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Schecter Guitars Launch Auction To Benefit Oklahoma Tornado Victims.
May 24, 2013, 1:31 pm
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Schecter Guitars are auctioning off autographed guitars from Schecter-sponsored artists and more that will benefit the victims of the massive tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma. There are three Avenged Sevenfold-specific guitars: Schecter Omen-6 signed by Avenged Sevenfold, Zacky Vengeance signed 6661 guitar and a Synyster Gates signed Syn Gates Custom-S (a personal guitar he used in the studio.) All proceeds will go directly to charities helping those affected.

UPDATE: Schecter have added a Johnny Christ signed Johnny Christ Signature Bass to the auction. This is the 3rd bass in production with Johnny owning the first two. They’ve also added a Schecter Syn Special signed by the entire band.

Statements from Zacky Vengeance and Synyster Gates:

“I encourage you all to help our brothers and sisters in Oklahoma who have just been through hell. Every penny of this auction will go directly to help out the people affected by the recent tornadoes. These are real people much like you and me and it is our duty to help any way we can. Thank you all …. Zacky V

“My heart, my mind, and my spirit go out to the great people of Moore, Oklahoma. I hope that the ones affected by this unimaginable cataclysm continue to find the strength and courage they have admirably displayed throughout” …Syn


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I’m glad to see Avenged Sevenfold doing things for my state. Just goes to show how good of people they are. Thanks guys,

Comment by Arron Johnson

Awesome guys they are & Schecter!

Comment by Forever Avenged

This is amazing, but then again these guys always are. My entire family lives in Oklahoma and though they’re all okay there are plenty of people who aren’t. Kudos to you Zacky & Syn. You never stop inspiring.

Comment by Kate

I’ll always love these guys coz they’re some of the nicest and sweetest guys ever! I hope everyone effected by this recovers!! :P

Comment by DaynaD

I live 4 miles north of where the tornado hit. It’s so bad! It looks like a huge bomb went off in some areas. We have friends that don’t even have a change of clothes, much less a house. Thank you guys so much for doing this!! All of the families here will most definitely use every penny of the money raised. Class act guys :)

Comment by AAA

I love that our state can come together like it did, and help each other out, and i’m happy that A7X could help out too!

Comment by Arron Johnson

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