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“Hail To The King” CD Single With Bonus Live Version Of “Nightmare” In Stores Today.
July 30, 2013, 4:27 pm
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Avenged Sevenfold’s “Hail To The King” CD single is in stores at Best Buy and Independent Music Retailers today. A previously unreleased live version of “Nightmare” performed in Auburn Hills is also included on the disc. A purchase through Best Buy serves as a deposit towards the purchase of either the Standard physical CD or Deluxe Physical CD. A purchase through Independent Music Retailers includes a $2.00 off coupon towards the purchase of the full length album.


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Just ordered one :)

Comment by BenjiA7X

Having trouble finding it on Best Buy…

Comment by lostmesa

I found it in the new releases by Five Finger Death Punch stuff

Comment by ZP

I have gone to 7 best buys. Not a single one has heard of this

Comment by Daniel

Well, that’s awkward haha. Maybe check tomorrow?

Comment by O-H

I ran out to my local Best Buy for it–it’s incredible! LOVE hearing Nightmare live, with all its differences. Probably the best $5.00 I’ve ever spent. :)


Comment by Ava

I agree! I was pumped when I heard about this because I was at the show it was recorded!

Comment by Jovan

I pre ordered them a few weeks back so others did to so only a few were availible when actually released

Comment by Codybear6

NVM I didnt know it is basically a pre-order. pretty cool. got mine at best buy.

Comment by ZP

Nightmare Live is pretty badass. I recommend everyone who plans on buying the album getting this. It give you a preorder for the album and they take the money off that you paid for this when you buy it.

Comment by ZP

I ordered mine online. Best Buy near me didn’t have it…and it’s now on backorder on their site, not long after i placed my order. I think Best Buy underestimated the demand for this! lol

Comment by Jovan

I got mine today. I thought it was the actual CD and I almost went ape shit. “Early release at best buy?!?!?!?! Let me buy this before they realize!!!!!”

Comment by Luis Hernandez

I got it, like, on Saturday…lol. Indie record stores offer a 2 dollar discount on the album when it drops when you buy one, and it was 2 bucks where I went ^_^

Comment by Brother Sidewinder

I went to two different Best Buy stores and they didn’t have any, so I bought a Metallica DVD while I was there lol.

Comment by ryanpeters05

When I bought it the lady scanned it like 5 times and was like “its $5 dollars?” and I had to explain it was just one song. and then I had to tell her that I got to pre-order the cd with it and she didnt know anything that was going on so if you go you just gotta find it yourself and tell them everything lol

Comment by ZP

i know, and 100% of the “music department experts” have never heard of Avenged Sevenfold in their sheltered little lives.

Comment by jruss

I’ve made sure to keep both my receipt AND the wrapper with the sticker that had the instructions on it because I have absolutely “0” faith in the people that work at my local Best Buy that they will know what to do when the actual album comes out. But on a very positive side I’m so happy to Hail to the King on a cd so that I can play it in my car at glass shattering volume and the live version of Nightmare sounds amazing as well…kudos to whomever did the sound recording and editing on that!!

Comment by Christen

Yeah I just bought one today and I had to go back after I read the info on how to pre-order on the back. We told the customer service (Geeksquad) about it and they said that “they’re not doing that”. Also, instead of taking info from me, they said that they will get as many albums as the number of singles sold. I guess it’s alright but now I have to hang onto my receipt for 22 days, instead of having my info in their database. Plus I’m want to get the deluxe edition and I don’t want them sold out.

Comment by A guy

Does the deposit from buying the single also go towards the Exclusive Best Buy Package?

Comment by Jay S

I’m not sure, sorry. Try contacting your local Best Buy, hopefully they’ll be able to help you out.

Comment by Deathbat News

i used the chat function on the website, and they said to call the 1888bestbuy number. the guy on the instant chatdidn’t seem to know, but he said that if you call that number, then they will make the adjustment needed to the final price of the purchase. they’ll ask you for the BBY01 number of the purchase for proof though,so sorry, no freebies for those who didn’t actually buy it.

Comment by ryan f

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