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New Studio And Live Footage From AllHailAndronikos.
May 30, 2013, 1:18 pm
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Zacky Vengeance was spotted leaving a comment (now deleted) on the newest song board photo posted to Avenged Sevenfold’s Instagram account that read, “Allhailandronikos.” After doing some searching, a fan stumbled upon a Youtube account belonging to user AllHailAndronikos. A video featuring new footage of Avenged Sevenfold in the studio and live had been uploaded. Can’t help but wonder about the song playing…

Submitted by Anonymous.

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Woooooow new song;)

Comment by Anonymous

That sounds awesome! Sounds very avant-garde (A Little Piece of Heaven-esque). I’m so excited for this album!!

Comment by Z.Burns

Damn sound fu**ing good!

Comment by A7Xfreak

I love that they are going in the direction of “A Little Piece of Heaven”, at least for one song. Absolutely stoked for the new album

Comment by eklute

Seems like they’re doing another orchestrated-sounding song on the new album.

Comment by ghostriderh

That song piece sounds great. Some elements reminds me of A Little Piece of Heaven and Danger Line. Made my day!

Comment by Marcelo Sena


Comment by Ross Third (@RossT556)

It sounds like A Little Piece of Heaven and Beast and the Harlot had an illegitimate love child. LOL!

Comment by Blake Tull

I’m loving the little piece of heaven vibe, and I’m so pumped for this album! I had a huge grin on my face by the end of the video!

Comment by SynVanSambora

New live footage and most of that was from Download! yes!

Comment by Anonymous

I was on my way out the door checking my email and saw this post. Had to sit down and watch the youtube clip… late to work now, but totally worth it!

Comment by Brandon

Music sounded pretty frickin rad! STOKED. To hear the new sounds they got!

Comment by Sheila Rene

song on the video sounds like some phantom of the opera stuff

Comment by Rachel Gates

Exactly what I thought…didn’t want to mention it cause I thought people would’ve thought I was crazy

Comment by Jesse Rutan

I thought the exact same! Hahaha

Comment by Daniel

OMG yeah it does! Awesome…

Comment by ESulli

and phantom sounds like Pink Floyd’s Echoes… Just saying

Comment by PiOA7X!

I love the orchestrated background music! This sounds amazing!!!!

Comment by Jesse Rutan

Good Find Guys!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

Love it!!

Comment by synzacky102

Oh my god that sounds amazing

Comment by Anonymous

I love the music in the background!! This made me absolutely speechless for a while… They need to hurry up with album info or I’m going to die.. I wanna hear a preview with Matt singing ;) AVENGED SEVENFOLD IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST BAND THERE IS!!!!! ♥

Comment by Lara Sparenberg

Wow, it just sounds so powerful, it can only get better with Shads’ voice…

Comment by Víctor

Sounds great yet again. I love these little teasers. Can’t wait!

Comment by Ellie

Every time I hear new material I just try and guess how powerful the lyrics are going to be…

Comment by xGunslinger7 (@mleasure7)

Love the new stuff. Can’t wait.

Comment by NoUseForAName

This sounds like something one would hear in Star Wars. haha!

Comment by Berlin

Yeah, that’s what I thought too!

Comment by William Jacobsen

I saw on the instragram page that a girl brought up the fact that in one of the studio pictures there was Yoda doll. Also the fact that Andronikos Revel is apparently a Star Wars Old Republic character may mean that this does have something to do with it…

Comment by fatboy1271 (@fatboy1271)

I also just noticed all of the “star field” effects throughout the first half of the video…

Comment by fatboy1271 (@fatboy1271)

Seriously am about to die right now, just die

Comment by SGF

Well hell yeah. Been looking forward to this for awhile. Guitars sound amazing. Drums sound killer. Epic tone, epic beat…Heres to the band and here’s to the fan. Can’t wait to experience this with all of you.

