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Unveil Exclusive Avenged Sevenfold Content With A7Xvision.
May 1, 2013, 12:44 pm
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A7Xvision has appeared in the Google Play app store and is available for download on Android devices. A7Xvision is described as “an Augmented Reality app that can be used with selected Avenged Sevenfold artwork to unveil exclusive content.” The description also states that more information about the artwork supported by the app will be revealed by Avenged Sevenfold on their social channels.

– When you a scan a deathbat, the website The Seventh Lair comes up where you’re brought to a “prophecy” splash page and asked for a code.
– Avenged Sevenfold have tweeted: “Its what’s inside the Shadow Axe that counts…#itbeginsA7X”
– Avenged Sevenfold have posted this photo to their Instagram.
– Kelsey, the winner of the autographed Zacky Vengeance Custom, opened up the back of the guitar and found this note:


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Before anyone asks – I do not know if/when this will be available on iOS.

Comment by Deathbat News


Comment by DaynaD

I love you Dbn Lady. Haha just downloaded.

Comment by Isaac

Scanning all my a7x artwork like a maniac. Can’t wait to see some a7x augmented reality stuff. Really cool! Has anyone found something already?

Comment by Anonymous

I just tried it. The screen gets covered in flames the it starts playing. Awesome!!! This is gonna keep me occupied for a LONG time trying to find stuff

Comment by Brandon

tell me your secrets mannnnnn >.<

Comment by Anonymous

So i donloaded it, scaned nightmare and…….. NOTHING!!! tried 3 or 4 times and couldnt get it to work -_-

Comment by A7X661

u scan a deathbat and a flying deathbat comes up and it looks down, and letters come up it says SEVENTHLAIR.COM GO TO IT OMFG

Comment by ms sill

i’ve got to from the white backdrop and more detailed deathbat… code?!

Comment by Anonymous

WELL I’m sure they will come out with more clues about the SEVENTHLAIR.COM code, we’ll have to wait and see cause I have no idea what it may be..guys come on WE’RE SUFFERING

Comment by ms sill

I guessed 6661… nothing hahaha

Comment by TomWhaley

I guessed that as well. “Shadow axe” seems like rhythm guitar or something.

Comment by PKELLZ12

I borrowed my brother’s phone because he has an android…he’s going to be very annoyed with me haha…I hope it comes out on iOS soon!!!

Comment by Forever Avenged

Hmmm, I can’t find the app on google play on my phone, but I can online. That’s strange…

Comment by Jordy Belikov

Aaaand nevermind because I had a play around, and it’s not supported on my phone. Nevermind, DBN will have all the news I need. :)

Comment by Jordy Belikov

It means your phone is incompatible, I have the same problem.

Comment by Mitchell Watson

I have the same problem

Comment by Anonymous

Anyone try the sword in City of Evil? Look through any sort of artwork that avenged has done, it has to be hiding in a scythe, sword, or axe of some sort

Comment by Anonymous

zacky has said in the past that he rocks the shadow axe, something to do with that?

Comment by Anonymous

Guitars are often referred as an “axe”

Just saying…

Comment by Tyler Hayden (@THayden7)

Im tempted to just sit here and try every possible combination I can in the code boxes… then I found out it accepts letters as well…

Comment by Anonymous

Yeah, same thing happened here. Someone scan stuff with sounding the seventh trumpet and get back to me… or they could release it on ios… grrr

Comment by Matt

that is EXACTLY what i did too

Comment by Jimmy McCourt (@jcm3712)

Just when I thought they were drawing out the radio thing for too long…. Hahahaha, this app os so cool

P.S., anyone noticed on the t.v. part of the radio the youtube video of colourbars is now infront of the radio? does this mean they’ve changed the code a bit maybe? (desperately trying to figure this all out :p mind you, this is only the beginning ;) )

Comment by Robert Norris

if we scan this “shadow axe” maybe we’ll find something useful… anyone know where to find a good picture? and/or know what the fuck they mean by that?

Comment by FoREVer715

Well now i guess we wait for more -_-

Comment by Rachel Gates go down to the credits bit.

Comment by Vanilla Thunder

On STST Zacky V is credited as the Shadow Axe…

Comment by David Sprung (@TheDavidSprung)

I figured it out!!

Comment by Tyler Hayden (@THayden7)

They posted a photo on their Instagram with the caption “it’s what’s inside that counts” :P I don’t have a droid so I’m missing out on the fun this time, good luck to all of you enjoying the hunt!

