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M Shadows On “Hail To The King” Album And Working New Songs Into A7X’s Live Show.
July 26, 2013, 8:46 pm
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At the beginning of the month M Shadows spoke with Pablo from 93X about Avenged Sevenfold’s new album “Hail To The King” saying, “We mastered it twice. The whole record has that bright snap to the drums – a synthetic low end.  We wanted it to sound like the 90’s in 2013.  It will pop on the radio too because we didn’t compress it.” When asked if he would say it’s 90’s metal he replied with, “Very Black album/Countdown to Extinction mix and master!” 

More recently, 92.9/106.9 KRWN got some information from Shadows about working new songs into Avenged Sevenfold’s live show and if they would have any trouble doing so. The frontman revealed, “Actually, this is the first record that we played everything live in the studio — something that no one wanted to do, but when we did it we were really happy ’cause all the groove was there, the energy was there. So these songs are not gonna be hard to learn. I mean, that’s the thing about this record, is it’s very single riff oriented. It’s not a million things going on. There’s not five guitar parts. So it’s gonna be pretty cut and dried on this record.”


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Nice. Countdown to Extinction is one of my favourite album’s

Comment by HailToTheKingOfficial

i love hail to the king, but i’m really intriged about the other songs. i hope they play something new at musikfest! can’t wait for august 27!!!!!

Comment by Thierry Arrieta

“It’s not a million things going on. There’s not five guitar parts.”

Honestly, that’s one of my favourite aspects of Avenged. “Cut and dried” music, as Shadows put it, tends to get repetitive after awhile. Willing to give this record a shot, though. I just hope it’s not too radio-friendly. Avenged are WAY better than that.

Comment by Ron Guillet

To echo what others have said in previous posts, the more I read about this album the more I worry. Look, I am all for bands trying to change their sound. But you don’t wanna remove yourself so far from what fans have loved you for that no one can hardly recognize you. Something that hooked me onto this band was the over the top guitars and crazy drums (Trashed and Scattered is a good example for me) and when they continue to say how “simplified” this album is – the only thing that comes to mind is radio friendly. I’m not saying they are trying to become more mainstream, I am just saying that I am not the biggest fan of this over simplified approach. It’s the reason I hate AC/DC with a passion and cannot believe anyone likes them. There’s still hope atleast.

Comment by Adam

I agree with everything you said, but I still have extremely high hopes for the album. The “stripped-down” thing makes me nervous, but when a ton of magazines and websites describe it as “groundbreaking” and “a crowning achievement”, I can’t help but get extremely excited.

Comment by O-H

Amen! Why is it that all the older “metal” bands are always in GOD mode and untouchable just cuz they’re old bands. I never ever understood what people liked about ACDC. Sure they have some decent songs but how anybody can stand that guys voice is beyond me. I agree I’m scared about them branching out and going with a stripped down album, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. If the band was nervous about how their fans would react to the new sound they wouldn’t be so confident about this record. They seem to be extremely outgoing and eager to say this may be their best album. I believe planets and acid rain are gonna be the best ending to an album ever. I have good instincts when it comes to a7x. And this means war is gonna kick the shit out of us I’m sure

Comment by Jruss

It seems like you are the type of guys that if it’s easy is bad. AC/DC classic band, amazing riff. the essence of old school. they are amazing. The first album of Black sabbath was very simple,and is better than any a7x record. And my fav band is A7x, but I recognize that the best era of rock was the 70s,80s and 90s. Some of the best records are simple, for example dream on, paranoid; some songs of maiden, early Judas Priest, motorhead. Man, dont care abou it being simple. try your mind to grow up. btw i was the kind of person that used to think that way.:)

Comment by Oj

@Oj…totally agree with you…Sabbath essentially laid the groundwork for all these bands…simple, deep riffs. AMAZING. Listen to Sweet Leaf, simple yet powerful riff…or Smoke on the Water by DEep Purple…When I first heard Hail to the King, I didn’t know what to think. Now after hearing it a bunch of times, I really do think it’s great. I can see the parallel Matt draws with the Black Album/Countdown to Extinction. Simple, clean music. Plus, there are MANY people that would say A7X’s music is simple…just because you are playing drums at let’s say 200 BPM doesn’t necessarily make you incredible

Comment by Anonymous

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