Comment by Steven Huth

the orchestra makes the song sound so dark and epic oh man!! this albums is going to be crazy

Comment by Anonymous

Omg DBN!!!!!!!!!!!! Earlier I said that I was exited about having a new Mr Bungle like song…………. We have Trumpets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuckin’ TRUMPETS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yuuuuuuuussssssssssssssssss! Btw thank for being the most efficient news site host that I know of :)

Comment by Midnight Waltz

TRUMPETS! Thank YOU for being a reader :)

Comment by Deathbat News

Yes ! Mr. Bungle rules, and this album so far seems to incorporate everything by A7X, Sabbath, Zepplin, Maiden and Bungle!! Thanks again DBN for all your hard work, Sevenfold wouldn’t be the same without the fanbase that you drive :)

Comment by Robert

You guys are so sweet.

Comment by Deathbat News

Thx for being awesome

Comment by Rad

yyayayayayay day made lmao

Comment by Angie Marie


Comment by Anonymous

I’m at work now, listening to this over and over again, instead of working. Totally worth it!

Comment by Anonymous

I was at Download, I was there :’)
Seeing them in manchester when they come back, yeahhhhh. Can’t wait to hear this sweet sounding music live :D.

Comment by Joey Kulbat

Fucking yes. A7X just fucking rocks.

Comment by Martin

I was messing around and looked up what that name was Andronikos. The name itself means “victory of a man”

IDK if that has anything to do with this, but who knows with these guys….love the new snippet, makes me just want more!

Comment by Jay

Yeah, I researched that name as well and it came up with this ‘Byzantine Emperor’. Hmm, I wonder what this means… :P

Comment by DaynaD

i m s excted fr ths album! sonds amazng!!

Comment by GM

Just epic cant wait anymore :)

Comment by Kevin Colditz (@Kshred)

JUST WOW. Loving that orchestrated sound.

Comment by Forever Avenged


Comment by A7X29

So happy they are bringing the experimental side back! hopefully this keeps getting better!

Comment by A7X29

Sounds like City of Evil Part 2. Can’t wait.

Comment by dagarxji

That snippet sounds f**king cool.

Comment by Ids Schiere

I’m gonna be honest, I didn’t really care for the song in the video. Seems like I’m the only one.

Comment by Sean

Nothing wrong with that….Just because you’re a fan of the band doesn’t mean you have to love every single song. But, its just a snippet, who knows, you may love the actual song that it is apart of.

Comment by Jay

exactly! I guarantee you that if BEFORE the self-titled album came out, if you heard just a random 80 seconds of A Little Piece of Heaven, you’d either love it or be indifferent. I look at this bit much the same way.

Comment by jamie

I actually don’t care all that much for the self-titled album, it’s my least favorite album. I’m personally hoping this album isn’t a “self-titled album part 2” or something. Actually, the first several times I listened to A Little Piece of Heaven, I absolutely hated it, but then it grew on me and now it’s one of my favorite songs from the self-titled album. I still like that album the least though. It sounds too commercial and some of the songs seem a bit boring to me.

Comment by Sean

My first time listening/watching a little piece of heaven went like this:
Oh my god, this is screwed up- shut off.
2 hours later- It was kinda catchy, let’s try again- holy crap is he screwing her body?-shut off
1 hour later- hey it’s actually a pretty good song
5 minutes later- me singing: MUST HAVE STABBBED HER FIFTY FUCKING TIMES!!!

Comment by SynVanSambora

I did something similar… then when i was addicted I made my friend listen to it.. he thought i was an idiot.. week later.. we both jamming out to it in his truck!

Comment by Anonymous

You’re definitely not alone there buddy. I agree that the self titled album is definitely their worst. There’s maybe a handful of songs that are actually listening worthy. I was very disappointed for all the hype that the band gave us about that album.

Comment by Twosauced

I wouldn’t call it a song yet, but to each his own.

