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Avenged Sevenfold Announce Three UK Concerts.
May 12, 2013, 6:35 am
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Avenged Sevenfold announced they would be playing three concerts in the UK after leading fans to Wembley Arena via a clue from the Undead Hordes game on The Seventh Lair. After beating the game a message was shown on the screen (the message has since changed) with coordinates to Wembley Arena. The first 50 fans to show up were treated to posters for the three-date run and free tickets. Avenged Sevenfold will play Manchester Arena on Nov 30th (£28.50), Wembley Arena on Dec 1st (£32.25) and Birmingham LG Arena on Dec 5th (£31.75). Tickets go on sale to the general public through Live Nation on Friday, May 17th at 9AM. 02 Pre-sale starts May 15th while Live Nation pre-sale starts May 16th.

– The Birmingham show has moved from Birmingham NIA to the Birmingham LG Arena.
M Shadows talks about returning to the UK to Wembley Arena:

The task of unveiling the band’s upcoming UK tour dates fell to their fans who, following a clue from the band, flocked to London’s Wembley Arena where the tour poster was waiting for them. Speaking on their upcoming arena shows, M Shadows had the following to say: “It’s been far too long since we have played for our friends in the United Kingdom. We have been itching to get back since our last appearance at Download in 2011. We are putting the finishing touches on a new album, and can’t wait to share the new songs with you in concert.”

–  Andy Copping (Live Nation London promoter) and Ticketmaster (Thanks Anon) have announced that Five Finger Death Punch & Device will be the support bands in the UK.

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Do you know if tickets are still available? I’m kn way now!

Comment by Anonymous

Ive waited years for this, Manchester is like 30 minutes from me. Cant wait to see Avenged live at last :D

Comment by Anonymous

i have to go!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

Free tickets ? o.o

Comment by LEMUR_PL

WWWWOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I’m taking the morning off work on frIday!!! =)

Comment by Shell

oooooooh i soooo hope i can go!!!!

Comment by liam williams

This is very awesome!! But i cant imagine the purpose of was too announce a few UK dates?

Comment by hodges!

I’m sure there’s more to come from The Seventh Lair :)

Comment by Deathbat News

I’m making sure I’m up early to buy these! :D

Comment by Marc Gregory

I want to go see them live so badly!! I want my first live show to be A7X!!!

Comment by DaynaD

I’ll be awake at like 7am next friday ready to buy my ticket!!

Comment by RachTheBat

Fucking yeeeeeeees!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see them again!!!!! I seen them at Download 2011 and they tore it up!!!!

Comment by A7X LOVER

So I woke up at 5:30 to watch the countdown hit 0, played a ridiculously hard video game, and all it is, is the announcement of shows I cant possibly go to… still worth it.

Comment by Jonathan Orr


Comment by Deathbat News

would they sell out by the first week of june? I mean, I don’t have money until then and I’m going on holiday when they release tickets for sale unfortunately, I’m not prepared to miss getting tickets again omg,

Comment by Anonymous

After a three year absence they have only announced three dates. I doubt there will be any (or many) tickets left by June.

Comment by Sarah Myers

I want to go so badly as it will be my first Avenged Sevenfold concert…

Comment by S.Taylor (@acelticpixie)

Are there any tickets left? If there are, I’m begging my dad to take me down there.

Comment by DanniiTheFannii

YAY. i’ll try to go to Wembley.

Comment by [giada]

When the guy gave us the poster, he said the venue for the Birmingham date will change and that Avenged will be announcing the tour at 4.30 :)

Comment by Claire

Thanks Clarie! Will update the post with that information once it’s been announced.

Comment by Deathbat News

WOW! Been waiting for this!!! Of course I’m going!!! And no school! :D AAAHHH!!! I will mark off the days ;)

Comment by kaya

Traveling down from the very top of Scotland(John O’ Groats!). Nothing will get in the way of me seeing my boys!

Comment by Kirsty

It would be awesome if they played Wembley Stadium like Foo Fighters did a few years back!! :’D

Comment by UK AVENGER

i cant miss this lol it’ll be bad for my health lol wanna go to all three but i expect they be too expensive :P

Comment by Anonymous

I hope this new album will be a concept one. Everything they’re doing points to it. It would be really awesome if its about some epic hero fighting his way through the undead or hell or something and hes forced to face his nightmares come to life, but in the end he kicks ass. LMAO that’s my fantasy after scouring the web for 2 hours.

Comment by Rob

My theory is that they’re using the nightmare concept, and writing new songs around it, that would be awesome!

Comment by SynVanSambora

And it was just that picture at the end of the game with the coordinates that inspired all that. I think that may make Nightmare II or something for this album too. Like Metallica and The Unforgiven.

