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Schecter Guitars Releasing Black & Gold Synyster Gates Custom-S.
May 14, 2013, 1:33 pm
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Schecter Guitars have announced they’ll be releasing a Black & Gold Synyster Gates Custom-S and it’s set to hit stores by mid-summer. Schecter adds that, “Mr. Gates has the prototype in the studio now and has used it extensively on the new A7X recording. This one will certainly share stage time with his trusty Black n’ Silver models.”


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Ooh, pwetty! Adding more to the collection, as if he didn’t have enough already!! :P

Comment by DaynaD

Ahhh I have the white and gold one, now i need this!

Comment by Arron

White and gold? Wow, how you get that one?

Comment by Christy

They did a limited run of the white and gold custom a few years ago (2008 I think) but the only real way to get one now is to hope someone is selling one back. Maybe a few dealers have some new ones stashed away somewhere, but as far as I know, they’re sold out.

Comment by Brittany

Yeah I got mine when they first came out, one of the first 10 I believe, its a really nice guitar! Just hell to work with at times haha

Comment by Arron

WoW I friggin want this!

Comment by kaya

That looks killer! Wish they would have released it sooner, it would have been my school colors!

Comment by SynVanSambora

If only I could play guitar…

Comment by artvol11

Really I just ordered the original custom s 3 days ago and thought i wish they had it in black and gold lol best luck ever

Comment by David Myers

Poll: What’s everyone’s favorite Syn color scheme?
Mine is white with black stripes.

Comment by steve

Black with red stripes for sure.

Comment by Kyle Kaminski

I own that one lol I do love the color

Comment by Anonymous

I got the white with black strips as a B stock from music 123, nothing wrong with it, but got it for half off. FTW :D

Comment by Anonymous

I own the black and white syn custom, along with the black deluxe. I love the flat black with white outline

Comment by Pete Vandenberg

Purple and green haha

Comment by James

I’d have to go with the white with gold stripes. But I like the white with black a lot too.

Comment by Brittany

I fackin’ want it…And the one with the red strips

Comment by Bill A Bong

His Joker custom is awesome :) just purple and green.

Comment by Phil

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