Comment by Steven Huth

That’s ok

Comment by steve

No worries! There aren’t even any words there. If I listened to A Little Piece of Heaven without any vocals or anything…especially during a verse, chances are, I wouldn’t have been too thrilled with it. I have a feeling the same is going on with this :-)

Comment by Z.Burns

I like it, but the riff from the website is waay better. It surprise me when I heard the new preview, cause i thought the album would sound like more old school. But anyways I am excited for the new record:)

Comment by Oj

Nah, I’ve heard that from a few people who don’t like this who love the 13 riff, and vice-versa. Seems like this album will have something for everyone. (Except for people that say that Avenged is “intense” enough no matter what they do, and quite frankly, screw them)

Comment by SynVanSambora

Agreed. all those fanboys/girls that go apeshit every time they so much as fart gets on my nerves sometimes.

But don’t get me wrong, farting into microphones is hilarious at times. (i.e. the cartoon on the MVI of their self titled album)

Comment by ryan

thats one of the things i like about this site. rarely see it happen here.

Comment by joel

I really like everything I’ve heard so far. my only concern is they wont have any fast paced songs. hopefully im wrong

Comment by ZP

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. If their whole album sounds like that I’ll buy it twice.

Comment by Mattie B

I am so excited. Very glad they are working with Elizondo again.

Comment by Anonymous

I didn’t enjoy the sounds on Nightmare and I’m not sure how much that has to do with Elizondo. The clips we’ve heard from the new album sound good though, so hopefully the album doesn’t get fucked up during the mixing and mastering.

Comment by Anonymous

At first, I wasn’t really sure about Elizondo and Avenged either. But then Elizondo worked with Mastodon on The Hunter and that’s like, a great album and one of my favorites ever. So hopefully what Elizondo did on The Hunter could be done with this new A7x album. :)

Comment by Kaylee

That’s a good point, I didn’t know Elizondo produced The Hunter.

Comment by Anonymous

Sounds cool!! A lot better than what’s on their radio on 13 right now.

Comment by Jared

Reminds me of Progenies of the Great Apocalypse by Dimmu Borgir, I’m hoping this is just an instrumental song or something though.

Comment by Jimjoncricket

If this is A Little Piece of Heaven Part 2, I will literally gain about 20 pounds from the amount of crap that will be in my pants from excitement.

Comment by Zach Hlava (@ZHlava)

Trumpets… I’m excited.

Comment by Loghen

I love it. Reminds me of The Wicked End but in a more classical style

Comment by Justin

was thinking the same thing with the Wicked End!

Comment by Jay

I just got chills… I can’t wait:)

Comment by Valerie Smith

in the beginning of this video, it looks like Syn is doing some tapping. Can’t wait to hear that!!

Comment by Jay

Loving the trumpets (as a former trumpet player :) )
And the snippet sounds awesome!

Comment by Carmen Feuling

Tap solos and Syn vocals! Epic!

Comment by Trevor Hodge

I love them. I really can’t wait any longer. TOO EXCITED!

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Thierry Arrieta

I’m kind of in two minds, I like the heavy depth to it, but not a fan of having too many other instruments involved.
I like to feel its “real” , I don’t want to see them go the way G’ n R went with an orchestra on stage.
As long as its not too over produced, keep it a bit raw.

Comment by JUICE

haha any hopes for raw production kind of went out the door with their last three albums… I hate overproduction, but I accept it with A7X, because they always make great sounding records. However, I agree that I would like a more raw sound from them. As for the extra instruments, I’d love to see an A7X show with an orchestra or a live keyboardist. It beats them playing the recorded tracks out of the PA system.

Comment by Anonymous

I have a feeling that this clip might just be the intro fake-out to the album, just like the organ intro on critical acclaim, and the xylophone intro the nightmare.

Comment by Jesse F

this is insane

Comment by Anonymous

Sounds great.

These songs they’ve previewed so far sound like they will suit M Shadows voice perfectly, big groove oriented bombastic tracks, can’t wait to hear the vocals with them.

