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Avenged Sevenfold’s New Single “Hail To The King” Due Out Monday.
July 9, 2013, 8:44 am
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Roxy at HardDrive Radio is reporting that Avenged Sevenfold will drop their new single “Hail To The King,” the title track off their sixth studio album, on Monday. An interview with M Shadows will also air on HardDrive July 20th-21st.

“[Avenged Sevenfold’s] Single “Hail to the King” comes out on Monday!   Be listening to hardDrive the weekend Jul 20-21 for the tune and interview with M Shadows!”

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Comment by Anonymous

Yayayayayayayyy!!! Can’t wait.

Comment by Kasey

Can’t wait to hear it :D

Comment by Techeak

Sorry this is me being paranoid, but Monday the 15th, right? Haha

Comment by O-H

I’d believe so, yes. I’d like to think she would have clarified Monday, July 22nd if that’s what she meant. Haha.

Comment by Deathbat News

Lmao thanks for this I was paranoid too! (:

Comment by Anonymous

Fuck Yes !

Comment by DarkGuitarist6661

Monday… as in, the day before the La Crosse show.. If so, sweet! Got something to listen to on the drive down there!

Comment by Anonymous

EXCITED. Going to be a great song and Album. This is going to gain them so many new fan’s!!!

Comment by Alex

fuck yessss!!!

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Mitch

Can’t wait!

Comment by Ellie

Hell yeah! I bet the rest of the song will be better than the preview, A7X have never been too good at cutting them lol

Comment by Víctor

Speak for yourself please ;) preview was epic.

Comment by Anonymous

Sure, I speak for myself, I only think most of A7X’s previews don’t show the full potential of the songs, remember Nightmare? Or Not Ready to Die?

Comment by Víctor

Dear god finally!!! All the rumors/uncertainty was killing me!!! Single Monday, LaCrosse Tuesday 😊

Comment by Matt

Nice, an early birthday present!!!

Comment by Brandon

This little piece of ”Hail to the King” sounds amazing, cant wait to hear the whole song :D

Comment by LEMUR_PL

FINALLY. This will be a very slow week.

Comment by Anonymous

Fuck yeeessss \m/

Comment by HAIL TO THE KING, 27 (@Vengenz_Reny)

YEAHHHH i can’t wait

Comment by d

Yes! I knew it couldn’t be too far away! Except… It kinda feels like it is XD

Comment by StitchRS

So excited! Cannot wait!!!

Comment by Rob


Comment by Brooks Anders

haha, I guess we now know what the song is about. Hail to the King, the king of all snacks, the twinkie!

Hail to the Twinkie!

Comment by Sean


Comment by Ana Tillmann

fukk yeahh \m/ im happy right

Comment by mike banning

Awesome!!! s;lkdfja;sldkjf… Btw… shouldn’t have been drinking water while reading this… I choked and spilled everywhere due to the excitement. lol

Comment by Clara

EEEEEE!! YUS! <3 I cried happy tears when I saw this C:

Comment by Michelle

DBN I have 2 questions. What channel on the radio is Hard Drive and do you know if the single will be released digitally? (Like on iTunes) If you can answer that would be great.

Comment by Anonymous

You can find a list of stations that air HardDrive here. If the past is any indication iTunes will release the single officially Monday night.

Comment by Deathbat News

monday night or monday at midnight?

Comment by chewy

Depends on what timezone you’re in.

Comment by Deathbat News

Oh yeah a7x !!!

Comment by Paul-Étienne Perron

I thought this day would never come!!!! fucking pumped

Comment by Spencer

I simply cannot wait!

Comment by tcshortie

FUUU I’m gonna be in Afghanistan by then T_T

Comment by Don Juan

I’m going to listen to gunslinger for you

Comment by viet

Cannot fucking wait until the album comes out :D So fucking happy right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by A7X

YESSSSSSSSSSSSS. Don’t let me down guys

Comment by HailToTheKing

I enjoyed getting trolled for all these months with you guys. Our reward is finally almost here. Now lets bring them back to the number 1 spot just like Nightmare.

Comment by Greg

asdfghjkl;hjakjdasl FINALLY!!! :D

Comment by Anonymous

…I leave for the marines on Sunday so i cant hear it :”'(

Comment by David Robison

I pray for your soul in more ways then one man.

Comment by Slim

Thanks lol

Comment by David Robison

Dunno about the US, but in England iTunes releases everythin dead-on midnight. Therefore you may just be able to snag it. Good luck anyway.

