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Johnny Christ Calls Into Seattle’s 99.9 KISW.
July 18, 2013, 3:34 am
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Johnny Christ called into Seattle’s 99.9 KISW on Tuesday to talk with the STP-Cast about scaling it back for “Hail To The King,” playing at The Gorge for the first time since Warped Tour, if bringing in Arin Ilejay was a tough transition, who in the band would be the first to give Arin the death-glare if he screwed up on stage and his rookie initiation being “ongoing,” participating in the Gumball 3000 and more.

Submitted by Jake.


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That was hilarious! I wish I could go to Pain in the Grass and see if he really does the crotch thrust, LOL!

Comment by Harley Quinn

I’ve gotta be honest, this “scaling it back” shit kinda scares me..

Comment by Chris

I agree. But i like the way Johnny described it better. He talked more about the riffs as opposed to the overall depth of the song like Matt did. Im still kinda nervous about it though. But Im sure itll be great.

Comment by O-H

im scared too. especially if everything sounds like Hail to the King. Waited 3 years for them not to play to their full potential. pretty dissapointing

Comment by ZP

Right there with you

Comment by Z.Burns

I wouldn’t say it isn’t their full potential. What it sounds like to me is that it’s their full song writing potential, just not their full technical potential. And to be honest, good song writing is way more important to me than flashy drum parts and guitar harmonies.

Comment by O-H

The DJ’s were awful…Interview its self was pretty good.

Comment by Chris Hanna

Coreographed crotch thrusts ha

Comment by wprathead

(Visions of choreographed crotch thrusts are running through my head.)

JC is hilarious! How do I get his hair?

Comment by Lisafer

I can’t wait to see them at Pain In The Grass!

Comment by Heidi

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