Comment by John

For the love of god don’t overproduce the guitars or sound any more A7x, it sounds absolutely perfect as is. I love how deep the guitars and drums sound.

Comment by Mike

I love watching how bands created all the songs and the stories about them in their words.

Comment by Ryan


Comment by Andrew D.

Dardy! Sick!

Comment by Daniel Sims

love you A7x I can’t wait any longer. TOO EXCITED!

Comment by raghurajan

I am blown the **** away. That was god damn incredibly epic holy ****! Kinda weird but, this sounds like A7X mixed with music from Final Fantasy 3 for the Super Nintendo and that game has the best video game soundtrack I’ve ever heard!

Comment by Hreep

YEAAHH, SYN’S GOT SOME VOCALS!! AHH! :P I’m DEFINITELY gonna listen out for those when the album comes out :D

Comment by DaynaD

What if nobody saw Zacky’s comment and had the idea to check on google? It would have been such a waste! Thanks Anon & Ms. Deathbatnews!

Comment by Lzzy Hale (@UndeadHordes)

i’m full of curious ..because this sounds like a little peace of heaven..and the other snippets sound like sounding the seventh trumpet… :D

Comment by Anonymous

Out of the Few litte bits of songs i’ve heard so far i can honestly make the conclusion that this album is going to be incredible. From the Riff playing over the interview with shadows to this song…. Im really stoked CAN NOT WAIT.

Comment by Pete Vandenberg

I appreciate the fandom going on here, but I will have to reserve judgement until we have a single to listen to. Snippets are fine, but how can we say it is incredible without even hearing lyrics or solos or anything else. Optimism is great, but blind optimism is not.

Comment by Anonymous

yes but from a7x is really hard to expect a disapointment , through out the years they just keep getting better and better , and just listening to this riffs , we get crazy , plus shadows does amazing and powerfull lyrics , cant wait to listen to them

Comment by killstreak

Hard to expect a disappointment? I agree with anonymous, but I’ve been disappointed with A7X several times. *cough* self-titled *cough*. But there’s something about these guys that I love, and I don’t think I will ever want to stop listening to them. Excited for the new album.

Comment by oldschoola7x

I wish I could get my friends to listen to these guys. I’ve tried since my junior year of H.S. (2003). Everyone is so closed minded I swear. A7X has changed my life in many ways. I wish the entire world was a part of this experience that we all get to enjoy. I love this band….I am obsessed with their music. ..and I’m blessed with the gift of MORE A7X. Thank you DeathbatNews and all of you for all that you do.

Comment by MyMindCantChangeTheSpeed

Thank YOU!

Comment by Deathbat News

Amen dude….i’ve tried to get friends to listen to them. They hear the heaviness and don’t want anything to do with it. They’d rather listen to lil Wayne and 2chainz (m shadows has more talent in his balls than those two have all together combined.) Oh well, more for us i guess haha

Comment by Jay

That’s so weird! All my friends are put off by how unheavy they’ve gotten over the years, and a lot of them would rather listen to STST than Self-Titled.

Comment by Zak Aubin

All my friends talk shit about them, yet I find some of their songs on their ipods and phones. Its like even if you hate A7x you secretly like them

Comment by ZP

Over the years I’ve managed to convince 2 of my best friends that Avenged Sevenfold is the best band of our generation. And it was hard work. The rest of my friends just don’t understand them at all. The most they’ll admit is “they’re talented”.

Comment by Hreep

Funny thing is I accidentally got my friends to dislike the band. They got annoyed of me playing their music ALL the time. They enjoyed them, just not to the extent as me.

Comment by steve

Ahhhhh so stoked!! CANNOT WAIT ANY LONGER! This sounds freaking epic!!

Comment by Reem

It sounds awesome. Reminded me of “Waken the Fallen” first song and I’m waiting for Syn to take off like “Unholy Confessions”. Awesome guys. Can’t wait. I’m buying albums for my friends and I again to send it to number one!!

