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Guitar World’s 30 Greatest Shred Albums Of All Time.
July 3, 2013, 9:40 am
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Guitar World have made a list of their “30 Greatest Shred Albums Of All Time” presenting “30 great players from the Golden Era, the Old-School Era and the Modern Era of shred, along with the album and song that best exemplifies their shredding skills. Synyster Gates on Avenged Sevenfold’s “City Of Evil” is included.

Synyster Gates
City of Evil (Avenged Sevenfold, 2005)
With a background in jazz-fusion guitar and a love for the soundtrack work of Danny Elfman, Gates is among the most well-rounded and idiosyncratic players in metal today. His solos on tracks like “Beast and the Harlot” and “Bat Country” play like mini-compositions full of finger-twisting licks, acrobatic sweeps, devilish chromatics and towering dual-harmony runs.
SONG: “Beast And The Harlot”


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Congrats to him! he really deserves to be recognized as one of the best!

Comment by yann


Comment by HailToTheKingOfficial

Syn definitely deserves this. He is one of the most innovative and dedicated guitar players of our present time.

Comment by Kurt Westmann

This is so true. I believe City of Evil is the bands absolute greatest work (and I don’t think it will ever be topped) however, there is definitely better guitar work on all the other tracks on the album. The songs that come to me instantly are every single song except the two stated and maybe Seize the Day. Just such a great album in general and my favorite quite possibly of all time.

Anyways, excited to hear the new album and have them come back!!! :D

Comment by Kaylee

Agreed. My all time favorite avenged song is the wicked end. Best guitar work by syn and zacky City of Evil just completely changed the game. I wasnt even upset when realized there was no screaming. Guitars were overwhelmingly mindblowing. I was too stoked as i was listening through every song the first time and just replaying non stop. Props to Gates and the guys! Glad more ppl are noticing these days.

Comment by MyMindCantChangeTheSpeed

he’s the best hard rock/metal solo artist ever. Nobody writes better solo’s then synyster gates….. NOBODY. Hopefully one day he’ll be recognized for his out of this universe imagination in writing solos and guitar parts. He’s like dimebag Darrell and jimmy Hendrix combined. When you listen to synyster gates guitar playing it sounds like he’s painting a beautiful masterpiece and each note is a new brush stroke!!!!!

Comment by JRUSS

I love Syn, he my fav guitar player- but he is no Hendrix in all truth..

off topic, but wasn’t it Shads that wrote the solo to BatH?

Comment by wprathead

Hendrix isn’t the best guitarist to ever live, i think he’s very overrated, he’s amazing at what he did and created this new style but he wasn’t the best ever, i was comparing those two guitarists and their “Style” to gates..i wasn’t saying synyster was better than them both. But i’ve never ever been scared to say anything about synyster and i know what im talking about, synyster gates WILL go down as a top ten guitarist ever.

Comment by jruss

chill dude I’m on your side haha

Comment by wprathead

I’m glad to see this album get some recognition, I always thought it had the most epic awesome solos ever.

Comment by Sean

fucking rad

Comment by Nolan Brown

WOOT congrats to Syn he deseved it all the way!

Comment by JC

fucking amazing

Comment by raghurajan

HE , fuckin deserves it …. CONGRATS?>> U R My FAV>>

Comment by Crest

Congrats to Syn! Definitely a very shredding album. I’m just surprised Dream Theater/Petrucci didn’t make the list with Systematic Chaos.

Comment by Z.Burns

Syn doesn’t play guitar AT ALL……he makes sweet sweet beautiful love with it! hahaha Go Gates!

Comment by Anonymous

I love “City of Evil” album, although I disagree with it as greatest shred album from the band. I believe their self-titled album has the best shreds- “Scream”, “Critical Acclaim”, “Afterlife”, and so on. Their “Nightmare” album also has awesome solos, can’t wait to be blown away by Syn’s solos from new “Hail to the King” album! He’s my favorite and the greatest guitarist ever.

Comment by janelle

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