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Avenged Sevenfold Launch “Hail To The King” Album Pre-Orders!
July 15, 2013, 10:24 am
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Avenged Sevenfold launched pre-orders for their new album “Hail To The King” and they’re offering something pretty bad-ass! For $99 you can purchase the Limited Edition Hail To The King Box Set including the contents listed below. Once all of the box set’s are gone no more will be made! You can also now pre-order Hail To The King on iTunes (Standard for $9.99 & Deluxe for $11.99) and get an instant download of the new single. The track-listing for Hail To The King can be found below. You can listen to the title track from the album here.

– Limited Edition “Treasure Box”: Antique gold colored embossed foil paper wrapped box featuring exclusive Hail To The King artwork.
– Deluxe Hail To The King album on CD: Housed in a digi-pak with a card including a download to an extra bonus track.
– Exclusive Canvas Print: 11.75″ x 11.75″ Canvas print of the Album Cover artwork, printed and rolled up to fit inside the treasure box.
– Photo Book: 11.5″ x 7.125″ 20-page + cover perfect-bound soft-cover book featuring a sampling of photos of the band through out the years.
– Death Bat Challenge Coin: 2″ silver colored metal coin with a design stamped on front & back.
– Death Bat Skeleton Key: 4.5″ silver colored metal skeleton key
– Digital Content: Instand download “Hail To The King” Single. Download of Hail To The King album on street date.
– Pre-Sale access to the upcoming Avenged Sevenfold US Tour.

Hail To The King Track-List (*’s available on Deluxe iTunes version):

Shepherd of Fire
Hail To The King
Doing Time
This Means War
Crimson Day
Coming Home
Acid Rain
Hail To the King (Video)*
St. James (Bonus Track)*
Digital Booklet – Hail To The King*


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NOTE: Album pre-orders from other stores and platforms (Amazon, etc.) should begin tomorrow.

Pre-Orders Launched:
– Amazon
– Best Buy
– Barnes and Noble
– Mighty Ape
– JB Hi-Fi (with Bonus Patch)

Comment by Deathbat News

Next pay day, that box shall be mine. *_*
Thanks for all the info on here and with the tweets, DBN. :)

Comment by Harley Quinn

I do what I can :)

Comment by Deathbat News

There goes my paycheck…

Comment by Tyler

Mine too. Dammit. xD

Comment by Andrea Whiting

$100? No chance Avenged, I’ve got the nightmare one, this is just too much money for an album

Comment by Ross

Lame.. the one time i have no money. Fuck :(

Comment by Anonymous

Does anyone know if this charges you right away? Or does it charge your card when it actually ships? 15$ for shipping is kinda high..

Comment by Adam

It charges when it ships.

It says you might see 2 things pop up on your bank statement, the 1st won’t deduct the money as its only an authorisation :)

Comment by Adam Lopez


Comment by JJ

I wonder if the code to the additional song included in this pack is St. James.. or if they will include something extra extra for the ones that buy this package?

Comment by Kalle Toft

How do they expect me to buy it if they won’t even ship it to my country? I want this so bad!

Comment by Anonymous

Hopefully I can get this. It’s £69.99 in the UK. I’m saving for it now, even though I won’t have enough money

Comment by Ellie

just ordered mine! i cant f’n wait, it came with the hail to the king single as well, nice little treat to keep me satisfied until the album comes out!

Comment by Joey V.

Yes. I just pre-ordered it:D

Comment by Mattias E


Was gutted to miss out on the Nightmare LE but am not missing out on this!

Cheers DBN!

Comment by Adam Lopez

Did the box set for the Nightmare album include pre-sale for the Nightmare tour like this one does? That’d really be my main reason for buying the box, but if there’s another way to get access to the pre-sale, I probably won’t.

Comment by Tabatha

Doesn’t look like it did.

Comment by Deathbat News

Thanks! Guess I just might be getting this box after all. It’d be worth it with or without the pre-sale access.

Comment by Tabatha

I just preordered it, and I downloaded the single from the website… but I’m confused. Why is it only 256 kbps? The iTunes version is 320… I just don’t like the fact that they lowered the quality a little bit. If you pay $100 for a deluxe version of the album you should get the best quality possible for the song. Just my opinion is all.