Comment by Tracey7777

zacky starts off unholy confessions, not syn:P

Comment by Alex

To dbn how soon do you think we’ll hear a single?

Comment by Joseph

Comment by Deathbat News

first of all , thank you dbn for helping us get to this all first hand and at the moment (even though im kinda sure you know more than you tell ) second , cant wait to see what is this thing about ANDRONIKOS, it sounds epic.

Comment by killstreak

No thanks needed but I appreciate it :)

Comment by Deathbat News

Sorry if anyone had already posted this, but the same video now plays on video channel 01 on the radio over at

Comment by yoanaher

They had the seventh lair video on 01 a few weeks ago, I wonder why they got rid of it. If they’re gonna be filling the stations, it looks like it will be awhile before a release.

Comment by SynVanSambora

I can’t stop replaying it…

Comment by Arron Johnson

Yea, they posted the 2 most recent videos to their official youtube channel now.

Comment by Wayne7x

Thanks! Switched out the AllHailAndronikos video (but kept it linked) to the one on the official account.

Comment by Deathbat News

I’m dying of excitement for this album. I want to hear the rest so bad. Am I the only one that has watched the video like 1000 times?

Comment by Jacob-Gates

Not at all, I find myself replaying it and not if even noticing it’s finished before automatically replaying again. My body NEEDS to hear a new song soon! :P

Comment by Ash

Nope haha

Comment by Holden

we come out at night,nice stuff

Comment by yannis

So far everything I heard shows how the band are really showing their Metallica influence as both “songs” they previewed have strong resemblance to what Metallica did on the black album! So they really are heading into a heavier groovier sound! I seriously can’t wait and I want to see the pantera,Sabbath and Zeppelin influences on the album!
Heavy Metal indeed \m/

Comment by Ace Alshawaf

I’m really excited to see this Metallica and Sabbath influence in the next album, could be awesome!

Comment by Zack G.

not at all,we want original sound

Comment by yannis

Sounds Awesome So far the previews are Pretty Heavy I always favored Heavier Avenged Sevenfold (i love all of their songs..) But the aggressive paces, and riffs they make along with vocals can be so brutal. I.e God Hates US, Not Ready to die.

Comment by Pete Vandenberg

Avenged Sevenfold said “have you tuned in lately” on there Twitter a few hours ago, but as far as I can tell nothing is new on the site that hasn’t already been posted here. Has anyone found anything new?

Comment by Ash

I believe they just added the #AllHailAndronikos video to Channel 01.

Comment by Deathbat News

I think that they will do more songs in the style of Nightmare, Welcome to the family or Buried alive, these songs sound sublime in the record and in the shows. But I will like to hear some city of evil stuff too, above all for the guitar solos of the album.

Comment by Zack G.

I feel like no one on this post even has listened to city of evil all the way through because this sounds like the type of shit on that.

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Anonymous

I think that the guys in Avenged Sevenfold are really trying to step it up on this album. The string and brass instruments in the backround of this song make it phenomenal and the song makes me imagine like, epic battles and marching armies and **** like that. And there’s gonna be strings and brass in EVERY song. You can tell by the placement of the stickers in song board photos. Considering that and what with all the hints about prophets, heroes, and this King Andronikos…? It really makes me think the album could have a single overall theme or story about well.. Prophets, heroes and kings. I really hope I’m right because that would be sooo epic.

Comment by Hreep

Buzzingggg!!!!!!!!! avenged sevenfold are awesome for the shit they do with the fans and how they get them involved! like this, with zacky briefly hinting a YouTube account name so fans can find the account and see the video….love it!

Comment by Chris

I am really Glad I am not the only one hearing the Star Wars Vibe! which is Killer! sooo Excited!

Comment by K_Estill_ETU

sounds like a bit of strength of the world

Comment by Anonymous

It’s a stretch but… the Star Wars references seem to be flowing here… at least one person has said they hear Star Wars influence, the ProTools picture has the word Vader at the bottom of the timeline, the Shadow Axe was given by a Storm Trooper, there is a character in a Star Wars game called Andronikos… what could it all add up to?

