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Preview Avenged Sevenfold’s “Hail To The King” Title Track.
July 7, 2013, 3:14 pm
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Tune into Channel 13 on the radio or Channel 07 on TV to hear a 30 second preview of the title track off of Avenged Sevenfold’s “Hail To The King.”

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Shads voice sounds awesome!

Comment by Anonymous

Couldn’t agree more.

Comment by Knox

If I didn’t know that was Matt singing I wouldn’t guess it, he sounds totally different. But I’m still liking the sound of it

Comment by Kat

This album is going to be epic. Prob my favorite preview yet, even though I liked them all.

Comment by Patrick

Amazing! I cant wait!

Comment by therealjinx

Why must it be so short? Great tease though, you really get the concept album vibe from it. It definitely sounds different from previous material we’ve heard from them, but the guitar sounds awesome and Shadows comes alive for the chorus.

Comment by Terrance Phifer


Comment by Rob


Comment by ChrizC

it sounds really old school

Comment by Andre

Yes!!!!! Love it can’t wait!!!!

Comment by UK AVENGER

Its not showing me anything D:

Comment by Carmen USMC WIFE

You can listen to it through Channel 13 on the radio or watch the preview promo through Channel 07 on the TV.

Comment by Deathbat News

Ah so short! haha sounds pretty cool though

Comment by Kevin C

Ho. Ly. Shit. So good and I’m even more excited now!

Comment by O-H

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G *——————————-*

Comment by Ana Tillmann

Yes. Way awesome and way too short lol

Comment by Matthew

There’s a taste of fear
When the henchmen call
Iron fist to tame the land
Iron fist to claim it all

Hail to the king!
Hail to the war!

Can’t wait to hear the rest!!

Comment by StitchRS

That’s all right I think but I got “Hail to the one” instead of hail to the war.

Comment by Anonymous

It’s tough because it fades out right then, but you may be right.

Comment by StitchRS

Hmm, I thought it was “Hail to the World”

Comment by Jimmy McCourt (@jcm3712)

I thought same… And I still think :D

Comment by NG

My vote goes hail to the world

Comment by Steve

Yeah I think so too.

Comment by Loredana

The song sounds awesome. I love it. Cant wait to hear them in Michigan.

Comment by Bess

Love it!!! Can’t wait to see you all on the road…sounds so so sweet..From all your fans “WELCOME BACK”….Rosie

Comment by Anonymous

I disliked the group “Hey!” chants. It’s cool for a live thing, but sounds kinda cheesy on the actual album. Other than that, I think the preview sounded really cool. Can’t wait to hear more!

Comment by thomasgwhaley

I think they’re saying, “hail”

Comment by Anonymous

im pretty sure it’s “hail!” as well. instantly thought that.

Comment by jruss

Yeah, in which case, I think it makes it so much more awesome. I’m just imagining huge crowds chanting this for the king. Sounds so epic!

Comment by SynVanSambora

fuck yea!!

Comment by jruss

There’s a taste of fear when the henchman call
I am fierce to tame him, I am fierce to claim it all.
Hail to the king, Hail to the one!

Comment by killstreak

So awesome! i love shads voice guitar=instabonner

Comment by Pete Vandenberg

Wow all their previews SOUND amazing! Finally heard MShadows voice! So when is the single coming out huh? ;-)

Comment by Forever Avenged

I like it, but it really does sound like Thunderstruck. It’s just a good thing that Shads is ten times the singer that Brian Johnson ever was.

Comment by moridin94

Gritty tone. Excellent range. Shadows might have more dynamic to his voice with the softer stuff, but when it comes to the more metal parts, they’re pretty similar. I wouldn’t say that Shadows is “ten times the singer that Brian Johnson ever was.” Johnson hits some ridiculous notes on the BiB and FTATR albums and is overall and incredibly solid lead singer, much like Matt.

