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Listen To Avenged Sevenfold’s New Single “Hail To The King” Now!
July 15, 2013, 6:01 am
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After three years Avenged Sevenfold will release their brand new album, “Hail To The King,” on August 27th but you can hear the lead single and title track right now! The song also launches to radio today and I’ve put together 80+ Mediabase Online Request forms (and directions) to make it easy for you, the fans, to request “Hail To The King” on Active Rock Radio country-wide: “Hail To The King” Single – Radio Request Info. You can get more information on the band’s Limited Edition & iTunes “Hail To The King” album pre-orders here and purchase the single “Hail To The King” here.

iTunes Updates:
– “Hail To The King” (Deluxe Edition) hit #2 on the iTunes Albums chart as a pre-order.
– The single, “Hail To The King,” hit #12 on the iTunes Singles chart.
– “Hail To The King” (Deluxe Edition) and the “Hail To The King” Single both hit #1 on their respective iTunes Rock charts (Album & Single.)

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Comment by Daniel Sims

Not bad…

Comment by goaty

So fucking good. Been so pumped ever since the original #itbeginsa7x days. So worth the wait guys :D

Comment by Matt Davies


Comment by Muzzy Malek

fuckinggggggggggggggggggggg epiccccccccccccccccccccccc omg

Comment by Anonymous

Awesome!! Syn’s solo is sick!! Can’t wait to hear the whole album.!!! \m/

Comment by Rae Milligan


Comment by Adam Lopez

I’ve waited so long for this and it’s finally here!
Shadows sounds amazing, Syn, Zacky, & Christ all sound epic!

Comment by Mike

It gave me chills!! Such a good song! :’)
I’m crying lol

Comment by Hannah J

It’s pretty good! I’m not completely blown away like I was with the Nightmare single, but it makes me a bit excited for what’s to come on the rest of the album

Comment by Anonymous

Yeah. Nightmare was like…holy fuck. You could FEEL the anger and sadness and emotion coming through the speakers.

Comment by Jason Stoesz

Exactly, and this one is pretty good but with all the other previews I was expecting something darker something more pantera-ish I don’t know , just hope there will be some hardcore song like natural born killer

Comment by ma7xrc

there will be dude….. there’s a song about freaking planets colliding and being thrown into space with your thoughts lol. And two songs about hell and the devil, not to mention a song called acid rain. Pretty sure there will be at least 3 insane gritty songs you’re looking for :)

Comment by jruss

I’m excited for Heretic!

Comment by Anonymous

Very awesome! Love the new sound!

Comment by Jake Richard

I really love it!

Comment by CarlosB

While I don’t think it sounds like a single it is still badass!!!

Comment by Raderj2


Comment by Nick

This song is awesome worth the dragged out wait of clips a7xfoREVer

Comment by matthew

My whole body was shaking and shivering with joy and thrill about listening to the song. Great effing job, guys!

Comment by Hexxme

I like it. Not every song is about destroying the bass drum.

Comment by Brandt Groene (@BrandtGroene)


Comment by Daniel Sims

This is amazing! Avenged really knows what they are doing.
The solo was just epic!! \m/ a7x foREVer

Comment by Syn

This is just.. wow! I seriously can’t wait till August 27!

Comment by Lee Thacker

Omg, it’s sheer perfection. I can’t believe how amazing the bass, guitar intro and solo, zacky’s rhythmic guitar, arin’s amazing drumming. AND MATT’S POWERFUL VOCALS ! IT IS THE BEST EVER

Comment by Moustafa Wehbe

this single is just fantastic

Comment by Anonymous

The riffs could have been better, I know Syn and Zacky can be more creative, but the solo blew me out, very nice indeed. Is this the full version or the radio cut?

Comment by Víctor

It’s brilliant. It makes me want the album more! :(

Comment by Marc Gregory

It’s perfect! Great job from the boys yet again, can’t wait for the album. I’m so proud of all the guys

Comment by Ellie

This song is absolutely amazing, I can’t wait for the rest of the album

Comment by Jonathan Orr

Perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, do I really have to say that? Perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, isn’t that obvious?! Perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect and so on! ♥

Comment by Ina Röcher

Fucking epic!!! Especially love the amazing 1 minute intro. Of course, they continue to not disappoint us. Can’t wait to hear it live on Friday…fingers crossed that they perform it!! :)

Comment by Kasey

this is perfect. i cant even. the solos, the vocals, arin’s drumming. this album is going to be fucking amazing

Comment by kathryn


Comment by Caj Toppari (@Munaleikkuri)

My opinion…straight out rock vibe…dare I say simple? Do you think following Metallica’s transition to the Black Album?? I hear that song at the end of the next Transformers movie. Is there a Master Of Puppets vibe to the lyrics?

I could be way off!

Comment by DK

Ridiculously awesome. Masterful, mature songwriting removes excess fat and truly emphasizes the power and melody of the song. By doing so, they are able to keep that tone alive for the whole song; it lacks at no part This album sounds to be a classic!

Comment by Anonymous

That was exactly the word I thought of: mature. They really know their strengths by now, and know where their inspiration comes from.

Comment by moridin94

Sounds like Enter Sandman – Metallica when I listen to it. It looks like they’re making a “Black Album” of Avenged Sevenfold. That means radios are going to play the piss out of this album. Sounds amazing and can’t wait for the whole album!

Comment by Steven

Don’t know if you know but radios already play the “piss” out of there songs…

Comment by Anonymous

I saw that it was up at 6:00am and bolted out of bed. I legitimately started crying when the first chorus started and then again during the last chorus. I’m so proud of them. This song’s just wow, and I got chills. Hail to the King’s going to be no less than a masterpiece. I’m so excited.

And thanks, Kortney, for your constant vigilance during these years. I know this website takes work and I appreciate what you do so much for us. Thank you!
– Ava

Comment by Ava

Thanks for sticking with Deathbat News for all these years, Ava. I appreciate it.

Comment by Deathbat News

I think it is fucking awesome. I am so stoked for the album and excited to see what kind of production they put on for their live shows!

Comment by Rachel

At last!! Loving it….can’t wait to hear the rest of the album :)

Comment by Becci Fry-Gwyther

Nicely done guys. I really like the sound. I could instantly see the connection between the song and Cam’s paintings. :) Can’t wait to tune into the new sounds and hopefully see you guys again. Hugs to all!

Comment by Pam McConaha McGinnis

Love the new sound, raw vocals, 80’s style metal vibe. And drums are incredibly powerful. Welcome to the family Arin!!

Comment by Shelby Cherry

Fknnn ammaazing !!!! Hail to the King!!!!!

Comment by Simon

im not sure if i like it……………

Comment by brandon

Gives off a strong Sabbath vibe.Love it.

Comment by V.Shadows

I’m Korean and here is 10:38pm, but I can’t sleep because of this great song!! I’m sooo exited!! I really really love you guys <3 <3

Comment by alleye6661

So Fucken good!

Comment by Anonymous

A great song indeed i think i just have to digest it more. I know they’ve said for months they are shooting for something different than what they’ve done, but even with them saying it’ll be different i totally did not expect what i heard. The song is fucking sick, catchy, and another phenomonal guitar solo sooooooo good. Time to wipe the dust off my schecter…

Comment by Pete Vandenberg

It’s so good!

Comment by A7X Talk

Not bad upon first listen. But I definitely feel like its gonna grow on me and become a classic

Comment by Matt

Honestly…..underwhelmed by this single. Like it’s lacking something. Can’t put my finger on it though. I think listening to the whole CD this will be one song I probably skip over.

Comment by Jason Stoesz

Agreed. I kinda feel like id rank this song beneath anything they’ve released in the last ten years. And that’s coming from someone who really didn’t like self-titled.

Comment by Z.Burns

Agreed. The self-titled was my least favorite and this feels a tad similar. Good song but missing that WOW factor. Looking forward to the rest of the album though and of course the amazing show they will put on.

Comment by Dbo

This is definitely better than most of the s/t album. It has a bare-bones feel, but is nonetheless a complete song. They’ve taken a step in maturing their songwriting, which I like.

