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Avenged Sevenfold Confirm Fall US Tour With Deftones And Ghost B.C.
July 15, 2013, 9:48 am
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Avenged Sevenfold have confirmed a Fall US Tour with Deftones and Ghost (Ghost B.C.). Venues and on-sale information can be found here.

This Fall we’ll be heading out on our Hail to the King Tour and taking Deftones and Ghost B.C. along for the ride.

3rd Chicago, IL
5th Indianapolis, IN
6th Cincinnati, OH
8th Baltimore, MD
9th Boston, MA
12th Bloomington, IL
13th Detroit, MI
15th Atlanta, GA
16th Orlando, FL
18th Houston, TX
19th Dallas, TX
20th San Antonio, TX
22nd Omaha, NE
23rd Oklahoma City, OK
26th Las Vegas, NV


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Kinda can’t wait for this.. it’s been almost 2 years since I’ve seen them!!!

Comment by angie

I’m so fucking excited!! omg it’s been 2 years since I last saw them and I’m beyond happy with this news.

Comment by steph

Im not a ghost fan but deftones?! Very jealous. Mind you, i’ve got 5fdp and device to look forward to, so its swings and roundabouts really…

Comment by anne


Comment by Stacey

Looks like I’ll be making another Vegas trip this year

Comment by francyA7X

3 dates in TX on 3 consecutive days…and it happens to be a weekend? Damn I might have to go to all 3 shows.

Comment by Kyle Worthey

You realize how far each city is from the next, right? It’d make more sense to go to OKC from Dallas than to go to San Antonio…depending on where you’re initially coming from, of course.

Comment by Otis

seriously considering dodging a lecture to go all the way to baltimore from nyc for this…

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Arron Johnson

Sucks that the Orlando date couldn’t have been on a weekend, but awww well! Who cares?! I’m just happy they’re touring!

Comment by Tabatha

Same thoughts here! I wish they were hitting Tampa too, I was hoping to see them twice. Once will have to suffice.

Comment by Britt

Possibly stupid question: when do they go on sale?

Comment by O-H

When ticket information is available it will be posted.

Comment by Deathbat News

Wow, Avenged and Ghost, two of my favorite bands. Too bad they’re playing no where near New York and I have school so taking a road trip somewhere isn’t feasible. Sigh.

Comment by Anonymous

I’m freaking out rn because they come to my city on my birthday!! So fuckin excited!! It would be the first time I get to see them!!!!!!! Best birthday present!!

Comment by A7x14

houston texas gonna be the 3rd time seeing this amazing band live pretty stocked about deftones also

Comment by steven kraatz

Ah well, they’ll be back around.

Comment by Mel


Comment by Anonymous

If I can get a ticket to the Chicago show, it will be my 1st A7X concert :)

Comment by Mariah

DBN, have they said where the shows will be held in? Like I wanted to know where in Chicago the show would be, or if that info is released yet.

Comment by Anonymous

I don’t think that info has been released yet.

Comment by Deathbat News

Houston, TX!! Yes, can’t wait to see Ghost live!

Comment by Anonymous

Well…looks like I’ll be going back to Las Vegas in October!

Comment by Dr. Vengeance

Yes. It will be the second time I’ve seen them since 2010. Hurry up October 5th!!!

Comment by Asa

…I have to wait until the 6th… Ah well, I bet it will be worth the wait.

Comment by ghostriderh

That Vegas show!!! Holy shit in my pants, that will be epic. Hopefully that pre-sale pass with my Bundle will put me up close.

Comment by Brendan

Cincinnati baby! Guess all our begging paid off. Keep doing what you do, boys!

Comment by David

Yes!!! Bloomington is 45 minutes from me! It’ll be my very first concert ever and I always wanted my first to be A7x! Now it is! I’m bringing 3 friends along! Hope the ticket info is released soon! Thanks DBN. So much good new from you this past week!

Comment by SethMelvin

9th Boston, MA, hmm dont like mass but its the closest to me and i still havnt seen em live yet and im a huge fan! i hope ill be able to make it. i should have a job by then

Comment by Brandon Sturgis

looks like we will have to head to Chicago

Comment by Greg

Shut up and take my money!!!

Comment by Bryant Barboza

Chicago here we come

Comment by astonclinton1

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