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The Signal Is Gaining…
May 9, 2013, 4:09 pm
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Radio: 13. TV: 00.


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Here’s a transcription of what M Shadows says during the interview portion of the preview for those who cannot listen and readers who may not understand English well (as requested):

“You know, it just, sometimes it takes a while to be inspired and I felt like we went through a lot with Nightmare. So proud of that record but at some point you wake up and say, ‘I think I can do better than that’ or at least add on to what we’ve already built with Avenged Sevenfold, add another album into that mix. One day you wake up and that’s what you decide to do ‘cause it takes a lot out of you, you know. […..] A lot of bands like to put out a lot of records. There are bands that have put out two or three records in the amount of time that Nightmare’s come out and unfortunately we just don’t work that fast but we’re excited about it. Progress is going great, everything sounds awesome and I can’t wait to go out there and play it on the road but we got a little bit of time for that. Can’t wait to get out there and see all our friends in Brazil, South America, Southeast Asia, Europe, get back in the States, you know, everyone. Japan, Canada, just really excited about it. We’re just looking forward to pumping the fans up again and hopefully they dig what they’re doing.

I mean, I’d say writing this album took us about 6-7 months. I know we promised the fans that we were going to be in the studio in January. The reality is, we had a bunch of good songs and we just wanted to beat those out. And, not necessarily beat them out, just make sure every song was as good as the next. I told Gates, I said ‘When we’re done with this album I want to be completely drained of all creativity and feel like I have nothing left,’ and by the end of the writing process I definitely felt that way and I know he did and the guys did. So, once we got to that point we knew we got the best material that we were going to get and then it was all about laying it down. So, right now that’s what we’re doing and everything sounds great. I guess there’s a long road to making an album sound great. You gotta execute but also the mix, the master [….]”

Comment by Deathbat News


Comment by xGunslinger7 (@mleasure7)

That’s the first thing I thought!! It does!

Comment by Forever Avenged

sneaky bastards. gahhhhh

Comment by Frankie Berry

Woah, this may be the first hints of their new music! Sounds heavy and groovy. Nice.

Comment by IanG


Comment by Isaac

Definitely can hear the Led Zeppelin in just that one riff. Me = happy :D

Comment by Drivillian

That riff is incredible. Impossible not to catch your ears.

Comment by Sean

What a tease, sounds like a great start though.

Comment by Terrance


Comment by xGunslinger7 (@mleasure7)

New video and New Audio??? Niiiiiice!

Comment by Blake Tull

I hear sounding the seventh trumpet sounds.

Comment by j-russ

FINALLY we get to hear something and it sounds so fucking great! Now it’s serious guys!!

Comment by Mz. Hyde

oooh eeeep!!! super super SUPER EEEPP!!!! so excited!!!!

Comment by ShadowStar

Sounds epic!!

Comment by foREVer99

Just saw it :D freaking awesome!

Comment by Anonymous

they always do something to satisfy the impatient fans. remember all the stuff they did with the song nightmare? then they released it.

Comment by j-russ

Hear the Zep plus reminds me of the Wicked End!

Comment by Patrick

I cannot get enough of this riff.

Comment by Frank S

Why do I have the feeling this riff is going to be a classic? Maybe opening for a pro sports team. I could definitely see it.

Comment by Twosauced

Sounds amazing already!!!

Comment by Lindsey

Someone who reads lips needs to figure out what lyrics he was singing :)
& LOL @ the random videos that come up after the clip.. hello youtube

Comment by Lindsey

They added new (old) songs to the radio!!

Comment by Anonymous

Finally…something new…sounds awesome…cant’ wait for more :D

Comment by amyfoREVer

Can’t wait to hear Matt’s vocals!

Comment by Anonymous

Channel 9 audio!! OMG

Comment by foREVerfallen

It’s Syn’s solo & an instrumental “In A House, In A Heartbeat” live cover.

Comment by Deathbat News

so thats not a new song or anything? kinda weird they would post that

Comment by ZP


Comment by Deathbat News

I know, but all i ever see is crappy video and audio on youtube of it so to hear it a lot cleaner was just amazing :)

Comment by foREVerfallen

Oh yeah, definitely.