Comment by thomasgwhaley

Are you really comparing brian Johnson and shadows? lol there’s no comparison. Shadows makes him sound like a fucking ******

Comment by Anonymous

I am. Johnson is a solid vocalist and frontman, despite how one dimensional AC/DC’s music is. I prefer Matt too, but you can’t just write off Johnson for not being M. Shadows.

Comment by Anonymous

Both are great vocalists, with different strengths and weaknesses. A7X bias included, Johnson is (or was) one of the best singers in rock

Comment by Z.Burns

Really? The guitar riff reminded me of Wasted Years by Iron Maiden, which is awesome. If they’re going for a classic metal feel, they hit it on this one.

Comment by SynVanSambora

That’s exactly what I thought!!! I thought since the beginning they sound just like maiden, or also like an ACDC vibe. crack it bro!

Comment by Anonymous

Sounds way more like “Wasted Years” than “Thunderstruck.”

Comment by Blake Tull

Sounds epiccccccc, can’t wait for this :) :) Shadows sounds awesome, great riff too, but of course its gotta cut out at the best part.

Comment by Nick Riggi

Sounds bad ass as always!

Comment by Alex F.

Simply put: Amazing. Can’t wait for the album, hopefully we’ll get a single soon!

Comment by SynVanSambora

This is gonna be amazing live. It already sounds awesome with the background gang vocal shouting, just imagine a crowd as they’re playing. Gives me the chills…

Comment by SynVanSambora

I’m loving the lower tuned guitar

Comment by lostmesa

Yeah, looks like I’ll be retuning my Schecter!

Comment by SynVanSambora

Sounds Like C#

Comment by Midnight Waltz

Wow I can’t wait to see them! EEEEEEP

Comment by Keisha

Incredible clip. Wasn’t expecting Matt’s sound to be different, but I really like it. Ready for the album!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Alexandra

Holy sh*t! That sounds amazing! They would release a snippet on Syn’s birthday. Hahaha!

Comment by Randi Fay

BlUAPHT so damn awesome!!

Comment by Slim

AHHH!! sa;dlfjsdl;kfj Yes! Freaking awesome man! Can’t wait for the album :D

Comment by Clara

hope they dont go down the road metallica did…..wich this album sounds that way :( …..just my thought though

Comment by billy

Umm What do you mean by that? You don’t want them to make an album that sounds like Load/Reload or what….? Load and Reload of course weren’t as heavy as the first 4 albums or even the Black Album but they were certainly as good creativity as those 5 Cd’s so Idk what you mean bro….

Comment by Anonymous

I’m a little nervous….but I remember feeling that way when they put out a preview (the chorus) for Nightmare, and I ended up falling in love with that song when I heard it in its entirety…so I’m hopeful. Still kinda nervous though. Haha

Comment by Brendan

I know it’s supposed to be groovy, but in all the previews, the drums seem to be played by a 4th grade kid.. kinda bothering me but the whole thing sounds good tough

Comment by Pier-carl

I read a few interviews and they said they wanted to drums to not be “over the top” and that they wanted it to be more classic rock-like. Not saying you accused Arin of sucking, just pointing it out haha

Comment by Kevin C

Yeah I know , i’m gonna deal with it I guess lol, and Arin is a freaking drum machine in his other band “Confide”, that’s why I think it kinda sucks that he plays that simple way in A7X… they could have choose Billy Talent’s drummer instead LOL. just kidding ahah

Comment by Pier-Carl

I don’t understand people saying that Shadows sounds different. He sounds like his normal Bad ass self to me.

Comment by Jay

He sounds like himself, but there is a bit of a tone in his voice that’s different then it has been in the last few years. its grittier and rawer. hes defiantly been working on it because compared to their older cds this is a different tone to his voice .

Comment by Rachel Gates

Sounds like something black veil brides will play

Comment by AVENGER

I wasn’t going to be the first to admit that I know what Black Veil Brides sounds like. But yeah, that was my first thought when I heard the preview.

A7X… Not you guys too….