Comment by Alikz

Somebody scan the picture they posted of the “Shadow Axe” on instagram!

Comment by Michael Johnson (@SexyMikeyJ)

Wait. Remember the person that won the guitar a while back? Zacky called his first guitar The Shadow Axe… THE ANSWER IS IN THAT GUITAR, GUYS!

Comment by Aaron (@ViperA7X6661)

This is the same thing I was thinking!

Comment by Seth Davis (@usefulendymion)

Go watch the Carry On video.

Comment by Tyler Hayden (@THayden7)

I have found the code!!!

Comment by Alex Garcia

did anyone try the artwork on live in the lbc/diamonds in the rough? i don’t have any android devices… :/

Comment by Jimmy McCourt (@jcm3712)

Guys, there is definitely more than one code that works ;) Letters can be used too! Don’t forget.

Comment by Michael Johnson (@SexyMikeyJ)


Comment by ben7george

Wait a second, if zacky considers his guitar the “shadow axe”….. Didn’t they randomly give away one a few weeks back? Somebody get a hold of that girl to look inside it! Lol

Comment by Adam

Yes! it is the same guitar they posted a pic of on instagram today.

Comment by Jimmy McCourt (@jcm3712)

Watch the Carry On video for the code…

Comment by Blake Tull

I combed through the code and saw that the clock is referred to as “countdown” in the html/css/js. So not that it’s a breakthrough, but it is counting down to something and not just a static image. Further, there is some I am not familiar enough with to translate, but the “Countdown” does seem to indicate a time: {“id”:2,”label”:”Countdown Start”,”date”:3470400,”date_mode”:”relative”,”timestamp”:1368244800},{“id”:3,”label”:”Countdown End”,”date”:3556800,”date_mode”:”relative”,”timestamp”:1368331200} Gonna tinker around some more.

Comment by Boo

Yea I was screwing around with it as well. I found a different version of the clock, one that features a countdown section (The place where the countdown would go is blank, but that’s because I only found an image file). Hard to explain without me showing every one. I would give a link to the file but I don’t think DBN lady would want that haha.

It’s the same clock as we see now if you put in the code, just has a countdown section (well, what I would assume to be a countdown section). Again though, I only found the image file, and the countdown is completely blank. Whether they have a countdown set or not I don’t know, I would have to figure out the source of the actual countdown, which wouldn’t be an image file for obvious reasons since it would have to be displayed in real time.

Comment by Anonymous

IDK if this means anything, but the value between the “dates” is 86400, and the value between the “timestamps” is 86400. There are 86400 seconds in a day.

Comment by Anonymoose

Wait, didn’t Zacky’s guitar have ”6661” on it? But when you turn it around it says ”1999”, the year A7X was formed! That could be a clue guys!!!!

Comment by Aisha

6661 and 1999 were the first number combos I tried.

Comment by Anonymous

WAIT!!! Sounding The Seventh Trumpet relates to The Seventh Lair……Guys, scan the Deathbat thats on the CD!

Comment by Aisha

I knew those numbers on the ******* from the **** ** **** was something!!!!!

Comment by Forever Avenged

I don’t know if you guys have figured this out yet but… I’m not letting actual code through :)

Comment by Deathbat News

Why? This is a horrible fan page if you are restricting us from getting to new material. Way to go.

Comment by Anonymous

I’m not restricting anyone from getting anything, I’m just not making it easy to get it. The point is for fans to figure the code out and have fun while doing so. There are plenty of clues scattered throughout the comments of this post telling them where to look, a little of what it leads to and what it could mean. The experience would be ruined if I just went ahead and posted all of it.

Comment by Deathbat News

Trust DBN… she will not steer you wrong… lol

Comment by Blake Tull

To Anon –

There is no reason to be a jerk. This is all for fun, to get fans excited. Don’t be negative to someone who is supporting us and the band. Respect.

Comment by Anonymous

They tweeted its inside the Shadow axe that counts. There must be something in that instagramed guitar!

Comment by Anonymous

Anyone have any guesses to what the blurry photo might be??

Comment by Brenan

A screenshot of the what you see once you’ve entered a successful code.

