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New Avenged Sevenfold Preview Debuts At Rock im Park. Now Available In HQ From Avenged Sevenfold.
June 10, 2013, 7:24 am
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A new Avenged Sevenfold preview was shown during Rock im Park (and Rock am Ring) 2013.

Update: Avenged Sevenfold have uploaded a HQ version:

Submitted by Alec (First video).


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Comment by Brea

I saw it as well, it was shown at Rock am Ring, too! Totally surprised me when I looked at the
screen during the ads and saw this coming up :)

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Weird Person

This is amazing!

Comment by Ida Sade

I can’t hear it very well. Not sure I liked it. Just a small sample though.

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by VJmaster

It sounds so… awesome… I like it!

Comment by StitchRS

To me, there are small parts where it doesn’t sound like the A7X I know. Anyone else agree? :P

Comment by DaynaD

yeap, dont you think thats amazing? I love avenged but that they keep evolving, not sounding as always thats awesome. When I heard the preview of allhailandronikos At first I didnt like so I kept listening to it, now i love it. But I love this preview and the one from the radio way better, cause I really want a7x doing and old school oriented album. Sounds like pantera for me.

Comment by Oj

i agree with the pantera feel to the teaser especially in his voice when he kinda screams “I Stand” at 0:10

Comment by Pete Vandenberg

Yeah, I love how they evolve, and after about a million listens to it, my ears have finally connected to my brain and told me “Yup, that’s Matt’s voice alright”. It’s the fact that the first listen didn’t convince me it was them, now I believe it’s them :P

Comment by DaynaD

They are definitely starting to sound like they are moving a bit towards a mix of prog metal and classic metal.

Comment by Imagination

Hmmm it sounds kinda different. Like them but not like them if you get what I mean.

Comment by ESulli

Wow, it’s so cool!

Comment by Ellie

This just gave me chills. I love it when A7X has an angry-type song. It drives me crazy!

Comment by LuigiJJVW

Can’t wait till they upload it on their website for better quality. Sounds different, which isn’t always a bad thing. Gotta keep growing. I’m sure there is a catchy hook in there somewhere ;)

Comment by Terrance

Sounds to me exactly like the Shadows we all know…

Comment by Cory

yeah, I can’t understand people saying that his voice changed.. waiting for the best and heaviest album they ever made

Comment by Daniel

To me it kinda sounded like his vocals in Unholy Confessions. In the preview it sounded more forceful like in God Hates Us. I think it’s going to be awesome :)

Comment by Anonymous

That was freakin amazing!!! Love the kind of rocky sound in shadows voice and how the song has a nice grove to it. If this preview is a good indication of what is to come this might be one of A7X’s best albums yet in my book!

Comment by Jonathan

Better than the last. Sounds heavy, old school, the true essence of rock(:

Comment by Oj

It’s starting to grow on me. Maybe when I hear it with better sound quality, I’ll like it more.

Comment by Tyler Hayden (@THayden7)

when I saw it, it I literally freaked out but I think I would not have recognized his voice if it wasn’t for the video. But maybe its the fact that I stood right next to a massive speaker and that I was really drunk :D

Comment by Anonymous

It sounds heavy as hell

Comment by Brandon

Sounds to me like he’s using a more harsh and aggressive voice. That’s one thing I like about it. The lead guitar sounds awesome as well.

Comment by StitchRS

I can’t wait for the album release. All these teasers are making me anxious!

Comment by Derek

That’s cool, :3

Comment by Irawan

I’m dying! I NEED the album… NOW!!!

Comment by Jacob-Gates

Finally we get to hear Matt singing, and I like what I’m hearing! Can’t wait to hear it in a better quality.

Comment by Anonymous

Luckily, someone managed to capture it on camera. Good thinking! But nobody in the crowd seems to care. GET EXCITED,PEOPLE!

Comment by Anonymous

I needed to get this out to you guys ;) How fucking awesome is this song?? I needed to find a place to charge my cell because my battery was dead but I found it and needed to record it!! Seeing this made me so happy… Sorry about the quality but my hands were really shaky… This teaser was FUCKING EPIC ♥

Comment by Lara Sparenberg

Thanks for catching it on video, Lara.

