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As The Clock Counts Down…
May 11, 2013, 6:52 am
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A countdown has started on the clock at The Seventh Lair.


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Comment by Deathbat News

Im just curious Miss DBN. Do you actually already know whats gonna happen? They way you write stuff I feel like you have inside knowledge

Comment by ZP

Comment by Deathbat News

I’ll be online in 21 hours time! :)

Comment by A7X LOVER

So excited, I hope when the countdown stops it’s a new song.

Comment by RuiA7X


Comment by Muzzy Malek

ohmygodohmygodohmygod, can’t wait for tomorrow

Comment by BreeJanko

Can’t wait! :D

Comment by TheophaniA7X

tomorrow dfj;adkfja omfg.

Comment by britt7x

I actually guessed this date from the time stamp in the script!! So awesome! Can’t wait!!

Comment by Kate

V and XII on the clock tomorrow is 05/12… I see what you did there haha nice guys.

Comment by David Myers

I just realized that as well.. nice catch!

Comment by Blake Tull

Haha, I realized that when the site came up. Still excited!

Comment by Anonymous

What if this turns into the biggest troll ever and the countdown just leads to a “Happy Mother’s Day” message :P

Comment by steve

A7X ould gget SOO much shit lol

Comment by Andrew


Comment by Joshua

Yes! Alarm set :) Can’t wait! :D:D:D

Comment by Marc Gregory

what will happen in 20hr 12 min. :) It will surely make my mother day!

Comment by Rachael

excited :)

Comment by Mariah

Argh, I’ll be at work at that time!

Comment by Anonymous

I’m hoping and praying it will be a new song! :D Will make what I did yesterday all worth it! I fangirled so hard I fell over, taking three chairs and a load of hair dryers with me (I work at a hair salon) ended up at hospital for hours and hours to find out I badly bruised my coccyx so if Zacky wants to come rub my ass… haha I’m kidding… *shifty eyes* or you could just release a new song :D

Comment by RachTheBat

Now that the countdown has started, you can see it is actually counting down to 5/12. So the clock face was a hint to the date and time.

Comment by Luke

Theres no way its a song though…..cause according to that chart with stickers they havent finished everything for any song. unless that was old.

Comment by ZP

Unless that pic is old…

Comment by Anonymous

Free Hot wings for everyone bought by avenged!!! Just kidding i really think it could be a single!?

Comment by Brenan

Tomorrow is my fuckin’ birthday! They must be so excited about it they are releasing a new song because of it! It’s ought to be the best birthday gift ever! (I do hope people dig sarcasm, but just in case people can’t, well..)

Comment by Otávio

Tomorrow’s my bday too and i thought the same thing!!

Comment by Luke

Happy Birthday then…..

Comment by TheHarlotBoo

I’ ll be listening to europes “Final countdown” All day now!

Comment by hodges!

Wait for the big news, :)

Comment by Irawan

yay, I got the count down! Can’t wait to see what happens!

Comment by steph

countdown to 4:00 AM, just like the song… coincidence?

Comment by Anonymous

I knew it was a date. Not sure about the time since here it will be like 7 when it goes to zero.

Comment by Thierry Arrieta

Can’t fucking wait! i hope it’s not another troll. ahaha

Comment by HR7

is it wrong that I may sit in front of my Mac until the clock expires?! #SevenfoldSevenfoldSevenfold

Comment by xGunslinger7 (@mleasure7)

keep calm sailor

Comment by yannis

So I think it’ll either be A) A New Mini Clip or B) Snippet of a Song or C) Another Pic. Kind of broad, but just as exciting!

Comment by xGunslinger7 (@mleasure7)

I doubt it surely since they didn’t do a 24 hour countdown for the last snippet they won’t do it this time…BUT….Johnny Christ is leader of the band so who f*ckin knows

Comment by Holden

My guess is it won’t be a song yet, but perhaps announcing a date when the single will come out, and possibly the album release date. But then again, I havent been right about anything so far.

Comment by Matt

That would be awesome if it was a new song. Excited!

Comment by Tyler Hayden

I hope that they release the album name and such, but idk whats going to happen…..

Comment by Anonymous

You guys are the best :) making these clues to keep things exciting is so awsome. I´l definitely be here when that clock gets to zero :)

Comment by Jupey

Cant wait for that clock to hit 00.00.00

Comment by Vinnie Garofalo IV

to put so much effort in this suprise , i think this is gonna be a new song

Comment by killstreak

I probably won’t sleep tonight LOL

Comment by Ron

What are they doing to us!!?

Comment by barry

For everyone who continues to ask… the code is literally in the FIRST comment of this post.

Comment by Deathbat News

I knew it was something with May 12th! AAAH I’m so excited.

Comment by Jacob-Gates

I knew it!!! I said on the last post that I guaranteed they would release something early even though the pic on instagram of the progress wasn’t done yet!!! I was right!!!! I said that yesterday before this happened ahhhhhh yeahhhh.

Comment by Jruss

It’s counting down to 4 am PST (hint, hint?)

Comment by Alex

I have a feeling the website will crash from too many people on the server once that thing hits zero hahaha

Comment by Timmy Long

my body is ready

Comment by Anonymous

Sooo who’s staying up to see the clock strike 0:00?
I know I am! :D

Comment by Anonymous

Just realized the end of the url says prophecy

Comment by Anonymous

Tic toc…. Tic Toc….

Comment by hodges!

The timer ends 4:00 AM California time. These guys are being very clever.

Comment by Johnny

Only 2h and 17 minutes left :D

Comment by LEMUR_PL

2 HOURS LEFT!!!!!! I haven’t slept all night. The Countdown ends at 7:00 here in Ohio. 4:57 a.m. currently.

Comment by Riley Brogan

So fucking excited :D 8 days before my birthday ;p

Comment by asdf

10 mins guys!!!! :D ADSFGHJK:JHGFDFGVHJNMK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Aisha

Just 10 minutes left!!!!

Comment by puppyblu3w00d

5 MINUTES!!!!!

Comment by Rob

1 minute!!!

Comment by Shane

This is a sick game!!

Comment by Arron

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