*head desk* *head desk*

At least I still have the new Dream Theater album to look forward to this year.

Comment by JR

Just because it sounds like the Black Veil Brides doesn’t mean it will be bad. They have several good songs.

Comment by Fayth

Why does everyone hate Black Veil Brides? Avenged obviously doesn’t, they went on tour with them. I honestly think the two bands are very similar, and other people have noticed similarities in the songs (see several YouTube videos on BVB copying Avenged). I do like Avenged more, but please give them a chance. I did, and I really like their stuff. Awesome pop metal.

Comment by SynVanSambora

just cause they went on tour with a7x doesn’t mean the guys like them, lol. tours are put together by who could fit into the same genre and who is available, not really what band(s) want. anyway, shits getting off topic now so we should probably chill with the BVB talk. everyones going to have their own opinion.

Comment by joel

I thought I heard somewhere that Avenged went out and picked modern rock bands they were into for that tour, but I could be wrong. Done now.

Comment by SynVanSambora

it’s simple, you love old school rock, the foundation of everything, the art, the talent, the innovation you’ll get into the album. You loved new era music only you’ll not.

Comment by Oj

Can’t WAIT for that Dream Theater album. If A7X goes BvB, at least there’s the new DT album :-)

Comment by Z.Burns

It was good until he started singing “Hail to the King” that sounded cheesy to me for some reason.

Comment by Sean

My thoughts EXACTLY

Comment by Anonymous

Sounds amazing!!! ^——-^ OMFGG

Comment by TaniaA7X

Not sure what to think of this.. it’s on the fence for me.

Comment by Jimjoncricket

all you fans saying “lyrics are cheesy” “drums suck” “classic metal sucks” “i dont like this new style by a7x” QUIT WHINING. You’ve heard 30 seconds of a song and the drums suck? Wow, and u say the lyrics about war and conquering are “cheesy” you realize half of all rock and metal songs are about that stuff right? Take ur tampons out! THIS IS A7X AND IT ROCKS NO MATTER WHAT!

Comment by jruss

Gotta agree with jruss above me here. I don’t get the complaints. What were people expecting, a 30 second preview of Bat Country 2.0? Perhaps a second self-titled album? EVERY band sounds different on each album, even if the band is a one-trick pony. The thing that sets A7X apart from most other musicians, for me at least, is their ability to completely destroy genre barriers. That’s why a lot of “tr00” metalheads hate them, because they aren’t like they are on God Hates Us on every song. They write piano songs, they write country songs, they write Pink Floyd-esque ballads, they write pop rock, and they write heavy f*cking metal. To me, this is the best of the previews yet because it’s of a completely finished song, and gives a great preview of what may be to come on it. But even though I really like it, I can’t say whether I’ll love the album or not (though I’d be SHOCKED if I didn’t) based off of a 30 second preview.

Let’s wait until August 27 to drop judgment on this album. Perhaps even August 27, 2014, after we’ve had a year to digest it. Judging anything about it now is about as effective as eating a piece of pasta and judging Italian food as a whole.

Comment by Otis

Side note: One thing I’m amped about on this preview is the harmonized guitar in the beginning of the chorus because judging by Matt’s comments, they were straying away from a lot of harmonization in the vocal and guitar melodies on this album, and the dual guitar harmony is one of the defining aspects of the band that I absolutely love. So, there’s that too.

Comment by Otis


Well said.

Comment by Brendan

I agree with you and Jruss both, I’ve heard alot of complaing in my 13 years of listening to this band. Hell I’ve done some myself on some of the songs they have done, but in the end I love them all but one song thats never going to be liked by me. Thats bat country because thats the one song that I see as even if it brought alot of new fans it brought alot of fake fans that make me roll my eyes and sigh. But I think every cd they have made has had a different tone to it, different style they wanted to do . I say let them do it more power to them if they can make music and make it sound damn good like they are. Almost 15 years of doing this I think they know what they are doing about now, so yea let them put out what works for them and what us fans in the end adore. Don’t like it , pfft do you think the rest of us care. No we don’t we will keep on rocking and loving them no matter what cause they do this for us, the fans. they want to make us happy.

