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Soundscape Magazine Gives Avenged Sevenfold’s “Hail To The King” An 8 Out Of 10.
August 16, 2013, 8:36 am
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Soundscape Magazine has written a track-by-track review of Avenged Sevenfold’s “Hail To The King” and give the album an 8 out of 10.

The band are hitting the double kick hard in this track. Planets is a huge number. There are skins and cymbals left, right and centre, plus a riff the likes of no other on this album. They’ve got the sound to go with the title of this track perfectly and the lyrics just add to the scape of this track. It feels like War of the Worlds but done modern and metal and with all those bits we know and love so well.

Acid Rain
The album ends with Acid Rain and instantly you fall in love. The track opens with some beautiful piano and the melody quickly takes you over as the rest of the instruments join in. The lyrics are stunning from beginning to end and quickly the story and tone is set. It’s a beautiful track to end with and one that will obviously lead to good ends for gigs before the classic tracks of an encore. I’d love to see this track used to it’s full potential in a Doctor Who episode or a movie that needs this gem type of feel behind it. This track is a heartbreaker and love maker all in one instant.


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Cannot wait for this album!

Comment by Kalaya Curl

The actual review of this made it sound more like 9/10 than 8/10. Not complaining though.

Comment by Anon

I’m gonna be completely honest, all of these reviews so far have been awful. They say nothing but good things about the album then for no reason give it an 8. That’s a very good score I just don’t understand why all of these articles contradict themselves so much. Its like they don’t know what they want to say about the album.

Comment by Adam

8/10 is amazing for someone who isn’t really a die hard you know? It’s like I don’t understand why Death Magnetic from Metallica scored so high it just wasnt all that for me Granted it was miles better than ST anger (LOL) but 8/10 is a good score and its just opinion.

Comment by Josh

All these reviews are making me so eager for the album!

Comment by Anonymous

11 days is WAAAAYYYYYY too long!! This album sounds like its going to be HUGE!! Very excited to see what they cooked up and how all these songs work with one another. Some of these songs sound so epic. I’m excited to hear all of them, but after these recent reviews, I’ll say the top three I’m looking forward to the most are Shepherd of Fire, Crimson Day (interested to see how this ballad differs from others they’ve done), and Planets. It just sounds like its going to be mind blowing!! Here’s to hoping for a quick 11 days!!

Comment by Patrick

Best review yet. Starting to come together. 53 minutes in length, only two songs under 5 minutes, and two ballads (sort of, I guess).

Comment by Ron

Another 8/10 review seemingly helping solidify the idea that this album is damn good. Surprised with all the praise though that the album was given an 8/10 rather than higher. It’s as if these reviewers are almost scared to give the album a ridiculously high rating so they go with the safe 8.

Comment by Anonymous

Exactly how I feel what they are doing. Although I’m not questioning their honesty but its a career safe move if you give it 9/10 10/10 you are putting your neck out on the line.

Comment by Josh

I’m not about to question their honesty either tbh. But I do think in a situation where they’re not quite sure they go with the safer option especially given that Avenged Sevenfold are already polarising.

Comment by Anonymous

Prefiro esperar o tempo necessário pra tirar minhas proprias conclusões sobre o album!! :-)

Comment by Enan Matheus

An 8 of 10 is a fantastic rating. Critics very rarely give 10 of 10’s, and lets face it, 9 of 10’s are extremely hard to come by. They wouldn’t be critics if they didn’t critique anything….and thus it makes it hard to obtain high scores. I don’t think any reviews so far have been bad, or were meant to be personal. It’s just the reviewers opinion of the album. We will all get our day to be critics as well in 10 days, 11 hours, and 12 minutes. But whos counting???

Comment by Anonymous

On a kind of unrelated note, I want to critique the reviewer’s grammar. She’s the EDITOR of the magazine (and a journalism grad from the University of Westminster), and I lost a little bit of my soul every time she stumbled over a word and expected my mind to fill in her blanks.

Comment by ClarksvilleOHIO

I was thinking the same thing haha.

Comment by Ryan

Great article! So cool to get the take of each song and a synopsis of the creative process that went into it from a member of the band!

Comment by Christen

Oh my god haha. Sounds fucking amazing! This sounds like it’s gonna be as good (or better) than CoE which In my opinion was their best record! Let’s see what this one does!!

Comment by SethMelvin

cant wait to hear the album hope it beats out city of evil as my favorite

Comment by vince

These track by track reviews are getting out of hand. Trying to imagine what the songs could possibly sound like, knowing that many have already heard it and are describing them all so vaguely and hyping it up… it’s just mean! 11 days =|

Comment by StitchRS

Everything is beautiful and sounding great.

Comment by Anonymous

Glad to see City of Evil being held in such high regards these days. It’s genius wasn’t recognized much when it was released.. which I find amazing happened eight years ago now.

Comment by Ernie


Comment by Anonymous

Comments taken on board and an edit has been made after I’ve re-read it. I do re-read everything before I post it but I genuinely just got so excited about this album that I must’ve just filled in the words for myself as I read it haha. Glad to see such positive comments for my work overall though. I’m a big Avenged fan, so receiving this was not only big for our publication, but a huge thing for me.

In regards to the album being 8/10. Unless on first listen an album literally blows my mind it doesn’t get a 10. It’s rare for anything to get a 10/10 to be honest from anyone. However, this album doesn’t get a 9 for me because I felt it lacked certain things I like about Avenged (after all a review is still an opinion piece). It does however warrant an 8/10 based on the skills and the musicianship alone. They’re an incredibly talented band and they never tell anyone they’re writing one thing and then release something entirely different. Plus the album is not bad, not at all. If anything it’s still growing on me months on. But for me it’s still not my favourite Avenged Sevenfold record.

Comment by Anneka Sillitoe (@minikidsxe)

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