Comment by Rob

What got me thinking about it was that it seems the game was based on nightmare, because of the instructions of sorts at the beginning

Comment by SynVanSambora

…and because the music in the game is an 8-bit version of Nightmare? haha

Comment by thomasgwhaley

Just been and there are still tickets! So happy, this was awesome!

Comment by Max

What do you mean? Tickets aren’t on sale until Friday?

Comment by Jiyuu (@JiyuuA7X)

He went to Wembley Arena.

Comment by Deathbat News

What a band! Who else can think to do such an awesome thing for their fans? Not only the poster+ticket prize for the UK, but getting all the fans interacting and pumped for the new album. It’s gonna be unreal and I cannot wait to see them here in again in Australia and I’ll be sure to see them more than once this time! And just wanna say thanks to you DBN I have never found a more reliable source! You’ll be extremely busy in the future because this band is taking over the world!!!

Comment by Daniel Sims

Totally agree Daniel. Thanks so much for the kind words and I’m looking forward to it!

Comment by Deathbat News

cannot fight alone… i think there must be more players for that game and then something happens!

Comment by Chuck (@Martin_Jurus)

OMGOMG I can’t wait…! I Suck at the game thou XD

Comment by linnea lundberg

I’ve been waiting for this for years ! yay >.<

Comment by jasmin

A7x has got to be the most creative band I’ve ever come across. I’m loving these games!

Comment by Bruna Kelly

Damn, LG Arena and Wembley Arena! Man can not wait for this tour!!

Comment by Shell

Wow free tickets for 50 people. a7x is fucking awesome! I wonder what that clue means! I wonder what’s in the next lair? This isn’t over guys!

Comment by Kylie

There’s currently people spamming the comments section on the third page trying to get it up to 6661, because of the raise an army thing, but personally I think they’d wait a little longer to release what is seemingly the last piece of the puzzle, just going from how much they have done on the studio right now. But it would make sense, so I’m not sure. They must be releasing at least a single before 7/17 so they can promote their shows on radio, though. And I would think they would release tour dates soon so people can buy tickets ahead of time. That’s just my thoughts on the issue right now.

Comment by SynVanSambora

i see and i think the 6661 thing was a lame idea just an opinion and it didnt work hahaha theres still people spamming but i think it would be stupid if an amount of comments/likes unlocked more stuff, a7x is better than that so i think people are wasting their time hahaha

Comment by Kylie

Yeah, I was thinking “no way is this gonna work… Ok, I’ll keep the tab open just in case…”

Comment by SynVanSambora

Cannot wait to see them in Manchester!!! But has it been confirmed officially?

Comment by anonymous


Comment by Deathbat News

Awesome! Gonna try and go to both the Manchester and Birmingham shows.

Comment by Anonymous

im travelling down from glasgow in scotland for the manchester show! dreams coming true.

Comment by Kyle McVicar

Same here dude, probably going to hit the London show as well though xD

Comment by Jarad W

anyone noticed the new picture on he seventh lair of the animated picture of the deathbat kinda looks lik its being photographed??

Comment by Jake

if you scan the poster you will get the seventhlair thingy too

Comment by killstreak

Every time I get over 800 points at the game (Undead Hordes) my score doesn’t save, it only shows “High Score” as a title without the actually high score list…Is it a bug or something? It’s really annoying cause I can really easy beat the 1st result (846 points).

Comment by ArchonS

Congrats to 50 brits that got those tickets! Thats so awesome :-)

Comment by Z.Burns


Comment by Anonymous

DBN News lady it’s been confirmed on the live nation site their will be a pre sale on Thursday at 9am. How do you normally go about getting a pre sale code?

Comment by UK AVENGER

Thanks! I’ve added that information to the post. I checked the ticket links and it says they are Live Nation Presale’s which is listed as: “If you’re a My Live Nation accountholder and we’re holding a presale for a show coming your way, you may receive an email alert that includes the must-have password. Make sure you’re always in the loop – sign up for a My Live Nation account now! Need a password now? No problem! The Live Nation presale password for the month is either dandelions or showers.”

Comment by Deathbat News

Cheers deathbat :)

Comment by UK AVENGER

i so wanna go to birmingham it the day after my 25th birthday it will be the best birthday ever lol

Comment by Rachel Moynihan

GET IN!! Another 3 A7X gigs under my belt!!!

Comment by synysta

I contacted livenation about ticket pricing and they said they will be £28.50 for all venues – subject to change.

Comment by Jiyuu (@JiyuuA7X)

Thank you! I’ve added that information into the post.

Comment by Deathbat News

Wembley Arena website says they’re 32.25 holding pre-sale Wednesday, Only a couple more but thought you should know. Also note, That you will need a Ticketmaster account as well to purchase from LiveNation. Trying to save you form having to make an account on the day!