Comment by Deathbat News

Ah so that is the instrumentals actual name?

Comment by James

Yes. It’s from the 28 Days Later soundtrack.

Comment by Deathbat News

I knew it! haha Everyone always just said it sounded similar but was something else but I always thought that’s what he was playing.

Comment by James

I remember seeing that live i was completely in awe then Jimmy fucking TORE. IT. UP!!!! So fortunate to have seen him twice. Gorgeous piece by them. :) <3

Comment by Kylie

It is not a cover of in a house in a heartbeat.

Comment by Anonymous

Well, Avenged Sevenfold have the embedded track titled “Syn Solo/Instrumental In a House, In a Heartbeat Cover (Live)” so I’m not sure why they would name it that if that’s not what it is.

Comment by Deathbat News

Deathbat news lady just BURNED it Down!

Comment by SynVanSambora

I mean, the NERVE. Let them know who they’re speaking to.

Comment by Loghen

DBN lady just told you!

Comment by hodges!

This could be heavier than waking the fallen

Comment by Anonymous

Nevermind, 09 is a cover. Still badass though.

Comment by Matt

WOW their tweet took me by surprise!! Loving that sound! Now I really can’t wait for the album!! =) Super excited!

Comment by Forever Avenged

In love with the song already. I’m sure the vocals will be incredible.

Comment by Anonymous

Holy fuck im sh@t my pants!

Comment by yann

Whoa. I love it.

Comment by Loghen

FUCK YEAH!!! Proud A7X fans of 8 years, shit like this reminds me why. So hyped, this record I feel is going to push them to that next level, that classic echelon of bands. GO A7X!!!

Comment by a7xfreakdrummer

Sounds kind of like Metallica’s Sad But True

I like how they reused that clip that sounds like “Hello porn” that they used in the Critical Acclaim teaser in 2007.

Comment by pm7x

There’s also a new (old) demo on the 01 channel. Most of the channels have been updated with other songs too, except for the years where they only released one song (11 and 12).

Comment by thomasgwhaley

I feel like an idiot… I totally didnt notice the radio numbers stood for the years they’ve been around >.>

Comment by Kylie

Wow…that sounded great. I’m even more excited now!!! I can’t wait to hear a new song!!!

Comment by Sean

I hope people realize that the Channel 13 clip is 5 minutes long. The instrumental clip and interview portion get better.

Comment by Cal

Live version of Desecrate Through Reverance on 04. My life is complete <3

Comment by Alikz

just saying looks like arin’s got some new ink on his right arm!!! Looks nice if you look close!!!

Comment by Jonathan

Very Metallica I love it.
Black Album 2.0

Comment by Nameless Ghoul

Amazing stuff. I hear a lot of Black Album era Metallica in it.

Comment by Tj

This teaser has me fired up. If it’s indicative of the rest of the album, I’m so happy they’re headed in this direction. The metal bands that have withstood the test of time (Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Pantera, Metallica, etc.) do not try to play a million miles an hour….they lay down a groove track that is simple yet powerful (such as the teaser). If the rest of the album is like this, I give the edge to Avenged because Shadows (in my opinion) is by far a better vocalist than those of said bands, and Syn is on the same level as Kirk Hammett, Dimebag Darrell, etc. I found myself listening to the teaser while imagining what kind off riffs Syn will be laying over it and what kind of vocal lines Shadows can conjure up, and I’m excited about the possibilities (although they will probably far surpass my expectations). Hell yeah!!! Way to go Avenged! And this style will definitely be more accessible to people who maybe couldn’t get into A7X before.

Comment by Brendan

Well in the pic i see one of Syn’s guitars, Yoda and some other figures that i cant quite make out, and Walter (the water bottle)

Comment by Brandon

never heard the second song on the 09 channel before. anyone know what its called?

