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Stream Avenged Sevenfold’s New Album “Hail To The King” On iTunes.
August 19, 2013, 5:10 pm
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Avenged Sevenfold’s new album “Hail To The King” is streaming on iTunes. Get a little insight from Synyster Gates on the songs you’re listening to by reading his track-by-track descriptions here. If you’d like a digital copy you can pre-order the iTunes Deluxe Edition or the iTunes Standard Edition. For those wanting a physical copy you’ll be able to get your hands on either the Deluxe Edition or Standard edition from retailers like Best Buy, Hot Topic, Walmart and more on release day. “Hail To The King” Limited Edition Box Set’s are also still available. Vinyl lovers, you can grab the “Hail To The King” 2-LP Vinyl featuring artwork by Cam Rackam here.

Two ways to access Avenged Sevenfold’s “Hail To The King” album stream on iTunes:
– Follow this link. You will be prompted to open iTunes if not previously connected. If this link doesn’t work please check the first comment of the post for more.
– You should be taken straight to Avenged Sevenfold’s artist page.
– You should then see a “Stream New Album For Free” promo appear with the “Hail To The King” cover and a button towards the bottom of the cover that prompts you to “Listen Now.”

– Open iTunes
– Search “Avenged Sevenfold” and click on their name (easily found under Artists and More.)
– You should then see a “Stream New Album For Free” promo appear with the “Hail To The King” cover and a button towards the bottom of the cover that prompts you to “Listen Now.”

M Shadows also wrote a message to fans regarding the partnership with iTunes to stream the album:
Hello everyone,
We have been waiting to show you all our brand new album “Hail to the King” for far too long. It took us nine months of writing, recording and preparation so that we could put out an album we are all proud of from start to finish. Well I’m excited to announce that the wait is over. We have teamed up with our friends at iTunes to start streaming the full album right now until it’s released. The stream is high quality and you can listen to the whole album as many times as you’d like. So plug in your best set of headphones and turn it up to 10. Head over there now to listen and pre order. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. See you all on the road!
– M. Shadows


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Sorry for the wait with announcing the stream. Wanted to make sure it was up and running worldwide. If you’re having trouble accessing the stream please by try this link: – There are still a few countries the stream hasn’t hit yet. This link should take you to the right place. If you’re in the US and having trouble, try updating your iTunes.

Or these:

Feel free to discuss your thoughts on the album here! If you’d rather wait until next week, you’ll also be able to discuss it in the official release date post.

Comment by Deathbat News

This album is absolutely incredible. Just wait until release day when you can play it and hear it at its full potential. It is massive and only gets better with each listen.

Comment by Deathbat News

You were right. Did that today and despite having listened to it four or five times already when I blasted it at full volume with the lyrics in front of me, I was blown away. Can’t say I’ve ever heard a better album.

Comment by Anonymous

simple response…LOVE IT

Comment by MIA7Xfan

Surprise song: Coming Home
Best Song: Planets
Heaviest Song: This Means War
Really like the album. Every song is better than the single IMO.

Comment by ZP

Oh my god the album is soooo amazing

Comment by Erin Fehderau

*Cries* I don’t know if I’m ready!

Comment by Ava

Acid Rain is amazing. This whole album is completely different to what I thought it would be after hearing the single. Not to be dramatic but I’m literally dumbfounded at this whole album. In a good way, I’m amazed at how great this is.

Comment by Jimmyjoncricket


Comment by ayoub

coming home and this means war are my favs

Comment by steven kraatz

Omfg, I was almost convinced I would have the willpower to wait until the release date to hear any song other than the single…it’s been killing me! But then I just came home to this news. I don’t even know how to react…I’m so filled with pure excitement and joy right now. I’m only a minute into the first song and it just kicked off into awesomeness. I’m off on my journey folks, see you guys on the other side!

Comment by Ryan Maldonado

Wow! Awesome! Couldn’t wait, this is a great album. Love sheperd of fire and planets!!

Thanks guys!!!! Good luck on tour, come to singapore!

Comment by mkabaaboud

Tried to imagine how it would sound a million times, and I was still very surprised. Upon one cover to cover listen, it’s great, especially Planets and Acid Rain, and I know it will continue to grow on me more and more. Oh, and best album mix ever. Fantastic!

Comment by Matt

It’s outstanding. It really is. That’s all I can think of to say. Just wow.

Comment by Stephen

So worth the wait. Shepherd of Fire is amazing – love the intro!!! I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but this is beyond anything I was preparing for. These songs are going to be epic live. I’m so proud of this band (even if they did tease the hell out of us lol).

Comment by kathryn

Only just finished Shepherd of Fire, and I already know this album is going to blow me away. I want to cry manly tears of joy right now.

Comment by Ryan Maldonado

Wow. Can’t wait to see some of this stuff preformed live. Amazing.

Comment by Ty

Very impressive. This album was a fist full of awesome… it’s a very rhythm-oriented album. They went for a classic rock feel with a new metal touch. The nods to Zepplin, Black Sabbath, and Metallica were very manifest. Other parts reminded me of Waking the Fallen and City of Evil. Very riff-oriented tracks, the drums are simple but catchy. I was very impressed with Arin and his drums are a lot less bland in the rest of the album. They’re definitely as big as advertised. The bass is turned up significantly on this album and I love it. The solos are some of Syn’s best, gnarliest and catchiest ever. The vocals are powerful, great, but I felt that they didnt hold up in some places. In other places though they’re exactly what we want from Shads – big, powerful, melodic. The lyrics were some of Shadows’ best. The album was pretty focused in style but some tracks were very progressive. Overall I like it a lot better than Nightmare and it’ll probably be up there with CoE and WtF for me. We’ll see how it holds up with the next few listens :)

Expectations met! I love it. 9/10 for me. Favourite track has to be “This Means War” but most of the album is a goldmine.

And yes, this is one of their heaviest and darkest records. It was very fluid, focused, and structured. Good to hear story-telling again from A7X. There wasn’t a part where I didn’t want to nod my head.

Comment by NEfobbyGEN

Heretic and Coming Home are insane!!

Comment by wp_rathead

Absolute dynamite. Gotta agree with you dude, Heretic and Coming Home were awesome. In fact the last 4 songs are my favorite, with Planets and Acid Rain.

Comment by Lou

The last 4 songs are indeed my favs so far, but I know whole album is just gonna grow and grow on me ha

Comment by wp_rathead

After many, many listens over the last few days.. the last 4 are also (and still) my favorites. This Means War is up there, too.

I mean, at this rate.. may as well just say I love the album. There are probably a few nit-picky things about it that I don’t like.. but what do I know? I don’t make it; I just listen. ;) I came in with a completely open mind and I am beyond pleased. They did great work!

Comment by Ariane

The groove is just so amazing! Its like “oh whats this I’ve found? Gold?.. BAM! Nope, you’ve found A7X!!

Comment by Anonymous

Did you have to pre-order it for the live stream? Because I live in the US and it doesn’t work for me at all. Such a bummer!!

Comment by Anonymous

Nope! The stream is available for everyone whether you’ve pre-ordered or not.

Comment by Deathbat News

Loving Requiem, Shepard of Fire, This Means War, Crimson Day, Acid Rain and very very surprised by Coming Home. That song really blew me away. Starting second listen in a moment. :-)

-Stay awesome, DBN Lady!

Comment by Z.Burns

Second time through…Shepard of Fire is already growing on me even more. I love how quickly Hail to the King (the song) moved to least favorite (or second to last) on the album. Also…Requiem kicks ass, and still amazed by Crimson Day and Coming Home. Planets feels a bit underwhelming.

Comment by Z.Burns

I have to agree with you man. I guess with all the hype around Planets it wasnt one of my favs either. Loved Requiem and the solo for Heretic was awesome

Comment by Lucas

This album is soo sick… Requiem, This Means War, and Planets are some of the best songs I’ve ever heard. I underestimated this album so much.

Comment by deerberry

These are probably my favorite as well. PLANETS COLLIDE!

Comment by Kyle

Jimmy is so, so fucking proud. You just have to know, after hearing the album. I’m amazed.

Comment by Ryan Maldonado

Oh man, I’ve been holding it together pretty well until I read your comment. <3


Comment by Ava

Ughhh I need my A7X NOW.

Comment by Lou83

Holy Shit this album is amazing. I gotta admit though that it is missing that little something that only Jimmy brought to each album. Not a complaint, just expressing my feelings. Great job guys on another great album and cannot wait to see these songs performed live.

Comment by Revenant

I got so giddy when I saw this.

Comment by Alan

I’m really excited and I want it to work haha!

Comment by MatthewO

IDK WHAT TO DO. I checked 20 minutes ago and was just mentally telling myself I had 1 more week. And now….. now it’s here and Idk if I’m ready. I’ll be back with you guys in an hour or so. Oh god (if there is one, still not really sure about my opinion on that whole deal) this has made my night.

Comment by ClarksvilleOHIO

I’m in shock. I need another listen. I’m pretty sure I just shat myself. I’ll make a mental note to handle that situation sometime tomorrow morning when I’m done with this. Acid Rain may be the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard. Led by Planets only makes it better. Idk what to say I loved most. Shepherd of Fire was an amazing Intro. Hail to the King is way better in between all this awesome shit. Doing Time brought me straight to that GNR feel and they do it well. This Means War was badass as fuck. Requiem was everything I ever wanted it to be. Crimson Day was one of the more beautiful and emotional songs they’ve had until I heard Acid Rain blow it out of the water. Heretic was like a solid track that reminded you what this album was supposed to be about and it reset the fucking tone. Coming Home was shockingly incredible. I didn’t expect it to go where it did which was fast and dark and an awesome ride. And then Planets came along and I didn’t know what to do with myself. It was like watching the last ten minutes of The Departed if it was 7X as awesome and my DVR had caught the very end. And then Acid Rain which I haven’t mentioned yet I don’t think…. chills. Tears to my eyes. Actual beauty. Not the weird fucked up beauty that I love Avenged for. The real shit. That’s going to be a song that will never leave my head or heart now. That shit’s stuck there forever now. I was hoping to hear St. James, but I’m more than happy to wait for that with all of this to listen to. Guys this album is incredible. Idk how you throw out the whole tried-and-true playbook before every album and still manage to be the best at what you do but it’s unbelievable and I’m in awe of it. My favorite album. Amazing. Time for a 2nd listen >:)

Comment by ClarksvilleOHIO

Sounds AMAZING so far!

Comment by Mariah

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

Comment by Mike Gee

On Heretic right now, but so far Requiem and This Means War are the most MASSIVE sounding songs

Comment by Laurence

Shepherd of Fire fell a little short for me, Doing Time was a huge disappointment (was really looking forward to that one), Planets was honestly a little disappointing as well. Heretic and Coming home were just kinda ‘meh’ for me. Having said that, This Means War was fantastic, Crimson Day could be played at my wedding, and Acid Rain might be my favorite A7X song of all time.

Comment by Brendan

The end of Coming Home reminds me a bit of I won’t See You Tonight pt. 1 and 2.

Comment by Ava

I completely agree with you there. I was brought back to WtF right there!!

Comment by Lou

That solo with the song title tells me that “I will see you tonight” :)

Comment by NEfobbyGEN

Someone help me, the Metallica song that This Means War has in common with is? I’m blanking and it’s driving me bonkers!

Comment by Tom

“Sad But True”

Comment by Deathbat News

THANK YOU! I was singing it and it just wasn’t clicking name wise. Love the album, it’s truly amazing. Heretic <3

Comment by Tom

I really want someone to do a mash-up of these two songs.. it’s insane.

I also love Heretic. :)

Comment by Ariane

On my first spin right now, currently listening to heretic and it is sexual

Comment by Murray

I really don’t know what to say

Comment by Pete Vandenberg


I am so proud of everything they’ve done. So, so proud.

Thank you guys, and thank you, Kortney. <3

Comment by Ava

that album was perfect…incredible…easy as this, Hail To The King is now my favorite A7X album, it’s just…so…ugh damn it’s a fucking MASTERPIECE ****** 6/5 stars

Comment by Luis Cortes

WOW liking Shepherd of Fire, Hail to the King, Requiem, Planets, Acid Rain..and love THIS MEANS WAR. I’m listening to it for the 2nd time right now. =)

May I add..AMAZING ALBUM guys! Can’t wait for the box set to arrive so I can have a physical copy of the album and I have it pre-ordered on my iPhone already!

