the colour bar video on youtube.

Comment by Ash

Still no updates since last week?

Comment by Terrance


Comment by Deathbat News

The suspense is killing me. Ive been checking this site every hour for the past 2 weeks. Just like how i did before nightmare came out. Hahaha

Comment by John

Oh my god , I can’t wait any more. Please album, come out now!

Comment by Anonymous

Most likely this is their teaser while the new design for the a7x homepage is fixed up for the new album. Who knows how long that could be…

Comment by Anonymous

Theyre really milking this teasing thing…

Comment by Rob Navarro

This is very cool way of promoting a new album. Keep the fans questioning in anticipation. I keep checking back to see if there are any videos.

Is there a bigger, grander picture here? A larger puzzle to solve? Or is this just like a filler to keep fans busy until the album launches.

I hope it’s a big mystery thing that unravels with each new piece to the puzzle.

Ah, who cares! But this album better deliver because I think it’s going to be their most hyped one.

Comment by Michael Chase

I can’t wait for the new album! This summer! <3 aoidjaldksjadklj OMG *___*

Comment by Tania

I can’t wait! ah!

Comment by Anonymous

i cant wait for this new album and a North American tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

Oh i just cannot wait till the new album comes out. I’m way too hyppe!!

Comment by Angel

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