Comment by Deathbat News

I got it :)

Comment by puppyblu3w00d

Man, it’d be nice if the app actually worked for me. Doesn’t seem to want to recognize even a deathbat! :(

Comment by Elin

Me too…

Comment by Anonymous

Got it :)

Comment by James

Looking through the coding on the seventh lair site I see them labeling things as “Countdown Start” and “Countdown End”

Comment by Tom Dunleavy

I noticed that as well… currently wracking my brain to figure this stuff out!

Comment by Blake Tull

That pic looks like the monster from the Pinkly Smooth album cover!!!

Comment by Brady

I had it figured out from my first try!! Proud to be such a dedicated fan! Record Store Day Ftw!

Comment by Mike Gee

Hooray for iPhone users on missing out on the fun! I’d like to know the code so I can at least do the computer stuff… Guess that isn’t happening. Boo.

Comment by TomWhaley

Oh wait. I figured it out. Was wondering what those numbers on the _______ meant…. ;)

Comment by TomWhaley

Watch the Carry on video. Look closely for things.

Comment by Anonymous

I have found it! :)

Comment by Esmiesyn

Prophet with troubling visions? Clairvoyant disease?

Comment by Kyle

Exactly what I was thinking

Comment by Shefali

In Greek mythology, Tiresias (Greek: Τειρεσίας, also transliterated as Teiresias) was a blind prophet of Thebes, famous for CLAIRVOYENCE and for being transformed into a woman for seven years.

Am I thinking too much? lol

Comment by Mark

Something must be incoming…

Comment by Imagination

Got it! Twitter helped me, but whatever :)

Comment by Anonymous

“A powerful prophet with troubling visions..” lyrics?

Comment by xGunslinger7 (@mleasure7)

In the song “wicked end” it talks about voice your prophecy shed us some light then later in the song it says churches burning woman ravaged children crying

Comment by ZP

your telling me they have had this planned out since before november, they are genius’s, brilliant!

Comment by LoneAmerica

got the code! thanks for the carry on video clue!

Comment by jenn

You’re welcome!

Comment by Anonymous

National Treasure: Avenged Sevenfold Edition

Comment by SynVanSambora

LOL! No joke!

Comment by Blake Tull

So true…

Comment by Anonymous

What do the numbers mean? What happens when they run out?

Comment by Imagination

Okay, now this is really starting to get interesting!

Comment by Tom

Avenged Sevenfold’s name originated from a Genesis passage in the bible. I did a little research and that passage talks about a “Lamech” who is labeled as a prophet. I can’t find anything in relation to troubling visions

Comment by Tom Dunleavy

Yeah, I posted down further about that and I couldn’t find it in the bible, but he’s mentioned in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Comment by Bryce Keller

I love this but at the same time i hate it so much hahaha.

Comment by Thierry Arrieta

After you enter the code and get to the second page, there’s an element named “Countdown” somewhere in there. I don’t really understand web design so that could actually be nothing, but I’m still excited!

Comment by Zak Aubin


Comment by Levi

I saw that too! I wonder if it means they’re going to update the page later with a countdown to something?

Comment by Kate

I was looking through the coding and saw some things stating countdown start and countdown end.
I found the timestamps and googled them and got a result.

Comment by Mitchell Watson

I did as well, but it didn’t seem logical.

Comment by Anonymous

OH MY GOD!!! they have planned this for that freaking long!?!?! What if she just didn’t open the back of that guitar? This is like… like… The De’ Vinci Code or something! Next thing we know there will be an ancient mayan temple that we have to go open up the secret door to find the first copy of the new album! I’m losing it here guys, but I freaking love it! keep it up A7X, I am eating it all up.

Comment by Jacob-Gates

i watched the carry on video so many times i cant find it!! i think im stupid!

Comment by viet

I’m feeling the same way lol

Comment by Anonymous

Things like this really remind me of how much the A7x fan-base really is like a family. Look at everyone, coming together and trying to figure this out. I have fans tweeting me, and Im sure some others do to, and its just nice to see everyone helping each other out, no matter the difference between us or anything like that. I just love Avenged Sevenfold fans, and how dedicated and die hard we all are. We ARE a family, and we ARE one. Give yourself a pat on the back, you all kick ass.

Comment by Mike Gee

:( I got the code because of the ‘carry on’ clue, but i don’t understand how the quote on the note lead to it. I feel like I am missing something..

Comment by SaraLeann

Great band and excellent music.

Comment by roena cade

I’m going crazy!

Comment by JediDank909

John the Apostle, who wrote the book of Revelation? Just a guess. It also fits with the lyrics of “The Wicked End”.