Comment by Forever Avenged

I’m waiting until the release day. :)

Comment by Kaylee

this whole album is amazing by far my favorite album of the year

Comment by chris

SO upset that I don’t have access to iTunes right now. Boo.

Comment by wahinekitten

I think I shat my pants when I read that. And can’t not listen to this even though it’s 3 at night here.

3.Coming Home
4.Acid Rain

5.Shepherd of Fire
6.Crimson Day
7.Hail to the King
9.This Means War
*those are all REALLY close together

10.Doing Time

A new favorite album next to Nightmare!

Comment by Danny

This is what I’ve come up with so far. I’ll change my mind a million times.

1. Planets
2. Requiem
3. Shepherd of fire
4. This Means War
5. Acid Rain
6. Coming Home
7. Crimson Day
8. Doing Time
9. Heretic
10. Hail to the King

Comment by Kyle


Comment by Thierry Arrieta

This album is absolutely BRILLIANT!! I’m so happy they only released the title track until now, the rest of the album unfolded in the best surprise. These guys haven’t sounded this sure and tight since City of Evil and they’ve taken all they’ve learned the past 8 years after that album and put blood, sweat, and tears into this album. It’s so matured and next level for them, I can honestly say this (IMO) is their best album to date, by far. The quality of songwriting so high. HELL YEAH A7X!!!!! Acid Rain’s intro almost sounds like something Jimmy would have written!! Absolutely beautiful song. Every single song is just brilliant stuff.

Comment by a7xfreakdrummer

love how it starts and ends with the classic A7X Thunderstorm (A little piece of heaven, to end the rapture)

Comment by Josh Andrews

I loved this as well!

Comment by Tracey

actually the albums starts with the crackling of fire, that’s not a thunderstorm

Comment by Jay

I’m halfway through the album, and Requiem is BY FAR the best song so far.

Comment by Sean

Having eargasms right now

Comment by jhgfd

I have never had a song send chills down my spine like Crimson Day did. The entire album is absolutely unbelieveable.

Comment by Anonymous

On first listen I actually liked this more than acid rain

Comment by zach

After cleaning up the mess after the first time i listened to this, i must first say, Shepherd of fire is the most perfect intro to an album….. I then must say IM FUCKING BLOWN AWAY. I posted a comment just after hearing my favorite song (requiem) saying “i dont know what to say” (that was a good thing) i have no clue how they come up with the shit they do. THEIR BEST ALBUM! Its fucking brutal and kicks ass every song is fantastic

Heaviest song in my opinion a tie between this means war/planets. My favorite song as of now its requiem. Every solo is insane or as syn said frequently “face melting”

Comment by Pete Vandenberg



Comment by Captain Planet

What could anyone say that hasn’t been said already? Just imagine these songs in the arenas they are gonna fill in a couple months. Just mind blowing.

Comment by Brendan

Jimmy would have been proud <3

Comment by Anonymous

Wow. I knew this album was going to badass. First off, I love the old school influences that Sevenfold has, so any direction over there is fine, if not great, with me. Second off, the time and effort that they have put into it is always worth something. Third off, it’s Avenged Sevenfold! Of course it’ll be great! Let me say, my expectations were not only met, but greatly surpassed. This album is incredible. It’s not just “badass.” It’s so much more. It’s badass; it’s emotional; it’s raw; it’s complex; it’s simple; it’s groovy; it’s progressive; it’s evolutionary; it’s everything and so much more. I, and many other loyal fans, have waited to hear this masterpiece for so long and it’s even more perfect than I could have imagined. I KNOW Jimmy would be proud of this one. This album seriously needs to go number one. The boys deserve it so much after their hard work and dedication put towards creating a masterpiece. I’ve already pre-ordered it twice and will pick it up one or two more times on August 27th. I seriously LOVE this work! Great job and congratulations to Avenged Sevenfold. Hail to the King!

Comment by Tabatha

Sounds like CoE to me, just with some more extra riffs.

Comment by Anonymous

I’m in love with Heretic, Requiem, and Shepherd of Fire. I have yet to listen to the last 3 songs though. I was extremely disappointed with Doing Time, but maybe I just need to give it another listen.

Comment by Matt

A lot of the talking they do in the songs remind me of sounding the seventh trumpet.

Comment by Ryan

Yep, my band sucks xD this is real metal, I’m glad it’s back!!! Requiem is phenomenal, probably my favorite song ever by them.

Comment by Alikz

Avenged Sevenfold’s hard work has definitely paid off!! This album is perfect!!

Comment by Zane

Syn’s solos are fucking AMAZING! His best work yet. This album is his crowning achievement as a guitar player.

Comment by Revenant

It’s no Waking the Fallen, but it was still REALLY REALLY VERY good, though the second and third tracks bore me. I give it a 9.5 out of 10 stars. And it’s only 9.5 out of 10 stars when comparing it to albums like “Waking the Fallen”, “Reign in Blood”, and even to other great albums from other great genres such as “Animals” and “Dark Side of the Moon” from Pink Floyd. In reality, it’s 10/10 stars.

Also, Doing Time reminds me of Rebel Yell (from Billy Idol).

Comment by DarkMajesticGUY

I personally will be waiting until the 27th. For some reason it would make me feel guilty if I listened to it before the actual release. But I hope everyone who listened to it already is enjoying it!

Comment by Chase Yama

I feel the same way. I was really looking forward to hearing it for the first time on a CD in my car that morning. So if I listened to it already before that day, it wouldn’t be as special. I did give in, however, and I listened to the first five songs. My thinking was that we’ve already heard teasers from This Means War and Requiem, and Hail to the King we’ve heard, so really I was saving the totally new stuff for Tuesday. It will still be good.

Comment by Rdog

I now understand why MetalHammer Magazine said what they said. This is the Undertakers music and I could not be happier about this. In my opinion, this is music production at one of the highest levels.

Comment by Alex

The beauty!

Comment by Humberto

Outstanding..what the fuck. This is a masterpiece

Comment by Robbie Skiba

wow i completely understand now what they meant with the “it could be a best hits compilation”

Comment by Thierry Arrieta

do you have to sign into itunes to listen, because I don’t see it?

Comment by HailToTheQueen

I accessed the stream both signed in and out of iTunes. Try using the link posted in the first comment.

Comment by Deathbat News

This by far is the one of the best albums they have made to date. I’m amazed, I was expecting a badass album, but this one takes badass to a new level. This Means War, Requiem, and well the whole damn album is a masterpiece. Acid Rain is the most beautiful ending to an album ever. Jimmy is smiling down on us as we listen to this masterpiece.

Comment by Rusty Dailey

I love it its everything I thought this album would be they did an amazing job and you can hear all the musical influences they used in recording this it was a long wait but well worth it very proud of the guys

Comment by Kimberly Lannan

Arin killed it on this album. Let’s see anyone say that his drumming is simple now!!!

Amazing album, just wow, a masterpiece.

Comment by Jay

Wow…simply wow. I love all Avenged, but the White album and Nightmare just didn’t blow me away like WtF or CoE. This however, does…

Comment by Anonymous

this is going to change everything this album is incredible

Comment by Greg

I love all Avenged, but some more than others and this is CoE and WtF status. The lyrics are classic A7X and the guitar work may be their best, ever.

Comment by Anonymous

That was seriously amazing… Everyone seems down on Doing Time, but I really liked it. The entire album was great, and I think Acid Rain is now probably my favorite Avenged song ever. In my opinion it’s their best effort to date. Unfortunately, I don’t think this will have the same effect the black album did on pop culture, because it’s a little to heavy for the pop masses to appreciate, but I really hope I’m wrong. I can’t wait for the album to come out so I can really dive into it and start learning some of the licks. This album is going to be conducive to a pretty epic show. Congratulations on a fantastic album, Jimmy is smiling down on you!

Comment by SynVanSambora

I’m stunned. I’ve never heard an A7X album at launch and been completely satisfied with every single song!

Acid Rain, Requiem, This Means War. Unreal!!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

SDJGKSGD I can’t get over how absolutely PHENOMENAL this album is. Goosebumps the entire way through. Syn’s solos are as big and epic as ever. You can tell the hard work that was brought into this album. By far my fave so far by them! WOOOOO!!!

Comment by 3DGSevenfold

I’ll save most of my comments for tomorrow, but the single was the most misleading single ever… I mean, it’s a good song, but it’s CRAP compared to these other 9 songs! I mean, the chorus of Coming Home, are you freaking serious? Can you be any more catchy? The drums overall are fairly straightforward, but nowhere near as bland as the single. I’m really at a loss for words right now, but I really do think this will be my favorite album when all said and done.

Comment by Adam

My iTunes stops streaming in te middle of Planets for sone reason!
That being said..
City of Evil is still my favorite, (best instrumentals on any A7x record), but this record is pretty much a tie. The instrumentals on it are as well amazing, vocals were raw as fuck, lyrics were some of the best yet!
I absolutely loved all the tracks, but Coming Home is my favorite (haven’t heard Acid Rain yet so..)
I really loved Shepard of Fire, On Planets they got that double pedal going! Overall, I give this record a fucking 10!! I really wanted to hear St. James, but it looks like they weren’t streaming that one!
But yeah! Amazing fucking job guys! Jimmy would be so proud! You guys know that! I’m getting a little thunder storm going on here in my town, but I know that’s just Jimmy tapping his feet!
A7x foREVer!

Comment by SethMelvin

Only thing I can say is, this album is special.

Comment by Anonymous

absolutely amazing!

Comment by Sean

First listen: blown away
Second listen: completely speechless
This is seriously downright incredible

Comment by Casey

Perfection. <3 Can't I wait to get the cd and finally have new music to rock out to in my car. This is for sure my favorite album from them. I LOVE all the others of course but damn this shit is just too incredibly amazing. It has a new feeling yet the same Avenged feeling at the same time. Totes perf. :D

Comment by Dianna

Some of the guitar in Doing Time reminds me of Darkness Surrounding.

Comment by Weirdo

How can they have possibly have put out ANOTHER amazing album? Unbelievable. There is no stopping Avenged Sevenfold. This Means War and Requiem are my favourites upon first listen \m/ \m/ And the other 8 are a close second hahaha

Comment by Eh7x

Syn was defenitely influenced by David Gilmour in Acid Rain

Comment by Casey

I never cease to be amazed at how much this band progresses from one album to the next, but I feel like they out-did themselves this time. The biggest change from one record to the next was when they released City of Evil. This album showed their largest amount of progression as musicians/artists so far. They had a concept of what they wanted to do, which was make a riff-heavy, groove-oriented album, and they nailed it. Syn, Zacky, and Johnny all worked together to write the tightest guitaring they’ve had as a trio so far, and Arin scaled back the drums to fit the idea of the album perfectly. Shadows’ lyrics and vocals are hands down his strongest performance of his career and I feel like he really found what kind of singer he is. However, what impresses me most about this album was their willingness to change and adapt despite losing the Rev. My biggest concern before hearing anything about this album was what direction they would take their music after Nightmare. Needless to say, they laid my concerns to rest and gave me confidence that they have many great years ahead of them. Bravo, boys.

Comment by Mullet

The first 5 songs are definitely very groove oriented and all of them make me nod my head and tap my foot. The last 5 songs are a little less groove oriented but sooooo bad-ass!!!! The last half is my favorite of the two halves, but I love the whole thing!!! Nice A7X! I can’t pick a favorite yet until I get to listen to it over and over and over again! Does anyone else think ‘Acid Rain’ has a slight 50’s-style love song influence to it? Beautiful song, very emotional for sure.

Comment by Austin

Oh my god, yes! I thought I was the only one who thought that! I don’t know how it works, but it does!

Comment by SynVanSambora

OMG!!! Acid Rain is the shizzz!!! After listening to the first couple of songs I was a bit worried but they definitely saved the best for last on this album. Amazing.

