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Kerrang! Magazine: M Shadows Describes Three Songs From “Hail To The King.”
July 10, 2013, 10:42 am
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Avenged Sevenfold cover this week’s issue of Kerrang! Magazine and M Shadows talks to the publication about how “Hail To The King” will be different from past records, this album being the first done entirely without Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan, themes written about on the new album, how important it was to take last summer off, how the band have grown personally in the last ten years, their writing approach with “Hail To The King” and much more. He also describes three new songs off of the record, scanned by Deathbat News reader Sarra, which has been posted as a bit of a teaser. Just click the photo! You can grab the issue on newsstands now or purchase it digitally through Google Play. You can now read the full feature here.


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Sounds more like a GWAR record lol

Comment by Andy W Spivey

Planets sounds cool, the rest sounds really dark… Like, so dark I don’t think I’ll like it. Still pumped for the music itself ofcourse!

Comment by kpp

The description of Requiem makes me think that it’s the song from there teaser.

Comment by Steph

Exactly what I thought.

Comment by Anonymous

“I have a feeling in my head that this album is going to be brilliant !!!” “The REV would be so proud of you guys”

Comment by Jordanne Ogan

sjdkjgsdg the titles and the description omg I seriously cannot wait any longer! excitement keeps building up!!!

Comment by Reem

This is sounding like an album I can really look forward to! Five song titles revealed! How many more to come? Can’t wait to find out! 48 more days!

Comment by StitchRS

Shepherd of Fire, Requiem, Planets, Hail To The King, and…?

Comment by Anonymous

Acid Rain.

Comment by Deathbat News

Lyrically, it sounds to dark for me. Musically it sounds just epic! My expectations are already higher than I had back when Nightmare was released

Comment by Screwtwistersister12 there such a thing as “too dark”? :P

Comment by wprathead

I REALLY like where this album seems like it’s heading. Lyrically it seems like there doing some old/ some new themes, but either way I’m super stoked

Comment by Chris Lonski


Comment by RyanB

Sounds like a prog-metal record lol. Makes me ridiculously curious.

Comment by Timmy Long

The story he describes in “Planets” sounds really interesting. Pretty heartbreaking too. The excitement builds…

Comment by O-H

One of the best Kerrang! Magazines in a long time. I buy them every week but I’ve been very disappointed with them in the last few years. If A7X has a main feature in the mag or has a poster special featured, I always buy 2 copies :)

Comment by Ellie

It is a good interview! I hope everyone who can purchase it does. Good stuff in it.

Comment by Deathbat News

“allhailadronikos” is “Planets” you can tell from his description of the song and in the teaser video there’s stardust everywhere and a lot of imperial stormtrooper type instrument sounds going on!!! Also adronikos is a character from starwars :)

Comment by JRUSS

I thought we were getting a stripped-down album? Haha, this does not sound like it at all.

Comment by Cory

I think it’ll be stripped down guitar wise, as in we’ll only ever hear two guitars at the same time. Just a guess. Vocally, it doesn’t sound as produced.

Comment by SynVanSambora

The anxiety….

Comment by Brandon

Wow. Sounds so dark yet so awesome. I remember when my mom saw my Nightmare album and said, “These sound dark,”. This seems to be much darker.

Comment by Anonymous

soooo stoked to hear planets.

Comment by thefourthworldpress

Sounds like acid rain will be their ballad type song..they always knock those out of the park

Comment by Aston

uhh…so they’re satanists now? Haha is that who “the king” is referring to? Probably not but I second the GWAR comment. This seems weird, but I’m still intrigued.

Comment by Megan Elizabeth Bennett

Nah. Their name is a bible reference haha. They’re just trying to be more like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, etc. who sang about the devil a lot. It’s fine with me as long as the music is good. Which it sounds like it will be way more than good.

Comment by O-H

Yeah trying to be like black sabbath by literally copying the theme from the song ‘planet caravan’

Comment by Anon

It’s similar, but who knows if they really thought about the connection between the two…love that song though

Comment by a7xfreakdrummer

So it’s ok for Pantera and five other bands to do a straight out cover of Planet Caravan, but not ok for Avenged to be inspired by it and write their own song? That makes perfect sense, lol.

Comment by Anonymous

I am thinking shepherd fire is the “13 teaser” ahhh cant wait!!

Comment by Reem

it is, and the “allhailadronikos” teaser is “Planets”

Comment by jruss

Lovin every minute of it!!! Can’t wait!!

Comment by Rob

thank you guys!

Comment by giorgia

Based just on this information, I can feel a dramatic change in style and music for Avenged, similar to the change from Waking the Fallen to City of Evil. Good thing I loved that change (but then again, I was just a little girl. What did I know about music and change?) It’s either that change or the change from City of Evil to s/t, which, as it did, almost broke my heart, but I have a good feeling this will be somewhere near the top of my favorite a7x works.