Comment by Deathbat News

Don’t apologize, Lara. If it weren’t for you, I don’t think we would have seen it. Thanks for sharing!

Comment by Anonymous

Shadows voice sounds so dark i fucking love it. The guitar is very heavy once again i will say….. IM STOKED

Comment by Pete Vandenberg

i hope that preview shows up on the radio on the website soon!

Comment by Brooks Anders

It is there its 03

Comment by David Myers

I can’t stop watching this preview. I love the sound. It’s so heavy. And i don’t understand how ppl can’t recognize shadows voice?! How can you not? It’s so unique.

Comment by Kevin

Im so beyond stoked!

Comment by Anonymous

Just wish we had a studio quality version. There is no way we can judge it properly without listening to it the way it was intended to be listened to. Still, thanks to whoever posted this. Want the album so much.

Comment by Midnight Waltz

sounds like new era Pantera IMO. Pretty badass

Comment by ZP

giving the computer the biggest creeper face ever right now. :D

Comment by Erianna Chavez


Comment by ErubielA7x

So stoked!

Comment by SynVanSambora

That choir sounds amazing!

Comment by SynVanSambora

This trailer is EPIC. it is sooooo heavy, and dark. NEED. MORE.

Comment by Jay

I hope they don’t lose that special Avenged Sevenfold touch they have always had. Excited to say the least

Comment by Justin

I get the chills every time I hear as with most of their music so in my opinion…no. But everyone has theirs. As long as I’m covered in goosebumps I’m good…lol this shit is fucking epic they need to hurry up I’m running out of underwear

Comment by Holden

Magnificient! Can’t wait to hear the whole full piece, it’s going to be mindblowing!

Comment by Anonymous

Monday’s usually suck…but this put a big ‘ol fuckin smile on my face :-)

Comment by Andy W Spivey

I don’t like it.

Comment by Anonymous

why not?

Comment by Jay

Now that I’ve heard the quality version I’ve fallen in love with the aggressive style. Btw, I think I have the lyrics sorted out. Someone tell me if you think different. “Rise from ashes, Violence clashes my soul; vacant, Cleanse me of all this sin, I stand guilty, I bleed filthy, Void of fire, Savor this final hour”

Comment by Anonymous Person

I was thinking born of fire but everything else to me seems right

Comment by Anonymous

I thought that too but that part is the only part I’m not sure on.

Comment by Anonymous Person

Close to what I hear, slightly different. From my ear, it sounds to me the lyrics are “rise from ashes, violent clashes, my soul vacant, cleanse me of all this sin. I stand guilty, I bleed filthy (maybe disease(d)?) born of fire, savor this final hour.

This lyric seems to go with their hints. They hinted about a prophet and “troubling visions”.

Comment by Anonymous

Its definitely born of fire

Comment by David Myers

i wanna cry this of joy :’] <333333

Comment by Kylie Morales

Given the chanting, lyrics, and the last teaser with all the brass going on, it sounds like they’re going for an epic vibe.

Comment by Anonymous

I NEED MORE!!! That was amazing!

Comment by Anonymous

I seriously have no words for how awesome this sounds. I can’t wait for this album. All of these previews have been so killer.

Comment by Anonymous

When i seen this I shouted arrrrrrrrrrh fuck!!!!!! So loud my mam came into my bedroom and asked if I was ok!! :’D

Woooooow can’t wait!!!!!!

Comment by UK AVENGER

so ******* awesome \m/

Comment by fallenthewaking

THIS WAS AN EARGASIM :3 I keep listing to this C: You can def hear the black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin influence. I cnat wait till the new album!

Comment by Michelle

Stoked for the heavier sound. \m/

Comment by Stacey

I’m on the fence about this. It doesn’t sound like them asides from matt’s voice.

Comment by Jimjoncricket

That’s the great thing about it. They’re just evolving and trying new stuff. This may be different from what they’ve done before, but it sounds ridiculous.

Comment by Jay

the essence of the old actual rock dude.