Comment by delaRosa

This is gonna take true restraint… I’m only doing the first four songs until the album’s release… and I am far from disappointed! Doing Time is kind of a low point though. I listened to 45 seconds of Requiem… I cannot wait to listen to the rest!

Comment by StitchRS

I caved…. Requiem is quite possibly one of the most amazing songs I’ve heard by Avenged Sevenfold. The rest, I’ll have to give it another listen, but I loved Planets right away.

Comment by StitchRS

hahah i was just about to say you can’t possibly just listen to the first half when i scrolled down and saw your own response. Glad your on board.

Comment by Thierry Arrieta

Anyone else crying by the end of this amazing album? No? Just me? Okay… Phenomenal as always, Avenged never ceases to blow my mind.

Comment by Leslie

I was. I held it down through Crimson Day. And by the time all you can hear is thunder and Acid Rain falling all around you my eyes are watery. Evrytim

Comment by ClarksvilleOHIO

This…is…the best thing my ears have ever heard! It’s another masterpiece for the boys, and Arin…you have earned the respect few have in the drum world! 10/10!

Comment by Ace

I can’t stop listening to it!! I get chills on every song!!!! AHHHH!

Comment by Tucker

It’s a masterpiece for sure! Not one filler track on the whole record. I can’t wait to hear “St. James” now!

Comment by Jovan

YES YES so amazing!

Comment by Kenny

This truly is Avenged Sevenfold’s masterpiece. Beyond words that could describe how epic it is. Can’t wait to see them play this live…Requiem and Coming Home are my favorites if I had to choose any.

Comment by Kyle

I was in love with this album the moment i heard every song and now i am OBSESSED! I keep changing what my fave is lol. But omg acid rain is a rock ballad masterpiece! And is it crazy thay i want crimson day to be my wedding song?! Lol

Comment by reem

Acid rain is shadows’ top career vocal performance..the only song i wasnt sold on the first run through is ‘doing time’… And also arin flat out killed the drums..this album should silence his haters

Comment by Aston

Finally I am forced to download itunes. And 10 minutes in it’s still fucking installing… apple I hate you so much right now.

Comment by David

I second that. iTunes fucking crashed my computer. But it was worth it just to hear the album!!

Comment by delaRosa

Phenomenal album. Must also say though, Arin killed it. He truly is a ‘monster’ like A7X have claimed. Well done to him and the band. Avenged Sevenfold continue to front contemporary metal and with good reason.

Comment by Anonymous

My review consists of :)

Comment by Eduardo Hernández

There are several little aspects of this album that sounds like its a sequel to Waking The Fallen. Im impressed they’ve impressed me once again,and surprised :D

Comment by Chris Smith

They never fail to deliver.. Coming Home!?!? Are you serious!? AHHH! Its all so good.

Comment by Evan Moore (@Evan__Moore)

still think coe/wtf is better…shepherd of fire i rate 8.5 httk 7 doing time 6 this means war 8(very repetative) requiem 7.5(wasn’t as good as the hype. Crimson day 8. Heretic 9. coming home 8.5. planets 4(absolutely horrible imo) acid rain 8

Comment by A7x fan

Acid Rain has a total goodbye yellow brick road/the wall vibe to it and i super dig the guitar work. My favorite track has to be either Planets or coming home though. First half of the album is very heavy which I love as well. Crimson Rain is the first a7x ballad that I didn’t get cheesy vibes from…actually had that one on repeat. 10/10. At this point comparing WtF and this is like comparing two seperate artists, waking the fallen is still my favorite record of all time but since their city of evil this is their best work yet.

Comment by armyoftigers

I’m obsessed with Crimson Day! This album is great!

Comment by Frankie S (@St_Porkchop1524)

Me to, it is beautiful

Comment by lisa


My favorite vocal on the album right now. The entire album is amazing.

Comment by Armando

Coming Home is my favourite

Comment by Callum

great album, but Acid Rain… Holy shit I did not expect that. One of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.

Comment by Anonymous

Oh man, well what can i say… this album is absolutely killer. The boys outdid themselves once again. It’s a pretty incredible feeling to have grown with them and to have been with them through thick and thin… and now they’re moving on and they made this album. I was a little scared to see how different this album would be without Jimmy, actually i was frightened not because of Arin or anything but simply because no one could ever replace nor fill in his shoes. They took this new direction and still kept that classic Avenged sound. It’s such an amazing album.. they have matured their sound so much. Arin earned my respect and i can’t wait to see what else the future has in store now that he’s on board. Johnny really really pushed his boundaries this time and well i mean what can i say about Syn and Zack…. they left me speechless once again. Matt.. well Matt’s work on this album was absolutely mind blowing. Very raw. Everything they tried on this album was successfully achieved. This album is incredibly melodic and just one of those amazing albums that is going to stand strong as years go by.

Comment by Andy V

I can’t add anything new, compared to what everybody else has already said, but to just tell you how much I love this. wow. Haven’t felt this way since listening to my first Iron Maiden song, or Chapter Four (my first A7X song).

I have to admit that this is by far their best work. On par with all the great metal albums out there. Unique and beautiful

Comment by Rad

As soon as I got the email I shot my ass home to hear this album. My heart jumped when I saw this was streaming! Luckily being ten minutes from home, the eargasm that awaited wasn’t far from reach. Gotta say I’m extremely amazed with this album and haven’t stopped listening since. Shepherds of Fire, This Means War, Requiem, Coming Home, and Planets are my top 5 in no particular order, but I love every track. Already got a lot of the riffs down on guitar. Really fun songs to play on guitar! Can’t wait for the box set to arrive and blast this album at full potential! A7X is definitely headed in a good direction with their music, while keeping their signature sound.

Comment by Chandler Fyfe

Thank you, A7X, for making this album because the more I listen to it, the more I love Hollywood Undead! (yes, this is sarcasm.) There were two albums that I’ve been waiting for to come out this year and this one has been a huge disappointment. I’m going to see the show in November, and I’m glad that it won’t be money wasted because of two other bands (5FDP and Device) that have done a much better job as well with their latest releases. I don’t care how unpopular my opinion is but not everyone likes and appreciates songs such as Planets, Crimson Day and Acid Rain. Sorry.

Comment by Anonymous

I wouldn’t be so quick to jump the gun. The songs may grow on you.

Comment by Ryan

kind of disappointed honestly.

Comment by Jared

youre not the only one…its definitely good, but after the hype settles down, there’s no way anyone can think this album is even close to their best. Might as well have Lars at your kit and a 13 year writing riffs. But the solos are amazing Ill give Syn that

Comment by edward

I mean, I’m not upset that I’ve already bought the album twice (itunes deluxe and that $100 special edition), and I’ll probably hit up target or something tuesday any buy it for my dad, but when I was first listening to it, I wasn’t bored per se, but some songs I just really wanted to end and they seemed to drag on, which I’ve never felt with an Avenged song before. Some of the songs have grown on me a little bit having listened to them all again.

I’m not going to say Shadows is a great singer, because lets be honest, he really isn’t that good by himself (Crimson Day), but I can’t help but absolutely love his voice. It’s the weirdest thing. I’ll openly tell people he isn’t that great at singing, but then I’ll talk about how much I love his voice.

Anyways, I’m not sure what I was really expecting from the album, even after hearing the Hail to the King single, but what we got just wasn’t it. Kind of like someone said, below me I think, there isn’t really a song that is “catchy”, other than Hail to the King. There doesn’t seem to be that song that I can get stuck in my head for days and not care. There doesn’t have to be a chorus, because I LOVE Sounding the Seventh Trumpet and that album doesn’t really have any choruses, but they still have parts that are catchy and memorable. Just not feeling it with this one.

ALSO! I’m skeptical of how some of these will play live. Having seen a bunch of videos of Hail to the King live, there just doesn’t seem to be that energy with these songs. Shadows just kind of seems to go through the motions while singing. Walking around, just standing there. Just doesn’t seem to be much opportunity for him to really get into it and skip around, jump, run, spin with the mic stand, and do whatever else it is that he does. We shall see though! Can’t wait.

Comment by Jared

I think the reason that you didn’t see all that much going on during Hail to the King is that that these summer dates were warm-ups so they can get back to playing live before actually touring the album. Watch Carry On, and it’ll be pretty much the same. You see a huge difference between this and a song like Beast and the Harlot because they have it “rock band choreographed.” If you watch videos of them playing this live, they’re moving to pretty much the same places every night, and sometimes someone will switch it up, and if it works, it gets added to what they do. Right now, I think they’re just trying to make sure they don’t screw up. Also, the set they were using was designed for the Buried Alive tour. If the hints they’ve been dropping are any indication, they’re going to have a killer back line on the Hail to the King Tour. I’ll bet you anything that by the end of that tour, you’ll be amazed at what they’re doing.

Comment by SynVanSambora

Oh I have no doubt that the production itself will be over the top.

Comment by Jared

Congratulations Avenged, you have my faith once again (as in every album!). But this is different. You really did go all out, and Shepard of Fire, Heretic, Acid rain and Coming home really made my day! And I think we can all agree that Arin is already a very valued member of the band- congrats man!

Looking forward to seeing you guys in December in London!

Comment by Richard

I enjoyed every song! this album is a masterpiece from the beggining to the end thank you so much A7X.

Comment by Zack G.

it is pretty fucking epic. i love Doing Time and Requiem..and really just all of them

Comment by John

Doing Time reminds me more of Motley Crue that G’n’R

Shepherds of Fire’s lyrics are sooooo fecking cool

Comment by wp_rathead

From looking at the comments here (in going to resist until release date (; ), it looks like Coming Home is some of the favorites!!!! And from the start for some reason I was looking forward to that song. Oh, and BE PREPARED DBN LADY for a very long comment on the release date ;)……..

Comment by JC

Looking forward to it! Fans will be welcomed to discuss the album in the official release day post too!

Comment by Deathbat News

Wow love it!!!!!!!! I always thought Shepherd Of Fire was the song from tease 13.

Comment by UK AVENGER

Can’t say anything that hasn’t already been said. The guys did another amazing job. I expected nothing less. While its still early, and I’m sure my favorite songs will change, my top 3 are This Means War, Coming Home, and Planets. Not sure why so many people are down on Doing Time. I think it’s a great song with a total GNR vibe while still having that undeniable A7X sound. Catchy as hell…I love it personally, but I guess different strokes for different folks.

Comment by Patrick

My favorite song. It’s so incredibly uncharacteristic of the band to have a song like that.. they literally have never had a song like that ever. Doing Time and This Means War are going to be massive when played live.. Sad But True is arguably one of the best guitar riffs of all time and even though the riff in This Means War doesn’t quite stand up next to it, the song itself has the same vibe. Shadows vocals on this album are the highlight of the whole thing.

Comment by Matt

I’m so glad the wait is over!!!
the album is song I can’t wait to get in my car and bump it as loud as I can with the windows down as ignorant as possible!!!
the album is definitely a masterpiece and you can tell they matured and put everything they have learned into this album. The one thing I am sad about it that the entire time I was listening to it I was waiting to hear a song that would make me wanna jump out of my shoes like nightmare did and bat country!!
it’s a completely different album and I still love it.
Great job guys!
can’t wait to see you in Hollywood, operation kick ass and Las Vegas!!!!

Comment by mike

This. Is. Sick.

Comment by lisa

Avenged Sevenfold, thank you for the best album EVER!

Comment by Zeke

I must say…I was pretty disappointed with Hail to the King (song). I was wondering where all the rave reviews were coming from but then…BUT THEN…they dropped the album on us.

DAMN son. Absolutely awesome. I’m either getting no work done today due to the dinosaur flailing happening on my desk or I’ll get more done than ever before.

Comment by Dbo

This album is boring.

Comment by Joe

I agree! I’m disappointed and while I didn’t love Nightmare as much as their other albums, it was still better than this one. The problem I’m having with this album is that there’s no catchy songs on it! Like, you know how you listen to an album and some songs just stay in your head and you keep humming them in your head all day? This didn’t happen here for me.

