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Music Feeds Post Preview Of Their Interview With Johnny Christ.
July 14, 2013, 7:42 am
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Music Feeds posted a small portion of their interview with Johnny Christ which touches on the subjects of being influenced by classical music for “Hail To The King,” thinking outside of their usual writing box and heading to Australia in 2014. Stay tuned because the full interview will be released closer to Aug 23rd.

Speaking on what influenced his input into the record, Christ explains that he found himself and his bandmates listening to the works of 18th century composers:
– “Writing wise, I was, believe it or not, listening to a lot of classical music… We were listening to some of the ways the great composers did transitions back in the day; see how it was done in a different sense, not a rock and roll sense. It really helped with the songwriting. We were listening to classics and thought ‘What makes these so good?’”

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Comment by Abi

Hopefully earlier in the year, I cant wait! So pumped

Comment by Daniel Sims

Yay Australia !!!

Comment by JUICE

Did anyone notice it says at the top Avenged Sevenfold Singer Says New Album Inspired By 18th Century Composers yet the interview is with Christ lol

Comment by Elliott

I did…lol; was it johnny saying this? or matt..? weird…

Comment by tamiyana

It’s Johnny. Music Feeds just made a mistake.

Comment by Deathbat News

But Johnny has sung the intro to Seize the Day a couple of times, he is an A7X singer! haha

Comment by Erik

People in Australia are lucky to get the album on the 23rd. That should appease them a little bit right?

Comment by Richard Anderson

they are coming to Australia next year???? WOO it’ll be my 3rd time seeing them then, can’t wait :D

Comment by Alex

They let Johnny speak?

Comment by Anonymous

Today is the day!

Comment by Ash

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