Comment by Adam

So it doesn’t charge till it ships? If thats the case ill preorder tonight.

Comment by Anonymous

Just ordered

Comment by Bulldog

Just ordered mine!! So goddam excited!!!! =D

Comment by Shell

It shows it as half of a deathbat but I thought it was the skeleton king picture we saw when they announced the release date. I’m confused. Still looks cool though.

Comment by Rdog

I want to buy this special edition but I have a couple questions. I’m in the UK so where and how do I buy it? Second I don’t get paid til the end of July will it still be available then or will it have sold out? Thanks DBN Lady :)

Comment by Ash

Ive just ordered mine and i live in the UK, it is available to us but we have to spend 10 quid on posting

Comment by josh128

Credit card, I see. Dammit.

Comment by Loghen

On second thought, I don’t think I will pick this up. The stuff it comes with is cool, I just don’t see $100 cool. Having early access to tickets is nice, but I think I will be okay as far as getting my pit tickets when the regular ones go on sale. I bought the book of nightmares and really the only thing I ended up enjoying out of it was the deathbat poster. I just think they’re charging a little too much for what you get in this bundle.

Comment by Adam

Yeah, I felt the same way. If this had a special DVD or something more than just physical things that mean nothing other than looking cool I’d be right on it… Unfortunately I can’t justify the price as is

Comment by Zak Aubin

Pre-ordered my copy. =) Living in Australia, it cost me $130. I didn’t even think twice.

Oh, the things this band do to me.

Comment by Renee Shantel

Fucking Ordered, So Exited

Comment by josh128

Damn i’m so happy right now. What do you think Ms. Deathbat? (: Your input would be really appreciated.

Comment by Sammi

Check it out here :)

Comment by Deathbat News

Just pre ordered mine!
It does take the money out right away.
It’s all good I can’t wait!!!

Comment by Mike

What happened with the other cover, it was better! This one is so like waking the fallen…

Comment by Alexandre Leblanc

Already ordered mine! Can’t wait!!!

Comment by Rob

I was thinking St. James could be a song relationed with Jimmy.

Comment by Julio

Is anybody else having problems pre ordering it? My card keeps getting declined and I know I have money and I know I’m putting all my info in right. (I’ve done it like six times..)

Comment by Victor Sterling

$99 ? I love A7X, but it is too expensive…

Comment by Polski Lemur

I totally agree with the simplicity of the album covers part dont get me wrong it worked well with waking the fallen and there self titled album but to do the same thing again is a bit redundant i mean when they released the album cover to ” Hail To The King” it was fucking epic really gave the mood and feel of the album as previously stated but i suppose we all have our opinions on the album cover but to them to change it from that to just half of the deathbat is a bit meh the only change i agree with is the font style the font on the album cover was meh but the artwork was really nice and the new font would totally blend well

Comment by dun dun dunnnnnnn

Ordered mine yesterday!

Comment by Carmen Feuling

Ordered sooner tonight (y)

Comment by Alexandre Leblanc

Just ordered mine :)

Comment by Anonymous

I think it’s cool that we can all say that we own this! Man, it’s cool that they’re only limited to so many made. I’m proud to own one!

Comment by BenjiA7X

I just ordered mine!

Comment by Ellie

Now I don’t mean to scare anybody when I ask this question but will you receive it the day the album comes out or is it going to ship the day it comes out because last time when I ordered the nightmare limited-edition I got it like a week after

Comment by Pete Vandenberg

This is what Pre-Order Merchandise states in the Avenged Sevenfold Warner Brothers Store: “Pre-release ordering is available for select titles. These items will show a “Pre-Order” button when you add them to your cart. The release date of your items will be shown on both the details page and in the cart. We make every effort to ship pre-order products to arrive at US addresses on or before street date, but cannot guarantee a delivery date.”

Comment by Deathbat News

is this box set sold out already? I went to the site to view and their US tour schedule is coming up.

Comment by Leo CHavez

It’s up in Avenged Sevenfold’s WBR Store here.

Comment by Deathbat News

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