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Scuf Gaming Partner With Avenged Sevenfold To Release The Avenged Hybrid Controller.
August 6, 2013, 7:53 pm
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Scuf Gaming has partnered with Avenged Sevenfold to release the ‘SCUF Avenged’ Hybrid controller. With a reprinting of the bands logo and personalized paddles, every controller is unique and comes with a certified signed by the members of the band. M Shadows fell in love with SCUF controllers since using them in early 2012. You can order yours here starting at $139.

Shadows says “Since using SCUF controllers I was hooked and I’m delighted, after many talks, we are finally releasing the SCUF Avenged. This controller is rad, not only because it looks amazing, but it actually improves your gaming – this is a perfect addition and something we are excited to endorse! I’m sure this will especially appeal to our fans so I agreed we would give each person a signed certificate who purchased a SCUF Avenged.”

Duncan Ironmonger, CEO & Co-Founder of Scuf Gaming says, “Its an absolute pleasure to be working with M. Shadows and Avenged Sevenfold and to have been given the opportunity to create a controller for such a prestigious, gaming savvy band. It is all the more rewarding since seeing his team compete at the highest level at MLG Anaheim in late June – it feels like a perfect addition to our controller range and I’m sure Avenged Sevenfold and gamers alike will love this controller.”

– A SCUF Avenged PS3 controller is now available starting at $129. This controller also comes with a certificate signed by Avenged Sevenfold. Scuf Gaming commented saying that a PS4 version should be available “Next year – prob end of Q1/early Q2.”


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140$ ?? shit…

Comment by Brooks Anders

That’s a lot of money. ._.

Comment by Selly


Comment by Nick Riggi

Give my checking account a chance, man. I’m trying to support you guys by buying all your awesome shit, and you’re making it damn near impossible. Also, whyyyyyy did you wait so long to do this. I’m already setting money back for the next console generation coming this holiday season. I’ll only have a couple months tops to make use of this with my 360 before my PS4 or XboxONE is in my grasp.

Comment by ClarksvilleOHIO

That’s an awesome looking controller but way too expensive for me.

Comment by Ryan

Do they have a PS3 one as well?. Surely it’s not just for Xbox.

Comment by HailToTheKingOfficial

I love to game and A7X is my favourite band. This is perfect! Too bad that it’s so much money and I live in the UK

Comment by Ellie

This is amazing, I’ll need to start saving up though! I’m already trying to save up for Syn’s guitar :)

Comment by Anonymous

pretty standard price for a Scuf controller. so awesome!

Comment by joel

STARTS at $140. If I were to get it the way I like, it would be $207 with s/h. If I had more free time to play my xbox i’d totally buy it, though,

Comment by Shane

The controller is amazing!!!
I’m just sad it’s not for PlayStation!
Oh well I’ll just buy some other Avenged stuff with $140 I would spend on this.
Please make a PS3 version!!!!

Comment by mike

I want it but the cost… my god, I need to stop spending money. I wonder how long they will have this for sale.

Comment by Jacob-Gates

Answer from Scuf: “It is limited :) as each controller come with a signed cert. from the band.”

Comment by Deathbat News

Great, but too expensive :/

Comment by me

The fuck? Make one for xbox one.. A bit late to release don’t you think? =,=

Comment by Anonymous

I would order one if I knew it existed earlier… I mean the xbox one is coming out in like 2 months why bother buying a 360 controller -.-

Comment by Anonymous

People are complaining about the price… it’d a professional controller, deal with it. I wish my Scuf was only $140.


Really the price is algood same is in the shops for a plain controller where im from, but im just gonnq wait for the ps4 controller to be released

Comment by Tara

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