Comment by GibbZ

“Syn Solo/Instrumental In a House, In a Heartbeat Cover (Live)”

Comment by Deathbat News

I have no idea what to think about hearing this. I am overly excited as usual for a new album from them as they are my favorite band but hearing a different sound always makes me nervous. But I AM very excited, just hope they create something completely new and different again

Comment by Matt

Cannot wait Ive been so ready for this and to top it all off I found out I’m getting Syn’s custom gold and white from the Afterlife music vid for my bday this month. At this point its impossible to disappoint…sooooo stoked. A7X biggest Arkansas fan!!!!!

Comment by Holden

I have that guitar! It’s AWESOME, and gorgeous in person, but the floyd rode can be a bitch sometimes lol

Comment by Arron

SO TRUE. say goodbye to easily going from drop d to drop c :( lol

Comment by Peter Matcheck

To be honest I probably won’t play it much I’m buying a glass case for it to go along with the gold and black zacky v I have :)))))

Comment by Holden

That sounded and looked amazing! Hey A7X, may I hear some more, please?:-)

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Anonymous

THIS IS SOOOOO SICK! I have a feeling 2013 is gonna be the best year yet!

Comment by Thierry Arrieta

I finally got it to work! That interview got me really excited

Comment by Brandon

SOOOO AWESOME!!! Cannot wait :D

Comment by ESulli

My life will suck until this album is released!

Comment by Anonymous

*fangirling* Ahhhhh! Yes! I’ve missed that silky voice!

Comment by RachTheBat

That Riff!

Comment by Daniel Sims

That riff will be in my head for days! Lets hear it for the guys and there new album!!!

Comment by artvol11

The riff is like they took scream and metalized it

Comment by Dalton

hollllyyyy shit that is fuckin’ awesome

Comment by Anonymous

Tracklist (so far) :

99 – “We Come out at Night” (demo)
00 – “Thick and Thin” (demo) / Static
01 – “Lips of Deceit” / “We Come out at Night” (live) / “Warmness on the Soul” / “Turn the Other Way” / “Darkness Surrounding”
02 – “To End the Rapture” + “Turn the Other Way” (live) / “Second Heartbeat” (demo)
03 – “Chapter Four” / “Remenissions” / “Unholy Confessions”
04 – “Desecrate through Reverence” (live) / “Eternal Rest” (live)
05 – “Beast and the Harlot” / “M.I.A.” (live) / “Bat Country” / “Burn It Down” (live) / “Seize the Day”
06 – “Walk” (Pantera cover) / “Beast and the Harlot” (live)
07 – “Scream” / Bloopers (self titled) / “Dear God” (video edit) / Hotel drunks (All Excess) / “Almost Easy” / “Afterlife”
08 – “Demons” / “Flash of the Blade” (Iron Maiden cover) / “A Little Piece of Heaven” (Live in the LBC) + “Scream” (DVD credits) / “Girl I Know” / “Crossroads” /
09 – “In a House, In a Heartbeat” live solo (John Murphy cover) / “Paranoid” (Black Sabbath cover)
10 – “Lost It All” (b-side) / “So Far Away” / “Buried Alive” (live) / “Nightmare” / “Welcome to the Family” / “4:00 AM”
11 – “Not Ready To Die”
12 – “Carry On”
13 – M Shadows talking about the new album + new song snippet / Static

DBN NOTE: Master list of second set of songs.

Comment by MzHyde

The We Come Out At Night live version is actually really good

Comment by Luke

I’m going to shit my pants. I’m so glad this is the direction they’re going in because I feel like it kind of goes back to their roots and I totally got that Sad but True vibe when I heard it. I love these guys and I’m so excited for their album! JUST STOP TEASING ME AND CUT THE SHIT AVENGED. SRSLY.

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Anonymous

so amazing and they finally added a video!!!!

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Rob


Comment by Tom Dunleavy

does anyone else see Yoda in the back?? lol

Comment by Jen Simon

xxx xxx xx xxx xxx xx

hammer ons / pull offs / palm mutes somehow ended up off, but those are the notes played in the intro riff… Then they go into this later.


Comment by Blake Tull

I <3 the heavy riffs

Comment by Meaghan Nothwehr

Anyone listen to the end of it??? ITS AMAZING!!

Comment by Nick

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