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Avenged Sevenfold Perform “Hail To The King” & “Carry On” Live At Rock USA.
July 18, 2013, 3:00 am
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Avenged Sevenfold performed their new single “Hail To The King” and “Carry On” live for the first time at Rock USA. You can check out a closer view of HTTK here.

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Sounds really good. Did the audience forget the HAIL! memo though? Kind of seems like it from the video.

Comment by Matt

Right! I was thinking the same thing. Like, come on guys! Left Shadows hangin’. Ha

Comment by Kasey

Matt’s voice just gets better.

Comment by Anonymous

HTTK sounds really well live.

Comment by Zack G.

They hit it spot on!!! Awesome. I’m so proud of them. Can’t wait to see them in Hollywood ♡

Comment by Sheila Rene

Amazing!!! looking forward to Wembley in December so much it hurts!!!!

Comment by Becci Fry-Gwyther

The crowd looks bored… Not even fists in the air? dafuq humans? ._.

Comment by CarlosB

It’s because at those shows they have the VIP section up front in lawn chairs. It’s super lame, which is why I figured I’d wait until they’re touring the full album and playing arenas. A rock show’s no good without the pit! Still, this looked pretty badass.

Comment by SynVanSambora

They’re bbaaaaaaccckkkk!!! It was freakin’ amazing!! I was singing and “hailing” along, way in the back… :) I only wish they had more than an hour.

Comment by Carmen Feuling

Freaking crowd whats wrong with them?? they should be yelling HAIL!

Comment by dan

I hate the continuous solo… It doesnt fit with the song, Gates has missed some inspiration

Comment by Bruno

Buddy have you ever heard 80’s metal? That’s what there going for, and that’s the best fucking part of the song, fits perfect

Comment by Anonymous

Listen to Megadeth’s Rust in Peace dude. I love Syn’s guitar in HTTK. It’s like Maiden’s Wasted Years in a a way.

Comment by Revenant

i agree with bruno here. It sounds good but the fact that is pretty much the same thru the entire song is kinda annoying after about one minute, and i get the feeling synyster gets tired of playing those notes because of the length. I really don’t like how it continues thru the whole song

Comment by jruss

I also agree with Bruno. Like it almost doesn’t even fit the song and feels to drag on. It’s a good song, but I look forward to hearing the rest of the album.

Comment by alaBAMCIS

sounds spot on live. I want to see a video of “Carry On” live. That was a live debut as well!

Comment by steve

Keep in mind its all tractors and the majority of them listen to mainly country. I used to live near there.

Comment by J

Wow the Crowd kicked ass…not

Comment by Anonymous

I really want to see the Carry on video too, this song could be amazing in the live version.

Comment by Zack G.

It was pretty good. Hearing HTTK live definitely topped it though.

Comment by Matt

I bet Syn’s fingers fall off after playing HTTK…good lord man…the guitar part for that song is like a 5 minute 11 second solo

Comment by Andy W Spivey

As a guitar player myself, i can tell that he probably doesnt have much feeling left on his finger tips lol

Comment by Francis

Wow what a lame crowd… They sound amazing love it can’t wait for them to co.e to Vegas :)

Comment by lilly

Sounds really amazing live. Shadows’ voice is unfaltering. That crowd blew though. Hopefully they play it to a more enthusiastic one in the near future.

Comment by Stacey

Carry On, eh? Definitely didn’t see that one coming. I’m glad they’re playing at least a LITTLE something that’s different.

Comment by moridin94

Ya, I was there…The setup was the worst ever for a metal show. The so called “VIP” section took up the entire front and was enormous. The section behind them, was people sitting in their own lawn chairs…General admission was pushed so far back you basically were reduced to watching the show on the big screens…The people running security made it hard to see with all the pathways and areas they were trying to keep clear..The entire setup was basically for a country show not metal…Dumb

Comment by Demian C Wright

Yup. I was supposed to be going to the LaCrosse show then decided to go to this one. Poorest excuse of a setup for a freaking metal concert. Not to mention the “safety bands” and all the other price gouging. Never again.

Comment by Matt

I’m never going there again after Chevelle and Godsmack play Friday.

Comment by Ryan

Can’t wait till they come to orlando in october! It will be amazing to hear their new songs live. The sound of the guitars sound so much better now. Matts voice is just flawless from what I’m hearing. So pumped!

Comment by MyMindCantChangeTheSpeed

Glad to read that I am not the only person who thought the crowd was crap….lol.

Its funny how when M Shadows stands by Syn for a little, Syn always backs away like fuk off man haha

Comment by Ashley M

I was there and the crowd was pissing me off. I think i was the only one singing along. Hard to enjoy it when everyone else is acting dead.

Comment by Ryan

Was never really a fan of Carry On I think its one of a7xs worst songs so I dont care for it live. But I really hope after the new music is added to the setlist they will also change out the classics. bat country and unholy especially are great but theyve played them TO DEATH. fans love anything from Waking the Fallen and Im sure if they changed out boring Unholy to Chapter Four or something no one would complain and people would still get excited…….. No one wants to see the same old songs 2 years later. Lets switch it up guys!

Comment by Anonymous

I was thinking the same thing! Very similar set list of their past shows. Really hope they switch it up! I mean I love them but they always open with nightmare, followed by critical acclaim, and welcome to the family and end with unholy confessions =/

Comment by Daniela Juarez

They’ve been playing pretty much the same setlist since the s/t came out, with only a couple tours in there (Uproar 2011, most notably, but even that featured all the singles cuz the fans were stupid and voted for them) that switched it up at all. I’ve seen them eight times and seen songs like Almost Easy, Critical Acclaim, Unholy, Afterlife all eight times.