Comment by moridin94

Yeah, absolutely. I think the part that bugs me the most are the ACDC drums…. There’s just nothing there to get excited about. :-/

Comment by Z.Burns

This literally sounds nothing like self titled lol

Comment by Brad

I don’t hate it, really… but I think it’s the drums that make it so underwhelming. Not pointing blame at Arin though! The guys kept saying they wanted simple and that’s what they are… one beat for 5 minutes simple… I’m sure I’ll get used to it but there was no change in vibe come the different parts because of that (minus the “Hail!” bits)

Comment by Zak Aubin

Well…. It was interesting. Guitar solo was really good, but I didn’t expect to hear drum work that even I could play. I guess that’s pretty cool if I ever want to cover it…

Comment by Z.Burns

Just cause the drums aren’t complex doesn’t mean the song isn’t great. I mean I get it if you don’t like it (I love the song personally), but A7X is aiming for a more classic metal feel, which had simpler drums than what we are used to hearing from A7X. You can’t really get the same tone/vibe if the drums were to be so complex.

Comment by Tabatha

Well, even AC/DC had more complex drumming than what’s shown in this song. You can have a classic rock/classic metal sound without over-simplifying. That being said, it IS growing on me, but at least in this song, the drumming would be considered very simple even for classic metal.

Comment by Z.Burns

Fu**ing YEAAAAH!!!

Comment by Luca

I love it. I like the direction that they’ve decided to go with this album. While this single is a little more laid back than the heavy thrashing that we usually see woth Avenged, I feel it is definitely a step in the right direction. I look forward to the album release. I can’t wait to see what they’ve come up with!

Comment by Jaede Hollenbeck

Wow M Shadow’s voice is so damn raw, he’s really come a long way in working on his vocals. And the classical music influence is super obvious especially in Syn’s solo. Altogether it’s just a fucking epic and flavourful piece. And well done Arin, on the drums. Sounds fitting, sounds great.
It’s gonna be a classic. I can feel it in my bones.

Comment by Cheryl Loh

The song they did for Call of Duty was fucking awesome. I hope to hear more of that on the new album. I can see what a few people have said, about it having a Metallica “Black Album” vibe to it. Just not grabbing me though.

Comment by Jason Stoesz


Comment by thissongsucks

From start to finish it was amazing the solo everything come on 8/27 Hail to the king is right !

Comment by Maranda

An insta-classic. Looking forward to the album. Hope to see you guys live again!

Comment by Anonymous

I like it. But not as much as I liked Nightmare. My threory is they had to release the most radio friendly song from the album. It seems kinda safe. It isn’t as exciting as most of their songs to be honest.. The rest of the stuff Matt described from the album didn’t sound radio friendly at all and those songs are what I’m excited about. I’d give it about a 6/10. But that’s only after a few listens.

Comment by O-H

Yeah, that’s what I’m really hoping for. I cant lay down a final judgment before I hear everything on the album first. Not thrilled at all with this song. Aside from the solo, you can pretty much just listen to the preview and hear 90% of what you’d hear in the song.

Comment by Z.Burns

I know what u mean dude i saw the descriptions for 4 other songs and they dont sound radio friendly at all, but those are the songs I really jam out to lol!!!!!! Cant wait!!!!

Comment by JC

I really fucking hate to say this but i think I am a bit disappointed.. :( it is far less adventurous than what i was expecting :/

Comment by Anonymous

remember what these guys said in the beginning about this album…more of a simplified Sabbath/Led Zeppelin style record…Gates’ solo fits into that mold…still a bad ass solo!

Comment by Chris D. Castleberry

So worth the wait. This band never ceases to amaze me. It’s just so damn good wow!! I can’t wait for the damn album, I NEED IT.

Comment by anonymous

That riff omg its so good

Comment by mark

This song is fucking awesome I can’t wait for the rest of the album.

Comment by Xavier

F**k yeah!!!

Comment by BreeJanko

Sounds like classic rock, not really like “Avenged” rock…holding out hope for the album…

Comment by Christine from VA

Words cannot not describe what i have just listened to, just pure awesome

Comment by josh128

holy crap this is incredible. shadows’ vocals are perfect and that solo is mindblowing!

Comment by taryn

Good luck for you all ;)

Comment by Gilang

For sure great and for sure “the vibe” of what they told us it would have, but I think I exspected something else, far away from this, but it turned out to blow my mind and still be awesome :D!

Comment by Anonymous

After my fifth or so time through this song I can definitely hear the Metallica vibe everyone keeps mentioning. If I had to describe this song in one word it would be epic.

Comment by Jonathan Orr

I love it! Shadows’ voice is so different, so mature. It really makes the song for me. And of course Syn’s solo blew me away. I like that I was surprised by it and it makes me even more excited for the album!

Comment by Stacey

Kind of annoying how the intro plays throughout the entire song in the background after the first minute. I think I’ll quickly grow tired of the song because of that and eventually despise listening to it.

Comment by Anonymous

Yeah. Halfway through the song, I thought “Did they ever resolve the intro guitar line?” and noticed that it was still going on in the background. Hmmm…

Comment by thomasgwhaley

Anyone else get a somewhat classical progression feel during Syn’s solo?

Comment by yoanaher

The best song I have listened to…

Comment by avenger

Syn’s solo was perfect.. although im used to all of his sweep picking it had a lot of groove to it and was very smooth… Matt’s voice is amazing and I love that they focused on just one voice because that’s what its about. the drumming is great and fits the song.. and it is very riff-oriented like he said. the beginning of the solo sounds a bit like Iron Maiden’s flash to the blade!

Comment by Liv A7X Scarfi (@A7XfoREVerend)

OMG Syn’s solo! …… hot

Comment by Anonymous

I’m glad to see Avenged Sevenfold found a direction that they can stick with. What I am siked bout is they still have that mindblowing transition to another world they put I you in while playing!!! This will be the first album that I will see premiere since was a fan right after Nightmare. I love all their albums, literally, and this might be the best!! So thank you DBN for update us on everything you have done I’m a huge fan of this site. NOTE that I will probably write a comment like this again when the whole album comes out lol. NOW EXCUSE ME WHILE I RAPE THE REPLAY BUTTON…

Comment by JC


Comment by Deathbat News

Really awesome; very metal, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss Zachy and Syn playing together.

Comment by wahinekitten

It’s funny how a lot of the comments on the song just reflect things they’ve said in interviews about the album haha.

it’s a good song.. looking forward to the rest

Comment by chris

I Love it!!! It does sound different than what i am used to but it still kicks so much ass! <3

Comment by nikka

To be completely honest, I didn’t find this song to be anything special. It’ll probably be really cool to see live since the lyrics are easy to sing along to, but it’s not what I’d listen to at home or whatever. But, I do think that it has a really good vibe and that the direction they’re taking with their music is turning out really awesome. I just think that this song didn’t have anything new besides for the solo and the singing. The riffs were nothing I’d remember and it was just stuff that I’ve heard before. I’m looking forward to the song in the#allhailandronikos-preview much more since it’s so unlike anything I’ve heard from them. Either way, I’m sure this album will kick ass.

Comment by Suzy (@SusannaNO2)

WB most likely picked the song that closely resembles their past material since it’s been 3 years since Nightmare dropped. Also, this was probably the shortest, most radio friendly song on the album. Selecting singles is all about marketing.

Comment by Harley Quinn

Fuck yeah! Brilliant this one! I am charmed with me … this only of syn and zacky is so…. PERFECT! I die for listening to the rest of the album!

Comment by thiare sullivan

Alright, here’s my honest opinion. I like the song. Like. Not love. To me I get more of an AC/DC vibe from it instead of Black Sabbath, Pantera, or any other influences they’ve cited. The guitar work is great, Matt’s vocals are great.

In all honesty what really sets everything off is one thing that has set Avenged Sevenfold apart from many other artists is masterful drum work. Now I have hope for Arin. The kid has played just about everything thrown at him by The Rev and Mike Portnoy about perfectly. The two Call of Duty songs that he was a part of had that Avenged Sevenfold sound to the drums. Hail to the King is about as basic as basic can be in terms of drum sound.