Comment by Caleb Kraus

I know from religion classes that Ezekiel from the Bible (assuming they mean prophet from the Bible since that’s where they go their name) was a prophet who had some weird (“troubling”) visions. Maybe that helps?

Comment by eklute

same with the prophet Daniel. He had troubling visions of 7 beasts

Comment by Ash

I’m pretty sure the note in the guitar saying “a powerful prophet with troubling visions” actually refers to Raul Menendez in Black Ops 2. If you play the campaign, he is a powerful leader and he has visions of his past that drive him mad. That would make sense as to where the Carry On video clue comes in.

Comment by Luke

exactly what I thought after I read the clue then watched the video. I thought it had something to do with the game, but then I saw the space in the code ( [] [] _ [] [] < like that) I knew that had to be it xD

Comment by ryan

I think you are probably right. That would be a good hint to get to the Carry On video… But at the same time, who knows with these guys. They have definitely been planning this out for a long time.

Comment by Brittanie_Kay13

I think the clue may have to do with the app since it’s called A7X vision…maybe??

Comment by Mayra

damn it i got as far as flames in my screen and then nothing….. im about to throw my phone through a window.. how can an app be so frustrated

Comment by suzieQ

I didn’t even get the flames… I tried with every artworks, waited for 20 seconds at least and absolutely nothing happened. It’s quite depressing.

Comment by Mz. Hyde

this first clue i didn’t get on an album cover, it’s on the more detailed deathbat, unlike the ones on the cover of wtf and avenged sevenfold

Comment by Vanilla Thunder

I love the fact that you called it ‘WTF”

Comment by Jimmy McCourt (@jcm3712)

If it helps I went to google images looked at deathbats and one of the worked

Comment by Anonymous

If i could get it to work on my BF phone Id be scanning all my Old a7x shirts -_-

Comment by Rachel Gates

Isaiah was a prophet, and he had a troubling vision?

Possibly related, probably not.. either way A7X IS DRIVING ME INSANE :D

Comment by Adam L

So, I figured it out, I’m wondering what happens on that date!

Comment by Anonymous

Oh yeah, I remember watching the “Carry On” video for the first time, seeing those numbers and thinking what they meant. I mean, they were never there before. These guys think of everything in advance! If you ever see anything that appears to be random and out of context in what these guys do, you bet it has something to do with anything that’ll come out in the future- pure geniousness!

Comment by Anonymous

Whoa, that is freakin insane. I was wondering why they tagged the giveaway competition with the #itbeginsA7X hashtag a few weeks ago, but never thought in a million years that there would be actually something in the back of the guitar… And the code was hidden since November half a year ago… This is so unreal! They’re so crazy and I think it makes me love them even more, haha.

Comment by Mz. Hyde

Okay, I have a theory. What if what is already on the clock have a meaning? The hour hand and the minute hand.

Comment by Jacob-Gates

Maybe something will happen on this date.

Comment by viet

To me, the message at the back of the guitar seems like part of some lyrics. I’m also suspecting that Zacky is the one who wrote the note, because the “V” in “Visions” looks like the V in his autograph. Just a little fun-fact.

Comment by Anonymous

This is fucking awesome!

Comment by Daniel Sims

Delved into the code. The div class time was set to not display. I changed the text colour of the inner divs to yellow so you can see it clearly. Not a lot but something is going to appear there eventually?

Comment by Niven Ranchhod (@Nivicious88)


Comment by Anonymous

Do you guys think this has anything to do with the lairs of Romulus?

Comment by shadman

I can’t wait..!

Comment by Daniel roskeland

found the code took me long enough tryed all number to do with a7x but it was the one number that was right under my nose thanks to the guys who said watch carry on all i can say is they most have planed this for a very long time lol
now all we need to know is wat the number mean and wat it mean on the website

Comment by Rachel Moynihan

are we not aloud to discuss whats on the page after you enter the code? because I have so theories on what i means

Comment by Anonymous

Theories are welcome!

