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New “Hail To The King” Single And Album Cover Art.
July 16, 2013, 3:00 pm
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Metal Hammer are confirming that Avenged Sevenfold have changed their “Hail To The King” album art. They’ll also be using a modified version of the original cover for the single.

(Single / Album)


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Lame. The original art was awesome.

Comment by moridin94

Why? I liked the old one better. The new one is boring

Comment by eklute

As much as I loved the original cover this new one looks much more polished and professional. I also love the touch up that’s been done to the now Hail To The King single artwork.

Comment by Mike

Much better

Comment by Shaun Almada

I disagree that decision with all my heart. The single cover should be the album cover as it was supposed to be.

Comment by jAyDana

i agree with you man. the single cover should be the album cover and the album cover should the single cover

Comment by louis giannamore


Comment by Kurt Westmann

Not liking the album cover, it looks rushed. But it’s the music that matters.

Comment by A7X Talk

I like both. The filtered is much better than the original original. Boy this is getting confusing.

Comment by lostmesa

Hmm that is weird. I’m hoping thst the half deathbat black version isn’t the final artwork but it looks like that is going to be the case. DBN, do you remember if they have changed album covers for past albums?

Comment by Isaac

Not that I know of.

Comment by Deathbat News

I think this looks a whole lot better.

Comment by Knox

The modified version of the original would have been fine for the album cover. New official album cover looks like it was put together in 2 minutes. Either way, the change was necessary.

Comment by Laurence

I love them both. I hope they didn’t change it because of displeased fans. I wish they would have kept Cam’s artwork as the cover, but it doesn’t really matter to me what the cover is. August needs to hurry up!

Comment by Randi Fay

I like them both! Only weird (and cool) thigs is that the album cover doesen’t have Avenged Sevenfold’s name in int

Comment by ToNtUz

The first one was so much better. I don’t get why they’re not gonna use that beautiful Cam’s art as the album cover anymore. But I think there’ll be lots of awesome art inside the album. Let’s just wait and see.

Comment by Luiza

This sucks. Now we have three out of six albums with the deathbat and a plain background. I was so excited to hang up the Rackam vinyl art on my wall, and now I won’t even bother with this new one because I already have “Waking the Fallen” and “Avenged Sevenfold.” This is seriously so lame. Terrible new album cover. Why would they change it?

Comment by thomasgwhaley

Looks like im just going to have to buy the single artwork as a fullsize print instead/

Comment by Brandon

Hey whats up Black Album

Comment by Pier-Carl

I really like how they fixed the coloring on the first image. Now if only they’d trade the single’s and album’s artwork, it’d be perfect.

Comment by Dan

i couldn’t have said it any better

Comment by Brooks Anders

I second this notion.

Comment by Dante Phoenix

Agreed. It looks way better the way they did it as the single artwork

Comment by Eh7x

I love the death bat, nice to see it finally will appear non-inverted!

Comment by Viktor

Now you’ll have everyone who liked the original artwork complaining and everyone who didn’t like it happy with the change. Lol.

Comment by Cal

Heart choice for album cover! Looks clean

Comment by Jordan Hartley

It’s odd that they switched, but in all honesty, I don’t really care what they do with the album art. They could put a carrot on the cover and it wouldn’t concern me. I hardly ever look at the cover art anyway, haha.

Comment by Amanda Douglas (@hellbenttoread)

The artwork looks much more professional and polished now, before it looked like something made in paint, it doesn’t affect the quality of their music but c’mon it’s the whole image and first impression of the album. Much better like this

Comment by Dalila Contreiras

I think it’s crazy risky that they don’t even put “Avenged Sevenfold” on the album. Obviously they don’t need to, because they did it with self-titled too (which was even more ridiculous as that was the name of the album as well.

Just goes to show they’ve made it, I suppose.

Comment by Cory

maybe going the black album route or IV by led zepplin they said they are some of there bigger influences

Comment by Anonymous

I love the change. The new album cover is bad ass. That Death Bat is pretty epic looking.

