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Die Noobs Professional Gaming Documentary Teaser Trailer Featuring M Shadows.
May 2, 2013, 7:44 am
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“Two gamer noobs” set out on a series of training camps with celebrities, rockstars, athletes and video game icons from around the world in professional gaming documentary Die Noobs. M Shadows, also known as the FPS Warlord, filmed a segment for the documentary. Die Noobs had this to say about him, “he is one of the coolest people i have ever met. absolute class act stud king.” You can get a quick glimpse of him in the teaser trailer and check out photos of him with the Die Noobs crew and with Emmy nominated director Erik Cieslewicz. Production started in November with a scheduled Q4 2013 release.


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Hahahaha FPS Warlord. Awesome.

Comment by Cal

Lol Shadows is a nerd xD

Comment by Caleb Kraus

Whats fps

Comment by Anonymous

First Person Shooter.

Comment by jac

I’m pretty sure the only FPS he plays at a higher level is Call of Duty. I like to think I could take him at Halo lol.

Comment by Riley Brogan

shadows is a gamer!!!

Comment by Alex

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