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Die Noobs Webisode: M Shadows Gets Starcraft II Training From Conan “Suppy” Liu.
July 23, 2013, 7:08 pm
Filed under: M Shadows, Major League Gaming

Die Noobs caught up with M Shadows and professional gamer Conan “Suppy” Liu at the Major League Gaming: Spring Championship in Anaheim last month and shot this Starcraft II training webisode.


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Lmao this is so awesome!

Comment by Kaylee

This guy is just to awesome haha

Comment by Anonymous

I used to play real time strategy games as a kid (Age of Empires, Age of Mythology, Command and Conquer).

To see one of my idols struggling and figuring out an RTS game for the very first time is very humorous and cool at the same time!

Comment by Steve

Lol Matt’s concentration face is EPIC!!!!

Comment by JC

Matts too funny, the game sounds pretty tight as well. I havent really played any strategy games in a while unless you count jurassic park operation genisis haha

Comment by Pete Vandenberg

Love that voice ^^ and he’s sooo funny! (:

Comment by TheophaniA7X

So cool to see Matt learning SC. Especially from Suppy. That game has a steep learning curve, but its fantastic.

Comment by Tyler

I always enjoy watching videos of the guys doing every day things. I absolutely love Matt’s gamer face :)) he is the coolest!

Comment by francyA7X

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