Comment by StitchRS

You’re right, I’ve never realised before! And remember there was also a Yoda figurine on a pic of the studio they posted on Instagram.

Comment by Lzzy Hale (@UndeadHordes)

This song gives me the impression that this will be a7xs defining album and finally get the respect that they deserve from most metal fans instead of everybody being so divided when it comes to their opinion of avenged

Comment by Vince

I basically am more than excited to experience the new album. I know that they will deliver. :D! They seem really cool also haha.

Comment by Anonymous

WOW! This one sounds epic, A7X hope ya keep it up with this awesome direction you are going to and you too DBN thanks for keeping up-to-date & reliable info for our fellow A7X followers!
(Literally like one morning at school I checked for some news on here, nothing new, then, in the evening there was some kind of awesome snippet of the new album!) THANKS

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Deathbat News

Thanks so much. I wish there was a way we could all show you how much we appreciate it.

Comment by Wayne7x

You guys do enough by being such loyal readers!

Comment by Deathbat News

Are there any people fearing that things aren’t going to be as good as we all expect? Ofcourse we’re used to alot, with all the changes made to the music througout the years, but still.

Comment by Rayne

Yeah I am to some extent. I don’t doubt their abilities or creativity but with the absence of Jimmy I think the album will be lacking in some aspect. I enjoyed Not Ready to Die and Carry On and I’m aware they weren’t serious songs but if they’re any indication to the new album then I can see it disappointing some people. In my opinion though I’m just happy to hear something new since it’s been so long!

Comment by Ash

I was feeling kind of the same way, but then I realized something. They threw out carry on in a very short amount of time. If they can do THAT rushed, I’m excited to see what they’ve done taking their time honing these songs down to be the absolute best they can be. I’ve been listening to all of their albums in chronological order lately, and I’m very excited to see what they can do next. Keep in mind they’re obviously writing and playing the best they can for us and for Jimmy. They won’t take that lightly.

Comment by SynVanSambora

The Waking the Fallen and City of Evil albums (their best, period) were written mainly by Shadows and Gates, The Rev started to contribute more by the self-titled, so I’m not worried at all.

Comment by Zack

STST (in my opinion) was pretty good too and that was mostly Mat and Zachy if i remember right. Although i can’t help but think with Jimmy still around it would just have that extra coat of epic added to it. Still enjoyed Not Ready to Die and Carry On though.

Comment by ryan

You’re so right, nobody ever mentions this.

Comment by Anonymous

Shadow’s said the new album sounds nothing like those songs.

Comment by Sean

[…] Friday, another teaser video made its way online… but in an unusual way. According to A7X fansite Deathbat News, guitarist Zacky Vengeance was spotted leaving a comment (now deleted) on a song board photo posted […]

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I can’t wait for the new album!

Comment by Bryant Barboza

Now I see what they meant by the Led Zep vibe. Those brass instruments sound awesome, and I love how they maintain their signature tone and style. Drooling right now.

Comment by armyoftigers

I don’t get what you’re saying (zeppelin wise). Care to elaborate?

Comment by SynVanSambora

OMG. Love, love love. Bring on that album!

Comment by Anonymous

So a STORM TROOPER gave the Shadow Axe to a winner. YODA was in a studio picture. ANDRONIKOS is a Star Wars character.

Comment by Daniel Roesch

Hell yes Star Wars

Comment by Isaac

The guitar sounds like City of Evil!

Comment by caleb

[…] Deathbat Newsさんによれば、5月30日にZacky VengeanceがオフィシャルなInstagramにコメントしたタグを元に(コメントは消去されているようです)、ファンが動画を発見したのだとか。 Instagramにはスタジオの写真等アップされていますので、こちらも目が離せないですね。 […]

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Plaaaanetttsssss Colliiiiiiiideeee!

Comment by Blake Tull

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