I’m gonna hold out for the rest of the album. I do like this song, but besides Matt’s vocals, it doesn’t scream “This is an Avenged Sevenfold song!”

Comment by StitchRS

you’ve said it so i don’t have to. exactly this.

Comment by anne

I agree completely. I can’t help but feel underwhelmed by it lyrically as well. Holding out hope for the other songs! :-)

Comment by Z.Burns

I concur with everything you have said here.

Comment by Ghostflame83

Now that I have listened to it 7 or 8 times I adore this song. Everyone’s poking at the riffs or drums which in my eyes (a guitarist for 11 years) is very old school/new school which you hear with syns fuckin narly solo. The drums are persistent and powerful. Matt’s voice sounds incredible and the fuckin lyrics have such a great and deep description, I can see the imagery behind the album. 10/10

Comment by Pete Vandenberg

Sometimes new songs don’t come out to be the greatest, crank the volume and listen to it 10 times. It will catch on!

Remember, it only gets better as they release more!

Comment by Peter

I agree dude thats what i did to all of their snippets and now im addicted to all of them lol

Comment by JC


Comment by Anonymous

I LOVE IT !!!!!!! its different than what im used to hearing but wow thats an AWESOME song !

Comment by Donia Dorgham

better than nightmare already..

Comment by Volbeat fan now

Been listening to it on repeat for the last hour! I am SPEECHLESS, it is so fantastic! Mere words cannot describe my love for it.

Comment by Kate

I want this song played at my funeral. Is that morbid? I don’t care. I kicked and screamed and dragged myself through the weekend to hear this song and I’m glad I was here for it. This is amazing.

Comment by Harley Quinn


Comment by Kat

I really want to hear the whole album now. I’m not sure what my opinion is at the moment. This wasnt very catchy for me, but its not a bad song. I enjoyed the riff very much and the solo was great too!

Comment by Hanna

Can’t wait to hear this live on the 26th :)

Comment by Jsntn16

It’s a good song.. but it was very safe for them! I would’ve liked it if they released a song that was more dangerous and adventurous. Its a song that I think that as I listen to it.. it will grow more and more on me. I’m not completely blown away with it; but I’m still very anxious to hear the rest of the album. Matt said the album was very groovy, and I definitely see what he was talking about here in this song. I doubt Avenged will disappoint the fans though. If anything, they’ll just surprise all of us and we will fall in love with things we didn’t know we could fall in love with.

Comment by Stephanie

I’ve been a sevenfold fan for as long as I can remember. Honesty this song didn’t blow me away like the first time I heard nightmare. But then again the more I listen the better the songs get. I’m really looking forward to the song from tease13!!

Comment by Anonymous

listened to it 34 times already 0_o

Comment by Noodlebean

Damn. hahahaha! I’ll get there eventually lol.

Comment by Ryan

Mind-blowing! After a long day of stressful work, very happy to be on DBN and listen to the new single. Love the solo, it’s very unique! Also love the old-school metal style.

Thanks Miss DBN :)

Comment by Carol

Very happy to have you :)

Comment by Deathbat News

:D wicked song!

Comment by Anonymous

ive been an avenged fan since i was 12, now im 20. didnt care for nightmare but i am extremely pumped for this new album and this new single is amazing

Comment by Noodlebean

So, tempering my excitement over actually, finally, having new A7x to listen to, I’d have to say that I LIKE this song, and enjoy it, but I don’t LOVE it. The composition has a more complete, mature feel to it, almost economic. They’re not wasting space here. Very catchy, very rhythm-oriented. Should be a fun one for live shows.

Comment by moridin94

Amazing work!

Comment by @gunnyevans

Really disappointed to be honest. It’s a good song, but nothing special. What really kills this song is the oversimplified drums. I know others have said it too, but Arin is literally playing about as safe of a rhythm as you can. I’m not saying it needs to be insane, but the drums on this song are borderline AC/DC (and that’s a bad thing) plus it doesn’t help that the chorus is really really underwhelming. (especially when you compare it to Nightmare) The song really lacks the punch that blew me away when Nightmare was released as a single.

This is one of those songs that the best part of the song was released in the previews… and that’s too bad. I hope the other songs don’t turn out the same way.

I know I sound pessimistic, it’s just that I’ve been waiting 3+ years for new A7X material (I don’t count the videogame songs) and I’m disappointed by the single.

Comment by Adam

I disagree about the chorus being underwhelming. I’m the exact opposite, I was underwhelmed at Nightmare’s chorus and think Hail To The King’s is much better. To each their own!

Comment by Anonymous

You just read my mind dude. Not only oversimplified drums, but the structure of the song was also as basic as it gets.. hmm, really hope this isnt an accurate reflection of the entire album

Comment by Anonymous

I agree completely….I love the band, and love 99% of what they’ve done in the past, but this I just don’t love. The drums just make me sad, and the rest of the song just doesn’t draw me in..

Ironically, the preview for this song was my least favorite, and yet my favorite part of this song was what was released in the preview.

Comment by Z.Burns

I feel the same way =(
I really like the intro, the atypical solo and the catchy chorus but then I cant remember(recall) what had guitars and drums played in verses =/
Not the drums but the whole song is as basic as song can be

Comment by Rusty

I really dig the song, a lot actually ! But, to me the drums are pretty boring. The solo is fantastic.

Comment by Joe

This is excellent!!!

Comment by Paul Cloutier

The solo sounds very Brian Sr. Esque

Comment by jordan

Man I’ve never been dissapointed in a new Avenged Sevenfold song until today. As much as it hurts me to type it it just really doesnt do much for me… im kinda depressed now lol It’s not very creative I think thats why I dont care for it much…well hopefully the album is better.

Comment by ZP

I’m reaping replay button ! :D Just amazing, cant wait to hear the whole album :]

Comment by Polski Lemur

Mixed feelings. Definitely mature songwriting, good guitar playing, like the harmony in the chorus. I do think it’s lacking the punch though that I’ve come to expect from them. If alot of other songs on the album are more exciting and adventurous though then I think this song will fit amongst them just fine. Not worried at all, I think the title track that was released early for Nightmare was one of the weaker songs on that album too.

Comment by David

I’m ridiculously happy right now, it’s so good!!!!

Comment by Rachel

The song is very good in my opinion. Like all avenged sevenfold songs, it gets better after you listen to it multiple times. Simple riff and beat, but we all know avenged is very good technically, and Syn shows it with that solo.

Comment by Matt

I was initially undecided on it. It’s going to be difficult adjusting to a more simplified Avenged. But this is a song that’s better appreciated when played really loud. I like it, but I can’t say I’d want the whole album to be this safe. I hope this is just a classic example of the single being the safest and most radio friendly song. And judging from the descriptions of the songs so far, that’s probably the case.

After the fourth listen, it’s progressively growing on me.

Comment by Anonymous

If you’re iffy on it, that’s obviously understandable. It’ll grow on you like the self titled did me. Now I love every song on it.
As for the drumming, they wanted a big, powerful, straight up groove. Arin delivered it tastefully.
Sooo pumped for the rest! Especially Acid Rain for some reason lol

Comment by Steeeve

well…if I have to be honest comparing this to Nightmare …am a little bit disappointed.It’s very good ,but I think it’s not of their amazing works…

Comment by Anonymous

Freaking awesome!!!!! This album is going to be so awesome!!!

Comment by Rob


Comment by rahmad

Its definitley a new A7X style but I love it! Cant wait for the whole album!!

Comment by Anonymous

The solo was prefect, I can hear the jazz fusion and classical styles worked in, syn you’re bad ass

Comment by Alex

I agree with some posters. I wasn’t blown away by it. I’m sure it will grow on me though

Comment by Frank

Mehhhhh…. not super impressed but it okay.

Comment by Anonymous

This is really strong. I’m ready for this new disc. I’m glad that they’re really back from losing the Rev. #A7X #foREVer

Comment by Ruff Lee

Even if it’s not as intense as most expected, myself included, they’re still an amazing band. I’m sure the new album will be beautiful as well.

Comment by Jordan Spiller

Great overall song, but from a fan of intricate drumming I feel slightly alienated.