Comment by Anonymous

I agree to some degree. I’ve just listened to it once through and to be honest all the songs blurred together. I found the vocal tune of most of them to be similar. The parts that stood out to me were the parts we’d heard from the teasers as they were familiar. Other than that I wouldn’t say “It’s the best album they’ve put” and I am a true die hard fan. I personally think it’s not their worst but not their best either. For me I would have enjoyed more variation in the songs. Many people didn’t like Avenged Sevenfold but I loved it due to the fact every song was something different.

Comment by Ash

I agree completely, couldn’t have said it better. In my opinion some of the songs would have been perfect if they had a catchy chorus instead of one line repeated over and over again with no memorable melody at all.

Comment by Anonymous

Now that the album is out, is the any background to “all hail andronikos” and some of the other clues they gave?
Is there anything to look into there, or were those just irrelevant clues..

Comment by Anonymous

Yeah, I completely forgot about that! I think it may have had something to do with the seventh lair site, because it looked like it got taken down before it could run it’s course (the locked third page). I know that people were starting to hack it.

Comment by SynVanSambora

First of all, love the album. LOVE it.

As far as Doing Time goes, am I the only one who noticed the striking similarity in the intro to Hell Yeah by Rev Theory? I can’t stop making that connection every time I listen to it. Really unfortunate that it has the sound of an as-generic-as-it-gets hard rock band.

Comment by Cory

Dude I felt the exact same way I totally agree.

Comment by Isaac

No, you’re not the only one. I don’t like the similarity between This Means War and Sad but True too. I mean.. there’s nothing wrong with paying homage to the bands you love and grew up listening to, I’ve had no problem with that in Avenged’s past albums. But having a certain song sound like another is a bit too much in my opinion. The main reason I became a fan is their originality and the fact that they always do things their own way. I don’t think they lost that by “growing up”, I just think this time they tried too hard to write an album in a certain genre instead of writing whatever stuff they came up with, which usually ends up being pretty awesome.

Comment by Anonymous

Anyone know what the Latin translates to in Requiem? Such a badass song!

Comment by Anonymous

Prodigia – Plural of Prodigium meaning omen, portent or prophetic sign. Could also mean prodigy or wonder.

Comploratus – Lamentation or mourning

Silens – Resting, ceasing, or remaining silent

Oro – To plead, beg, pray, or entreat

Regnet – To reign, rule, govern, tyrannize, or dominate (as a monarch)

Exitium – Destruction or ruin.

That’s what I get anyway.

Comment by StitchRS

Okay, holy shitballs. I’m only five songs in. Shepard of Fire, Hail, This Means War, Requiem are. sick. Doing Time is meh, though I agree with the GnR comparison (beginning very Welcome to the Jungle’ish). If I didn’t already have my tickets for the tour, I’d be buying them now.

Comment by lrach

Planets – wow. OMG

Comment by lrach


Shepherd of Fire; The beginning with the drum beats, sounds like Motley Crue’s Sick Love Song– then it goes into an Avenged groove! love it!

Hail to the King; the catchiest song I’ve ever allowed my ear to hear, my mom and little boy, Gates, loves it!

Doing Time; The beginning is amazing, love the laugh; “The lies of some men. If walls could spill the lies, we’d see the world in devils eyes.” Matt voice reminds me of a mix between Axl Rose and Scott Weiland.

This Means War; it’s hard, but its like a 80’s hard! The solo is fucking amazing, it’s psychotic but melodic and thrashing– the small duel is amazing as well!

Requiem; I’m pure speechless on this song! Melodic and hard! – The solo reminds me of Brompton Cocktails, (I love it!) The dude that does the deep voice is so Thriller! :) I fucking love this! I love the chants as well.

Crimson Day; I think is my new favorite song! It honestly made me tear up and gave me chills! The beginning sounds like a darker So Far Away, (So Far Away, when they showed Jimmy’s pictures) — It’s got an 80’s feel to it. I am in love with this song!

Heretic; it comes in hard! It makes me want to do crazy things here at work! :) ‘That don’t matter anyway, my judgment day…” Love that! I love the guitar – the drums are amazing as well, simple and clean! The solo kicks fucking ass!

Coming Home; I love Matt’s voice, it’s pure! The dueling guitars… fucking wow! The solo…the solo slapped me in the face! -“Home is where the heart is, I’ve been told.” I love how Matt is singing, “I’m Coming Home” in Brian’s solo!

Planets; holy fucking shit man! It has the full metal sound! Arin did amazing on the drums! “Planets collide!” The guitars are amazing, rhythm and lead. Brian and Zack owned this! I could fall asleep to Matt’s voice. The horns, the guitar, the drums… I think I’ve shit myself! Hello A Little Piece of Heaven Pt. 2! The solo is fucking fantastic! I’m truly speechless on this one!

Acid Rain; The piano is undoubtedly be best ever; the guitar is so meaningful. Matt’s voice has so much emotion, it’s unreal. This is without a doubt one of my favorites by far! Brian’s solo is fucking superior and full of thought and melody.

In all, this is one of the best, if not the best, that they’ve ever done. I bet Jimmy is just ecstatic! I know all the fans are… on all of the songs, I become speechless; in a good way though! The guys put their hearts into this, and it truly shows!


Comment by Kalaya Curl

Am I the only who finds that a part of Heretic sound like Eternal Rest? Still love the song though.

Comment by delaRosa

You sure aren’t! I hear that too my friend.

Comment by Ryan

I hear it too it took me a while to finally figure it out.

Comment by Isaac

I already started learning the solo to Shepard of Fire by ear, first solo I have ever learned by ear, its so bad ass!!!

Comment by Alex Fancher

I love the album!

Comment by Anonymous

Words really can’t even begin to properly describe the emotional and spiritual ride that this album takes you on. I really didn’t know what to expect after hearing the first single (Hail to the King), though I had a feeling maybe this would end up being a straight concept album relating to thematic styling of Hail to the King. What I ended up hearing, however, was so much more incredible, mind-blowing, and unique than I could have dreamed up.

I really enjoyed how different each song felt, but yet had hints of bands past (Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Pantera, Guns N’ Roses, Iron Maiden, & Black Sabbath) and various flavors of previous works by Avenged Sevenfold.

On first listen my personal favorites were Shepherd of Fire, Heretic, Requiem, This Means War, & Planets (keep in mind that some of my previous favorites consist of Chapter 4, IWSYT, Sidewinder, Buried Alive, & Scream). Every song felt like a top notch A7X song and, for me, they are in an echelon of bands at the very top.

How lucky are we… to be alive at this particular time… that we are fortunate enough to be around to enjoy the greatness that is Avenged Sevenfold?

At the end of the day, haters are going to hate no matter what.. that’s just what they do and honestly that’s fine.. because THEY are the ones missing out on this experience.

This band has NEVER ceased to amaze me and I CANNOT wait to see them October 18th in The Woodlands.

Comment by Blake Tull

The only negative about this album being available to stream on iTunes is that I might not leave my house until Tues!!

Comment by Anonymous

The guitar solo for planets is simply amazing. It seems like a throwback to the days of City of Evil, where Syn used to tell stories with his solos, like M.I.A, the Wicked End etc. This means War, Requiem and Planets are my faves so far. Listening to Acid Rain now.

Comment by Vraid

This album is so terrible.

Comment by Anonymous

If you’re going to make a troll opinion like this, at least back it up……

Comment by Jay

haha good one…..

Comment by ZP

Brilliant. I LOVE Crimson Day. totally didn’t see a ballad coming on this one. I adore this album, Jimmy would be proud.

Comment by Khaled

wow Is all I can say this album is Epic

Comment by Rey

Wow so many people like it! REALLY!? I have listened to it 7 times now to try and convince myself it is good. Sorry it is bad really bad on A7X level anyway. I am a massive fan and have been to many concerts and going to see them this year too. I think there are probably 3 half decent songsin Shepherd of fire, Crimson day and coming home, although I would not put these songs in any other album over any song. I will buy the album because I support them but wont be listening to it. Sorry but I had to give my view.

from a very disappointed fan! :(

Comment by synysta

I’m with you bro. I prefer more progressive music with changes, back up vocals and a lot of speed. Just my taste and its why I love Avenged. I’ll also buy it because they are my favorite band. I’ll take any B side over anything this album offers.

Comment by snuffy

Yeah exactly! all this comparing songs to other bands? I like A7X because they are one of a kind, not cause a song sounds like Metallica, G&R Led Zep etc. Sorry guys I think they have lost it on this!

Comment by synysta

another thing I love about avenged was the fact that they change things up and get experimental, like the S/T album, one of my favorites. But they always stayed true to their formula of harmonizing guitars, fast drums with a lot of interesting fills, back up vocals and changes that make you wonder if your listening to two different songs. This album completely abandoned that. I know they did this intentionally, I just wish they didn’t completely abandon everything that made me absolutely love their music.

Comment by snuffy

I agree. I don’t think it’s a bad rock album, but it doesn’t feel like an A7X record to me. I pre-ordered the Best Buy package, so at least I’m getting a shirt for my $25 and I’m supporting the guys.I think they made a record to appease the critics and haters instead of for their fans. Glad I went to see them last weekend before they toured this album.

I like Shepherd of Fire, Requiem, and This Means War; but I wouldn’t rank them in the top 5 on any of their older albums

Comment by Frank C

This album is fucking sick!!!!!!

This means war!!!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

After a full day of listening I can honestly say there isnt a bad song on the album. Everything is amazing in its own way. Doing Time has grown on me exponentially with those COE type screams. Shepherd of Fire has also grown on me a lot. The drums and riff are catchy as Fu*k.
My top 10 so far
1. This Means War
2. Planets
3. Requiem
4. Coming Home
5. Shepherd of Fire
6. Doing Time
7. Crimson Day
8. Acid Rain
9. Heretic
10. Hail to the King

Comment by ZP

Listening to the album for the fifth time today. Last night, i wore my phone out… yes! #HailToTheKing

Comment by Kalaya Curl

Am I the only one who hears things they did for songs in Diamons in the rough like the lone bass guitar on dancing dead type of thing right before the solo, I love that. Also the wah! oh man this is by far a true metal classic album. Even the song titles for crying out loud! Absolutely amazing.

Acid Rain in the beginning kind of reminded me of the tribute they did to jimmy that was like 30 mins long where they played stubb by mr bungle. crazy good!

Funny how some people hate a7x. I remember someone said “guess what, if you don’t have people hating you’re doing something wrong”

Comment by Thierry Arrieta


Comment by avenger

Heretic has some Pinkly Smooth influence

Comment by Jordan Hartley

I thought the same thing.

Comment by Juan g

Much, much, much respect for this awesome, brillant, wonderful and motivating piece of music!

I’m speechless!

Comment by Anonymous

i dig acid rain alot. so far is the best song on the album. I hear led zep influence

Comment by Jordan Hartley

whyyyyy everyone likes This Means War. I think it’s just boring with no real chorus .-.

Comment by Chuck (@Martin_Jurus)

Coming home was a “little” surprise, maybe the best song of the whole album! Shepherd of fire is also in my top-2. There is really no bad songs, but I don’t get hype of Requiem. I don’t like it (yet) for some reason.

Comment by JJL

I like the heaviness and it reminds me of Pantera a little

Comment by ZP

how about that scream at the beginning of Doing Time. awesome stuff

Comment by Greg

and the end

Comment by ZP

My top 10:
1. Acid Rain
2. Heretic
3. Requiem
4. This Means War
5. Crimson Day
6. Coming Home
7. Shepherd of Fire
8. Planets (instrumentally id say it’s the best though)
9. Doing Time (never listen to it, but it cant be worse than HTTK)
10. Hail to the King

Comment by Jimmyjoncricket

Hmmm… I thought some of the album reviewers might be stretching the facts, but I’m listening to ‘Sad But True’ by Metallica right after ‘This Means War’ and they really do have a lot of similarities.

I wonder if that was intentional (paying homage) or just so happened that way.

Comment by Blake Tull

I’m pretty sure they were paying homage, I thought it was awesome because Sad But True is my favorite song off of that record!

Comment by Caulin

Incredible Album!! Hard to imagine how much more OVER THE TOP it would have been with the musical genius of the REV…No disrespect to Arin, he has been a perfect fit to the Avenged Sevenfold family and there is no one I would rather have pounding the skins for Avenged. I’m sure Jimmy is looking down smiling at the enormous success you guys will have!