Comment by Kaylee

Will you marry me?

Comment by Joseph

I have to agree that some of these songs sound a little TOO dark lyrically. I’m personally just not into the whole lets interact with the dark lord thing. It’s fine to be gritty, but some of this makes me think of Slayer too much.

Comment by Adam

This is just how I feel as well. It’s coming off as a bit “too much” into that whole idea/concept, in my opinion. I’ll probably enjoy them just a bit more if I just disregard that I heard what these couple of tunes are actually about; a ‘make my own interpretation’ sort of vibe.

Comment by Wayne7x

Well, keep in mind that Slayer is just doing it for the image. They’re not actually Satanists…I know at least one of them is a practicing Catholic haha

Comment by moridin94

These songs are gonna be amazing!! Crazy concepts I can’t wait to hear them all!!!

Comment by mikeyV

Excellent. This is exccellent. I’m really looking forward to seeing how they incorporate those symphonic elements…they did a great job with it on Strength of the World and IWSYT, and it sounds like they’re going another step or two further here. Symphonic metal is a great genre, and I love to see Avenged delving into a bit more.

Comment by dcafwriting

i know its going to be different…im excited! i cant wait to purchase new cd!
a7x 4 life:)

Comment by lilly7x

Lyrics wise teaser 13 sounds like it would be requiem imo.

Comment by Anonymous

Sounds like they have lost their faith, and im really hoping not…….

Comment by Slim

is anyone else who purchased this digitally having massive problems viewing on their computer? it won’t load for me :(

Comment by Jordan

Lyrically teaser 13 sounds like it would be requiem 13 imo.

Comment by XfoREVerfallenX

Holy shit! This sounds amazing!! So we have 5 titles now! All this dark stuff, string talk, I think I need to change my pants! This sounds like a huge change from Nightmare and I serously cannot wait! Can’t wait for Monday either!
~Hail to the King~

Comment by SethMelvin

I wouldn’t worry too much about them being satanists or losing faith by how little we know. Everyone thought the same from “god hates us”, obviously wasn’t the case.

Comment by Adam

love avenged sevenfold

Comment by ashley

I think all those guys saying “oh God, it’s too dark for me” are taking it TOO seriously. Please, it’s music, and, in my opinion, you are here because you like a7x. If you can’t go with it, just leave. Just saying, no offence. In my opinion all these descriptions sounds very cool, and I can’t wait to hear the entire album! I like the dark ideas of the lyrics haha.

Comment by Julio

im not gonna lie, im pretty turned off by the fact that everything is about the devil. I feel like they have a huge voice in music and a lot of influence and that it should be used for adding light to the world and not more ” darkness ” i have to say the preview i heard for HTTK was a very catchy melody so ill probably enjoy the album but lyrics are still a huge part of the art.

Comment by joanna

Well said, I am very saddened to see that Avenged are starting to almost “promote” the devil…. If anything it should be the opposite. I know the album is going to be amazing but I don’t see why a band with this much influence on people would write lyrics about the devil.. Idk though it might not be too bad, on fact we might not even realize the lyrics are like that! I mean look at beast and the harlot, that’s sort of like a demon bringing people to hell.. The city of evil, that’s my opinion though so it may be too late to criticize they’re lyrics, it might sound bad right now, but who knows.. We will find out on Aug 27th I guess :/

Comment by Anonymous

Hey, honestly, this is metal. Lyrically, it’s supposed to be dark. Nothing A7x has done before this has been different, and it means nothing about their personal views. I’d not worry too much about the guys. Just look at Slayer…they have some pretty awful themes, and Tom Araya is a practicing Catholic.

Comment by dcafwriting

Yeah, what dcafwriting said. They’re a metal band. If you want songs about love and light, you may want to listen to a different genre of music. This is nothing new, they’ve had dark subject matter since the beginning.

Comment by Grayfox

Ok… I was hoping that this album would be dark. I am definitely in to A7Xs darker side (hence the reason I started listening to them in 2004 in the first place). Now that it is confirmed, I am officially 100 times more stoked for this record. I’m losing sleep over all of this hype. I’m so grateful that its almost time. Its almost here y’all.

Comment by MyMindCantChangeTheSpeed

I think the new stuff sounds amazing and it just irritates me that so many have already wrote it off before they have even heard it

Comment by Buffie

To anyone complaining about the lyrical themes……..have you guys actually listened to this band before?????

Lyrically this sounds NOTHING different than ANYTHING they’ve ever done. If you have a problem with this but not God Hates Us, A Little Piece of Heaven, etc etc etc…..then you’re really a hypocrite and blind to your surroundings.

Lose their faith?? Are you kidding me???? You think these guys had more faith than any other average non-church-going person out there?

