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A Message From M Shadows: Avenged Sevenfold iOS/Android Based Game Announced!
August 13, 2013, 7:24 am
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M Shadows has written a message to fans giving some insight on what Avenged Sevenfold will be doing this fall along with touring and promoting the new album “Hail To The King.” For over a year they’ve been writing and developing an iOS/Android based mobile Avenged Sevenfold game. He states, “Without revealing too much I will just say that it is an action adventure game.  It has been written and developed by the band and with our friends in Subscience Studios.  It’s turning out awesome.  We can’t wait to show you more when it’s ready.” The game and the “Hail To The King” The Animated Series will go hand-in-hand with each other.


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So looking forward to this!

Comment by wahinekitten

Awesome idea, can’t wait!

Comment by Daniel Sims

That should be dope! Cannot wait to play it on my iPhone.

Comment by Anonymous

This is breaking my heart, tv show, Xbox controller, video game…. :(

Comment by Anon

you should be happy for them. they are finally getting all the stuff and credit that they deserve. every time I ask someone who doesnt listen to rock if they know who avenged sevenfold is they have no idea so I think it’s about time they start putting themselves out there

Comment by ZP

I think this is going a bit far, honestly Avenged is at the top of the game, they’re headlining over Megadeth and Rob Zombie already.. If that doesn’t show you how big they are I’m not sure what will… I don’t think they need to do this, I understand that it’s an awesome experience for them but it isn’t necessary, the only people that would buy this game are current fans..

Comment by Jimmyjoncricket

Oh boo hoo, Avenged is doing what every gamer would DREAM of doing. They can do whatever they want. They have never changed their sound to get more fans, they will never sell out. I’m tired of people saying that they have just because they are doing something with themselves other than just music. We’ve known for years now that Matt is obsessed with video games, so who the hell are you to say that it’s a bad thing?

Comment by Shane

I’ll withhold judgement on the game until I actually see it. I’m only judging the idea of a game.

Comment by O-H

I’m very excited for this. An animated series, a video game, and a musical album to tell a story they’ve written. Avenged Sevenfold are doing what they love and what they’ve always wanted to do. It doesn’t matter where they are on the charts, they’re still gonna let their creativity flow, and if this is something they want to do, why should they stop because a few people say they don’t like it? What kind of artist is that?

Comment by StitchRS

Apparently, Avenged should play only at metal and punk bars for the rest of their career, sleep in vans when they tour, not aspire to be influential musicians, shy a way from attention (or – yikes! – pop culture), and sell their albums on cassette only to be found on the back shelf of your local, failing record store..

If you are really a fan, buy all their shit, proudly say you were with them from the start, and stake a claim in having helped them in their rise.

Comment by Brendan

fuck yea! thats metal

Comment by ZP

Literally no one here has said anything about any of those things you have mentioned. – we just don’t want to see our band commercialized out of control. That is all.

Comment by Anon

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