Comment by moridin94

It’s a fine line though, you know? A lot if people would be pissed off if they went to go see them, and they didn’t play nightmare. I had a similar experience were they didn’t play beast and the harlot, which I was a little mad about (not at the band- the crowd sucked and it was their encore song). And they do get really sick of playing the same songs, but they still need to play what the fans want to hear. I think that’s why they’ve pretty much removed Beast and the Harlot from the set. Still, after this album comes out, I don’t know how they intend to keep playing 45 minute shows, there’ll be fans rioting for more!

Comment by SynVanSambora

I would love to see chapter four live. It was awesome a couple of years ago when they had the poll on facebook to choose songs to be in their setlist. That was probably the best concert of theirs I had been to, because it wasn’t all the same “popular” songs they always play (and the setlist was kind of a surprise).

Comment by Anonymous

They played Chapter Four live last year at Uproar in my city… One of the best songs live in my opinion.

Comment by Anonymous

I’m so damn jealous. Of the eight times I’ve seen them, I’ve never gotten Chapter Four. They’ve played it on the shows before AND after three of the times I’ve seen them. Ugh. I’m starting to despair of ever seeing it.

Comment by moridin94

they have played chapter four A TON of times haha. Since 2009 along they have probably played it live 20 times or more. They played it alot in 2010 and 2011. It was kick fucking ass too.

Comment by jruss

They didn’t play it at all in 2010, but ya they played it a ton in 2011 and 2009. I just got unlucky with the sets I saw

Comment by Anonymous

Setlist is going to change for sure when the album is out.

Comment by JJL

Agreed. What irks me is how they deny it too. In a recent interview, the interviewer asked Zacky if they’d throw anything from STST or Waking in to celebrate anniversaries and Zacky replied “Yeah, anything is possible. We like to switch it up.” But they’ve played the same exact skeleton of a set list since Taste of Chaos in 2008. We’ll only ever get the same singles from each album. Forget “Bat Country” and throw in “Burn it Down” instead. Instead of “Almost Easy” do “Brompton Cocktail.” Avenged has a great back catalog of music that fans would want to hear, and it’s essentially untouched live (or at least for the last half of a decade or so). Plenty of my other favorite bands throw in songs from any album at any show, and that’s exciting and incentive to go back to the shows. When Avenged comes around, it almost is a pain to shell out the money to hear the same old tired set list over and over. The shows are fun no doubt, but it gets tiring pretending to get excited when they start up “Beast and the Harlot.” They really limit themselves live musically. I often wonder if they genuinely get excited about playing the same songs, or if they’re just used to going through the motions now…

Comment by thomasgwhaley

HTTK sounds awesome live! I can’t wait to sing along, possibly 3x this year!

Comment by andrew

Is just me or do they seem really bored playing carry on? Like there is no energy put in to it? :/

Comment by Marty

Anyone else notice shads dancing by himself during syn’s solo? hahaha.
And this crowd sucks major d

Comment by Lindsey

Half the crowd wasn’t there to see Avenged.

Comment by Ryan

I think this song is FCKN amazing!!!! I don’t know why the FCKN crowd didn’t went crazy… I can’t wait to see them Here in Los Angeles!! Hell Yeah!!!!!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

Honestly, i wasnt the biggest fan of the new song, but after hearing this live performance… HOLY SHIT THIS IS GONNA BE AN AWESOME ALBUM!

Comment by Ryan Le Frois (@RLefrois025)

new rule, if you’re going to a festival type show like me, you have to go crazy, sing along, jump, and the whole 9 yards even if you’re the only one doing it. Film yourself too. Now that would be fun.

Comment by Thierry Arrieta

Why the crowd was lame waited 1 hour and 45 min people were wasted was 95 out and humid wisconsin showed them the love just too drunk !!! Was a bad ass show !!!

Comment by Jim

They’re playing Carry On in C# as well… Are they playing everything in C# now? I know they did the same thing with Welcome to the Family, but I’m worried that everything will be taken a half step down….

Comment by Alikz

No, everything else was played in its original tuning. I assume they did it for this song to make the vocals a little easier on Matt.

Comment by Matt

I doubt it. They could easily have the guitar tech tune a few guitars in D and another few in C# and have Syn and Zacky switch between songs. If not they should hire me as guitar tech.

Comment by O-H

Wow the crowd definitely sucked and did anyone notice the security guy standing im front of syn during the httk solo? Def looks like they are trying to get back into performing since they all kept kinda running into each other. Its like they didnt know where to go.. cant wait for the atlanta show, its the only thing that would ever bring me to atlanta lol

Comment by ashley

worst fans ever, there was a few fans i kinow of that went to the show that are diehards but i bet there were maximum 10 fans there that were diehards. Nobody did shit, looked like they wanted to hear some country jams about dogs, beer and ex girlfriends

Comment by jruss

Ahem.. what’s wrong with a little country? ;)

Comment by Deathbat News

Thank you DBN haha! A little country is never bad.

Comment by Ryan

Yeah, I was at that show too and the crowd really sucked. I felt like I was the only one excited or even really interested in the show. The guys did a great job in my opinion, but I definitely don’t plan on going back to Rock USA… when I see them live again, it’ll be at a different venue for sure.

Comment by Kate

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