Comment by armyofkittens

Thank you Deathbat News for being such a great service to the Avenged Sevenfold community, started using this site right before the Nightmare days and haven’t stopped since.

My question is, what are your thoughts on this single? ;)

Also just quickly noting my thoughts on it…I really like it, but I think the tease brought me to expect more. It’s not a bad song, but the melodic A7X of old will be missed. This is a very stripped down, bare bones Avenged and I haven’t hear enough to determine my thoughts on it. Ready for August 27th, to say the least!

Comment by Terrance Phifer

Thanks for the kind words, Terrance. I do what I can.
As for your question, upon first listen I really like it! This coupled with the descriptions Matt gave of the other songs makes me even more excited for the entire album.

Comment by Deathbat News

Sounds great. Hopefully the drums on the rest of the album have more to offer. While I agree (as a drummer of 16+ years) that not every song has to blow your ear out, a drum machine basically could have played this track ala, Lars. I’ve been a fan of A7X since 2001 and Metallica 1990, I expect to hear an album that feels like your not holding anything back. Can’t wait for August and hear the rest of this masterpiece.

Comment by Ace

The drumming is boring… Never changes. The song is boring. So disappointed.
Where’s the aggression? Melodies? Layering?

Comment by rick SD on

The drumkit : High-hat, snare, bass drum, crash cymbal, low tom

Comment by Pc

Seriously I love this ! Something new something fresh from the bullshit that everyone is forced fed nowadays ! cheers ! You’re always bringing something new to the plate

Comment by Andrew

Amen!!! Well said!!!

Comment by Anonymous

simply amazing.

Comment by fadelgates


Comment by Deathbat News

I like every A7X album, and this is the first time I wasn’t blown away by their first single. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think the song is bad, but it’s a bit more monotonous than what I expect from them. Also a better mix could have done it wonders. Everything is kind of distant/backround especially the rhythm guitar which makes it appear kind of dull to me. In the end I do still enjoy listening to it, and it’s what they wanted to flesh out as artists. Can’t wait for the rest of the album. Seeing them in Connecticut Aug. 9th!!

Comment by Ernie

The song is amazing! I’m in love with it. It’s so good to see our boys haven’t lost their touch XD

Comment by Zacorra Atkins

I love it heavy fuckin metal! HAIL TO THE KING!!! Avenged Sevenfold, you guys never fail to deliver it’s an awesome song! Just bought it on iTunes!!!! \m/

Comment by Forever Avenged

I’m speechless. This song gave me chills throughout beginning to end. Keep up the good work. A7X is back in business

Comment by Anonymous

On repeat. The song titles are intriguing. I’m excited to hear “Requiem.” I’m betting it’s a rock ballad.

Comment by M

Ikr! the songs im excited.for alredy is Acid Rain and Coming Home for some reason. Coming Home sounds very melodic to me for some reason lol.

Comment by JC

pretty awesome cant wait for the new album and for them to tour Cincinnati Ohio So we can blaze down after and before the show ! :)

Comment by Anonymous

You can really hear how they’ve dug deep into the classic rock sound and refrained from a lot of layering like we’re used to hearing in their style. The beginning may not be “adventurous” or complex like some of the comments I’ve read, but it’s very smart. Here’s why… Listen to songs like AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck”. It’s popular for a reason. It’s simple; yet powerful. Raw; yet memorable. It’s something that you could expect to be heard (Like Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”, AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck”, Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water” or Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man”) in arenas before a football game where everyone knows it and everyone gets an adrenaline rush of exciting from as it plays. Old or young, whether you know the band name or not, they’re both songs that everyone knows as soon as it comes on. People don’t remember complex drums, vocals and riffs for years carried on through a generation. They remember something simple that everyone can remember and play while pounding it on a table, bleacher or steering wheel. Parts of songs that live on and are crafted to be ingrained in memory, not popular with a current genre style, and then faded away like most styles do.

If it’s one thing I’ve learned from Avenged Sevenfold… they know exactly what they’re doing. It’s all been very well thought out, carefully composed and simmered on, before they put something on their record. Take full understanding of the word “classic”. Avenged Sevenfold want timeless quality.

Comment by Brent


Comment by moridin94

Very well put.

Comment by Anonymous

pretty fucking awesome ! Cant wait for them to come back to Cincinnati Ohio so I can blaze down with the Avenged family and Matt and the boys ! :)

Comment by Anonymous

Brutal. Su nuevo estilo clásica los mantendra en el tope.

Comment by Anonymous

amazingly awesome!!!

Comment by fenona

Everyone’s a critic, bad ass song by a bad ass band. I’m pumped to hear more!!!

Comment by Brad

syn is going to hate playing this live lol

Comment by Anonymous

Thank you deathbat lady and thank you so much to the greatest rock band of the new generation! You guys are amazing keep doing what you’re doing! This song is epic and I’ve got a feeling it’s just another teaser to the rest of this album! Already purchased on iTunes ill see u guys in Dallas and hopefully Arkansas as well!!! Here we go again deathbats!

Comment by Holden


Comment by Deathbat News

Man, it’s EXTRAORDINARY!! Better than expected!! From Argentina, I wish you the best, guys!! The song deserves a 10!! :)

Comment by Leonardo

Definitely different but I really like it! Just makes me more excited for the album next month. New albums means touring, and that’s ALWAYS an great thing! :)

Comment by Anonymous

While listening to it all I can think about is what it will look like during a concert with thousands of people yelling “HAIL!” while throwing their fists in the air and rocking out. It will be awesome!

Comment by Krys

I’m. so. Moist.

Comment by Anonymous

Well, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was disappointed after the first listen. The fact that the opening guitar riff continues throughout the song and the lack of complexity in the drums make this song seem simple and monotonous. I understand what A7X said they were trying to go for with this album, but aside from Matt’s vocals and Syn’s solos I’m not sure this album will scream Avenged Sevenfold. I big conclusion to make after one song, I know, but it reminds me of metallica’s black album.. in all ways. The black album was undoubtably great, but you can draw comparisons between the Rev’s death and Cliff Burton’s death. Both were amazing with their instruments, but they also contributed A LOT in the songwriting process and I’m worried A7X’s quality of work will start to fall like Metallica’s did. And Justice was a great comeback album like Nightmare, the black album while great was toned down from previous work like Hail to the King sounds, and well we all know what happened to Metallica after that. Or maybe you don’t because almost everyone stopped listening to them after that. Lengthy post I know, and a lot of paranoia from one song, I’m just disappointed and worried that we all might be subjected to listening to A7X’s 2nd – 5th albums like Metallica fans are subjected to listening to Metallica’s 1st – 4th albums.

Comment by Jeremy

I would disagree. I’ve heard Metallica both with and without Cliff. The Black Album is my favorite, next to …And Justice for All. I don’t think A7X will lose their style, I think we’re just seeing a new style. If you recall from the making of the S/T, Jimmy didn’t contribute a lot of writing until S/T. He had a hand in it, yes, but not the way he did on the last two albums. So they’re just kind of going back to their earlier days in a way. While I wasn’t exactly blown away by this track, I wasn’t disappointed, either, and have happily ordered the new album in multiple formats =). I think they’re just taking it easy with this track and they’re saving up the big stuff for next month.

Comment by aightball

Yeah, I definitely know what you mean. Metallica released a decent record with Black Album, but it was significantly more simple than the previous records, and it alienated a ton of fans. I hope it doesn’t happen with this… because I truly believe Avenged Sevenfold has an amazing future if they stick to what they’ve been good at, and don’t over-simplify everything.

Comment by Z.Burns

They said they were going for groove and Black Sabbath/Led Zepplin esc kind of sound and they delivered!