Comment by Deathbat News

I think the numbers indicated by whats on the next page might be a date. or maybe it will tie into something with the radio on the website

Comment by Anonymous

I know that John in the bible is the prophet who has visions of the apocalypse in the book of revelations…I’d say those are pretty “troubling visions”

Comment by Peter Matcheck

Ok this might be another part to the riddle. Know what Genesis 4:15 is where they got the band name from? So the clock reads 5:00 or Roman numerals V And XII Which is 5 and 12. Based on the noted in the Shadow axe, Daniel was a prophet from the bible who always had troubling visions for the king. Daniel 5:12 reads: He did this because Daniel, whom the king called Belteshazzar, was found to have a keen mind and knowledge and understanding, and also the ability to interpret dreams, explain riddles and solve difficult problems. Call for Daniel, and he will tell you what the writing means.” (Daniel 5:12 NIV)

We need to find this Daniel person!

Comment by Nick

It’s stupid thought… but when I’ve read ‘A powerful prophet with troubling visions’ it reminded me about Book of Zechariah in the Old Testament. There are many prophecies.

Comment by Anonymous

Thanks to all who pointed towards the carry on video. Make sure you watch it in HD if you have not found what you are looking for.

Comment by Anonymous

And as far as the previous comment on Lamech (the prophet mentioned in Genesis 4:23), the only thing I could find was that Enoch in the dead sea scrolls had a vision that Lamech’s son was to be born of a woman who was deathly pale white but at the same time as red as a rosebush. Idk…this is driving me crazy. HTML code is easy, scavenger hunts are a pain.

Comment by Bryce Keller

Could the post-code page be a hint for a date? A close date…

Comment by Víctor


Comment by Jimmy McCourt (@jcm3712)

are you kidding me? i had the answer the whole time, it was just framed!!

Comment by viet

Hey DBN lady, do you think that ones everybody knows the code that you could explain it, because i know it but i don’t get it… Or could someone steer me in a direction where they tell what the code means???

Comment by Lene Marie

I dont think there’s any meaning behind the code numbers. They’re just what get you into the Seventh Lair website.

Comment by joel

one eyed men seem to have quite a bit of information… especially ones in popular videogames… oh gee look at the time! it’s 1:25! anyway I gotta go… carry on everyone ;)

Comment by ryan

Oh i see what u did there

Comment by Daniel

Best way to give a giant clue, lol xD

Comment by Alikz

I swear, you just sounded like another one of their riddles haha. At least I think it’s pretty clear now :)

Comment by Mz. Hyde

That’s what I was thinking…that the clue was meant to be found and actually refers back to **** ** **** and **** ******** as being the prophet. He has the nightmares of the fire and raid as well as his vision is literally troubled.

Comment by Bryce Keller

I dont want to be mean, but i cant believe people cant find the answer. I dont even have a droid, i looked on here for 5 seconds and got what i needed to find it.

Comment by Anonymous

Hey! These are family members! But yeah, it’s all too easy to get to the page lol.

Comment by Riley Brogan

I found the code and now I’m looking at the result…oh, what does this mean!? I swear, A7X is laughing at us from wherever they are. And to quote a genius on this page: “I’M GOING INSANE, I’M GOING INSAAAAAAAAANE!”

Comment by Kuroneko

awwwwwwwww, you called me a genius ;)

Comment by Jimmy McCourt (@jcm3712)

Does anyone else get a pile of bones flying at them when scanning some deathbats, but just flames and smoke on others?

Comment by Anonymous

I think it depends on how far away from the deathbat you are, I moved mine further way and the flying 3D deathbat came into focus

Comment by Anonymous

Well that was fun. Can’t wait for more.

Comment by Anonymous

Daniel 7:15 is what I think we were supposed to find if we were looking in bible verses. It’s almost word for word on their hint from the Shadow Axe. That would be exactly 3 months after 4:15 if that is meant to be interpreted as a date. That seems a little too precise to me to be coincidental.

Comment by Riley Brogan

I looked into it, Daniel is considered a powerful prophet who had troubling visions according to a few things I read. Also, the text of Daniel 7:15 mentions Babylon and Beasts which is in direct relation to Beast and the Harlot. Maybe there is something in the Beast and the harlot music video.

Comment by Tom Dunleavy

i dont have the app , but there is a beast and the harlot single artwork , maybe we have to scan it

Comment by killstreak

I would like to entertain a “bigger picture” discussion. For the past 3 or 4 clues over the last month or so, the band has included the “ItBeginsA7X” hashtag. I think up until this point I think everyone has assumed this means the hype that leads up to the album, but in my opinion it’s past the point where that is still what “IT” could be. Everyone what are your theories on IT?

Comment by Riley Brogan

This app so genius..

Comment by Irawan

Finally figured it out. Thank you record store day purchase!

