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Synyster Gates Describes Avenged Sevenfold’s “Hail To The King” Track By Track.
August 16, 2013, 4:52 am
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Synyster Gates described Avenged Sevenfold’s new album “Hail To The King” track by track to Music Radar.

1. Shepherd Of Fire – “We intentionally wrote it as an intro track. The idea was that the arrangement would evoke a sense of imagery with the tribal yet primordial drums. It seemed to resonate from Hell almost. It’s something of an apocalyptic call to arms.

“I love the arrangement. We wanted to set up the album and foreshadow what was to come, being that it’s a groove-based, riff-oriented record. We haven’t really done Zeppelin-style or Sabbath-like riffs before, so this is our version of an album that’s along those lines.”

6. Crimson Day – “That’s a clean-sounding electric guitar on the opening, not an acoustic – there were no mics on the guitar involved, just on the amps. It’s one of my favorite clean tones I’ve ever fucking heard.

“We stumbled onto it by accident, actually. There were a few secrets in getting it, mainly that it’s a baritone guitar with a capo on it so I could play it in open E standard tuning. It has a really sick, rich, sparkly sound. Seriously, I’m so proud of how it turned out.

“We wanted the song to have huge drums and be an epic rock ballad. It has a somber vibe, but it doesn’t make you fucking sad all the way through. We were listening to a lot of Elton John, some Ozzy ballads and some Zeppelin. Actually, the lyrics are inspired by my nephew, so the song has a very personal meaning to me.”

10. Acid Rain – “It’s a cool way to end the record –not a typical ballad, but it’s not soft or sugary, either. The song takes you to an emotional place, especially if you pay attention to the lyrics, which are some of the best Matt has ever written.

“The song is about coming to the realization that you’ve lost the battle, but at least you’re with that one special person who matters. It’s something of an apocalyptic love story, which is pretty unique for us.”


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Comment by randomlemon

*Screams like a little girl*

Comment by Ty

This just makes me even more excited. There seems to be a little bit of everything on this record. City of Evil stuff with Heretic, groovy stuff like This means war and Shepered of Fire and ballads like Acid Rain. It’s gonna be so good.

Comment by HailToTheKingOfficial

OhMyBloodyFuckingGod. Now I really really really need this album, it sounds amazing!

Comment by TheophaniA7X

Acid Rain FTW.

Comment by SethMelvin

I need “Acid Rain” right now. I just lost a lot yesterday, but I do have that one person to help me keep going.

Comment by M

Why did they do this?? Now I’m even more impatient! Why is the 27th coming SO SLOW.

Comment by SethMelvin

Thank you Syn.
Thank you A7X.

Comment by Luca

So I thought there was no possible way I could be more excited for the album…Man I was so wrong lol.

Comment by Anonymous

I’ve noticed that when they first started talking about the album they were very skeptical, continuously stating that it’s a lot different that what we’re expecting. But as the weeks roll on they all seem to be just as excited for us to hear it as we are, there seems to be more and more pride and confidence in this album with every article. The more i read the more i’m distanced from that initial concern that it wouldn’t be as strong as their previous albums. Here’s hoping i’m right.

Comment by Max

Wow. 11 days. This album is going to be huge. I’m pumped for “Requiem” with the latin chanting. “Sheperd of Fire” wow, that’s all I’m going to say.

Comment by xGunslinger7 (@mleasure7)

Really excited to hear this album, especially Planets and Acid Rain.

Comment by Matt

I can’t take the wait anymoreeeeee! LOL I need to hear this omg cannot wait!!

Comment by Reem

So Fucking Pumped!!!

Comment by Codybear6

It all Sounds amazing I’m super excited!

Comment by mike

It’s bad enough I have to wait every sunday for a new episode of Breaking Bad, but for me to be waiting on this album is just too much… I need to hear epicness, NOW.

Comment by ErubielA7x

At least we can look forward to breakfast until then…

Comment by Deathbat News

This is my favorite comment from this thread lol. All us Avenged Sevenfold/Breaking Bad fans know your pain, friend.

Comment by ClarksvilleOHIO

A Breaking Bad/A7X stan. This, sir, is awesome.

Comment by Loghen

One word…. thisisgoingtobethebestfuckingalbumever!!!!!

Comment by Rob

Syn sure knows how to sell an album. Can’t wait!!

Comment by Anonymous

Im really stoked for Requiem, This Means War, Planets, and Acid Rains (fuck it the whole albums going to be phenomenal) From the teasers all summer long now the song descriptions with only a few days until the album im now excited more than ever!

Comment by Pete Vandenberg

I am so excited! ASDFGH. A7X, JUST TAKE MY MONEY.

Comment by Kuroneko

I didn’t really care for Nightmare quite as much as some of their stuff, but what I’m hearing about the tracks for the new album has me so incredibly excited!! What they’re talking about (and what we heard from the single) sounds exactly what I was hoping for o.o

Comment by RiverL

omg, i cant wait for this album. soooo excited,
looking forward to the heavier stuff, plus the more melodic, if its anything like the wicked end, ill expect huge goose bumps…!!!
matts voice is amazing, you can hear how its matured,
cant wait to hear requiem, cant wait to hear it all..!!!
Ooooooo not long to wait now, then roll on december for concert :-)

Comment by jane

oh my god I cant wait!!!!! Im dying for this cd.. honestly been counting down the days and listened to hail to the king 50 million times and its only teasing me!!!!! these days need to go by faster!!

Comment by tawnya

I don’t think I can wait another week for this to be officially released!

Comment by Lee Thacker

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