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ThePRP Hearing Rumors Regarding An Avenged Sevenfold North American Fall Tour.
April 21, 2013, 3:52 pm
Filed under: Avenged Sevenfold, News, Rumor are reporting they’ve been “hearing strong rumors that Avenged Sevenfold will tour North America with Deftones and Ghost (Ghost B.C.) in the Fall. Zacky Vengeance attended the Ghost (Ghost B.C.) concert alongside Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), Chino Moreno (Deftones), Mickey Dee (Motörhead) and more April 15th at the El Rey.


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PLEASE Happen I love A7X and Ghost! Dream tour!

Comment by James

If those rumors are true, that’s going to be one of the coolest tours ever.

Comment by Yoshiee

This would be so fucking perfect I can’t even explain. Have seen Deftones before – such amazing energy. Ghost is so kickass too, love their whole image.

Comment by a7xfreakdrummer

If Ghost BC are really satanic I refuse to go to any live show. even if a7x is there

Comment by ZP

just try not watching them.. lol, they’d be the first band and probably have a 30 minute spot.

Comment by kidwithrat

Yeah, but no matter what some money would be going toward them from your ticket, which I wouldn’t want either. Going to be super pissed if this turns out to be true..

Comment by Lindsey


Comment by Anonymous

It’s just a gimmick and Satan isn’t real, relax and enjoy the music.

Comment by Anonymous

Thats how I feel, they are so weird…I hope this is not real.

Comment by Brandon

Weird? Why does it matter if they are weird? I understand if you are offended by the Satanic ideas involved in their lyrics, but their music is actually really great. I would love an A7X/Ghost tour. Have said it for awhile now.

Comment by Tabatha

Lol. Ghost is an awesome fucking band. They’re not actually Satanic, it’s an image on stage, a gimmick. Duh.

Comment by Pris

“If Ghost BC are really satanic I refuse to go to any live show. even if a7x is there”

Meanwhile, 6661…. “Hail Satan” at the Golden Gods….
It’s all in the name of a metal show. Relax.
…God Hates usssssssss alllllllll

Comment by TomWhaley

Haha, I was thinking the same thing but you said it so much better than I would have done!

Comment by SS

Lmao do you really think Ghost is satanic , guess you don’t know much about having an image and stage show.

Bring this tour on sounds amazing.

Comment by Nameless Ghoul

Avenged Sevenfold AND Ghost??? Holy hell, I hope this tour happens.

Comment by Anonymous

ghost bc really???? well ima show up at 9:30 for only a7x set

Comment by Ruben Jarquin

you’d miss out on Ghost and Deftones lol…

why….just why… all 3 of these bands bring it live.

Comment by Bruce

Just saw Deftones a month ago, and Ghost at Orion in the summer. This is an incredible line-up. The best A7X may have ever done, minus the Coheed/A7X tour in ’06. In my opinion, of course.

Comment by TomWhaley

Why Avenged Sevenfold… Why…
If Ghost really is satanic (which I don’t know, Idk them) then I DEFINITELY don’t support this.
And the Deftones bore me….

Comment by Lindsey

dude yeah same here..i dont support that deftones bores me too :( but i know avenged will make up for the opening bands ;)

Comment by GM

Wow that would be an incredible lineup. Deftones is amazing and Ghost is more just amusing but I’d love to see them too for the novelty if nothing else. And who cares if they say they are satanic, AC/DC basically worshiped satan and you know you all still loved their music. You don’t have to believe in the artist’s viewpoints or beliefs to enjoy their products.

Comment by David Beard

I personally would love this tour to be true! A) Sevenfold touring at any time or with anyone is always a good thing. B) I’ve heard Deftones is pretty great live, so it would be cool to see if that’s true. C) I love Ghost! I’m personally not offended by the Satanic-nature of their music. To be honest, it really shouldn’t matter. The music is very well put together, as well as their live show. You don’t have to agree with their views to listen to their music. And it shouldn’t stop you from seeing Avenged Sevenfold live, either.

This would be a hell of a lineup! A tour with incredible live energy! Hopefully it happens.

Comment by Tabatha

Who cares if Ghost are satanic or not, if you like A7X then go see them and rock out like you never have before.

Comment by Daniel Sims

Some very close-minded comments up above. I hope this tour happens, Avenged and Deftones would be perfect! I still need to check out Ghost, have been hearing a lot of good things about their music.

Comment by francyA7X

Would love to recommend some Ghost songs if you are to look them up.

Per Aspera Ad Inferni
Secular Haze
Year Zero
Ghuleh / Zombie Queen
Stand By Him

Comment by Nameless Ghoul

thanks..I want to listen before I see them (if this tour becomes true!)

Comment by Forever Avenged

thanks for the suggestions, i will definitely check them out

Comment by francyA7X

There actually pretty cool (music wise) i’m not really big into their outfits but that’s not a good reason NOT to see this show (if true).

Comment by Jayson

Listening to Ghost right now, and damn. That’s some good music. I definitely wouldn’t be upset if they toured with Avenged. I bet they put on one hell of a show, as well!

Comment by Amanda Douglas (@aadnama)

Please be true!! I would rather cut out one of the bands like either a A7x/ghost (opening) or a7x (headline)/Deftones….3 bands is a lot. I wish Avenged in all honesty would just tour by themselves and play a longer set. BUT i will be there either way.