Comment by Ryan V

okay so I watched the Carry On video. I went to SEVENTHLAIR.COM I put in those numbers and it opened but the only thing there is a clock pointing at 5 o’ clock. I don’t know what that means or if I put in the wrong code but it opened and I’m excited. I’m going to keep on doing this every day, maybe something changes.

Comment by Mariaaa* (@angieee_95)

i got the same page

Comment by Anonymous

its the right code best guess based on the code in the website files is that the clock is a date not a time

Comment by maxfan

People have mentioned time stamps in the code so I decided to take a look. There are 3 JSON objects being created. The objects are ‘date_markers’ I’ll skip the technical details but basically they are named ‘Project start’ with a time stamp of April 1st (when the site was launched I think), Countdown Start, and finally Countdown End. No idea if this actually means anything!

Comment by Spence

Watch the video of Carry On and you’ll get the code. Afterwards, in my opinion, it shows the date of something. Which is freaking awesome news. Btw, this is easy doable without any apps.

Comment by Martin

Anyone think it might be a date on that clock?

Comment by alex

Some should scan the artwork next to Beat and the Harlot in the City of Evil booklet.

Comment by Kevin

Tried it, no luck :/

Comment by Robert Norris

Thanks for the Carry On clue! When I first saw the clock I thought that the five o’clock thing meant (V) (XII) and then I read the countdown thing.

Comment by Anna

Perhaps the date is of importance.

Comment by Anonymous

how bout scan the sh** out of that clock!!!

Comment by Anonymous

maybe its just me thinking into things but waht do those numbers mean. like they’re so random…?

Comment by Anonymous

So I scanned my A7X-Shirt and it finally worked. I got hold of the code pretty fast too and I’m on that goddamned Seventh Lair splash page now…
I bet A7X are sitting at home and laughing their asses off while watching all of us struggle with their riddle! It’s a damned brilliant idea though.

Comment by Bree

I don’t know if any one else realized this or if it is just a coincidence but “reveal the hints” is an anagram for “the seventh lair”.

Comment by Rob

The clock at “” is at 5:00, but I think it is really a date. They will probably release another clue on that day.. hopefully some pretty big news!!! that would be nice :) but until then, somebody should definitely use their A7Xvision App on the clock itself and see if anything happens, I cant because I have an iPhone, I haven’t heard or read of anybody trying that yet, so could someone get back to me on that? thanks!!!

Comment by Dennis Furio

Tried it but nothing happened :)

Comment by Jan Kuffer

Finally!!!! I figured out the code!!!

Comment by Angelica

Hey guys, i right clicked on my mouse (Inspect elements) and when you scroll through the line of code, you’re gonna see some weird names, words, phrases that are all linked into the website.

Comment by Anonymous

I would like it to be a date, but I’m guessing that the clock will start at some point, and when it hits midnight, we’ll get an audio clip. There was a line in the code that was a /sound, so that’s my best guess. And I think some people are over analyzing this with all the biblical verses.

Comment by SynVanSambora

Maybe It’s the little hand and the big hand. That’s right around the corner.

Comment by Tholomew

we shall know soon! at least that’s my prediction :D

Comment by Thierry Arrieta

Can anybody help me on what your suppose to scan when you first open the app?? i know its a deathbat, but which one?? i would appreciate it alot!!

Comment by Kayla

this is fucking awesome! canoot wait!

Comment by Anonymous

If the numbers on the clock are a date then watchout for this month ;)

Comment by Marc

Judging by how they love to keep us waiting the date is probably December 5 haha

Comment by Anonymous

Would show their sick minds…

Comment by Anonymous

I really love what the guys are doing to keep us busy :D
and it is pretty interesting to see what everyone is coming up with, there is some really cool stuff in the comments.

Comment by Jan Kuffer

I opened up the script and and said that the clock is a countdown.
I also saw some code for sound.
Makes me curious.

Comment by Anonymous

Got the code… now what do I do… It just shows a clock…

Comment by Brittanie_Kay13

We wait :)

Comment by Chase

GOT IT!! I feel accomplished lol, but now the clock is killing me!!!

Comment by Rob

LOL suspense is killing me

Comment by Rob

Avenged Sevenfold, the Master Trolls
I love you guys
No one will ever get this
lololol <3

Comment by James Coxen

I’m not telling anyone the code, but look for a death bat in the carry on music video. You’ll see what I mean.

Comment by Nick

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