Comment by Jovanator

Can’t for the new album! Very good job on the part of Syn and Shads. The drums were meant to be simple, and from the previews, it seems to be the case in all of the songs so far. I do hope we hear some Rev-style drumming somewhere in the album – the Rev pretty much defined A7X, not just in playstyle but in songwriting. I hope that unorthodox style returns somewhere. Arin definitely has it in him, though maybe they’re purposely trying to keep this simple. Anyway, this track is exactly what I expected from the album – slower pace, heavier guitars, raw vocals, and definitely a Metallica & Maiden feel to everything. My only hope is that they keep what made A7X unique, which was deviating beyond traditional metal song structure, whether it was through prog elements, long tracks, orchestras, etc. There were some promises of some of that. Overall the change in sound was very very necessary by now, and A7X is trying to break into legend status with this album and be among the big names like Metallica and Iron Maiden. And who knows, it may just work. S/T and Nightmare were great albums, but they were not a huge jump in sound, and they were not as focused as the previous albums. Hail To the King so far sounds like a very focused album, the band knows exactly what it wants from it and we’ve heard it in all of the previews so far. I just hope they keep it new and fresh at the same time – if we want to listen to Black, we can. A7X is not just about heavy guitars and fast solos, but rather, it’s always given melody to heavy metal through its vocals, dual guitars, and strings. That melodic element is what makes their music so timeless, and the new song misses out a bit on that front.

Comment by NEfobbyGEN

Honestly…it’s cool. It definitely is very different, the “classic A7X” style is not there, and that can be good or bad depending on who you are. It’s definitely got the simple, power vibe they were going for and it grows on you, but I think Nightmare was stronger single right out of the gate. Still excited to hear what comes next.

Comment by a7xfreakdrummer

It’s good. It didn’t blow me away on the first listen like “Nightmare” did but I like it and I’ll give it time to grow on me. I’m getting my life from the chorus, I have to say.

Comment by Loghen

I just noticed the cover of the album is different on iTunes. Was the Cartoony one just for the single? I’m liking this deathbat one much more.

Comment by Kyle

I believe the black background with half of the deathbat is the new album cover. Though, that is subject to change.

Comment by Deathbat News

Maybe the cartoony one was just a promotional thing…

Comment by a7xfreakdrummer

Are you sure it’s not just the deluxe edition cover?

Comment by Brian

iTunes and Amazon are both using it as the standard covers. Like I said, subject to change though.

Comment by Deathbat News

My heart is breaking this morning because I wanted to fall madly in love with it. I am also sad because I feel like I can’t say that it is anything less than stellar without having fans jump down my throat or say I am not a true fan. I have loved this band for over 8 years with every ounce of my soul and have loved their ever changing sound throughout the years. I will always continue to support them and I am sure in time it will grow on me. It just didn’t have the same wow factor that others songs have had in the past and I fear that Jimmy’s writing is what really made me fall for their sound in the beginning and gave them that true wow factor so to speak. I look forward to the rest of the album though and will always always stand behind them.

Comment by Anonymous

Don’t worry about it so much, you’re not alone. “Fans” who’ll jump down our throats for a reasonable opinion aren’t real fans at all. I completely understand how you feel and I wouldn’t be too far off in saying i feel the EXACT same way.

Comment by Wayne7x

Me too! I think its because this is just the most radio friendly song they have on the ablum. I really enjoyed this song, just didn’t have the same spark I got from everything else! I’m really looking forward to the new record though!

Comment by SethMelvin

Very Very ordinary… I hope the album will be as good as Nightmare, this album makes me think to old metal, no dynamics, always the same dBSPL…

Comment by Bruno

Wow, personally I love the song but I guess that’s for you to decide. Can’t wait to see them in Oshkosh on Wednesday! Only two more days and it will be their first show back!

Comment by Ryan

So fucking pumped for this album! A7X foREVer

Comment by Mike Romses

Fucken Amazing!!! It made my day :)
“Hail to the King”

Comment by Ariel Santana

I didn’t get chills with Nightmare..but loved it after it grew on my. Never liked Carry On much. But THIS is up there with their best in my opinion. First listen and I could literally feel my adrenaline racing up (my physical reaction that always tells me if somethings good or great) And this is GREAT! I can already imagine the live show getting my blood boiling! LOVE IT and LOVE me some A7X!!!!!! See you in ATLANTA guys!!

Comment by Bev

Best thing ever!!!

Comment by Kaya

Loved it! You guys made an awesome combination of classical music with heavy metal.
I’m really excited about this album!

Comment by Giorgia

Consider me damn well pleased. No time for further comments, man’s gotta listen to the single!

Comment by Rad

Solo has a huge marty friedman influence which is awesome. I really like Syns older more free lead playing that , for lack of a better description, sounded less structured. Less motifs and things like that, just sweet ass melodies and unusual movements.

Comment by Anonymous

I was a bit disapointed the first time I listened to Hail to the king but after 5 times I think this is just awesome! I like this 2444334588 x more than Carry On. I really like the new sound and the new voice of Matt that is a bit like the one of James from Metallica in this song. Anyone has to be worry because the album will be amazing.

Comment by Alexandre Leblanc

This song from the minute it started gave me chills, and there is no question that avenged has writing a song down to an art. It reminded me a lot of metallic, and i can see what they meant when they said they were going to keep the song as simple as possible. This is definitely the most ” pop” song they have written in my opinion, its almost a dance song. Which is totally cool but i can understand why people are saying its missing something, and i think its they’re signature edge and complex way of writing they they usually have. Im looking forward to listening to the rest of the album.

Comment by joanna

Wow this is amazing!! I’m just sitting here with my mouth open like holy shit. And this is just one song,I am SO PUMPED for the whole album!! August 27th come faster!!!!!!

Comment by Ciera

I’m sorry, but this is beyond disappointing. The song is just plain boring. Everything is so bland and simplistic. Where’s the energy???? The only decent thing was the solo. I hope this is the worst song on the album, or else this album is gonna be a major disappointment for me.

Comment by Sean

I hated it, listened to it again, liked it, listened again, now I love it
How the hell does that even work?
It was good, but i’m more stoked to hear something with more!

Comment by Arron Johnson

Amazing song and perfect solo, Shadows voice is really great.

Comment by Zack G.

At first I was hesitant listening to it. “This is alright its simple but nice.” Now after listening to it more i’m growing to love it and it’s one of my favorite songs all time from them.

Comment by tomx312

like a breath of fresh air. some good old classic metal i love to hear

Comment by louis giannamore

When I heard the preview I was iffy about it. But now from beginning to end is freaking awesome.
Drums are way different, but hey wtf they sound dope as fuck!

Comment by Edwin Alonso

I was at work today when this was released, so I got it off of iTunes and had it on on repeat for the next hour. My coworkers were wondering what the huge grin on my face was about. Overall, I love it. It’s the same classic Avenged, but completely different at the same time. And for those of you who don’t like the drum track, go outside, get into your car, plug your iPod in, and crank the bass. Then get back to me. Speaking of cars, exercise caution when listening to this song and driving. It is nearly impossible to not speed.

Comment by SynVanSambora

a bit underwhelmed by this, especially the simple drums throughout the song and lack of “riffage” in the verses. But then again, I felt that way about Nightmare when it came out too. But I’m definitely looking forward to the other songs on the album more than this though. It’s going to be epic

Comment by eklute

i like this song but the other teasers sound so much more epic this will probably be the worst song on the album its most likley the single cause of the simplicity which obviously means more radio friendly

Comment by vince

The song is pretty good, but here is my take on it. Most of you are complaining about the drums but I think on this song and this album they’re trying to keep it from having one instrument dominating over the others. Even though I love most of their material they’ve written in the past, it seems as though the instruments were more or less competing with each other rather than playing together. That’s just my opinion. So in this song, rather than have blistering guitar riffs and over the top drum fills (which again I liked in the past) the guitars and drums are working together to create a groove. The chorus is a little underwhelming, but the verses were incredible. I believe that mostly because M. Shadows’ vocals are incredibly strong here. Overall I like this song, it’s pretty far away from my favorite but I like it. It is more mature sounding and more structured, whereas in past Avenged Sevenfold songs, they were more of an organized mess. Not trying to bash them in anyway, but in all honesty this direction is fine with me, I’d rather them take a more classic metal approach to their music now and even in the future than do what Metallica did after the Black Album and go more Alternative.

Comment by TheyCallMeNick

I agree with what you said, Nick. Especially about the instruments harmonizing better on this track, in comparison to some other stuff they have released so far. It makes you look even more forward to see what else they’ve got in stock for us in the upcoming album, doesn’t it?