Comment by Jayson

I want them to tour with All That Remains, or Bullet for my Valentine agian!

Comment by Brandon

that would be one epic tour!

Comment by Jayson

Some of you are offended so easily it is ridiculous. Do you plug your ears when A7X plays “God Hates Us?” They aren’t the first band to dress up in masks and outfits, and I’m pretty sure they arent going to have you pray to Satan. Plus, they put on a hell of a show!

Comment by Matthew

Well said. I gotta be honest I definitely didn’t expect this kind of feedback from the Family.

Comment by Riley Brogan

Theres a difference between saying god hates us and being satanic

Comment by ZP

You must think Slayer is satanic too?

Comment by Nameless Ghoul

One band you don’t like shouldn’t stop you from seeing the two amazing bands that are Avenged Sevenfold and Deftones… Ghost isn’t that bad too, wouldn’t say I’m a fan but I reckon it should be an interesting live experience!

Comment by Mz. Hyde

Now this is the type of tour they need to be on.

Comment by Cal

Just saw Deftones a month ago. Such an amazing band. So glad A7X is (potentially) touring with this type of line-up now and not Hot Topic metal bands. THIS is the type of crowd A7X needs to appeal to. I love it!

Comment by TomWhaley

Sounds like a fantastic tour.

Ghost is the BEST band to open for them thus far way way WAY better then Three Days Grace / Hollywood Undead / Black Veil Brides / Asking Alexandria, if this turns out to be true(hoping it does).

A7X is a metal band let them bring another metal band (that is quickly tearing the music scene up, they are the next big thing) on the road with them. Plus Metallica chose Avenged and Ghost to play Orion (Metallica’s festival) kinda says something about how great both bands are.

So all you narrow minded folks who are skeptical about Ghost, I beg you give them a shot with an open mind cause at the end of the day they share a lot of the same DNA with A7X. Plus they write insanely catchy hooks that get stuck in your head like nobody’s business.

Comment by Michael

Honestly I would be happy if they never toured again with Bullet For My Valentine, Seether, or those other bands you mentioned.

Comment by Anonymous

Ghost BC are amazing. I could care less if they worship Satan, Jesus Christ or Batman.They are a unique and amazing band and put on a very entertaining live show. An added bonus to seeing (if true) my 2 favorite active bands live, together. Deftones and Avenged. Really hope this is true.

Comment by Revenant

not the biggest fan of Ghost, but if A7X comes you bet I’m going!

Comment by Anonymous

I wonder how many people actually know what true Satanism is… I suggest people take a read of the Church of Satan website because it’s actually very interesting and, I imagine, not what a lot of people expect.

I also find it quite amusing that so many people are saying they would miss a tour like this because they refuse to support Satanists. I can’t help but think people would be less ready to dismiss a tour because a Christian, Islamic, Hindu…etc band were set to play. It’s not really any different. Satanism is a belief system in the same ways as any of the others. People are very quick to judge.

Comment by SS

I’m honestly appalled at some of the closed-minded comments here. Let’s get a few things about Ghost straight here.

1) They aren’t actually Satanic. But, even if they were, who cares? Despite its “evil” name, most Satanists aren’t bad people. There are very few people in the world who actually worship Satan, most Satanists use him as a metaphor of the greed and corruption that’s overtaken a lot of religious “officials” today. Like I said though, they aren’t actually Satanists anyways.

2) Their image is just a purposely controversial way to get their message across. I’m by no means an expert on the band or precisely what they’re trying to get across, but it’s all metaphorical. Chilllllllllll.

3) Their music is kickass, give it a shot.

4) If nothing of the above changes your opinion, then you’re one hell of a hypocrite, because the difference between “God Hates Us”/”A Little Piece of Heaven”/etc. and Ghost’s lyrical content really isn’t nearly as large as you’re thinking.

Comment by Otis

Really, that naive?
If you are offended don’t go, your loss, i wish i had the choice, but am over the other side of the world.
Don’t forget bad people hide behind religeon.

Comment by juice

Well, I have to say, I have never heard of this band before. Given all the uproar in the comments above I had to go and check them out. With an open mind, I listenend to three songs, and watched two videos of live performances in Sweden. The “satanic” schtick did not bother me at all, but I really did find the band pretty underwhelming and pretty darn boring. (For reference, I watched “Year Zero” and “Ritual” live). It kind of reminded me of a cheesy off-Broadway show…

However, the bottom line is this – Avenged could have Justin Bieber, Barney, and the Jonas Brothers opening up for them and I’d STILL be there! I don’t care who it is, I am beyond ecstatic at the thought of them touring this year!

Been to seven shows so far and hoping to make it to at least seventy more! ;)

Comment by bemused

Ghost isn`t the type of live band to jump at you on video, their power is much more evident in person. I can see where some may call them boring because their stuff can be simplistic at times, but it is something that grows on you over time I think.

Comment by Otis

I will shit my pants my 3 favorite band playing on the same fucking tour. I’m not sure how people can not like ghost and be an avenged sevenfold fan. It’s ok to be a god loving Christian band but when a band has a gimmick like ghost people freak the fuck out. I will be at the closest venue here in Los Angeles. Another thing the ghost b.c. Album is nothing like the first ghost album. The new album is kinda mainstream idk how that is for ghost I love both albums though. But listen to the first album first.

Comment by Juan

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