Comment by Ace Ligonography

Great album, falls just short of being a masterpiece. Waaaaaay too much Sad But True in the verse of This Means War, and so much is oversimplified compared to their prior work. Arin does alright on the drums but the ratio of songs he adds flavor to is outweighed by the ones he doesn’t. He’s solid, but he never gets unleashed. Yeah yeah, they told him to keep it simple, but so many of the fills and beats lack personality. I am, however, excited to see what he does on their next record. Shepherd of Fire is absolutely fantastic though, as is Hail to The King. Doing Time sounds less like an homage to Guns ‘n Roses and more like a tribute band writing what they think a Slash/Axl would put out in 2013. Already touched on TMW… Requiem was really solid, but I felt like there was supposed to be another chorus, like the song was leading to another level but never got there. Crimson Day is solid, but really a colour by numbers metal power ballad. Heretic, Coming Home, and Planets are all going to get worn out by my stereo. I can easily see all three being huge anthems live. Planets itself was really well done, and I am so glad people were wrong when they said it sounded like ALPOH in the previews. Acid Rain is also really well done, but again felt too formulaic. Aside from the rather safe song structures and overly basic rhythm guitar and drumming, this album is awesome. Totally on another level from Nightmare, and makes Self Titled look terrible. Now, if they could re-record City of Evil with Shadows’ improved vocals…..


Comment by IxDrYCeLLxI

Amen to the Sad But True part. Didn’t anyone say during the writing “Hey you know, this sounds a LOT like Sad But True…” But your review is bang on exactly my thoughts. Coming Home gives me a Maiden vibe but it doesn’t sound like it is a Maiden song. Doing Time does sound like another Guns n’ Roses song, the name Doing Time just makes me think of Paradise City. I like the song, but it may be one of the lower ones on my list.

Comment by Mike

Yeah, Coming Home let its Maiden influence be worn on its sleeve. I think it wouldn’t be too hard to tweak the verse to separate itself from Sad But True. I actually heard someone overlay Hetfield’s voice into This Means War. It was a perfect match. If you had someone listen to that version that never heard Sad But True, they would probably have had a hard time telling when Hetfield’s vocals end and Shadows’ begin.

Comment by IxDrYCeLLxI

So glad they went for groove on this album it really fits M. Shadows voice. It may not be the fastest metal I’ve heard but its still damn heavy. Not everything is about playing fast. This is album will bring in a whole new crowd of people but at the same time a few might leave. But this album is absolutely badass! You can really here the back in the day influences throughout all of this album. Finally a change in todays metal scene.

Comment by Andy

The intro/verse riff of ‘Coming Home’ sounds a bit like Iron Maiden’s ‘Number of the Beast.’

It’s like they sat around listening to some of the best rock/metal songs of all time and used them as a influential launching pad to write some of their own greatest works.

Comment by Blake Tull

That’s exactly what they did. They even said as much in interviews.

Comment by Edward Virgilio

For some reason the stream wasn’t shown on my Itunes last night. Which was a bummer. But as of this morning, it works now. I gotta say, this album is beyond great. Just wonderful. Acid rain is definitely my favorite track. Thanks for posting this DBN! :)

Comment by Bodhi

Okay, so after listening to the album a few times, I can say I’m not quite as impressed with it as I was with Nightmare when I first listened to it. I think my problem with the album is that the songs seem more simplistic compared to albums like WtF and CoE, and also, the songs just aren’t catchy like most of their previous songs are. There seems to be something missing, there weren’t really any moments in the album where I was blown away. Still a good album though. Requiem is probably my favorite song. I also like Shepherd of Fire, This Means War, Coming Home, and Planets quite a bit.

Comment by Sean

speechless…….insanely brilliant, every song kicks your ass including crimson day and acid rain

Comment by Eric

After a few listens, I’m officially impressed. First impressions were: Best song: Requiem, Runner Up: Planets, Biggest Surprise: Crimson Day.

Overall rankings:
1) Requiem
2) Planets
3) Crimson Day
4) Shepherd of Fire
5) This Means War
6) Coming Home
7) Acid Rain
8) Doing Time
9) Heretic
10) Hail to the King

I’d give the album an 8.5/10. It doesn’t have any weak tracks, and is superior to Nightmare in that (I really didn’t like Danger Line), but also doesn’t have that one track that just blew me away initially (Buried Alive). So I’m putting this album ahead of Avenged Sevenfold and just behind Nightmare.

Comment by moridin94

I pretty much agree with everything here for the most part. Except the song that blew me away was Save Me on Nightmare

Comment by ZP

Save Me is also a great one, yeah. I just specifically remember watching the lyric video for Buried Alive that day and just rocking back in my chair and saying “WOW.”

Comment by dcafwriting

Agree 200 percent. Felt the exact same way.

Comment by Matt

So so so so amazed. Best album ever, WTF was favorite for 10 years but they finally topped it.

Comment by Anonymous

Upon listening to it over and over again…I’d honestly give this album a 7/10. Both Planets and Acid Rain were underwhelming, with the former having a terribly cheesy chorus and the latter sounding way too forced. Both power ballads remind me too much of Warmness on the Soul, which is imo one of A7X’s lamest songs. I really dig Shepherd of Fire and Coming Home because they sound the most energetic, but everything else just sounds way too cheesy and retro.

Not hating, just disappointed. Was really hoping or an album that would top City of Evil, but this was not worth the 3-year wait. Can’t really give many individual songs 10/10, since I know this band is capable of better ballads and straight ahead metal songs (I Won’t See You Tonight, Save Me, M.I.A., The Wicked End, for example)

This is just my opinion.

Comment by Laurence

I don’t get all the overwhelming adoration for CoE. To me, too many of the songs sound exactly the same. Not much variety on the album and it gets old. As far as this album, it’s right with Nightmare at the top of my favorites. No throwaways on this record, but nothing that tops Buried Alive for me either. A part of me misses the more progressive element from songs like Save Me and MIA, but it is also a new style of music that I embrace and will wear out in my stereo.

Comment by Matt

At last! someone who also doesn’t get the adoration of COE =D =)

I feel like there’s no song that hit me like Buried Alive, Afterlife, Bat Country, Second Heartbeat… not saying HTTK is bad (though Acid Rain is very good!) those songs are very decent… but there’s something missing which I yet cannot describe

Comment by Rusty

Here’s my list. I’ll save a full review for album release date on the discussion post.

1. Shepherd of Fire
2. Planets
3. Coming Home
4. This Means War
5. Requiem
6. Acid Rain
7. Hail To The King
8. Heretic
9. Doing Time
10. Crimson Day

I think the song Hail To The King would be higher on my list if I hadn’t listened to it so much since it’s release. My list may change ever so slightly by release day. This album makes Nightmare sound like a dated sound. I felt Nightmare had a couple of filler songs while this album doesn’t feel that way.

Comment by Mike

I listened to the whole thing once through (bar Hail to the King which I’ve heard many times since it came out) and I won’t be listening to it again until it’s released.

Overall though I would say my initial feelings are of disappointment. It’s hard to sit here and write an essay, especially since people probably won’t read it/care but I have to tell you I truly am a hardcore fan of A7X. I love them entirely, they’re my favourite band by miles and they haven’t created a single song I don’t love; but this album was, in my opinion their first ever step backwards. I think that they have always gotten better and better and created more and more interesting and exciting music but this time I wasn’t impressed.

We waited a long time and it’s quite fair to say this album was hyped to holy hell. Briefly summarising the parts that let me down:

– Lack of variation. In my opinion there is not a lot of difference in the songs. The choruses to most of the songs blend together in my head. The drumming is simple (I know they said they wanted this) but to a point where it is boring. Similar fills are used in every song.

– Lack of energy. I feel like most of the songs on the album are very slow and while they may call this “heavy” I think it’s a little boring. I want to be pumped by their songs. Even to this day Beast & the Harlot, Afterlife whatever get me pumped and I’ve heard them literally hundreds of times.

– Lack of creativity. I don’t mean that the album is a rip off of other artists but you can hear so many other bands in hear which in my opinion isn’t good. Fair enough they are inspired by those bands but A7X have their trademark sounds, you know when you’re listening to them but I couldn’t hear that this time. I could hear what could be deemed a great tribute album to their idols but not something entirely their own. In terms of creativity I’m also referring to the fact that none of the songs really go somewhere new.

– No stand out, catchy songs. I love Hail to the King at this point and at the moment I think it’s my favourite song from the album. I really liked the intro to Sheperd of Fire but I thought that the rest didn’t live up to what I expected. This Means War sounds exciting to begin with but it’s repetative and doesn’t progress. I had high hopes for Planets from all the descriptions and hype surrounding it but ultimately I found it boring, the orchestra wasn’t a big part of the song at all.

– My final grip would be the lack of flow. To me the album sounds incredibly disjointed. Songs don’t lead well into each other. It’s hard to recall exactly since I only heard it once but I felt that the songs just didn’t flow into each other at all.

I know I moaned a lot but I don’t HATE the album at all. I just expected a lot more from it. Maybe it’s stupid and people will say they don’t need to live up to my expectations. But as a dedicated fan I believe we are the ones they’re trying to impress, not the critics or those who hate on them. It’s great that they want to head into new territory but at the same time I think bands need to remember why their fans loved them in the first place. Many of us love them because of Waking the Fallen or City of Evil and I feel this album doesn’t really have a vibe of either of them running through it. To be honest I don’t think it even sounds like Avenged Sevenfold, I think it sounds like Avenged Sevenfold covering another band.

I’m sleepy now and I can’t think of anything else to write. Ooh one last point. There wasn’t a song that was like…”Wow, this is amazing.” On Nightmare that song would be Buried Alive for me, I love that whole album but that song was truly phenomenal. I really hoped to experience that feeling again.

I will wait until the 26th when it’s officially released and listen to it again many times and see if my opinion changes but at this point I am disappointed that we all have to wait 3+ more years to hear something from them again…heres to hoping St. James is to Hail to the King as Buried Alive was to Nightmare.

Comment by Ash

I respect your opinion because you say you’re a hardcore fan, and you seem to say nothing of ignorance. That being said, from a musicians standpoint, these songs are catchy as fuck! I get that you might not dig the outright homages’ to A7X’s influences here. The topics of the lyrics are pretty creative if you ask me. Especially Planets/Acid Rain. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard anything like that before. To me it sounds like you need to listen to the album a few more times to “get the songs” a little bit more. I think some people need a few listens for an album to grow on them. So let us all know your opinion again after you’ve given it some time.I know I’m hearing more and more I love about it the more I jam it!

Comment by Jovan

Go listen to the Exogenesis Symphony by Muse. Acid Rain reminds me of it a lot…though Exogenesis is better at what it does, simply because that’s something Matt Bellamy is more familiar with than Avenged is. Both are great, though (the songs, not the bands. Muse WAS great, and has now descended to the level of absolutely awful through their collaboration with Skrillex on The 2nd Law).

Comment by moridin94

I have to say I’ve listened to it more today and I’ve changed my opinion about no songs being amazing. Acid Rain is SOOOO good. I absolutely love his voice on this song, the chorus is so powerful. CHIIIIIIIILLLLLDREN STILL PLAY IN THE GAAAHDENNN

Comment by Ash

:D :D :D :D :D
(sorry I had to :D =))

OK serious now I also love Acid Rain. I think it’s the best track and rank it among the best ones of A7X. Amazing lyrics and emotions it’s all there. 9/10

Comment by Rusty

Top 10:
1. Requiem (Monster lyrics and best guitar solo I’ve heard from Gates with this much power and soul) 10/10
2. Sheperd of Fire (Catchiest chorus and I love the first person lyrics) 9/10
3. Coming Home (Gem of the album and I love the Iron Maiden sound) 9/10
4. Hail to the King (Best riff of the album) 8/10
5. Planets (hard for me to put this not higher but the hype really made this one a let down for me) 7.5/10
6. Acid Rain (Awesome power ballad) 7.5/10
7. Heretic (Classic sounding A7X with the upbeat chorus) 6/10
8. Crimson Day- (A little whiny for me) 5
9. Doing Time (Ripped straight off of Rev Thoerys-Hell Yeah) 2/10
10. This Means War (Sad But True with different lyrics) 1/10

Best album since COE. But the lazy efforts and obvious ripoffs of Doing Time and This Means War made this fall short of Waking the Fallen status. This topped Nightmare. I’m a harsh critic. I gave the Self Titled a 3/10. But this is definitely a game changer with Requiem alone. Awesome album.

