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Kerrang!’s Avenged Sevenfold Feature: The New Album, The New Sound & More.
July 17, 2013, 4:22 am
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Avenged Sevenfold were on the cover of last week’s issue of Kerrang! Magazine in which they spoke with M Shadows about how ”Hail To The King” will be different from past records, writing without Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan, themes on “Hail To The King,” preparing Arin Ilejay for the ‘hate’ he would receive regarding the sound of the album, how important it was to take last summer off, how the band have grown personally in the last ten years, their writing approach with “Hail To The King” and much more. Click the image below to see the full feature. You can purchase the issue digitally here on Google Play.

Scans submitted by Sarra.

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It makes me angrier than a rabid dog that they had to give Arin a pep talk. What kind of “fan” berates a new drummer for not being the original? Of course he doesn’t sound like The Rev! He’s not going to. They’re different people with different experiences and styles. I hope this fan base proves them wrong, shows them their fears were unfounded and embraces Arin and his style. The single alone should tell you he is a competent drummer and I have no doubt he’ll blow you away at the live show. This is AVENGED SEVENFOLD, they aren’t going to pick someone who can’t play their rudiments.

Comment by Harley Quinn

I think he was referring to response from critics more than response from fans when Matt said “hate”. I, for one, love Arin as a drummer and completely understand the need for less flashy and technical drum parts.

Comment by O-H

Well said! I, myself, am ready for the new stuff and the next step in A7X’s career. Keep bringing the rock guys!!!

Comment by Carmen Feuling

No hate for Arin-period! People need to deal, Jimmy will always be in our hearts and never forgotten. He would have done his job the exact same way on this record. Hail-Hail-Hail!

Comment by Tammy

I agree with you guys! Arin will be accepted and blow people’s minds away. I get emotional just thinking about it because Jimmy is the reason I fell in love with A7X. The guys won’t let us down I’m sure of it! Welcome to the family Arin! Hail to the King foREVer!!!

Comment by Mike

Arin deserves high praise for walking into this post Jimmy, post Portnoy shit-storm. He is a great drummer, and this new single is already blowing up local radio here in Minnesota. I can’t wait for the album and tour.

Comment by Revenant

Good interview!
Also, funny Tiger Woods with the Deathbat cap haha!

Comment by Zeke

Just because his drumming style is more stripped down sounding for this album doesn’t mean it’s going to be that way in other future albums. Avenged was in the mood to write the album that they did, and with them always changing their style who knows what will come after. We all know Arin is fully capable of other styles, his first recording with the band (not ready to die) shows that. Having said all that I’m quite nervous about the new album. I just hope alot of it is more exciting/heavy than the single they just released. Then again when have they ever let me down?

Comment by David

Makes me sad that they had to prepare Arin for hate. I think his drumming is superb on “Hail to the King” and quite frankly cannot wait to hear the other tracks so as to get a taste of how he does with different styles of songs. He meets A7X standard, clearly, else the band wouldn’t haven’t chosen him to join them.

Comment by Kate

Don’t forget that arin already played the rev’s songs on the last tours and he did very well

Comment by Kevin Colditz (@Kshred)

I think it’s good that they prepared Arin for the hate, because he’s going to get it. Of course we all know that the laid-back drumming style was a conscious decision by the band, but more casual fans don’t read interviews and will say that Arin is a shitty drummer. I really wish it wasn’t that way; it will be just one more thing that Avenged gets judged for.

Comment by Alex

I got mad respect for these guys, since they already know before the single even has been released that arin’s drumming is gonna be hated on. It’s as if they’ve been in the game for a bit and know what’s going on in showbusiness..oh wait THEY’RE AVENGED F@CKING SEVENFOLD…i think they know what they’re doing ;)

Comment by Anonymous

(: Good interview btw. Haters can keep hating its not gunna change anything (;

Comment by Sammi

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