Every damn record something new….amazing

Comment by Rad

I really wish they would go back to their City of Evil style for the guitar, it was so much more melodic and catchy back then. The song is kind of repetitive for me too, but I can’t wait to hear their larger songs with an orchestra and everything.

Comment by Anonymous

Everybody bitching about the drums should shut up. It’s old school so it should be simpler. To me, the only problem is Arin could have changed the pattern of the beat, but it’s still awesome. HAIL TO THE KING!!

Comment by Anonymous

I find all the disappointed fans to be hilarious for some reason. They did warn us this album was going to have a city of evil, change your perspective of the band vibe to it. I think the song is great and we all know A7X by now. They have no fear about going towards a new direction in styles so just get use to it my friends.

Comment by Juan

Dare I say I don’t like it.
Perhaps because I am old enough to have been around for Sabbath etc, its sounds too obvious to me, drums too basic.
I won’t say its brilliant just because I love them and they are my fave band.
It doesn’t have the Avenged energy fo me.

Comment by juice

cant wait Atlanta,GA show

Comment by Anonymous

Ehh, kinda disappointed. Just doesn’t have the high and lows like a traditional A7X song. It’s a good song, just not what I expected.

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Michelle

WOW!!! A7X are truly the kings of modern metal/rock, whatever you want to call it. They decided to go in a certain direction on this album, and they absolutely NAILED it!!! Not that I ever doubted them. A7X has been my favorite band since COE, and they just bring themselves to a different level with every album. I’m at a loss of words to express my approval of this song, and my excitement for this album. This song is BAD A**!!!!!! Just a side note, there are a lot of opinions about their sound, album art, song names, song ideas, drums, vocals, ect .Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I really just don’t get the complaining. This is the direction they CHOSE to take. It’s not like their musical prowess took a hit on this album, it’s they style they wanted to go for. It’s been talked about for some time now. Not really sure why it’s come as such a surprise. I’ll bet that most of these people complaining will grow to love it over time though. GUARANTEED!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

Totally agree.

Comment by Ryan

I completely agree

Comment by Anonymous

Yes sir Sevenfold is back. Loving the song, its simple straight forward and in your face, I can see what they are going for with this album. Cant wait to hear the rest of it. Been a fan since `07 and this band still never ceases to amaze me. The Rev would be proud.

Comment by Andrew Marin

I really don’t like the fact that if you try to say anything negative about A7X material then you are chastised for it. You guys do realize that music is subject to opinion? We visit DBN, so we’re pretty hardcore fans of the band. I just personally think the song is about a 3/5. The first minute-minute and a half of the song is about a 9/10, but the chorus just kills it for me. I can get over the simplified drums for the sake of a “groove” but the chorus is just really repetitive and doesn’t have that “hook” for me.

This is a song that I am wanting to like SO badly, but I just can’t for the most part. As others have said, I’m holding out hope that they chose this song because of the “radio-friendly” aspect of it, and not necessarily because they feel this is their best stuff.

Comment by Adam

I was expecting a lot more out of the drums. But then again, Jimmy has “time-keeping” songs, too, so there’s bound to be better drumming on the album itself. In my opinion, Jimmy did a lot of “time-keeping” on CoE. BATH is an exception, as is Blinded in Chains, but over all, I think Jimmy’s drumming is far better and more creative on S/T. Prior to that, with the exception of a few songs, he was a time keeper on the first three records.

But overall, I really, really like HTTK. I see some of you think it harkens back to the 80s/90s…and that’s the metal I was listening to growing up. Megadeth in the late 80s/early 90s is the Megadeth I LOVE. I’m not wild about their newer stuff, but their old stuff is fantastic. And I was really into Metallica and other metal/hair bands of that era. I can hear a little Maiden/Sabbath in this, too. I love classic metal so this is right up my alley. I have a rock show I do at the student radio station where I study broadcasting and when I’m not playin A7X, I’m playing Maiden, Sabbath, Megadeth and other such bands.

I love Syn’s solo…it’s clean and simple, but it fits. Matt’s voice sounds great, though he’s still doing that irritating thing where he doesn’t finish his words. Are we kneeling to the crow? the crown? The ground? My chorus teacher in college would strangle him, lol!

I don’t like how ZV and Johnny are barely audible on this track. But that might go with the underwhelming drums, too. Perhaps this song isn’t meant to be filled with everyone and over-the-top drums. The more I listen to it, the more I like it. But I do wish we’d get more of everyone and that Arin had been more creative. It’s his first full-length with these guys, so maybe he’s taking it easy. But we know from Carry On that he can kill it on the drums. We know he can play Jimmy’s stuff. So I hope they didn’t quash his abilities on this album.

But overall, while not the explosive track I was expecting based on the preview, I still love it. Nothing against those of you who don’t . I see this being a real fist pumper in concert and you can almost bet there’s a shit-ton of fire associated with it on stage. I’ll be buying this and it’s pumped me up even more for the release of the full album!

Comment by aightball

Definitely. From what I’ve heard from interviews posted here (thanks DBN lady!) Arin came into the studio playing very technically, and was told to just chill out and play the song. I like it. I think Arin’s drumming really fits the song, and it’s simplicity will help him be able to go (death)bat-shit crazy with stickflips and headbanging when he’s playing. The song itself is really soaring, and the drums don’t get in it’s way. Seems like it might get old for Syn though, it sounds like he’s playing 2 or three variations on a riff for the entire song. Really looking forward to the album!

Comment by SynVanSambora

Have you ever listened to the drums in Sidewinder??? That probably was A7X’s best song concerning drums. I’d say the Rev’s best work was on CoE.

Comment by Jake


Comment by ericshawnsmithRevenant

Wow, I’m seeing so many judgements about the album… It’s one song! Breaking News: This is not the only song on the album! (but I love this song by the way)

Comment by Rdog

Remember how much the “true fans” hated City of Evil when it came out? It was a huge stylistic change from Waking The Fallen, and Hail To The King is a huge stylistic change from anything A7X has previously done. The kicker: now COE is widely considered to be A7X’s crowning achievement. It will be interesting to see how Hail To The King is ultimately received.

Comment by Alex

Heh. “Crowning achievement.” Hail to the King. Nice unintentional pun. :)

Comment by Cory

Considering that this might be the most “pop” song on the album, you know, since it’s released early as a single, I’m excited for August 27!

Comment by JR

Sounds like something the rev would write this song. Very simple, and catchy and grooving. Has a Almost Easy, welcome to the family feel to it. I love it as I love all their other songs, but I can really hear influence from the rev still alive in A7X!!! Thanks DBN for keeping us all updated through the entire journey. YOU are the best!!!

Comment by Shelby Cherry

Comment by Deathbat News


Comment by Anonymous

I absolutely love the song. I was one of the ones that hated the preview of it they gave us, but the song as a whole is great. I’ve probably listened to it like 10 times at least now, but I can say that I didn’t care for it the first couple of times I heard it. I can’t stop playing it now though, so those of you that don’t like the song should listen to it a few more times.

Overall though, I like how the song fits together. Arin did a great job, although I do agree that his part was really simplistic (which is what they wanted to go for anyway).

Comment by Anonymous

its been a few hours since itunes released the single, and my kill count is at 121 0_o

Comment by Noodlebean

That is groovin. Loving the solo. Can’t wait to hear the whole thing, it’s going to be fucking intense.

Comment by Josh Maday

Just my two cents: I commented earlier saying that I liked the song, but was disappointed with the drumming. I was thinking about it and it could be one of those situations where this song sounds amazing sandwiched between two other higher energy classic a7x songs. It could be a context sensitive song.

Comment by armyoftigers

This is coming from a musician.. I’m a singer in a metal band called Unparalleled Height and Avenged is a HUGE influence to us. Personally Matt is my biggest influence for several reasons as a vocalist. He is incredibly powerful, which i see in this song. I was incredibly disappointed the first time i heard it however. This band is way more talented than this song which disappoints me. With that being said it is the best produced song i’ve ever heard them come out with. The guitar tones are the best yet and the drums sound incredibly powerful. The first time you hear it on a stereo you hear the bass lines Johnny’s playing and they are solid, very solid. I really wish they let Arin let loose in this song more. He’s a great drummer and I feel bad for the onslaught of hate he is going to get for this. Needless to say I cannot wait for the album cause i know it will be awesome. This song just doesn’t click with me that well, who knows maybe it will soon enough!

