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Rock Sound Magazine Gives Avenged Sevenfold’s “Hail To The King” An 8 Out Of 10.
August 15, 2013, 8:02 pm
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Rock Sound Magazine has given Avenged Sevenfold’s album “Hail To The King” an 8 out of 10 calling it, “a metal album for metal lovers through and through.”

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The comparing of Bruce Dickinson to Matt has me even more pumped for This Means War.

Comment by SynVanSambora

I was super pumped already, this comparison raised the levels exponentially.

Comment by StitchRS

Another 8/10? Even more encouraging :)

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Loghen

Seriously, I can’t wait any longer omg :)

Comment by Claude Jr

Well, I have to admit that comparing Crimson Day to Welcome Home (Sanitarium) has me a lot more excited than calling it “pop metal”. These two weeks are gonna freaking DRAG by.

Comment by dcafwriting

“For fans of: Metallica, Guns n’ Roses, AVENGED SEVENFOLD.”
I mean, that last one.

Comment by Brandon

YEsssssss. I dont think Nightmare reviewed this well. even though I couldn’t really care less what they give it cause im still gonna love it probably

Comment by ZP

yes, that is pretty much the existence of us A7x fans. Screw the haters, I’ll stick with my excellent music.

Comment by moridin94

The best part of this review is that it states only 2 songs are less than 5 minutes.

Comment by Travis

It looks like it will be a longer album with only 2 songs under five minutes. I can’t wait to hear This Means War. The day the album comes out is a school day so I will have to wait a few hours longer. :(

Comment by Anonymous

Just buy it on iTunes at midnight!!! Problem solved!!!

Comment by Anonymous

Is 8/10 encouraging or discouraging?

I remember when Nightmare got 10’s but took it with a grain of salt because it was off an emotional high of the Rev. Love the album just wondering what everyone would rate Nightmare looking back on it now?

Comment by Matt

i don’t think anyone would consider an 8 out of 10 anywhere close to discouraging. rock sound are the ones that slaughtered “nightmare” when they first reviewed it before getting a massive amount of shit from fans. id still give “nightmare” a high rating from an emotional standpoint. you’re never going to get another album like that from them.

Comment by joel

Unless it slipped my memory I dont remember anyone giving Nightmare a 10. I remember a lot more inconsistent scores tan this has so far. Me personally I would give Nightmare an 8 or 9 but Im biased and a homer

Comment by ZP

well, this review is better :) !
why don’t anyone talk about heretic and coming home ??!
that’s weird dude, that’s weird..

Comment by rediane

Yessss longer songs

Comment by Dakota

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