Comment by austins

I agree that This means war was really derivative, but the band was pretty upfront about it in interviews. What really impressed me on this album was that the songs seem more “composed” then written. The orchestral arrangements on this really wowed me, and it seems like they’ve been doing more with that on each album.

Comment by SynVanSambora

Somehow your comment has interested me. It seems like they have changed the way they write albums.

I know they told it in interviews(they studied what makes these classic rock records so good). Now that I heard new album I’m starting to understand. In my opinion this album sounds very atypical and it’s missing that signature A7X sound (without Syn’s solos I wouldn’t know it’s A7X).

Maybe they decided to change everything and try something new like they did with COE. Nevertheless I still like them and wish them well.

Comment by Rusty

To me it seems like everyone who’s favorite album was Waking the Fallen really likes this. I think that may be because on each consecutive album they got more intense with writing harmony, and as far as that aspect goes, it was a step back from that album. And because the wall if sound harmonizing guitars became their trademark sound, it just seems really weird. That said, I do really like the album, even though I generally prefer the more recent albums. I know this hasn’t even been released yet, but I can’t imagine what they’ll do in the future.

Comment by SynVanSambora

I agree to what you are saying. Waking will forever be a 10 in my eyes, and I have yearned for a truly heavy Avenged song since. That being said, I feel as though fans of their newer stuff may find solace in songs like Acid Rain or Crimson Day (both of which I love btw) because of the harmony involved and may be turned off by songs like Requiem(that heaviness I’ve been yearning for) or This Means War. Idk either way this band kicks a lot of ass and all of us here know that. Whether we harken back to Sounding or flock to the White Album, we are the most diehard motherfuckers out there! This fall is going to kick ass.

Comment by DeadlySyn

I think the main reason I figured out why Waking the Fallen is generally the #1 fan favorite is because it has a more serious tone than most of their albums after it. I think that’s what sets Hail to the King apart from the 3 albums since WtF. They clearly take themselves more seriously as artists and musicians than they have before.

Comment by Mullet

The reason that Waking the Fallen is many fans’ favorite album (including me; it’s my favorite album by ANYONE) is that so many people were originally into metalcore and discovered A7x through that. The balance of screaming and singing was done perfectly, and IMO, not many other bands that pull off that balance have a vocalist on the same level as Shadows.

Avenged is still a metal band, but they don’t play METALCORE anymore. I hate the stupid assertion that a band isn’t metal because they don’t scream. That’s more a staple of metalcore or death metal—just look at Metallica or Megadeth. Some of the biggest metal bands of all time and James Hetfield may have screamed a grand total of ten words on their albums.

What it all comes down to is that many of A7x’s original fans enjoy that metalcore sound…and Waking the Fallen pretty much perfected it.

Comment by moridin94

I heard “Hell Yeah” in Doing Time too and now that you mention it, This Means War definitely some Sad But True influence, though it’s different enough for me not to call it a dupe. Love TMW, DT was just okay.

Comment by Anonymous

Dude I thought I was the only one who thought of Hell yeah by Rev Theory when I heard Doing Time.

Comment by Bryant

Well, it’s nice to know that if Avenged does go bankrupt, they’ll make some cash when we all play Crimson Day at our weddings, if the comments are any indication. ;-)

Comment by SynVanSambora

is impossible to review this album or to follow a specific opinion , the album is amzing with no weak tracks ,but each track is unique and it supports a specific taste , i see people hating this means war and others loving it , but gooddam is this album amazing , each track feels unique and very worked on , the riffs and solos feels powerfull and the druming in songs like planets sheperd of fire and coming home feel amazing , they grew up and tried something different and they sure suceeded

Comment by killstreak1997

That part after the Requiem solo with the deep talking sent shivers down my spine

Comment by Tom

Sentiments I echo:

“This Means War (Sad But True with different lyrics)” [provided the added hook does add another dimension, it feels a bit forced]

Now, if they could re-record City of Evil with Shadows’ improved vocals….. ” [been saying this forever, the only thing keeping that from being a perfect 10/10 — those arrangements are gold]

“I prefer more progressive music with changes, back up vocals and a lot of speed. Just my taste and its why I love Avenged”
“Matt voice reminds me of a mix between Axl Rose and Scott Weiland”
“Syn’s solos are fucking AMAZING! His best work yet. This album is his crowning achievement as a guitar player”
“The bass is turned up significantly on this album and I love it. [It’s nice to finally hear Johnny in isolation]
“The vocals are powerful, great, but I felt that they didnt hold up in some places”

Other Thoughts:

“Crimson Day” vocals sound reminiscent of ancient A7X, very similar to “Waking the Fallen”

I’ve never had an opinion more opposite of mine than this:

“Shepherd of Fire fell a little short for me, Doing Time was a huge disappointment (was really looking forward to that one), Planets was honestly a little disappointing as well. Heretic and Coming home were just kinda ‘meh’ for me. Having said that, This Means War was fantastic, Crimson Day could be played at my wedding, and Acid Rain might be my favorite A7X song of all time.”

Comment by Jonathan S. Schultz (@jsschultz88)

I would say that Shadows’ voice in Crimson Day is more reminiscent of Warmness on the Soul; that’s what I thought of as soon as he started singing.

Comment by Anonymous

This album is like porn for my ears.

Comment by Ryan


Comment by Jovan

Maybe it’s just me but just noticed that this is the 3rd album (4th if you don’t count the intro “To End the Rapture” on Sounding) to use a ballad as the 6th song. Probably just a coincidence though. Anyway, fucking love this album. Requiem is so evil.

Comment by DeadlySyn

Here’s my top 10:

1. Requiem: simply amazing. The darker lyrics were reminiscent of Waking the Fallen, the verses were very simple yet very powerful, very heavy. Shadows’ is almost doing spoken word poetry here and I love it. He sounds like a silver-tongued devil. My favourite A7X songs are those with prog elements, and for me, the choir and symphony is what put this above the rest. Who else was reminded of Thriller by Michael Jackson during the supplication? Waht about Eternal Rest in other parts?

2. This Means War: an obvious nod to Sad But True, but I see no problem with that. The band was very up front about it, and while it’s not totally original, it kicks serious ass. Incredibly catchy riffs, consistent headbanging rhythm, gnarly solos, aggressive vocals. The entire band nailed all of their parts here.

3. Heretic: Dark lyrics, story-telling, classic-style religious themes help make this song what it is (right down to its name!). These are some of Shads’ best lyrics ever. Very well structured. I can’t even pinpoint the parts of the song that stand out to me, it’s just phenomenal from beginning to end. I can hear Syn’s dad at 2:37 I believe, right when the new guitar comes in and the song calms down.

4. Shepherd of Fire: love the bells, love the riff, love the rhythm. Reminds me of a summation of all their albums’ sounds in one song… you really do hear a bit of everything in this track. Catchy chorus, good use of backing vocals. Oh and Arin just killed all the critics here imo.

5. Coming Home: The fast paced A7X we’re all familiar with. I hear nods to CoE and even I Won’t See You Tonight, with the classic hard rock influences mixed in there. Phenomenal guitar work. I could sense that this song was Syn’s baby… nice long solo and lead guitar. It really tops most of what he’s done in the past, and that’s saying a lot, because all of his solos have been great. The use of double kick was really selective on this album, so when it comes in at the end, you feel that metal adrenaline rush.

^ these 5 are really close to the top, and my favourite will probably shift among these 5.

6. Acid Rain: Love conquers all. The band slowed this track down, but it’s probably the most emotionally heavy song on the album. Love the piano parts, A7X can rock ballads better than most other bands. The solo was perfectly solemn and moody. Shadows’ means everything he says. Signature STST thunderstorm at the end was the conclusion to the album that I wanted.

7. Hail to the King: It’s good and all, but after listening to the album, I’m wondering why they made this one the title track. It represents the new classic-rock style yes, it’s also probably the most structured and orthodox song on the album, but it doesn’t have the “feel” of the other songs. The drums are a lot simpler on this song, the rhythm isn’t all that interesting, and the vocals are just average for Matt. Syn makes this a good song but I really thought Shepherd could have easily been the title track for this record.

8. Crimson Day: I like it, the vocals do remind me of Shads’ cleaner vocals in STST. The song was pure melody, and that’s what makes it for me. For me it doesn’t stand out as much as the other songs, but I’m sure I’ll fall in love with it after a few more listens.

9. Planets: I suppose they overhyped this one. It’s got good parts, like the trumpets, the drums, and sometimes the guitars. I think the chorus is quite bad and gets annoying. Some parts of the song feel a little congested – too many things at once. I think if they slowed it down, added some strings, made it simpler, and sang a different chorus, it would’ve made it a lot better.

10. Doing Time: Simply didn’t like this one. The track doesn’t feel like it really evolves at all. It’s more of a punk song and it doesn’t fit the rest of the album. It’s not bad, but it may be my least favourite A7X song. It’s a filler and really has no chance of taking off, imo.

Overall I love the album. I’ve listened to it about 10 times now. I never had any feeling of disappointment, not at the first listen and not at the most recent. It’s very well done and you can tell that the band did their homework. They’ve gone to the roots of heavy metal, added their A7X-touch, and made this album as heavy and as dark as ever. The lyrics and themes are a revisit of WTF, the vocals have the emotion of Nightmare, the lead guitars have the melodies of COE, the drums are simplified but made more powerful than ever, the bass is turned up significantly and I love it, and the rhythm riffs are some of the best A7X has ever done. I was very impressed with everyone’s performance here. Some of Shads’ parts could’ve been better imo (Planets, some of Crimson Day, Doing Time) but he’s easily one of the best singers in the genre. I love how the vocals were kept mostly at one-voice-at-a-time, jsut like classic rock and just like WTF. I never cared much for the exaggerated backing vocals in some previous albums (COE) and for me this was a positive change.

Who knows, it may turn out to be my favourite album. Nightmare now sounds very underwhelming compared to this. I loved the Self-Titled, but it was quite experimental, while this album has a clear direction and a focused structure. COE was phenomenal, but Shads’ vocals in this album top COE any day… many of the riffs and solos are also arguably better or at least equal to COE. All of A7X’s albums are masterpieces, and Waking the Fallen is my personal favourite (been a fan since 2003)… but man does it give it a run for its money. HTTK stays interesting from beginning to end, there’s never a dull moment.. while WTF did have a few. I wouldn’t change anything in any of the albums though. I’m just saying that, HTTK really shows that the band has evolved beyond a metalcore or thrash band. The band will take off with this album and attract a lot of new fans (particularly older folks). It’s no longer gonna be lumped into the categories of BFMV or Atreyu. This album really raised A7X to a new strata imo.

Now I’m hoping for a progressive album. After seeing what A7X was able to do with Requiem, Acid Rain, Coming Home, Save Me, Brompton Cocktail, Unbound, Strength of the World, MIA, I Won’t See You Tonight, Eternal Rest, why the hell not….

Everyone loves the old A7X, but it’s about time they’ve changed. When asked why the band changed their style after WTF, Shadows once said that bands that don’t change get boring. It’s very true. Some of my favourite bands simply aren’t evolving, and so they’re losing attention. After two kind of experimental records,it was about time that A7X had a clear and focused vision for a record and executed it. And it worked. I love this band and I sincerely can’t wait for the bonus track(s) now.

Comment by NEfobbyGEN

Dude this is a great commentary. I agree with every sentence 100%! Been a fan since 03 as well.

