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Arin Ilejay Plays First Show As An Official Member Of Avenged Sevenfold In Connecticut.
August 9, 2013, 10:17 pm
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M Shadows announced tonight during Avenged Sevenfold’s concert in Mashantucket, CT that it was “the first show where Arin [Ilejay] decided he wants to be a part of Avenged Sevenfold. He says he’s committing to it for life and we are very proud to have him…” Video of the announcement (thanks to YouTube user kierstenhoyle2) as well as the set list from the show can be seen below:

Set list:
– Critical Acclaim
– Beast And The Harlot
– Welcome To The Family
– Almost Easy (x2 – M Shadows stopped the song to have a fight broken up)
– Buried Alive
– Fiction
– Nightmare
– Hail To The King
– Afterlife
– Chapter Four (Fan was brought up to sing some of the song)

– Bat Country
– Unholy Confessions

Set list and song extras submitted by Joe, Angelica and Meg.


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Comment by Isaac

I wanted to go sooo bad but i had to work, and of course i missed something historical in the story of avenged sevenfold

Comment by Brandon

Congrats Arin.

Comment by Kyle

it was such a good show!!

Comment by viet

Well Arin, I accepted you a long long time ago, but…


Comment by Kuroneko

4th time seeing them, great every time <333

Comment by Nicky Iovene

Awesome to see them open with something besides “Nightmare”. I still want them to play it, but I like when they make the setlist less predictable lol.

Comment by Ryan

Welcome officially to the family Arin! So happy for him, he deserves it!

Comment by Ellie


Comment by Carmen Feuling

Welcome to the family Arin :3

Comment by Jurgita Kasperavičiūtė

excellent show

Comment by Bat Wing

Well it’s about time.. Nice that they finally made it official.

Comment by Valerie Smith

AWESOME!!!! Welcome To The Family Arin!!!!

Comment by JC

We were there!!!!!

Comment by Paul Cloutier

Finally it’s decided….

Comment by Kurt Westmann

Show kicked ass. 5th time seeing them and they always seem to do something different. The kid who sang Chapter Four did a good job. That’s the ultimate fucking way to meet avenged! Can’t wait for Boston in October!

Comment by M.L.V.D.

Tomorrow will be me 11th time seeing A7X (first time being in 2003 on the Vans Off The Wall Tour where they opened for the Suicide Machines where there was prob only like 100 people there). I was at Arin’s first show with the band In Reading PA, and he was awesome. So glad he finally now is an “official” member. I really like his playing and looking forward to hearing the rest of HAIL TO THE KING!!!

Comment by Ryan V

amazing show!!

Comment by Jay

I’ve considered you a part of the family for years now, Arin, but, officially, welcome to the family. We love you and thank you for everything you’ve done. So happy.


Comment by Ava

I’m happy Arin’s an “official” member of the band now!

Comment by JaCaria

Who opened for this show out of curiosity??? I never heard anyone be announced.

Comment by Otis

There was no opener.

Comment by Deathbat News

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