Comment by Rachel Gates

thank you otis and rachel! Wow otis that was well said man. If you think about it whats the MAIN reason bands die off into the sunset? Because they run out of flair, they run out of ideas, they run out of fans enthusiasm because they stick to their same sound record after record. Avenged Sevenfold will end their careers as a top 5 band ever because their song writing, style, talent and band evolution. Not ONE single song sounds the same as any other. They aren’t metal, rock, or any genre.They’re A7X and they have their own signature sound!!! SEVENFOLD SEVENFOLD SEVENFOLD!!

Comment by jruss

Perfectly said. Me and you would get along just fine haha

Comment by jruss

I don’t see what everyone’s problem is! This preview sounds fucking awesome! It would get boring if they did the same thing every album.

Comment by Fayth

Wow. They are truly taking a new direction once again. The last two albums I think sounded awfully similar in style compared to the drastic changes between all their prior releases, but this sounds once again like completely uncharted territory for the band. Super stoked and anxious to hear it!

Comment by David Beard

The chorus sounds very Maiden-ish
I can almost picture Bruce Dickenson singing that in his high-pitced voice, which i have absolutely no problems with.

Comment by Brandon

It sounds really cool. Sounds different but cool! Can’t wait!

Comment by Ellie

Iron Maidenesque concepts and guitar melodies mixed with Motley Crue drum tones and chanting, along with a new fresh sound to Shads voice. Diggin it.

Comment by CaptainDeathbat

I’m getting an iron maiden feel, everything from album art, title, and sound.

Comment by AdamD

I was really worried about this album but after this preview, it wont stay the same…this song is GREAT…i cant even find the right words to describe it or how i feel…i was the one who was whining about the new album but they really KILLED IT in this one…lyrics are great, i loved ”hail” voices, guitars were great as always, but the chorus was even better than all of those… expectations were sky high but i think they managed again to meet them…SUPER EXCITED…

Comment by Anonymous

I’m very much looking forward to this album and hopefully they release a single soon. Brian said that, sonically, this is A7X’s biggest record by far, which I think means that it will be fast-paced and harmonic? Not exactly sure what is meant by that.

Comment by Mitch

I loved the preview. All the complainers can take a flying leap for all I care. Arin’s here to stay, guys, so suck it up. It’s fine to critique his playing but saying the drums suck? *rolls eyes* The guys are impressed and in the end, that’s all that matters.

I like the new sound to Matt’s voice. It’s not a big chance, it’s subtle, but it’s there. And I like that this is again different from their other albums. The bands that last (like Maiden, Metallica, etc., do so because they are constantly changing their sound. They don’t give a rip what the fans think or how much they complain, they do what they want, how they want to do it. I’m excited for this album and everyone else should be, too.

Comment by aightball

sjksdjglksjkgjs epic epic epic!!! The chants, guitar riff, everything. Shadow’s voice is so raw in this. LOVE! Cannot wait. Hoping we get the single end of the week or early next! So happy I get to see them next Friday in Michigan! : )

Comment by Reem

Can you imagine 15,000 – 20,000 fans throwing their fists in the air and chanting to this song? My mind has been blown. Their stage show will get even bigger I bet!

Comment by Ben

It sounds decent but definitely my least favorite preview so far. There just isnt anything that really pumps me up in those 30 seconds

Comment by ZP

well i like thats really heavy, what i dont like is the part of ”hail” and the chorus sound so new era. I wish it sound more old school. But matt’s voice, badass.

Comment by Oj

yea I like Matts voice and the riff. but after he screams I was hoping for a little more. It sounded really slow and generic with the hail to the king hail to the world or war or whatever. but I know its just 30 sec so hopefully it gets better.

Comment by ZP

New era? The chorus screams classic Iron Maiden, that’s far from new era.

