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Guitar Center: Johnny, Syn & Zacky – Their Schecter Axes, Hellwin Amps & A7X’s Sound Evolution.

Johnny Christ, Synyster Gates and Zacky Vengeance cover Guitar Center’s July 2013 Guitars catalog and Deathbat News reader Megan has sent in the scans (Thanks Megan!) to share. The axe-men trio from Avenged Sevenfold talk with Guitar Center about taking Avenged Sevenfold’s sound into a new direction and it being a departure from what they’ve done before, being excited to get fan feedback, Synyster Gates designing and building Hellwin Amps, Johnny Christ’s Signature Bass, Zacky Vengeance explains how Schecter’s relationship with Avenged Sevenfold started and more. After you’ve read this one don’t miss out on the Guitar Center interview with M Shadows!

– A HQ version of the interview can now be found here from Guitar Center.
– You can now view the entire catalog online here.

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you are so very welcome! :D

Comment by Megan Elizabeth

Thanks! and DBN too!

Comment by Loghen

Can’t wait!!! This summers going to be awesome!!!

Comment by Rob

Cool thing Schecter did for A7X.

Comment by Viknes

A7X at Pain the in Grass can’t come soon enough! Looking forward to the new songs mixed with the old.

Comment by LINDA

Love Schecter and A7X!

Comment by Ellie

is this catalog available in guitar centers?

Comment by Mike

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