Comment by Revenant

Did this just happen today? I have the art with the deathbat for the single…

Comment by Jovan

It was confirmed today.

Comment by Deathbat News

Right on. That sucks, I really dig the original art. The revised version shown here is awesome.

Comment by Jovan

With the new filter, that artwork without a doubt should be the album art. But they’ve alternated back and forth with a Deathbat album cover since Waking the Fallen, so maybe that’s why they are doing it again.

Comment by Cathartik

I feel like this album calls for the single artwork as the album cover.

Comment by Matt

who cares about album art? People are complaining about both anyways,and they haven’t spent a year and a half on album art,they spent it on getting everything thing music wise getting it down to a TEE

Comment by Chris Smith

That cover is about 1000x better than the other. Thats what an album should look like.

Comment by chris

I liked the old one.

Comment by Helen

I was starting to like the original, they shouldn’t have changed it.

Comment by Rob

should have just polished the OG artwork and left it at that. why change it completely? especially to something theyve essentially done two times already. looks weak on their part, like they gave into critics, and thats not the avenged sevenfold way. not a huge deal since its just artwork and the music counts– but from a publicity standpoint, kind of a bad call.

Comment by Anonymous

to think the album art was changed because of the fucktards that were all *i could do better than that* really pisses me off

Comment by Maya Lang (@maya_sevenfold1)


Comment by Brandon

Like someone else said, the “new original” would’ve been perfect as the album cover, but I’m not complaining. I like this new cover.

Comment by Loghen

there can be no album cover and people will still buy it. it doesnt matter people.

Comment by Alan

I think sometimes the visual can give a better “feel” to how the music will sound and feel to you. It just sucks that I already implemented the “feel” for the new album with the original artwork, but I think I can change. I dislike the color but I love the logo change – much easier to read.

Comment by Kaylee

I feel like they should just switch the final single and album covers so the gold is the album and the all black deathbat is the single

Comment by Justin

they should use the modified single cover for the album. it looks much better

Comment by louis giannamore

Shitty. I really liked the first one, it was more… proffesional in my opinion. This one is just a half of the Deathbat, nothing new, nothing interesting.

Comment by LEMUR_PL

Personally I’m going to atone my digital copy with the REAL artwork they released to begin with. A7X foREVer!!!

Comment by Tim

Thank God. IMO the older one was cheesy as shit. I love this goddamn band though, and I much prefer this new cover, looks badass.

Comment by Khaled

That sucks I was really looking forward to having the original on a t shirt or poster it was so badass and I feel like that’s something that would represent Avenged Sevenfold better

Comment by Jose S

I was one of the ones ripping on the old cover but I’d much rather have the older cover than this, change it up and put the Hail To The King font used in the Single cover and it would be a lot better.. I mean I don’t really care either way but still.

Comment by Jimjoncricket

I like it plain is always better imo, this is simple and looks awesome.

Comment by Anonymous

Even though the original was alright, the new modified single art is gorgeous. However, I guess it makes sense not to use it as they’re album cover, seeing as they really are pounding in the “bare bones” concept for this album. The half deathbat fits better with their kudos to the guys for staying true to their idea in more ways than one.

Comment by Anonymous

Looking forward to picking up both artworks
Really like the bold look of the single art, the ver before that is cool to but this one gets my attention a lot more.

Comment by CodyBear6

Why would they ever change it? The original artwork is probably my favorite album cover they’ve ever used. The filtered version is less good and the final version of the full album’s cover is EXTREMELY boring. It’s just an off-center Waking the Fallen cover, or a darker version of their self-titled album cover. The art went from unique and badass to redundant with no distinguishing features. I have no clue why they’d do this. At least the album’s gonna be amazing though…

Comment by halothreetard

It’s much better, classic for a ‘classic’ album. The artwork like the one used in this ‘HTK’ vid would have been awesome though!!!

Comment by Will

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