Comment by rosstifer97

Thanks! I’ve added that to the post.

Comment by Deathbat News

i saw a comment about someone saying he was glad tickets are left. I thought they didnt come out on pre-sale until 16th?

Comment by alex

He was talking about the ticket giveaway from Avenged Sevenfold.

Comment by Deathbat News

I’m actually so scared that I won’t get a ticket.

Comment by rosstifer97

I went to see them on the Nightmare tour with Stone Sour in Birmingham, and it was the best concert of my life. I absolutely cannot wait to see them again!

Comment by Kris

Can’t wait to see you too Matt and all the other guys!! (Hopefully anyway!! Fingers crossed!!)

Comment by DaynaD

Going to the Manchester show, I’ve been a fan since 2004 and I never got the chance to see them till now. I can’t tell you how excited I am

Comment by A7X29

you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy the show!

Comment by Steve

hw does the presale for live nation work. do i just order a ticket and get it a day before everybody else? just asking

Comment by anne pieper

Ordering pre-sale tickets is the same process as ordering general public tickets, you just have the opportunity to get them first with a special password. More Live Nation pre-sale information can be found here.

Comment by Deathbat News

Got mine this morning on the o2 priority pre sale. Cant wait.

Comment by a7x_wall

Got tickets to all 3 shows!!! Road trip!!!

Comment by Jay

I bought tickets this morning through o2 for the Manchester and Birmingham shows and was charged £32.50 a ticket for both venues instead of the prices listed above, just thought it was worth a mention! :)

Comment by Nicola

I don’t believe tickets to those shows included services fees in the initial price like the show for Wembley does.

Comment by Deathbat News

I’m going to the Birmingham date. It will be my first time seeing them, I can’t wait! I’ve waited 3/4 years to see them!

Comment by Ellie

Got my tickets!!!

Comment by synysta

hey just thought id send this that people are having trouble buying standing seats for the manchester show so the site might be having trouble. Thanks :)

Comment by anne pieper

I bought tickets for the Birmingham show (yay ^^ I can relax now!). So tempted to try London too but that’ll require some bending of my dad’s ear if I don’t want to go on my own.

By the way, I noticed at the end of the confirmation page that I’ve also been charged over £8 for insurance (not included in the total cost when I bought them but I’ve checked my bank account and it is being charged to me). I didn’t want this option so I wouldn’t have opted in to it. Has anyone else had the same thing or does anyone know if this was an option to deselect that I somehow overlooked?

Comment by SS

I clicked that by accident, if you look on your email it give an address to forward to if you want to cancel the insurance.

Comment by Johnny Septum Leithead

Ah, you’re a star! That’s much easier than I thought it would be. Thanks :)

Comment by SS

The presale for Manchester on Live Nation sold out in less than a minute. Fingers crossed for tomorrow, they’d better have 10 times the amount of tickets on sale cos they are gonna go FAST!

Comment by THGhost

so glad i got mine on o2 priority. their fan base is immense!

Comment by anonymous

it says on the ticketmaster website that the band are going to be supported by five finger death punch and device.. worth an announcement?

Comment by anonymous

Thanks Anon. I’ve added that into the post along with more confirmation from Andy Copping.

Comment by Deathbat News

i’m ordering tomorrow morning hope to god i get tickets

Comment by A7X29


Comment by Vanilla Thunder

Avenged supported by device and 5fdp!? BAD ASS SHOW!!!!

Comment by hodges!

Got my London and Birmingham tickets!!!! =D

Comment by shell6661

I really hope it doesnt sell out within minutes, it would be a dream come true to see A7X live, and if they play Carry On I will probably die from goosebumps!! :D

Comment by Craig

Got my tickets for the Manchester Arena! couldn’t buy standing places though… Anyone know if there is a possibility to go from seated to standing? Prices are exactly the same, so I think there should be no difference.

Venue plan was not available for the concert, which means I have no clue what our places will be. We’re coming over from Belgium, which is a fair distance, hope everything works out fine!

Comment by Rayne

I only managed to get seating as well couldn’t believe how quick the standing went, i don’t think you can go up to standing

Comment by A7X29

Same here! Coming over from Germany and I only got seated tickets, this sucks!
I wonder if they ever had standing tickets on ticketmaster!? I ordered it immediately and there weren’t any standing tickets at all..

Comment by Mandy Zimmermann

Hey Deathbat, didn’t you post something to do with them announcing some dates in Ireland? I can’t seem to find the post.

Comment by Jiyuu (@JiyuuA7X)

It’s there!

Comment by Deathbat News

i can’t get any standing tickets off ticketmaster for MEN Arena?
Any ideas

Comment by frank

My bro is taking me to the Manchester one as a birthday present! Literally can’t wait! :D

Comment by Katie Webster

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