Comment by Jordan Hartley

I agree with what you say about them attracting alot of new fans. My youngest daughter introduced me to their music about the time the Guitar Hero games were popular which was around 2006 I believe and the first song was Beast And The Harlot. Their new sound is reminiscent of rock bands popular in the ’70’s but with their own spin on it. Hail To The King rocks and this 56 year old mom and grandmother highly recommends it to any A7X fan

Comment by Sandy Gonzalez

I agree with you so much regarding Planets. To me, it is by far the worst song on the album, just because of that super repetitive, annoying, and hard on the ears chorus. The rest of the song is so great, but I just think the chorus could have been so much more interesting and beautiful.

Comment by Anonymous

This is the best response I’ve seen from a new Avenged record. And it’s deserved. There are some great songs and moments on this record

Requiem – Lyrics are awesome and that solo section. So sick.
Planets – The bridge section (the teaser we heard) with Matts vocals that lead into that blistering solo. Yes.
This Means War – An awesome unashamed nod to Metallica, tons of twin leads and the pre-chorus melody/ vocals are awesome.
Heretic – Classic A7X song
Coming Home – An awesome unashamed nod to Iron Maiden. This could of been a song on Brave New World. Very different from any previous work they’ve done but they hit a grand-slam with this one.
Acid Rain – I would of never expected to hear something like this by Avenged. It’s like A7X had a polygamic baby with Muse and Pink Floyd. Love it.

Not to say the rest aren’t awesome in their own way too. But my iTunes play count doesn’t lie. These are the ones I’m hooked on right now. Great work boys

Comment by Eh7x

Second in my opinion to waking the fallen but still absolutely, fucking incredible. My expectations for this album were definitely exceeded, especially for songs like “this means war”, “doing time” and “acid rain”.

Comment by Anonymous

Wow! What an album, there really is no let down from start to finish this album has you hooked! Sheherd of fire really kicks off the album right, sets everything up! I absolutely love the sound of the album mixing the classic with the new! This is my new favorite a7x album!

Comment by Bishop Marlow

Requiem is by far my favorite song on the album. Honestly I was a little disappointed at first because there was a ton of hype for this record. But every song is growing on me. I’m going to be working out and partying to this album for a long time.

Comment by Ryan m

my list goes
1.Hail To The King
2.This Means War
5.Coming Home
6.Shepherd Of Fire
7.Doing Time
9.Crimson Day
10.Acid Rain

Comment by b.mohn

I guess I can have my own track-by-track review as well

1. Shepherd of Fire really surprised me, I wasn’t expecting it to turn out that way, and the whole band just kicked me right in the face. The perfect way to kick the album. I feel like there’s an explosion right when the song really kicks in. I really loved it.

2. Hail to the King is a very well structured classic metal song. The perfect choice for a title track and single. Although it sounds nothing like the other songs, it prepared me for the rest of the album.

3. Doing Time may be my least favorite song, but it still pumps me up every time I listen to it, probably because it has so much GnR in it. I love the fact that Shads finally used this type of his vocals on a song. It truly reveals his huge vocal capabilities. It’s a good rock n’ roll hard rock song with a fucking awesome guitar solo.

4. This Means War, no need to say, is today’s ‘Sad But True’, just a bit longer and with a more powerful voice. The intro got me excited for their traditional dual guitars, but to my disappointment, it turned out to be very short. The riff and the rest of the songs make up for it though.

5. The evil Requiem, the soundtrack to Hell. Extremely heavy guitars and vocals. The drums really stand out on this one, I can imagine Arin hitting the sticks as hard as he can.

6. Crimson Day reminds me of the old A7X ballads such as Warmness on the Soul. A love song at its best. This band is growing a reputation on making such beautiful ballads. And just like everyone of their ballads, Syn kicks in with a very powerful solo that leaves us breathless.

7. Heretic is a great story-telling song with a wide variety of vocals from Shads. The guitar harmonies on the pre-chorus and the chorus brings back the A7X I fell in love with. The solo also brings back some older A7X, probably the best solo on the record.

8. Coming Home was the biggest surprise. Another story-teller. I can’t help but imagine Bruce Dickinson singing this song. It’s the kind of story that Iron Maiden love to tell. It’s got Iron Maiden written all over it. Shadows once again kills us with his amazing voice. Arin also shines in this one. But the true fathers of this song are Zacky and Syn. The guitars on this song are pure genius. The clean intro, the long Iron Maiden-style solo, and the outro with the dual guitars playing behind the solo, (along with the rare double-kick drums must I add) blew me away. The best song on the record for me.

9. Planets is an out-of-this-world song. The whole songs is whispering “DARTH VADER” in my ears. The guitar riff is just kick-ass, but that’s something I got used to listening to the 8 previous songs. Like Requiem, Arin is blowing the hell out of those drums. Who stands out on this one? M SHADOWS. It truly reveals his huge vocal capabilities, especially on the chorus. Every time he says ‘Planets collide’ my ears melt, his voice has so much power in it. I’d put it on the same level of heaviness as This Means War.

10. Acid Rain, what can I say, it makes me want to cry. Right from the first note Syn hits on that guitar until the very end. Whoever wrote this song (I’m pretty sure it’s Shadows) needs a medal. Shadows’ screams in this song with such emotion it’s unbelievable. Although there are no heavy guitar and hard-hit drums, the piano and that voice make the song so fucking heavy. The perfect ending to the album.

Best A7X album ever, hands down. Everyone please take a bow for these guys, they poured their hearts and souls to make that album, and they stole my soul with it. Everyone shines on that album. Zacky and Syn did an amazing job with those guitars, and Syn killed me with the lead parts. Although I haven’t mention Johnny on any of the songs, I have to point out that I can actually hear the bass and on some songs they’re as heavy as hell. Arin did an amazing job considering the band wanted plain simple drums. I know he could’ve would’ve killed it had they asked him to play freely. Shadows really fucks everyone. Every aspect of his voice (except his scream/growl) is exposed on the album and his powerful voice really pumps me up.

Comment by Marc

GREAT review! I could not agree more and each and everything you said.


Comment by Reem

The first time I listened there were a couple song I wasnt very fond of now a few days into the record and there is not one song that I dont like.

Comment by ZP


Comment by Ryan m

Best album ever, but it makes me more sad, because I can’t hear it live :/

Comment by Nevan

I think it’s fair to say that they finally made an album that tops city of evil IMO.. I can feel GnR Iron Maiden and Metallica it’s so amazing I’m at a loss for words. Fuck wat the press says this album is a solid 10 out of 10 just like every other album. They nailed it and I never doubted em one time. Next mission…number one guys

Comment by Holden Lester

I completely agree with this! ‘Doing TIme’ sounds a lot like Guns N’ Roses, both lyrically and also in the way that Shadows sings the song. Great album, no doubt.

Comment by Deanna

After listening to the album all day yesterday, I managed to come up with a pretty solid list of favorites.

1) Crimson Day
2) Heretic
3) Doing Time
4) This Means War
5) Shepherd of Fire
6) Requiem
7) Coming Home
8) Hail to the King
9) Planets
10) Acid Rain

I thought they did an amazing job on this album, overall :)

Comment by Deanna

I listened to Acid Rain while standing in the pouring rain today, it made it even more epic if you can believe it!

Comment by SynVanSambora

Anyone else get “Symphony of Destruction” vibe from Heretic???

Comment by Matt

Yeah, I was thinking that too

Comment by Rdog

The beginning of the chorus reminds me a lot of “Separate Ways” by Journey.

Comment by Ryan

I really like this album…really, really like it.

Comment by moridin94

This album definitely is not one of my favorites by Avenged, but I don’t get why so many people can’t find a song that stands out to them. For me, Requiem is right up there with Tonight the World Dies, Afterlife, Burn it Down and Second Heartbeat.

Apart from Requiem and Hail to the King, though, I can’t say I found any of the other tracks fantastic.

Comment by Nathan

Reqiuem, Planets and This Means War are the big ones for me.

Comment by ZP

Protigia Comploratus
Silens, Oro
Regnet Exitium

Comment by David Sprung (@TheDavidSprung)

I still have to listen to it several more times before I rank it (although it’s already better than the self-titled IMO), but I’m loving the choruses in this album. Way less melodic and much more aggressive than ever before (especially on “Planets” and “Requiem”). The solos and riffs are top-notch as well. Honestly, I haven’t found much to complain about. The fact that HTTK is the weakest song (IMO) is awesome because it’s not a bad one, in fact it’s pretty solid.

There’s no way it’ll topple City of Evil, but so far I’m loving it.

Comment by Ron Guillet

I’ve also listened to “Sad But True” and “This Means War” several times and I just don’t understand why some think it’s identical. Sure, it undoubtedly pays homage to Metallica, but it’s still Avenged 100%…

Comment by Ron Guillet

I’ma have to be that guy and say that this did not meet my expectations, and A7X is not a metal band anymore, they are purely hard rock. This album is missing the A7X touch they, kept it simple, almost a little too simple for my taste. What I loved about A7X was that they’d send you through a roller coaster of emotions and always brought different flavors throughout an album with layers of different sounds with crazy bridges and breakdowns to keep you interested.
While this one just kinda coasted and felt the same throughout, with a lot of very cookie cutter riffs ,although the solos are probably some of the best that Gates’ have delivered.
Heretic is a track that reminds me the most of A7X of old, it has a nice build to it with the whole song coming to full circle with a haunting chorus that has a Metal edge to it. Then suddenly it drops into a eerily beautiful breakdown that sends you into a different world and you can’t forget the dualing guitar solo . I felt that this album is seriously missing that signature sense of adventure that A7X used to show

Not saying that it’s all terrible. The album is actually great for what it is: A Hard Rock album. But in terms of comparing it to their older stuff, I felt Avenged simplified their formula to reach a broader audience and kept it relatively safe by not trying to be too experimental or progressive.
It’s simple and very effective, but not the A7X I fell in love with.
They did show that they can be still be progressive and show some musical prowess with Planets, Heretic And Acid Rain but its obvious that it’s not the direction they’re taking, which I don’t blame them for because 11 minute songs like Save Me aren’t for everybody.
I have to say that the hype behind this album made this album even more underwhelming for me. To have people say this is better than Nightmare or CoE is almost absurd in my eyes.
a GOOD album but nothing earthshattering and only a few songs are on replay right now.
Ever since CoE after hearing an album I would always be shocked and tell myself “Man, that’s some next level shit, I’ve never heard of anything like this in my life”
While after HTTK I was more like ” It’s really heavy in its own right, but I feel like this has already been done before”

The album gets a 6.5/10 for me.
Again, a solid piece of work but I didn’t get that earth-shattering feeling I usually would after hearing one of their albums.

Instead of following and loving everything blindly, you have to sometimes be honest with what you see and hear and form an opinion. I will always be an Avenged fan, because I know for a fact that these guys are some of the most intelligent and talented musicians of our generation. But even I know, no matter how talented you are, you can’t make everybody happy.

Comment by fudgemeharder

I completely agree with every word. I am so disappointed after waiting 3 years and all the build up for this album. I am optimistic about the next record…guess I’ll just keep spinning all their older albums until then.

Comment by Snuffy

Thank you for an honest view.

Comment by synysta

Right there with you..

Comment by yup

I don’t understand all the hate on “Doing Time”. Its one of my favorites on the album. Id love to see Avenged do an entire album of sleazy rock n roll. They pull it off very well. But that’s just a bias point of view from a guy that grew up on Guns N’ Roses and Motley Crue.

Comment by Destin

I agree, Doing Time is badass. “I maintain an addiction; been known to take it too high…”. So catchy.

Comment by Alex

This a great album, the best of the year, and deserves a Grammy. Hail to the king, is a great album, sure, I miss so much Rev, but all us, have to say and accept this album, because He is so imposing and I love Heretic, because remember me a little bit, the Diamonds in the Rough times… And Sure, I wait so much for Rock in Rio gig, to be the best gig of Avenged Sevenfold in all the times… And Acid Rain is so Muse… Thank you Avenged for make a beautiful music for our Hearts, and Thanks to preserve the Rev’s legacy.

Comment by Nícolas Carvalhedo

This is very much metal. I know many think that playing 32nds on the base drum and really high tempos is probably the typical metal song nowadays, but this record is pure metal in its greatness. Its not following a band blindly but to recognize the homage that this band makes to the great metal bands that have inspired Avenged Sevenfold.

