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Baltimore’s 98 Rock Gets A Call From M Shadows.
July 16, 2013, 2:46 pm
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M Shadows called into Baltimore’s 98 Rock to chat with Amelia about getting back on the road, passing the time on tour, Amelia being an “older metal head” and Avenged “bringing back the guitar lead,” music with guitar solos being second nature to them and different genre’s of metal in general, the Limited Edition “Hail To The King” box-set and if he owns any of his own. Unfortunately, the phone cut out during the interview so it ended early.


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Oh wow that’s the radio station I usually listen to and I missed it! Anyway, it was a good interview. It’s too bad it got cut short!

Comment by Shefali

Nice interview, even though it got cut out lol
Yeah I already got my box set online.
I never EVER got a box set from a band before and it was my chance to get hopefully the best one in the start of having a great collection of box sets.
Once I saw what was in it…I just had to get it.
100 bucks plus tax and shipping is a bit much but what the hell, I still wanted it lol
Plus, they have been my inspiration to drawing and inspiring artistic ideas for many years and I definitely think that it is worth it… (I worked my ass off with school and work all summer too so I think I deserve a little gift for myself LOL)
Hope to see them in Cincinnati! :) Rock on \m/

Comment by Ashley Nicole

Pay your cellphone bill Matt! Haha

Comment by RachTheBat

I freakin’ love Trivium lol.

Comment by Kaylee

Can’t wait for them to come back to Baltimore!!

Comment by Anonymous

oh snap, i listen to 98 rock everyday, but missed the interview. can’t wait to see them Oct 8th in Baltimore! Hail to A7X!

Comment by Anonymous

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