Comment by Otis

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! Can’t wait to see them live in birmingham!!!!! :D

Comment by Kaya

If you listen to the last line “hail to the one” (or whatever you think it is) you can hear pretty good backing vocals from one of them.

Comment by Anonymous

I saw a clip of Syn tracking vocals so it could’ve him.

Comment by Fayth

I don’t hear it…is it right before the preview ends?

Comment by aightball

I prefer the #tease13 preview, it sounds heavier, and I recognize better Matt’s voice

Comment by Anonymous

This sounds almost like it is the second chorus just by the lead up on the drums. I can also totally hear where I think the next chords gonna go but Avenged always surprises me

Comment by Mike


Comment by Anonymous

So excited for the album to come out loved the preview!!!! Hail to the king. Avenged sevenfold that is. So happy for them all after everything they have been through and now stronger than ever as brothers see you guys in Denver

Comment by aj

I have goosebumps! Can’t wait!!!!! =D

Comment by Shell

this song is gonna be so epic live! cang wait to see them. ONE MORE MONTH! Lets go musikfest!

Comment by Thierry Arrieta

Sounds just like it should! Exactly how they explained it in all the interviews! :-)
They really did go back in time. So thankful they did!

Comment by Ben

like this song but tease13 was better

Comment by vince

maybe it is the same song , being tease13 the batlle part

Comment by killstreak

After listening to all four previews, the words that keeps popping in my mind are ONE OF A KIND. Compare the new sound to whatever you want, but I think it’s safe to say that this album will be UNIQUE, in its own class. Every song so far has a different feel to it, and I can dig that. Yes I just said dig. \m/

Comment by MyMindCantChangeTheSpeed

I have a feeling this is going to be a big hit, bigger than Nightmare!

Comment by Connor

omg i keep watching it over n over! so excited i cant wait!

Comment by LiLoA7X

A7X attracts a diverse crowd of metal fans. I don’t really listen to any modern metal bands, mostly old school stuff like Metallica and Megadeth, so I’m liking the direction of the new album. Those who are bigger fans of Waking the Fallen and Sounding the Seventh Trumpet are most likely gonna be disappointed. They’ve come a long way from that sound and I don’t think they’ll ever go back. But who wants a band that stays the same anyways.

Comment by Dan

Sounds great since the beggining until the chorus that in my opinion is really cool.

Comment by Zack G.

30 seconds is CLEARLY not long enough for my brain to handle! I keep listening to it thinking there is a secret extra 30 seconds…I cant fucking wait!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

I dont know why people think when he sings “hail to the king” its cheesy… I can pick 10 songs from other bands that use the title name as lyrics from the song and sound much more cheesy. I love the teaser but i will say i like the #tease13 more (from what the 16 seconds i heard) Reguardless i KNOW this album will be great..

Comment by Pete Vandenberg

To all the people saying “The drums suck,” Go home and go to bed again! 30 seconds (on each preview) and you have the knowledge to say “the drums suck” ?? Laughable…..Let’s wait until we hear every song full (more than once) before we come up with opinions like that. Also, just because there’s no double bass (and who knows since…WE HAVEN’T HEARD A FULL SONG YET), doesn’t mean the drums suck. From what i’ve heard, the simplicity in the drums work well, they have serious power and a nice clean sound.

Comment by Jay

I don’t understand the stupidity of some people when they already give up on the entire album after hearing 30 seconds of one song. And the fact that A7X is being compared to BVB is ridiculous. BVB is a group of pompous, drug addicted, assholes. A7X is the exact opposite of that. Sure, the music is similar for 30 SECONDS OF ONE SONG, doesn’t mean the whole album is. All I’m saying is give it a freaking chance, don’t jump the gun. I personally can’t wait for this album, I think (and hope) it’ll be the best metal/rock album of 2013. I love everything I’ve heard so far, including Arin’s work on the drums, he’s doing great!

Comment by Rob

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