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Avenged Sevenfold Cancel La Crosse, WI Show & Release Statement.
July 10, 2013, 3:20 pm
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Avenged Sevenfold have had to cancel their July 16th concert in La Crosse, WI due to the La Crosse Center not meeting production requirements for their current tour. All tickets are refundable at point of purchase.

Statement from Avenged Sevenfold:
“We regret to inform our fans in La Crosse that we have only now learned that the production requirements for our current tour unfortunately are not possible in the La Crosse Center. We will be back to the area soon to bring our fans the kind of show they have come to expect from us.”

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damn that sucks

Comment by wenzdai

I feel for the La Crosse fans (I had tickets to this one).

They had their February 2011 concert delayed a day on the day of the concert due to a snowstorm, and now they have this one cancelled. Definitely feel bad when lightning strikes twice.

Comment by LordPoncho

Well shit, this was the only show close enough to Illinois that I really planned on going to… They haven’t been to Illinois since ’09. :/

Comment by SethMelvin

Moline, Illinois. Feb 1, 2011

Comment by Matthew

You must have missed when they were there in September, 2011.

Comment by LordPoncho

Yeah I went to that show at the Amphitheater in Tinley Park, they closed the show and played all Their hits, I will never forget it was just so badass
I want to see them again soon

Comment by sara

Yeah I did. And damn, Moline’s not that far from me! The should come back there soon!

Comment by SethMelvin

I hope they come back to First Midwest Bank Amphitheater cuz I live like 15 minutes away from there. I at least want them to come to the United Center.

Comment by Anonymous

Haha yeah!

Comment by SethMelvin

Pyro in our tiny arena is never a good idea. Safety first unfortunately :/

Comment by ky (@ninjaginga48)

They had plenty of fire back during their Nightmare After Christmas Tour, so they must have much more this time around.

Comment by LordPoncho

LOL they set the stage on fire, or well the curtains, in KY back in 2011. Was very entertaining.

Comment by Tabby Marie

I remember lol BURN IT DOWN HAHA

Comment by jessie

Yes! And then zee fucks it up bahaha

Comment by Tabby Marie

Unbelievable. I’ve been waiting for this for so long. completely devastated!

Comment by Matthew

Now I’m thinking that the stage to be ridiculous compared to Uproar 2011 and most of the shows after that. I do feel really bad for everyone who was going though

Comment by Tom

Wow. Next week just went from awesome to absolutely terrible. How do they not know whether or not the venue will support it until SIX DAYS BEFOREHAND? Someone isn’t doing their job.

Comment by Anonymous

The final set could of just been completed so they will only just know the actual weight and dimensions and obviously they now know the arena/stage can’t handle it.

Comment by Alex

Thats some bullshit

Comment by ???

So basically… La crosse cant handle a7x

Comment by RN


Comment by lp4ever

Yeah, that’s one way to think about it in a semi-positive light.

Comment by Skylar Stalsberg


Comment by Aaron

That really sucks… but hopefully this means they’re using a legendary amount of pyro for these shows.

Comment by SynVanSambora

Its called, “who cares about your production requirements”, people just want to see you play. Simple. Its sad that a show has to be canceled for no legitimate reason. I saw them there several years ago and they had no issue with the pyrotechnics. Just playing their music is all the people want, banners, fire, risers, etc., are just a bonus. Reality check!

Comment by ravynblu

All they should need is a stage. People go to concerts for the music first, stage show second. To cancel a show over production requirements is really lame on their part. I appreciate the effort in trying to bring the best show possible, but lose the fire for a night and just play music to your fans. I saw them at the Electric Factory in ’07 and they had a white backdrop with absolutely no stage production whatsoever… and it was one of the best A7X shows I’ve ever seen. That’s what it’s all about. Come on A7X, that’s really weak.

Comment by thomasgwhaley

dude take a chill pill. Until they release an official reason other than they didn’t meet requirements i’m pretty sure WE’RE the douchebags if we’re calling them losers for reasons we dont even know. They LOVE THEIR FANS. They literally know that we got them successful and stuck with them through all their different style changes…. im sure matt shadows isn’t at home saying “oh we can’t have it perfect at that venue soooo eff off the those fans” There’s always a reason they cancel shows.. it’s not “Weak”

Comment by jruss

they cancelled a show in dallas because somebody was sick, was i pissed? YES but i didn’t call them douchebags and say they don’t care about their fans. And guess what. I had to wait over 5 MONTHS to see the rescheduled show. They have good reasons for the cancellations trust me.

Comment by jruss

I went to a show on the Nightmare After Xmas tour in Grand Island, Nebraska. The venue was so small they wouldn’t allow pyro, but the boys played one extra song for us that night because they felt bad. It was still sick without the pyro.

Comment by Anonymous

Lol at everyone assuming its because of pyro. i hope its something completely different so the people complaining about that and talking down on the band for it feel like douchebags.

Comment by joel

Sad to hear…

Comment by CodyBear6

Try having patience guys. They’ll be back. There are some areas of the world that get to see these guys once every other touring cycle. Last time around, I got to see them 5 times. We’re spoiled here in the US. It sucks, but they’ll be back, and instead of putting on a lame show (and having it be the only one on the tour…), they’ll put on a kick ass one. They always make it up in the end.

Freaking relax.

Comment by Otis

I feel bad for you guys in Wisconsin. I saw them play during Orion Fest last year, and it was pretty bare bones compared to the other A7X shows I’ve been too, but it was still a great concert.

Comment by Frank C

To everyone bummed: just think about how awesome the show will be when you finally get to see them. Turn all that negativity into excitement!

Comment by Amanda Douglas (@hellbenttoread)

Wow sucks =(. The kind of show we “expect” from A7X is them playing their music live. Nothing more, nothing less. Pyro bla bla is just an added bonus.
I saw the boys a couple years back here in Germany at a really small venue with at most 3000 people. There where no gimmicks, no pyro, no nothing; but the stage was ON FIRE, if you know what I mean! I was so happy to be there, so happy to hear my favorite band, I couldn’t care less about an “epic theatrical side show” that I was supposed to be missing, if I had been on one of their big Uproar shows in the US or something.

Of course, I understand that they are bigger now, and set higher standards for themselves and I’m really happy for them. Still, you know…

Comment by Rad

Very bummed about this :(

Comment by tcshortie

As an audio engineer, I think I should help clarify something… Production Requirements does not only mean pyro, raisers, banners, giant deathbats, etc. It also means the mixing console, the specific amplifiers/gear requested by the band (bands not always carry their own amps, cabs, etc), sometimes even specific line array models (PA System), monitors (so they can hear themselves), etc. If some of this requirements are not fulfilled, the band has the right to cancel the show. For example, if they got crappy gear, horrible PA system, a mixing console that is not enough for them, etc. They would sound like shit, not matter how awesome they would play. All you would hear would be a mess… And Im sure the guys dont want to deliver that.

Comment by CarlosB

Man!!! This f*ckin’ sucks!!! I was so amped to see A7X again!!! :(

Comment by Cheryl

Two days vacation and a hotel room later…

Comment by Anonymous

I bought tickets to this show and was so upset :( this was the closest show to me I live in Chicago.I seriously cried was so excited to see them…

Comment by Anonymous

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