How about we all grow up and stop worrying so much about how these guys feel about faith and religion like they’re our children, and be fans of the freaking music.

GOD (pun intended)

Comment by Otis

too many people over analyzing the titles and ideas. They always paint a story with their albums which is why its better if you listen straight through from beginning to end. I guess not all people listen to all the songs? otherwise they’d know there are “dark” songs in every single album they put out.

Either way, Thanks alot DBN. YOU….ARE…AWESOME. As always.

Comment by Thierry Arrieta

If the lyrics are as dark as they are made out to be, then A7X could have a hard time reaching a wider audience and growing.

Comment by Rdog

Just bought the digital issue (available only through Google platforms, heads up!), read through the piece, and two things strike me:

In their search for this big, epic album, I think they were striving for their Black Album – M. even references it. They were looking for their masterpiece; their quintessential album that 30 years from now when kids Google “Avenged Sevenfold”, this album and the songs on this album will be the first hit. It seems this album was all about the outcome; the process, no matter how painstaking, was secondary as long as they came up with the work they were looking for, rather than go on a process and see where it took them.

The second is, they are trying to force their way into the metal pantheon. They want to headline with Metallica rather than warmup for them at their festival. They want their music in constant rotation in 20 years on the classic radio stations in Anytown, USA. They are making a conscious decision to challenge the top bands (hence, the title of the new album).

Personally, I have no problem with this direction. The devil references may turn off some, but I think M. is just in marketing mode, making sure the “vibe” is not lost anyone. They are going for pure metal, and want to harp on that.

Anyway, just my thoughts. Can’t wait for the new songs, see you in Chula Vista!

Comment by Brendan

I recall them saying that exact same thing about how they wanted their self titled to be their “Black Album” and wanted it to be the one every thinks of when they first think of Avenged Sevenfold, hence it was self titled…They can say whatever they want, I just need the music.

Comment by Kyle

I for one was one that worried about God Hates Us but now its one of my favorite song. I know that I will love these songs. I used to worry about what the lyrics mean but most of a7x’s songs that have a devilish meaning on the surface can have hundreds of hidden meanings. And honestly the first song on Hail to the king sounds epic!!! Can’t wait I know they wont disappoint.

Comment by jessie

I think that teaser 13 will be “Planets” because of the “Imperial” sound in the beginning.

I think allhailandronikos is “Requiem” because of the obvious orchestra sound.

The first riff/video we saw on the A7X radio/tv is probably all “Shepherd of Fire”.

But you know, I’m just speculating :P

Comment by JakeySpades

Can they just blow my mind already? Those descriptions already got me going crazy

Comment by fudgemeharder

Been a long time since I’ve seen avenged on the cover of kerrang. Instant buy! Super stoked for the album now I’ve got more artwork to add to my already existing avenged tattoos :) roll on Monday for the single :)

Comment by Rob

I’m pretty sure that #Itbegins is Shepherd of Fire, #tease13 is Requiem and allhailandronikos is Planets. Now I have to say that I’m really looking forward this album!
At first I liked only allhailandronikos. I didn’t like #itbegins, #tease13 and Hail to the king. If #Itbegins and #tease13 have orcherestas, I will definitely gonna like those songs! Also Hail to the king preview goes better every time I listen to it!

Comment by JJL

Tease13 is the title track.

Comment by Grayfox

I don’t know why people are saying the lyrics may be too dark…. I read this and got giddy with excitement! These songs sound they will kick your ass and leave you on the curb to die! Hell yes!

Comment by Anonymous

10 bones the clip in the allhailandronikos clip is from Planets

Comment by DLO

I honestly don’t care if the songs are dark. I just can’t wait for the album to be released.

Comment by Anonymous

Come on, stop saying it is “too dark” and stop worrying about them – this is metal, isn’t it? Take God Hates Us, A Little Piece Of Heaven or even Nightmare as an example and you’ll see dark songs are nothing new when you talk about A7x. It’s not because they are writing dark songs that they are going to hell or anything. They are adults and know what they do with their lives. I doubt they are satanists or something just because they are writing this kind of songs. Honestly, I would stop listening to A7x if they stopped writing “dark” songs… And please don’t think I don’t like songs like Dear God. I do. But I like dark themes also. So stop worrying and complaining. You guys should at least wait until you listen to the songs, and then you can talk whatever you want about it. And don’t take it too seriously. It’s music.

Comment by Helen Martinez

OOOOOHHHHH look at all the premature disapproval. Must mean there’s an Avenged release around the corner lol. If you aren’t pissing people off then you’re doing it wrong. Love em or hate em there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Keep talking it up, I’m ready for another number one and some touring please. I’ll be making the 6 hour trip to Mt. Pleasant on the 19th. Been far too long since I’ve had some quality Family time.