Comment by Dave

Couldn’t agree more on Arin. Everyone is going to call him a shit drummer, when really he’s just going with the flow. A7X wants old school, groovy, rock and Arin plays to that perfectly. I think he may let loose on this album, just not on the first single.

Comment by Terrance Phifer

Yeah I agree and hope! Just reminds me too much of AC/DC or Metallica. They could have made the chorus more of a climax with how catchy the vocals and guitar harmonies are but the drum part is almost identical to the verse! Hopefully we will here him let loose like he did in Carry On and Not Ready to Die

Comment by Dave

Yeah, Arin definitely needs to be let loose. The fans (myself included) need to know what he’s capable of, and so far we haven’t seen much from him. Before he releases a bunch of “toned down” stuff, I really would like to actually hear him play the drums. It’s impressive enough that he can play The Rev’s and Portnoys stuff…but he hasn’t written anything that impressive.

Comment by Z.Burns

Dave, I checked out your band, you guys are really fucking good. You seem to share a little more likeliness to Bullet For My Valentine. The instrumentals remind me of a blend of BFMV and A7X. Your voice I can’t put my finger on. Maybe a little Matt Tuck(BFMV) as well as some Brandon Saller (Atreyu/Hell or Highwater) and David Marchand (AFI). Anyways, it’s a good formula, and I enjoyed listening. Miss DBN, I apologize for being entirely unrelated to the single, but I wasn’t sure how else to inform the man of my opinion.

Comment by ClarksvilleOHIO

I’ll allow it this once ;)

Comment by Deathbat News

They said they were going for a classic hard rocking groovy metal album just like back in the 70’s and 80’s… and you can totally hear the sabbath and metallica influences, this is one of the first true hard rocking metal songs i’ve heard in years, and I think it is fantastic. Don’t be so quick to hate, Avenged has always grown and expanded their musical abilities, and i get the feeling this record is gonna be the closest thing any kid of my generation will get to early sabbath, metallica, megadeth ect…

Comment by Danny

Still getting chills, especially from the chorus. This album is gonna crush just like all the others.

Comment by Revenant

Diggin’ it for sure- can’t wait to hear more and see them live in 2 days!

Comment by Carmen Feuling

Let me start off this comment by saying holy shit, this is song is badass. That being said, I don’t think anything will ever move me as much as the first time I sat and listened to Buried Alive when they were leaking vids in the few days before Nightmare’s release. I remember sitting in awe of what I just heard and feeling proud to be in love with this music. Nightmare as a single never blew me away like Buried Alive did. So while I like this song (much like the last go around), I’m still waiting to hear the song on this album that takes me on that type of musical journey. The one that grabs ahold of me and won’t let go until it’s shown me everything I needed to hear in it. Great job guys, I can’t wait to see you all during the next couple of years. Oh how I’ve missed the Family.

Comment by ClarksvilleOHIO

Yes! I agree with you 100%. Nothing will ever top the first time I heard Buried Alive and it will probably always be my favorite. But I’m sure this album will have something that’s at least comparable to the awesomeness of Buried Alive.

Comment by Matt

It’s like 3 or 4 different stages of rising emotion that mesh together perfectly combining everything I love about Avenged. However, I’m very sketchy about picking any ONE song and singling it out as my favorite. If pressured, I might be able to pick out like a top 10. But the moment itself of listening to Buried Alive for the first time was just incredible, and it’s a memory that’s (gladly) burned into my skull forever.

Comment by ClarksvilleOHIO

fucking amazing song hail to the king ♥

Comment by raghu

I love it! so excited for the rest, it’s killing me.

Comment by Jacob Derington

i love how they gave it that old school feel but just kick ass because they are Avenged Sevenfold thats what they specialize in but in my opinion there is nothing that they cant do cant wait to see you guys in englewood gonna be a blast so what if the drums sound different yea hes not the rev i have seen them in concert with jimmy and was glad i went because ever since i started listening to them the rev has been my drum idol and has made me a better drummer because i want to be able to play his style of music but in truth no one could ever play like he did such brilliance in one awesome person. i would like to say congrats to aaron as well for stepping up to the plate and playing for them and being a huge fan of the rev and wont let people down thank you avenged for delivering amazing music in every song i have heard and love because there is not one song from a7x i wont listen too thats just how it is.they were inspired to be the best that they could and it has inspired me by listening to every song to be the best i can be at the drums. thank you deathbatnews for keeping all of us updated with everything truly appreciate it. if there is one thing i regret the most is that in 2009 i didnt stay for the full concert due to an extremely insane migraine i had but i have a chance to redeem myself but hey things happen and i wish i could have met the rev but i didnt and i cant change that. HAIL TO THE KING. R.I.P. jimmy foREVer

Comment by Aj

LOVE IT!!! I keep on listening to the previews and the song on repeat!

Comment by Anonymous

I think what people should understand is that A7X can never reclaim that specific level of emotion and personal pain that they did on Nightmare, if they had tried, this album would probably be crap. They’re making records based on where they are at the time of writing it. Sounds like they’re going for a badass vibe now, not an introspective vibe, so if you listen with an open mind, I think this song touches you but in a different way…I kinda like it better that way, they’ve sort of preserved the “old A7X sound” with the Rev and they’re not gonna try and fake it without him, they’re moving on and it sounds kickass! And this song is definitely a grower for that matter, but one it clicks, it’s on repeat for me

Comment by Anonymous

Agreed, well said!

Comment by Daniel Sims

I am more surprised that this song is in C# like Scream, Almost Easy and A Little Piece of Heaven was. What an amazing tuning for solos.

Comment by Kevin

The tease13 and channel 13 previews are also Db/C# tuning, it’s cool, maybe that’ll be the main tuning on this record

Comment by Anonymous

Decent song to play on the radio, but I’m not totally impressed with the single, I still have high hopes for the album though because with this song they kept it relatively safe while on the complete flip side you have the All Hail Andronikos preview which sounds super experimental and nothing like what we just heard
This song feels very cookie cutter to me, but every album needs a simple and catchy tune to promote the release of their album. As A7X said, this has a very old school rock feel, that has a very steady beat that’s easy to bob or bang your head to, but does that mean that A7X is no longer a HeavyMetal band? Hail To The King has a textbook Hard Rock sound
Anyway, Im loving the fact that Johnny’s bass is much louder than usual, hopefully it stays that way, because I always felt that A7X songs lacked bass. It gave the track a much gritty and beefier vibe to the track
Also that solo is mental! Syn always delivers the ear candy with his heaven-sent strings

Comment by Phil

Why do they need to have a label on what they do? I hate that people feel the need to draw lines between hard rock and heavy metal. To me, it’s all just badass rock music!

Comment by SynVanSambora


Comment by Cory

I’m not saying it’s bad that they change, but you can’t deny the difference in their sound

Comment by Phil

I remember hearing Almost Easy before the s/t came out and thought the same thing. Good song, but pretty formulaic all things considered. I’m looking forward to hearing Shepard of Fire that preview sounds so badass.

Comment by A stallino duck

#guessitbegun lol!

Comment by JC

a7x done it again new fav

Comment by Anonymous

At first I wasn’t the biggest fan but after listening to it for the past 24 hours I’m absolutely obsessed. Every aspect of the song is so beautifully sounding, very structured and well rounded. I’m impressed to say the very very least. Its almost at 500, 000 views on youtube already! definitely satisfied!

Comment by MyMindCantChangeTheSpeed

My trolling brother said Hail to the King sounds like Disturbed. I…I just had to share this monstrosity of an opinion with you all. *Shudders*

Comment by Ava

Hahahaha. I’m a huge fan of Disturbed. I cannot think of one element of it that in any way resembles a Disturbed song.

