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TeamRock Radio: Synyster Gates & M Shadows Interviewed On The Metal Hammer Show.
August 2, 2013, 3:58 pm
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While Avenged Sevenfold were in London, Alex of The Metal Hammer Magazine Show sat down with Synyster Gates and M Shadows at the TeamRock Radio headquarters to talk about M Shadows’ hair, where the album title “Hail To The King” came from, being a parent on tour, topics from their Metal Hammer interview (in which Syn was falsely quoted), the rules they set for themselves with “Hail To The King” and sticking to them and more.


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I was hoping someone would ask if the title “Hail to the King” was inspired by Game of Thrones!! Every time I listen to that song I think of Game of Thrones.

Comment by Steve

can’t wait for the new album. got my tickets today for Detroit and I’ve been more excited in my life :D

Comment by Anonymous

“I know there are some little girl fans out there that have a problem with [my hair], and that’s why I’m going to keep it” – M. Shadows

hahaha well said

Comment by Alex

that was awesome

Comment by ZP

Haha take that, people complaining about his hair, Shads just slam dunked you.

Comment by Viknes

Super stoked he’s keeping it! hahaha!

Comment by Elizabeth Ashley

Usually I’m apprehensive after listening to them talk about the “down scaling” of the album, but the way they described it in this interview with the modulation of melodies, the ups and downs and stuff puts me more at rest. August 27th can’t come soon enough.

Comment by O-H

But I can’t wait to see the new stage setup. They dont get enough credit for stage setup or stage presence. I’ve seen metallica etc live and A7X blows them out of the water with overall atmosphere. The suspense, the intro’s, the over the top fire and lights and especially the deathbat. Zacky said the new stage setup may be the best in HISTORY of metal. Can’t wait to see what it is! Bye deathbat!

Comment by jruss

Glad he’s keeping the hair. It’s a slap in the face to those tween girl fans who only care for their looks or whatever.

Comment by cynical gates

I know they talk about the game of thrones but the first thing that M Shadows is his son when he held him up and said hail to the king I really loved that. :)

Comment by Anonymous

Matt scored some serious brownie points when I heard about that.

Comment by Kuroneko

I think it’s amazing how serious these guys take their profession as musicians. I only hope one day they’ll get their due respect that they don’t seem to get enough of from the metal/hard rock scene currently.

Comment by David

so true about stations turning to alternative rather than metal I have had little luck getting my local station to play any A7x, old or new

Comment by Greg

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