Comment by ClarksvilleOHIO

Just picked up the magazine now it is a great interview! I normally don’t get Kerrang just Metal Hammer so thanks to DBN!!

Comment by UK AVENGER

Been a long-time Dream Theater fan, so if dark ‘fantasy’ themes were a turn off, I’d be in trouble. Just can’t wait for the single to drop, and for the new album to come out!

Comment by Z.Burns

some of these comments above are so fecking embarrassing to read..

Comment by wprathead

Ermagersh! I want this album. I. Want. This. Album. Did I mention I want this album? *throws cash and cards at her screen* SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

Comment by Kuroneko

Look guys, just because they write an album that refers a lot to interacting with the Devil and Hell, doesn’t mean they’re Satanists. I believe its gonna be an album that tells stories. Have faith in the guys!

Comment by ZCynical

You’ve got to remember, Shads said he waits this record to be downright classic metal. My father listened to the little 30 second Hail to the King teaser and said, “They’re bringing metal back!”
I personally can’t express how excited I am for this record!!
Sorry for the long ass comment, just had to rant a bit!

Comment by SethMelvin

Im a Christian and none of this stuff bothers me in the least. its a song, not a religion. Listen and have fun

Comment by ZP

Too dark? Don’t like satanic lyrics? Since when are A7X fans devout Christians? I mean, have you listened to the lyrics from previous albums?? God Hates Us, Beast and the Harlot, A Little Piece of Heaven? Come on now people.. Satan and metal go hand in hand. And I’m not even the slightest bit religious, which means I don’t believe in the devil either.. but it makes for some damn good metal. I’m pumped for this album.

Comment by Dan

If you really analyze the lyrics, God Hates Us isn’t Satanic at all! In fact, the message isn’t even that God Hates Us, rather that they know this could have happened to anyone, but they’re pissed at God that it had to be Jimmy. All of their other biblical songs are told from a pretty neutral standpoint (with a few rebellious lyrics just added in to be badass), and are like 90% theologically sound. Songs like beast and the harlot, the wicked end, nightmare, and chapter four all fall into this category. This album is going to be badass, not actually satanic.

Comment by Jake

Exactly. They have biblical songs all over, most of which just tell stories from the Bible (just like Beast and the Harlot and Chapter 4).

Comment by Kevin C

Lol, I almost fell out of my chair when I read ‘Acid Rain’, months ago I wrote a song that is called ‘Arid Rain’ hahahaha

Comment by Víctor

Some of you haven’t heard any of the music nor any of the lyrics and you’re already coming to conclusions because of how he described how some of the songs sound like to him.

Comment by andrew

The band’s been pretty clear that they aren’t religious at all. References to God or the devil are more metaphorical than anything. So people need to stop saying that they’re getting away from promoting a positive, religious message (or any religious message in that case) when it was never about that in the first place.

Comment by Brendan

Just cause some people think promoting the devil is bad, doesn’t mean others will. People who don’t give a damn about religion aren’t gonna care if they right about God or Satan, nor should anyone really. Sure they might have a lot of influence but, in my opinion, people should really just stop complaining and enjoy the music. Like you said, “Beast and the Harlot”…same with “The Wicked End.” They got their band name from the bible and have various songs from the bible. The end of Buried Alive is basically getting dragged into Hell. “Dragged ya down below, down to the Devil’s show…” from Nightmare. Yet people have no issue with those and claim that Nightmare and CoE were great albums. They can right songs about what they want about whatever they want. It’s metal. Album is gonna be great and people complaining are gonna feel foolish. Just enjoy the music and leave the complaining til AT LEAST you hear a full song, let alone the full album.

Comment by Kevin C

Just thinking about it now, what was the song on channel 13, after Hail To The King?
The guitar riff?
We’ll have to wait and see. :P

Comment by randomlemon

I’m pretty sure Shadows has said himself that he is not religious, so why is everyone pretending that the guys in A7X are hardcore Christians in a Christian metal band. Cause that’s not the fucking case at all. Avenged Sevenfold is an AMAZING band who have never been afraid to tackle new challenges musically. They constantly change their sound, giving both themselves and us fans something new and exciting to enjoy. What is wrong with that? Don’t like the darker theme? Sorry. They’ve chose to go in that direction. I personally love what I’m hearing about these songs! Dark theme or not, they just sound so fucking bad ass as of right now. It seems like a total new direction, in the best way, and I wouldn’t expect any less from A7X. They always take on these new challenges. Many fans are just too scared to hear it. Trust the band; they’ve satisfied us for long enough, and I have no doubts that they won’t continue to. I am so fucking pumped to hear this album already!

Comment by Tabatha

Thank you for posting this by the way because I could not find this magazine anywhere!

Comment by Ciera

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