One thing is to not like the songs which a completely understand but another is to not see the level of skill it takes for a song to stand out with just a riff which is what they did here.

Bottom line is, there’ always going to be people unhappy. It happened with City of evil, then Self titled, Nightmare not so much because of the circumstances but it happens here again which is more of a trend i’ve noticed over the years.

Just my opinion.

P.S. Im not referring to anyone in particular. Im talking more about the general dislikings.

Comment by Thierry Arrieta

It’s always funny to me when people try to say they aren’t metal, yet every single prestigious magazines ex. (metal hammer, kerrang), and people who critique albums professionally don’t debate whether or not they are metal. Its pretty understood that they are metal. It doesn’t have to be blistering fast with harsh vocals to make it metal. This is metal, whether people like it or not. And it’s damn good. Their best yet.

Comment by Evan Moore (@Evan__Moore)

Just got home from the local cd shop and blasted the first 4 songs in the car on the way,
Loving Shepard of fire, HTTK ( just gets stuck in your head ) and this means war( I’m a massive metallica fan so love the sad but true vibe), doing time was just ok to me, I didn’t hate it but may be a sometimes skip song.

Now for the rest!!!!

Comment by Fadetonothing

Shepherd of Fire : 9
Hail to the King : 7,5
Doing Time : 8
This Means War : 9,5
Requiem : 7
Crimson Day : 8
Heretic : 8
Coming Home : 8,5
Planets : 10
Acid Rain : 7

Comment by Alexandre Leblanc

Am I the only one completely addicted to the chorus in Planets? I can’t get it out of my head. It’s not even melodic, really. It’s just plain badass. One of my favourite songs from A7X now.

Comment by Ron

Planets seeems right down the middle with everyone. Just as much love as hate, but I agree with you, i’m addicted to that chorus and it’s my favorite song on the album.

Comment by Anonymous

I found myself singing “PLANNNEEETTSSS COLLLIDDDEE” plenty of times in my head already. I know some people think its cheesy but to me its metal as Fuc*. I mean cmon what is more badass and metal then planets colliding. and the way he yells/sings/growls it is amazing.

Comment by ZP

I’m addicted to the part where it sounds like “Mother of all, your time is coming!” It’s a damn epic song

Comment by Woot

I don’t see anything wrong with it being cheesy, to be honest. City of Evil is a pretty cheesy album and I think it’s their best.

Comment by Ron

“It’s your fuckin’ nightmare!” Is cheesy as hell too, but that’s still an awesome song.

Comment by Cory

This Mean War feels Sad But True inspired, but in the end, they are two completely different songs. I feel like people are just putting way to much stock into what the reviews said about the album. Reviews are nice, especially when you have yet to hear the album. It gives you an idea of what to expect. After listening to it myself, I hear the GNR on Doing Time, I hear the Sad But True on This Means War, I hear the Iron Maiden on Coming Home, and I guess I mildly agree to hearing the references to Megadeth and Pantera on Heretic and Planets respectively. But at the end of the day, this is still very much 100% Avenged Sevenfold. To be honest, it has more of that A7X feel than I thought it would after reading a lot of these reviews. I feel that some songs were a bit overhyped, but overall, this is a VERY solid album front to back. I will reserve my final judging until Tues to give myself a little more time to critique.

Comment by Anonymous

finally a good comment ! it’s their best album hands down, just a brand new level.. i don’t understand why all the hate :/

Comment by Anonymous

love this album its probably tied for my favorite with city of evil. i like the maturity shown in this album. coming home ,requiem,and planets are my favorites. the chorus of coming home is done so well by matt his voice is godlike. my one complaint is crimson day its terrible sounds like one of ozzys ballads from the 80s and acid rain is a good song just didnt send chills down my spine like the ballads on previous albums but all in all this album kicks ass.

Comment by vince

I just have to say This album f***ing ROCKS!!!!! \m/(><)\m/
IMO it's really close to CoE and WtF. Hail to the band for this!

Comment by MortenM

I’ve anticipated this album for almost a year! I’ve listenned to this album three times since I pre-ordered it a few days ago. Great lyrics and solos. Amazing mealodies and riffs. I can’t wait to see ya’ll in Atlanta this year! A7X foREVor! I love every song on this record. The songs seem to blend City of Evil and Waking the Fallen as well as the band A7X was inspired by and influenced by like Iron Maiden, Metallica, and Pantera. Keep on Rockin’
Favorite songs: Acid Rain, Shepherd of Fire.

Comment by Dakota7x

I must say, the majority of Avenged Sevenfold fans are never happy with Avenged Sevenfold’s music. It’s a very odd dynamic. That said, I personally thought the album was terrific. Shadows’ technical skills keep improving and the rest of the band knows that faster doesn’t necessarily mean better or heavier; they just wanna make badass classic heavy metal, which I believe they did. Well done, boys.

Comment by Brandon

It’s because they change their sound so often, lol I’ve loved every change but some people just dont agree with it.

Comment by ZP

Exactly this.
CoE was by far their most theatric, cinematic album
ST was their most experimental
and Nightmare was a nice mix of both with the addition of raw emotion because of Rev’s passing.
I usually dig their music, even if it sounds different, but this time I couldn’t really get behind it, because it didn’t sound like Avenged Sevenfold. It sounded like an homage to all the great metal bands of old. This album felt stripped down, like a cat with no claws, it had massive potential but fell short because they were too busy trying to replicate the sounds of other bands instead of making their own, like they usually did.

Comment by fudgemeharder

Fair enough; I respect that opinion.
And your username is GOLD.

Comment by Brandon

the louder you play this album the better it gets. i fear i may be blowing out some speakers/headphones in the near future

Comment by Casey

The Guitars on Crimson Day remind me of In A Darkened Room and Wasted Time from Skid Row. Syn has outdone himself this time. This album DESTROYS Nightmare. It gets better with every listen.

Comment by Revenant

I love it. Absolutely love it. I’m looking forward to box set. It’s going to be playing in my car every day until the concert.

Comment by Tracey7777

I’m on my third time through and it’s amazing! I’m loving tracks 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9 so far. It’s even better than any interview or write-up could have led to. Every album has turned a new page for me and I really appreciate that! Keep up the hard work guys- your perseverance and grit makes you who you are and who we love! I cannot wait to see you perform some of these new songs live! Keep rocking!!!

Comment by Carmen Feuling

My box set just came in the mail!!! SO EXCITED!!!!

Comment by Rob

Mine too! It’s freakin’ awesome!

Comment by Lou

Avenged Sevenfold,

Today has been great, mainly due to the fact that after working all day on my birthday I came home to my box set sitting on the counter, four days early. Fuck yea, now the wait till October 13th at the Joe!

Comment by Matt LaFleur

Finally got to blast the album through the car speakers, and I take back anything bad I have said about this album. It was like a religious experience. I have never heard rock sound so effing powerful in my life.

Comment by Brendan

Told ya? ;)

Comment by Deathbat News

I loved the album anyway but like you I got the disc today. I had the lyrics booklet in front of me and I blasted it on my xbox and was blown away by all of it. You described it perfectly, it was like a religious experience. I was actually shaking when I’d finished and I’d heard the album like five times already! Don’t want to fanboy out here but I honestly believe it’s the best album I have ever heard.

Comment by Anonymous

2.This means war
3.crimson day
4.shepherd of fire
5.coming home
7.acid rain
8.doing time
9.hail to the king
10 planets

Comment by A7x fan

For anybody who cares to know, I got the opportunity to meet Zacky randomly last year around early december. I told him I was a huge fan ever since Waking The Fallen came out and how avenged is my favorite band. In the short time I got to talk to him he let me know that the new album they were writing at the time was something really heavy and the old WTF fans would really enjoy. After listening to this album for days now I can completely agree with his statement. This is a complete and well rounded metal album of the ages!

Comment by Kenny

Ok I got the album today on disc, stuck it on my xbox loud and made sure to read the lyrics as they went along while listening. HOLY..FUCKING..SHIT. I’d listened to the album before without the benefit of knowing all the lyrics multiple times and would have rated it an 8-9 out of 10. But now? I can safely say it’s the album of the year for be and probably a GOAT album imho. It’s the best album I’ve ever heard.

Comment by Anonymous

I wanted to wait until I had the CD before listening to the full album and I avoided the teaser clips that were released for some songs (although I have been listening to the HTTK single) because I hate already being familiar with half an album when I get it. I also didn’t read any fan or professional reviews because I didn’t want anyone else’s opinions to impact my own listening experience. Well, it arrived this morning and (hard as it was) I waited until everyone else went to bed so I could listen to it all the way through without any interruptions and I’m glad I did.

I’ve got kind of mixed feelings about this album, though. I like each of the songs- there’s bits that I find really catchy and I think there’s plenty of variety so it doesn’t get boring. I think Arin’s done a good job and I like the guitar solos and Matt’s vocals are sounding pretty good (and his spoken word bits are much better than they have been on past records). I’ve not looked closely at the lyrics yet but I like those which have jumped out at me so far.

On the other hand, although it does still have that A7X feel to it, I think they’ve kind of overdone the homages to other bands. I mean, if I want to listen to Metallica, I’ll pick up a Metallica record. If I’m in the mood for Maiden, I’ll go and listen to Maiden, you know? It almost feels like this album is A7Xs version of a covers band which is a shame because these guys are damn good musicians in their own right and don’t need to write stuff which sounds so much like these other bands. One of the things I love about A7X is their originality and I feel like it’s missing from this album in places. I listened to it knowing that they’d taken a lot of inspiration from other bands (bands which I also like) and I was worried that it would sound too much like it had been written by someone else. In that respect, it’s turned out much better than I was expecting but I think it sounds too unoriginal to come anywhere close to being one of my favourite A7X albums.

That’s not to say that I won’t listen to this album because I do really like it. And it may grow on me. My impression is based on only a couple of listens so it may be that with more, I’ll come to appreciate it more. I hope so because A7X is my favourite band and has been for a long time now.

I do not like the intro for Requiem, though. Again, it might grow on me but I just don’t think it suits Avenged’s style. I cringed the first time I heard it and I’m not sure I’ll be able to forget that (oddly, if it was on another bands record, I don’t think it would bother me so much, I just don’t think it works here, but there you go).

I liked Crimson Day and Acid Rain as slower, more emotional songs but St. James is something else. I love the lyrics. And, yes, I cried :D

All in all, I think it’s a good album, even if it’s not completely what I think A7X is. The guys have got a right to be proud of it and I think Jimmy is proud of them too.

Comment by SS

1.sheperd of fire 8.7/10
2. hail to the king 7.5/10
3. doing time 7/10
4. this means war 6/10
5. requiem 9/10
6. crimson day 8/10
7. heretic 8.3/10
8. coming home 8.5/10
9. planets 8.6/10
10. acid rain 9.3/10

overall good album, wouldnt call it their best but album of the year worthy.

Comment by chrisa7x

Quite possibly the best album I’ve evheard. Musically its leagues ahead of anything. I’ve been a A7X fan since 2006 and back then Iknew this band had talent, but damn. I never knew they would make an album like this. Im seeing them in my hometown Phoenix AZ on Sept. 13 and its gonna be epic. Requiem,This Means War and Planets automatic favprites. WOW

Comment by Andrew Marin

NOTE: Please feel free to discuss Avenged Sevenfold’s “Hail To The King” bonus track “St. James” on album release day, August 27th, at!

Comment by Deathbat News

I love the new album, but you listen to it a few times and it’s Avenged, and at the same time it’s not. The lyrics, vocals, and solos are all true avenged sevenfold style, but the overall musical style of this album sounds too much more like the work of other bands, if anyone understands what I’m getting at. I loved their earlier works because they were all original avenged sevenfold masterpieces. They invented their own sound and style, but [I feel that] the new album has lost a lot of that which made them famous in the first place. I’ll still listen the shit out of this album, no doubt. Matt really gets the most of his vocal range on the songs throughout the record, except it’s missing that heavy, darkened avenged sound that I’ve grown up with.

Comment by Joshua J.R.

Love the whole album wish I could go see it live but anyways good luck guys I’d like to meet synster gates some day he’s the reason I learned guitar

Comment by Nick

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