Comment by Oj

This is fucking heavy, more than most of Waking The Fallen

Comment by Pier-carl

I don’t know why but I think it looks so awesome when shadows prepares his bandana at the end. It’s cool to see a glimpse of how he gets prepared for his shows. Btw new materials sounds wicked! I’m loving the heaviness and evolution!!!

Comment by Anonymous

Wow i was right, thats heavy as HELL

Comment by Brandon

this sounds a lot like something off of city of evil but heavier, much…MUCH….HEAVIER! LOVE IT OR DIE!

Comment by Thierry Arrieta

Song is bad as hell. Heavy!

Comment by xGunslinger7 (@mleasure7)


Comment by Luuuuuke

The wait is killing me I have no idea where they are going with the new record.

Comment by Anonymous

Always come to this site for news, I love it.

Comment by Danny


Comment by Deathbat News

This is fucking amazing mike elizando is the producer again but they really don’t need him but I like the teaser!! I met them all at namm 2013 I expected to just see syn and zacky but being the ways theses guys are and loving there fans they were all there !! And some of the coolest people ever!

Comment by Anonymous

This is fucking awesome!!!!

Comment by Jacky

Really hoping all these teasers are just one song, cuz then it would be an epic motherfucking song.

Comment by Jad

This is going to make a really rotten year much brighter, lol, in a dark kinda way…Epic… Love them… Cant wait to hear more, more, more….

Comment by Valerie Smith

New pants needed… :)

Comment by Rob

It is amazing. They sound a bit different, but as always aswell!

Comment by Rintxy

I love the style the instruments have gone in but not so keen on M Shadows voice, in my opinion he sounds a lot like David Draiman from Disturbed in this clip. His voice used to project a lot more power, this sounds kind of forced and scratchy.

We’ll see though, the new album will be a very interesting listen at least.

Comment by John

He sounds nothing like Draiman in this clip…..Both have very unique voices, how can you even compare the two?

His voice sounds the same as it always has in this clip….

Comment by Jay

I thought it was a ridiculous comparison as well haha. They’re two of my favorite vocalists, but sound nothing alike in sound or style in my opinion.

Comment by Cory

Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets a Ghost vibe in the intro.

Comment by yoanaher

Totally got that “Year Zero” vibe.

Comment by Matt

You’re not. I was thinking the exact same thing.

Comment by Anonymous

soundz awsome cant wait 4 album

Comment by Anonymous

I thought I recognised the tattooed arm at the end!! Yaay Matt!! :P

Comment by DaynaD

[…] way of Deathbat News] […]

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I want to just listen to this over and over…

Comment by Marly (@ThePiesEndure)

Incredible. This is awesome. It’s completely different and I never would have imagined it. But now that I’m listening to it, it is so epic and powerful and it has that timeless feel… I don’t know what else I would have expected from Avenged this go-around but this beats it by about Sevenfold. I’m having trouble finding words to express my excitement. Give. Us. More.

Comment by NoUseForAName

I can’t do this. It’s starting to hurt. This need to come out now. I have watched this video like 100 times and it stills makes my heard race.

Comment by Jacob-Gates

This is fucking awesome. It really makes me even more excited than I already was for the new album.

Comment by Sean

woooooooooo fucking amazing!!!

Comment by Andrew D.

So heavy, but simple, amazing can’t wait for the new album or even a single :D

Comment by David Myers

I have a feeling some new-school a7x fans won’t like any of this new stuff… however, thankfully I’m an old-school fan :) This is something incredible. I believe M. Shadows when he says it will be their landmark record. I have a feeling they might pull off an album greater than City of Evil, which is their best work in my opinion.

Comment by Kaylee

gonna be one of my favorite songs ever I can already tell.

Comment by jruss

Incredible, amazing, the new superb.

Comment by Abduzxhomad

100 comments and nobody knows the meaning of the lyrics in latin from the beginning chorus?

Comment by jruss

i was at rock am ring and when i saw it i was like… wtf? it just randomly played on the big screen and it really just confused the hell out of me and made me sad that they weren’t there (2011 was AWESOME) hope they’ll be there next year or i wont be going.

Comment by Bianca Long

This shit is bad fucking ass! Cant wait. That verse is str8 fuckin sick.

Comment by johnny

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