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Ticking Away…
May 7, 2013, 8:17 pm
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Avenged Sevenfold have shared an image of their song board and the progress they have made while in the studio:


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Comment by Anonymous

Can`t define the joy I’m having

Comment by Oj


Comment by sduerigen

Can’t wait for the album!!!!

Comment by Nick

Are the end of the song names on the left?

Comment by Tom Dunleavy

yep but that doesnt mean those are the final names.

Comment by joel

no solos yet : /

Comment by Oj

The suspense and anticipation…. Its unbearable

Comment by Brandon

I love the stickers their useing XD

Comment by Christian

Synyster needs to get on those fucking solos!

Comment by Ice

This is good! Arin, Johnny, Zacky are finished! Just Syn and Matt needs some finishing up aswell as The backup vocals and we got our selves an album ladies and gentleman!! I’m so fucken excited! Hell yeah!

Comment by Kyle Fletcher

Wow. So pumped!!

Comment by xGunslinger7 (@mleasure7)

It makes me so happy that Zacky’s stickers are all batman

Comment by Bethany

this going to b fuckin awesome !!

Comment by Xiemasitakie Xeist

They’re not as far as I thought they were but it’s nice to have an update, and I’d rather they spend their time making this album their best yet then throwing just anything out. I’m excited to see what this album is going to be, it’s definitely a pivotal point in their career.

Comment by SynVanSambora

i know syn is pretty fast at getting solos down. Although none recorded yet (apparently), im sure he has main ideas about them.

Comment by Thierry Arrieta

…. This is so amazing I just can’t wait!!!!! Im So excited that I just keep checking on their site and Instagram and Twitter and everything… haha. Shaking With Anticipation.



Comment by Mandy TGH Deathbat

WOW~~~~~ I knw why Syn is so slow now.. his masterpiece solos always must take some time… GO !!! A7X !!!

Comment by Crest

I’m too excited! Thanks to A7X & to you Ms DBN for latest updates!

Comment by Forever Avenged

Cant wait…. New album

Comment by Dede

Damn, based on those stickers, Arin is one badass! Just kidding. Can’t wait to hear what they’re recording (I love listening to background vocals the most, although they haven’t been recorded yet).

Comment by Anonymous

i love how you can see like the last letters of the song names in the left…they did that on purpose! ;D a7x teasing us..again! hahaha love it, cant wait for this album!

Comment by chris

For a second I thought those were Pokémons.

This is exciting.

Comment by Loghen

I think I’ve just learnt a lot about Arin lol. It’s good to know what’s going on in the studio.

Comment by Mz. Hyde

But we all know how the others treated Johnny when he joined… Maybe those stickers are the drummer alternative of beating-the-shit-out-of-your-bass-player :P

Comment by Anonymous

Shads needs to catch up!

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Reem

I hope at least one of the empty vocal spots means an instrumental song

Comment by Jimjoncricket

Not down for a full instrumental song but wouldn’t be against instrumental interludes.

Comment by Cal

I’m down for hearing one by avenged, they haven’t done it yet (that I know of) and seeing as they’re going for a ‘classic rock album’ or whatever shadows said along those lines, I could easily see an instrumental going into this.

Comment by Jimjoncricket


Comment by Anonymous


Comment by BreeJanko

And the similarities between A7X and Metallica continue to build… (in regards to messing around with the new guy)

Comment by ghostriderh

Let’s just hope that Sevenfold doesn’t put out a album sans guitar solos

Comment by SynVanSambora

Or drums that sound like pots and pans.

Comment by Anonymous

Dude I would love to see A7X do a thrash album hell even an album that sounded like load/reload that would be sick

Comment by Hayden Goettl (@HaydenGoettl)

Please never again mention A7X and the Load/Reload albums again lol. If they tank like Metallica did on those two records, we would all be devastated.

Comment by Otis

Never really listened to Load, but Reload wasn’t that bad, it’s got some great songs on it… along with some horrible ones. I’d say the self titled for avenged was even worse. *Awaits army of hate*

Comment by Jimjoncricket

I totally see where you’re coming from there. The s/t album was REALLY hit or miss, and I think it’s by far their weakest album since StST.

Comment by moridin94

I like Load better than Reload. They just didn’t cut out enough of the throwaway material. Would have been a decent rock album if they put the best of the 2 together. Just a lot of backlash because they changed their sound, just like a7x got. I liked self-titled but I get what you’re saying too. Not their best complete album, but some of their best songs came from there (Almost Easy, Critical Acclaim, Afterlife, ALPOH.)

Comment by Matt

Although I’m not sure they can get away with turning the drums all the way down on this record lol

Comment by Matt

I’m so excited.

Comment by Bodhi

Looks like “the lazy german” is living up to his name again. Haha. Can’t wait to hear a sample!

Comment by David Beard

Fingers crossed that second to last column says “Strings.” Last one looks like it says “Misc.”

Comment by Cal

Im quite surprised, i would have assumed them to be along alot further. But the thing i love about them is that they take their time to make each album perfect. Who knows with all of the teasers this could have been taken weeks or months ago…. EIther way as a huge fan im really stoked for the new album!!!

Comment by Peter Vandenberg

Am I the only one who understands none of this?

Comment by Anonymous

Anyone else noticing there’s only 9 songs listed…

Comment by Adam

There’s more than 9. That’s just all they could fit into an Instagram frame and they probably dont want to show it all.

Comment by Lauren

I noticed while updating my 2013 album ad campaign history project… Anyone else notice on the 6th song down, rhythm guitar has a line through it with a sticker on both sides of the line? But then why does rhythm have a line through it, but not any of the other instruments?

Comment by StitchRS

I would guess multiple rhythm guitar parts. It would make sense if that song is a ballad, because they’d have an acoustic rhythm track, and possibly add an electric to help it build, but that’s just me speculating.

Comment by SynVanSambora

That actually makes sense. I guess we’ll find out… eventually…

Comment by StitchRS

i cant wait for this new album its ganna so sick

Comment by Steven Scholar

Anyway, I’m among the many excited to see the end result.

Comment by Anonymous

Arin’s stickers though xD but I’m excited as hell! Lol Shadows has been slacking, but even though the wait is killing me, I know the album will kick ass. I just know it! Do I sense a top billboard spot? Maybe even top ten? Hell yes!

Comment by VaLeah Betts

why does one of the songs instead of having a sticker , has just a cross in guitar , does that mean something?

Comment by killstreak

It can be a song like ” Tonight the world dies ” which doesn’t have a main fuckin solo.. I just guess..

Comment by Crest

Probably a song with no dual guitar lead

Comment by SynVanSambora

Funny seeing the song names now…

Shepherd of Fire
Hail to the King
Doing Time
This Means War (looks like it was changed)
Crimson Day
Heretic (looks like it was changed)
Coming Home (looks like it was changed)
Planets (looks like it was changed)

Comment by Blake Tull

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