Comment by Midnight Waltz

Maby and thanks

Comment by David Robison

Good luck man, its going to be the hardest 3 months of your life, mentally and physically, but I’ll admit when I was there we were getting ready for final drill and our Senior DI put on some A7X to pump us up, my god one of the happiest moments I remember from there, besides earning the title… and leaving mcrd lol

Comment by David Myers

Well hopefully i will be as lucky as you were haha

Comment by David Robison

We’re gonna miss you dave good luck brother! You’ll have a copy of the album sitting at your house from me amber and Samir

Comment by Pete Vandenberg

As so many people seem to agree, FINALLY. Makes sense to get it out before they start playing shows.

Comment by moridin94

The wait is finally over!!!!

Comment by Jaime r


Comment by Bodhi

I will know my university exam results on Sunday so whatever the outcome of that is, this will make it better.

Comment by Loghen

ERMEGERD *running through the house screaming screams of joy*

Comment by Slim

Dear DBN and Avenged Sevenfold fans far and wide,

When Nightmare released in 2010, we as a fanbase, brought it to number 1. Avenged Sevenfold may be popular but they are not as well known as the average pop band and for us to come together as a family like that and bring wider awareness of this incredible band was phenomenal.

So I ask thee, on Monday night; gather your friends, your families, be a good citizen and make that small purchase on iTunes and bring “Hail to the King” to the top of the charts!

Who’s with me?

Comment by Ash

August 27th through September 1st with the HTTK album, more importantly ;)

Comment by Deathbat News

Im with ya! I bought nightmare 3 times lol. Buy HTTK one for yourself and a copy for a friend;-)

Comment by Art

I’m already purchasing several copies; one for myself, one for my sister, one for my girlfriend and one for my best friend :)!

Comment by Ash

HAIL yeahhhh. I want us to make the album number one again. Last time we took down Eminem on the charts, we need to try again.

Comment by jruss

Agreed! Bought Nightmare’s standard copy on Amazon, bought the Book of Nightmare on the official page and another standard copy in HMV. Hoping to do the same with Hail To The King! I say Bring it on! For The Rev and this being the boys FIRST official album without Jimmy, Let’s get it to number one! :)

Comment by Marc (@GregoryMarc95)

FINALY laksdjfdcodsagvhadsofphcoiadoihjieoaoifhvocaihjoiadhjodhcviueiufavpfdhocisaicjkoaksdjhnvaupvhjiaec<iclkñajqepoiwfhyuauhdsc

Comment by PiOA7X

the day before my birthday. whoop, there he is.

Comment by Brandon


Comment by jane

Finally! Hail Yeah!!!! Can’t wait :)

Comment by Valerie Smith

Ahh! someone please agree with me here. that this is definitely influenced by Army of Darkness. the “hail!” chant at the end of Evil Dead 2? Iron fists together is the last thing you see, Shadows kept saying how “groovy” this album was? That’s Ash’s most famous line. undead hordes?! everything fits perfectly. seriously im not insane. cmon ive been saying it all along!!

Comment by Adam


Comment by jruss

hardDrive is a 5-hour radio show … I’m dying to hear new Avenged Sevenfold, but I’m not listening to several hours of that show to hear one song because they’ll probably play it in the 5th hour or something. Screw that. I’ll just go to sleep and wait until Monday.

Comment by Rdog

The HardDrive interview takes place the weekend AFTER the song is released. You’ll be just fine.

Comment by Deathbat News

Oh I didn’t read it completely…

Comment by Rdog

YESSSSS! So stoked to hear it! It’s been too long

Comment by mikeyV

I personally am looking forward to hearing this single! Everyone are acting silly because of their new cover and the different sound. Yes, it’s not much like Nightmare but I think it all sounds great and I am defiantly looking forward to Monday! Remember that this is the FIRST original album without Jimmy having any part in it! Arin’s doing a great job!

Comment by Marc (@GregoryMarc95)

Yes!!! I’ve been waiting for so long!

Comment by SethMelvin

Is there any proper official statement that they are releasing a single? I mean, it would be awesome and I am super excited, but they never posted anything on FB/Twitter and the website is down…

Comment by leA7X


Comment by shane

22 long minutes into release day and I’m still lacking a single!

In all seriousness, I want it now.

Comment by Otis

Cannot wait for the single!!!!

Comment by obi-wan

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