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Guitar Center: M Shadows Talks Mics, Metal And The New Avenged Sevenfold Album.
June 23, 2013, 9:54 am
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M Shadows covers Guitar Center’s July 2013 Live/Recording catalog and Deathbat News reader Jordan was kind enough to send in some shots of the feature. The interview touches on the subjects of Avenged Sevenfold’s approach to their new album and how it was challenging for them,  the writing process being ‘torturous,’ why he’s surprised fans are surprised with each album, taking care of his voice and his vocal warm-ups (which includes two Elton John songs), drawing on different influences, the new album’s vocals being about ‘one person, one voice, very bare bones,’ his mic set-ups and more. After you’ve read this one don’t miss out on the Guitar Center interview with Johnny Christ, Synyster Gates and Zacky Vengeance!

– A HQ version of the interview can now be found here from Guitar Center.
– You can now view the entire catalog online here.


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So excited for this next record. They’ve been growing and changing with each one and I’m glad they are resisting sticking with what worked in the past even though it seems they have a lot of fans who want them to do just that.

Comment by D

those people are the ones that are closed with the same routine. For example what avenged brings to me is like when you wake up with a random mood you know there is an album of avenged that emphasize that moment. Doesnt matter if you’re angry ,happy or sad there’s a song for that mood. Personally I think that this new record is the only thing missing on their catalog ”very bare bones”.

Comment by Oj

So excited to hear the new album! Every album they have put out sounds different to the previous but every album sounds great. That’s the thing I love about A7X, they make albums that sound completely different from each other but it works for them and that’s what makes them unique in the best way possible

Comment by Ellie

I’ve got a feeling I’m gonna LOVE their new stuff!!!

Comment by DaynaD

So cool to hear a little more about him- M. Shadows is an amazing vocalist. I hope the rest of the band will do an interview here or there to fill us in on their input, thoughts and feelings on the new album, too. I simply cannot wait for this next album. I’ve loved every one in it’s own way and am sure this one won’t be any different.

Comment by Carmen Feuling

Another great interview… The only thing I’m worried about is the whole “Stripped down” approach with vocals. Something I’ve always loved with A7X is Shadows’ layered vocals and tons of harmonies like in Nightmare’s chorus or in Welcome to the Family’s verses (just examples off top of my head)

But the previews I’ve heard have been amazing, so I guess I won’t mind it at all.

Comment by Adam

Open your music mind to new things;)

Comment by Oj

I agree with Adam. Although I’m sure I’ll love anything that comes out, I do love the backing vocals quite a lot (Almost Easy’s chorus is one of my personal favorites), and I would like to keep on hearing different layers in the vocal parts. Based on what we’ve heard in that one teaser, which didn’t have backing vocals on it, I still feel like it’s going to be great nevertheless.

Comment by Anonymous

Yeaa.. No backing vocals kinda freak me out a little too..

Comment by HipHopAnonymous

That’s amazing how they can speak about the new album but not the tease surrounding it.

Comment by Hoshi

I just can’t wait!!!!!!! I know this album will be game changing!!!

Comment by Rising_the_Fallen

I’m gonna miss those background vocals… Their backing vocals are one of the many reasons I love the band. But I still believe this record will be awesome!

Comment by Zeke

There was a shot of syn singing on one of the teaser videos (channel 02 from memory), so I don’t think backing/shared vocals has been ruled out completely :)

Comment by Daniel Sims

Exactly what I was thinking. :)

Comment by James

Does anyone know how to get a copy of these catalogs? :)

Comment by Ashley

Can’t wait for the new record!!!

Comment by Viknes

Am i the only one here that wants to hear him singing those elton john songs? lol When i was little i pretty much grew up with my family listening to elton, so i would love to hear those with Shadows singing them.

Comment by Brandon

You are not the only one. I would love to hear M Shadows sing Elton John songs. I grew up listening to EJ, too.

Comment by Lisa

Same here! Was talking to my mom about this yesterday! Haha

Comment by James

I’m a bit concerned that the album is gonna be really simplistic. I hope it’s not.

Comment by Sean

Simplistic, when done right, is not necessarily a bad thing. Trivium did something like this recently with In Waves and I thoroughly enjoyed that album. Knowing A7X… they’ll do simplistic their way.. which will be totally badass!

Comment by BT

The only problem with In Waves is that it was extremely overproduced.

Comment by Anonymous

The elimination of harmonies kind of worries me. A7X without harmonies is like peanut butter and jelly without milk!

Comment by Casey

may i know where can i get this catalog? i really want it badly :(

Comment by Jack

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