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Machinima Happy Hour: Avenged Sevenfold “Hail To The King” The Animated Series.

From the creative minds of Avenged Sevenfold and Metalocalypse’s John Schneep comes an original, six episode animated journey, “Hail To The King” The Animated Series, presented by Machinima and Warner Brothers Records. The series, out this Fall, will feature music from the new album “Hail To The King.” According to (Aug 14th) Roxy at hardDrive Radio the series will “tell the fictional story of the “Deathbat” (aka “Fluffy”), the band’s longtime trademark and mascot.”


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The Character in red holds a resemblance to Jimmy.

Comment by Jeremy

Exactly what I was thinking! I’m not sure about this… I have a feeling that it’ll either be amazing or awful, not in between.

Comment by SynVanSambora

I was thinking the same too haha. Anyways, all the thing looks great!

Comment by Dave

This looks AWESOME!!! Can’t wait to watch!

Comment by Sharon Dalton


Comment by wahinekitten

Well… this is different. Bet it’ll be awesome though.

Comment by ghostriderh

I’m not really going to comment on them “selling out” because I think that concept is ridiculous, but damn.

Comment by Nick

Ridiculous concept and ridiculous statement. They’ve been working with Machinima for years now.

Comment by Cal

and your point? They have an xbox controller, they have songs in call of duty, THEY are IN call of duty, an animated short series.. I mean come on now. Like I said, I’m all for them doing whatever the hell they want, but still.

Comment by Nick

Give me a break. They’ve been working with Machinima and Treyarch for years (and have had songs featured in video games dating back to 2004) They enjoy video games so it’s not out of their realm that they would create business partnerships to be a part of something they have interest in and bring their fans new content at the same time. If it gains them even more fans in the process then that’s even better. These guys aren’t some underground band anymore.

Comment by Cal

These are things they also enjoy and endorse. I mean if you made it big how cool would it be to have your music in the game you play religiously on a controller you put out? I mean they arent renovating RVs like Brett Michaels lol I get what your saying man but I think you might be looking at it wrong. They are amazing of course they are going to be popular just can’t help it.

Comment by josh

I think the people hating on my comment are looking at it wrong.

Comment by Nick

I have to agree unfortunately. Those ridiculous VIP packages and the way they set that up AFTER the deluxe box was announced – that really screwed people over. Then they release a CD single with a modified, live version of Nightmare? C’mon…

Not saying I wouldn’t do the same thing in their situation (money is bawsss) but I doubt I could refute an argument saying I was selling out. That being said, still going to the concert and still pre-ordered the album so I’m only aiding their ventures haha.

Comment by Dbo

i agree that prices are pretty steep and everything could have gone smother but its not very fair to be angry at the band when they probably have little to no control over stuff like that.

Comment by joel

if they start doing ads for Diet Coke or Pepsi, then you can start giving out.. don’t really see the big deal about this, it is pretty cool imo

Comment by wp_rathead

exactly rathead.

Comment by josh

I feel like it would make the most sense to release one episode before the album comes out to get the most amount of views. I probably won’t watch it otherwise, to be honest haha.

Comment by O-H

Very cool!

Comment by wahinekitten

is it possible to have an episode before the album

Comment by killstreak

dont think so. fall starts later in sept and runs through dec.

Comment by Jackie

The thing a7x has with activision it’s silly; but this looks awesome, instead of targeting only the call of duty fan base at least

Comment by MrTooLong

i was literally thinking they should make this album into an animated series!!!!! I was watching “dante’s inferno” and i was like “woahh this imagery would be amazing with hail to the king”!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Jruss

Love the background music.

Comment by Megan Common

I think some people are taking this too seriously. I mean come on it’s from a guy who works on Metalocalypse. I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be fun and campy.

Comment by Cal

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