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Avenged Sevenfold’s “Hail To The King” Music Video.
August 16, 2013, 4:40 am
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Avenged Sevenfold’s music video for “Hail To The King” has been released.  The video, shot in the beginning of July, was directed by Syndrome (Imagine Dragons, Eminem, etc.) and produced by Michelle Larkin with Simon Thirlaway (Carrie Underwood,  Paramore, Kanye West, etc.) as Director of Photography.


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Meh. A little cheesy for me.

Comment by Kelly

I don’t see how it could be cheesy, the imagery is so visually appealing and tells a little medieval story. I personally love it.

Comment by Stephanie Cote

Medieval stories are cheesy.

Comment by O-H

Great video. This song and video really has an amazing story to it as well. Well done guys.

Comment by HailToTheKingOfficial

I enjoyed this so much! Beautifully edited, shot, and thought out. Though like any music video, there are some things they could have done to make it 100% epic. But other wise, I am looking forward to more music videos made to a similar fashion and the new album. Keep it up guys! And Arin, you are damn right awesome man.

Comment by Charlotte

Nice! Thick, solid, Tight!

Comment by Myron Gaines

brilliant! awesome video and an awesome song! ugh this album cannot come fast enough!!

Comment by Chris

Fantastic powerful video to go with an amazing song….Loving it!

Comment by Becci Fry-Gwyther

You tear up that solo, Syn. Damn. I love watching them play this song. I love it even more now.

Comment by M

Lol I was just wondering last night when this would come out xD great video guys!

Comment by SethMelvin

Gotta get me some of that artwork.

Comment by Max

That damn raven.

Comment by DBo

GREAT video! Perfectly fitted to the song!! The ending with the boy and the deathbath wings then transitioning into the band walking away was so badass and gave me goosebumps! LOVE IT!

Comment by Reem

You get a great sense of A7X’s approach here…hard-hitting, straight-ahead hard rock. Very well thought out, terrific editing, and flows so well with the song. LOVE Johnny Christ’s bass playing on this…just lays it down great and complements Arin’s drumming to a ‘T’. A lot of posts I’ve read have lamented that Syn’s guitar solo is too ‘simple’ or ‘boring,’ Arin’s drum parts aren’t complicated enough, etc. If you’re expecting a progged out approach here, go back and read what the band has talked about for months…’caveman’ drums, a Led Zeppelin/Sabbath feel to the record, not a lot of vocal harmonies, etc. These guys stick to what their hearts and minds tell me to write and perform, and creative control lies completely within the confines of the band…not the record company, not the fans, etc…and you’re going to hear something different every time out the gate…great bands evolve over time…and that’s what makes A7X what they are…original, true to themselves and others, and I believe the best record we’ve heard in a very long time (from anyone) is going to be unleashed on the world in 11 hopefully short days.

Comment by Chris D. Castleberry

I think I love you ahahaha, very well said. I’m sick of people getting buttmad.

Comment by Stephanie Cote


Comment by Anonymous

its a meh video for me, but i am happy to see all of them together in a video instead of just the four

Comment by Rachel Gates

I honestly though it was one of their better music videos

Comment by ZP

Matt is one of the strongest and most commanding front men in music today, and when he’s on a stage (or in a video) his presence and demeanor grabs you by the throat choking out the primal screams from the deepest parts of you until you loose control of your senses and just let the music take you over. For example, I’m at work right now and the company I work for would prefer for me to actually be working and not watching this video 20 times in an afternoon (what they don’t know won’t hurt them, hehe)…but I’m drawn to it like a moth to a flame, and when I am watching it I’m biting down on my fist to keep from belting out the chorus at a such a loud volume that it would scare some of my co-workers into peeing their pants and cause my boss to put in a wel-fare call to the mental hospital a few miles from my office. I love the simplicty of this video and how it is filled with these strong and evoking visual elements….its the perfect visualization for this song. So all in all I love it, and I can’t wait to see these done live where I can finally let out my primal scream!

Comment by Christen

Not their worst, not their best. I like that they’re not afraid to be cheesy, but it might have gone a bit far in this one.

Comment by Anonymous

Epic!! I can’t get enough of this song- and the video is bad ass!!! Can’t wait to hear more of the album!!

Comment by Anonymous

I don’t see why people think this is cheesy. To me this is more of a classic type metal video. It may not have all of the CGI and stuff going on that some of their earlier videos had (Beast and the Harlot, etc). It is a much more serious and dark vibe. I don’t know how it ranks as far as my favorites, but it is a much more mature and traditional video with gripping hard rock elements.

Comment by Lucas

Fucking for an EPIC song. Like the little nod to Jimmy with the foREVer guitar strap too. This album is gonna be a monster.

Comment by Revenant


Comment by Brandon

It took me a while to get into this song, but this video is great! It actually helps me to understand the song and its lyrics a little better.

Comment by StitchRS

Not their finest work… but I do love the song. I just think I expected something completely different, something a bit more creative.

Comment by Estefania Cabañas (@Nia_Flores)

I love it !! I’m damn crazy ’bout this video now ♥

Comment by Sydney

I don’t agree with the people who are calling it cheesy. I think it could be easily one of the least cheesy videos they’ve ever put out… I mean, this video is seriously more cheesy than Beast and the Harlot, Bat Country, and Almost Easy? hah… At least they decided to keep the full song, which is a step up from most of their single edits.

Comment by thomasgwhaley

I agree, Seize the day, Beast and the Harlot, Bat Country, Nightmare are all way cheesier than this in my opinion. This is Probably the least cheesiest music video that they have done.

Comment by ZP

At first the flashy images seemed to be so random and out of place, but After rewatching once or twice it started making sense throughout the video and I could actually match them with the not only the lyrical content but also the feel of the medieval era as a whole…which to my surprise really enhanced the song and were a great accompaniment…

Comment by Eduardo Hernández

Its simple and to the point!! Not a bunch of stupid crap!!! Love the new video. People do ur homework its gonna be a baddast metal album of its time!!!! Ax7 is the new superpower !!!

Comment by Him

lame. my love for avenged sevenfold ends here. they just arent the same, i understand bands change all the time but this is officially theyre worst. ill stick with their previous albums, not this cheesy wannabe crap.

Comment by Anonymous

How is this cheesy wanna be crap?

Comment by Ryan

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