Comment by Cory

Yeah…this is still better than any Disturbed song. haha

Comment by Z.Burns

I wonder if they will release any more songs prior to the album release date?? If you will remember with Nightmare, after they released the single, they released youtube videos of Buried Alive, and Welcome To The Family. Just thinking out loud. I would like to get one more song before the release, maybe about 3 weeks out would be perfect timing. Also, it will be interesting to see what their setlists look like for their tour dates prior to 8/27. Will this be the only song they work in, or will they throw a couple more songs that nobody knows into the mix. They’ve always been a band that has a TON of fan interaction during their shows, so I don’t see them playing anything that the crowd doesn’t know. DBN, will you be posting set lists??? Thanks!!!

Comment by Anonymous

I hope they don’t. I want as much new unheard music as I can get when I listen to the cd for the first time. One single is fine until the album release.

Comment by lauren

If someone who attends sends it in I will post it. Both before (starting tomorrow) and after (after the album is released.)

Comment by Deathbat News

Got mine yesterday

Comment by Kenny

Kick Ass tune, I can hear Johnny a lot better now too. You guys are the best by far in my mind.

Comment by Andrew Johnson

I was never a fan of Nightmare, it was my least fave track off the album, so I hope this is just the same and I like the rest.
I am worried they have lost that edge, Matts vocals are chilling normally, this song is bland and boring.
You can do good classic edgy rock and not be boring, Guns did it.

Comment by JUICE

they did but in the end look at what happened to them XD… though i disagree. Matt’s voice has a different tone to it that makes it better then its been in years, even when he screamed

Comment by Rachel Gates

Yeah, I agree with you. Shadows’ voice has gotten a lot better since Sounding the Seventh Trumpet, probably due to the touring, the more constant usage, and vocal training. His high parts aren’t so thin anymore.

Comment by SynVanSambora

This song is fucking epic, different but epic. I cannot wait to hear the rest of the album!

Comment by Anonymous

I can’t believe so many people have given such a negative reaction towards it, but it doesn’t really affect the way I listen to it. I enjoy it very much and I can’t stop listening to it. It’s great!

Comment by Bodhi

Has anyone who was kinda on the fence about this song began to absolutely love it? This song is weird for me because literally every time I listen to it, it gets better. I know a lot of music does that but this song in particular. At first I was kinda just like “meh, it’s a good song but it’s not too great.” but now I love it.

Comment by Adam

I was wildly against this song when I first heard it…but now I’m just on the fence about it. I’m ok with about half of the song…love the solo, hate the drums. I was on the fence with Nightmare at first…but now I love it.

Comment by Z.Burns

I’d encourage everyone who is on the fence about it to cut loose and start head banging to it. Then you’ll get it 😈

Comment by SynVanSambora

It’s meant to be played loud. It will be great to hear live. Easy to get into it and sing along and what not.

Comment by Shane

I was thinking the same thing… I think this song will sound very good live especially when matt shadows lets his voice go in this song…

Comment by Anonymous

Maybe Avenged Sevenfold picked their worst song on the album for the single and title (I LOVE IT!) to under sell what unholy fucking awesomeness they’re are about to unveil!

Comment by Ice

This song gets better every time I listen to it. There’s no way it’ll ever be one of my favourites (the cookie-cutter song structure gets stale after a while) but it’s a great song to head bang to. I’d probably give it a 3/5 by Avenged standards, but a 4/5 if it were another band.

I’m hoping the rest of the album is a little more unpredictable. I’m all for the groove-oriented approach but it still needs that unique A7X flare, you know?

Comment by Ron

I think this song has a little Hell’s Bells feel to it

Comment by Rdog

The song is really growing on me! Can’t wait for the album and the show in Oslo on November 9th. \m/(><)\m/

I got myself a Deathbat-tattoo for the occation…

Comment by MortenM

Ill admit this song is growing on me a little more the point where I enjoy it, but still think its nowhere near their best stuff.

Comment by ZP

GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! YES!!! MY LOVES! THANK YOU, This song RoCkS! I cant WAIT until Aug 27th, And Im going to wait every minute that goes by until tickets are released for 10/16 – Orlando, Florida.


Hail To The King.

-Deathbat TGH

Comment by Anonymous

As much as I hate saying this… The more I listen to this song the less I like it. I’m just hoping that this isn’t the best song on the record :/

Comment by Anonymous

thats exactly what happen to me it was like when i first heard it loved it, and then i was like getting blue balls from it, its like it never climaxes or something i cant explain it

Comment by joanna

Yeah I think maybe we were just so excited and highly anticipated we were going to like it no matter what lol. If I hear it live I will probably love it because the excitement will be back.

Comment by Anonymous

Listening to this compilation of previews and the song all day!

Comment by Will

IT does sound like they studied classic songs and its reflected on syns solo

Comment by Anonymous

I hate to say it but I am disappointed =/ I mean it’s good but I expected more. First 10s I was happy and awaited song like Lost,Afterlife,Until the End but then… this song is very very stripped down =(

I may be wrong but for me it’s missing core A7X elements and they almost didn’t add anything new(ok except the solo =p)
For me its missing the punch and that A7X feeling.
I find this song among their weakest songs(which are like 5ones in my opinion)

I hope this is just radio-friendly song and other songs will be better =) But on the other side every A7X album is different – that’s why I like them! =)

I’m still hoping for record like CoE or DiR(hyperactive guitars =D) being simplified. I pray that they won’t overdo it and simplify it to AC/DC level =/

just my 2cents

Comment by Rusty

i felt kinda like you, but look at the live performance. I liked the song before, but that made the song awesome to me, good show good stuff

Comment by Ryan Le Frois (@RLefrois025)

Yea you’ve got a point, their live performances always push/improves the feel of songs by 50% =)

Heh and last thing I saw they were using Johnny more often for vocals and screaming, it’s awesome =D

Everyone in band can sing(and have interesting voice)so I think they can utilize it more, not just layering background vocals but like singing together(3-4note higher you know what I mean) that would be cool!

Comment by Rusty

At first I liked the song. It wasn’t my favourite by any means, but I liked it. I’ve been listening to it for a few days now…. and I fucking love it. It’s not complicated, it’s not full of layers, but it is very focused. I wouldn’t want them make another Nightmare, CIty of Evil, Avenged Sevenfold or Waking the Fallen. If I wanted to hear those albums again I would just listen to those albums.

The song Hail to the King has a great classic metal vibe to it. I like how it’s not filled with pop influenced hooks and harmonies like WTTF, Afterlife or Beast and the Harlot (not to say that I don’t love those songs too). It is just raw and bad-ass. I’m super looking forward to the rest of the album. They never disappoint \m/

Comment by Eh7x

Dbn lady, if you get a chance to review the new album either before or after it comes out, you should. I really enjoyed reading your review for Nightmare before it came out. And one thing I can’t stand is reading a review for an A7X album from someone who isn’t a fan of the band. Some people just don’t get it, you know? Anyways, your doing an awesome job. I visit this site an unhealthy amount haha.

Comment by Eh7x

Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Though, I’m not very good with reviews and the technical aspect of music I think I do an ok job of explaining how the music makes me feel. I don’t mind reading reviews from those who wouldn’t necessarily call themselves a fan, whether good or bad, but I can’t stand when those who actively hate on them write a negative one for the hell of it.

Comment by Deathbat News

Your review of Nightmare was probably the only helpful analysis of the album’s sound before it came out. A real Avenged fan knows how to talk music with another Avenged fan :)

Comment by NEfobbyGEN

Thank you :)

Comment by Deathbat News

Makes me wanna stomp my foot, pump my fist, drive really fast, and punch someone in the nose…all at once. Hell yeah.

Comment by Johnnie

Its amazing how much better this is live. With Shadows’ power and (well timed and modest) embellishments, and especially without that exact riff going on throughout the entire song.

Comment by Wayne7x

Love it!!!

Comment by Anonymous

So Fucking Psyched! I’ve always loved fantasy lyrics, and ever since their Flash of the Blade cover I’ve wanted them to do something like this.

Comment by Azaqurah (@Azaqurah)

hope their whole album isnt like this… quite boring in my opinion..

Comment by Anonymous

i’m so sad..i was expecting something like unholy confessions or carry on..not this shit

Comment by thissongsucks

fuck its a good ass song

Comment by dylan

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