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Preview Revolver Magazine’s Avenged Sevenfold Feature: Hail To The Kings!
July 24, 2013, 10:12 am
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The Aug/Sept 2013 issue of Revolver Magazine featuring Avenged Sevenfold on the cover will be available on newsstands July 30th but you can pre-order your copy online now. On the inside, Dan Epstein delivers an entertaining and insightful article with help from M Shadows, Zacky Vengeance, Johnny Christ and Synyster Gates. What can you expect to read about? Where the album title “Hail To The King” came from, how the record first began to take shape, Zacky Vengeance preferring “raw fuckin’ power” over technicality, the “Hail To The King” writing sessions, what fans will be able to wrap their ears around (Wailing leads? Dual guitar harmonies? Pounding drums? Ripping bass lines? Groove and orchestration? Emotional vocals? It’s all there.), Synyster Gates declaring “Planets” and “Acid Rain” as “the coolest ending of a record we’ve ever fucking done, two of my favorite songs that we’ve ever written…” and much much more. If you have the issue already feel free to discuss here!


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Can I get this delivered to the UK?

Comment by Ruth Smith (@RuthAlmighty)

The NewBay Media Online Store’s Shipping & Returns page states that “We can ship to anywhere in the world.”

Comment by Deathbat News

And the fact that Matt has a son! I was so surprised, but that’s adorable! But I think I’ll like the end of the album, talking about how it’s the most similar to their previous stuff and it’s got emotional powerful lyrics. While the “pulling it back” stuff makes me nervous, I think it will still be great!

Comment by Lindsey

Matt has a son? O.o since when?

Comment by Genesis

He first spoke about him in Nov 2012 interview with USA Today.

Comment by Deathbat News

How did I miss that!

Comment by Lindsey

If/when we get previews of the songs closer to the release date, I’m definitely saving planets and acid rain until I listen to the whole album. They sound so epic from what Shadows and Syn have been saying.

Comment by Kyle

I subscribe to Revolver, can’t wait for my issue to come! =)

Comment by Forever Avenged

Random question for Miss DBN. Just curious as to whether or not you’ve ever heard anything relating to the Buried Alive music video they were supposed to make a long time ago?

Comment by ZP

I think the “Buried Alive” music video may have been…. Buried Alive.

Comment by Deathbat News

hahaha darn.

Comment by ZP

Thank you Miss DBN for making my night with that

Comment by Eduardo Hernández

Ahahahahaha yes!

Comment by Arron Johnson


Comment by dcafwriting

Just got mine today! I’m twice as excited to hear this record now. The songs were written to play live. I can already feel my face melting. I can’t thank them enough for coming to Indy and coming so early! We’re the second date of this tour, I was floored when I saw that. Usually Indiana is an after thought, if we even get a thought.

Comment by Harley Quinn

SOOOO pumped!!!

Comment by Austin

God he loves that Pantera shirt lol

Comment by Matt

I got mine today! Matt’s already teaching his son how to golf, ha.

Also, I’m still reeling about this information; learning he has a son and then reading more about him in Revolver has sort of burned my brain out for the night.

One month and one day, guys! I’m so excited for Hail to the King!


Comment by Ava

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