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Metal Hammer Germany Gives Avenged Sevenfold’s “Hail To The King” A 6 Out Of 7.
August 22, 2013, 4:28 am
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Metal Hammer Germany has given Avenged Sevenfold’s new album “Hail To The King” a 6 out of 7.

“It took the Californian guys six records to actually land here. While they tried it with coarse metalcore-underground sound with their first two records, there happened to be a huge change in atmosphere with the release of the impressive CITY OF EVIL (2005) and the band really managed to find their appointment in heroic sounds. Metallica, Maiden, Guns’n’Roses – hey, even a progressive Dream Theater touch found its little place in their extended pastiche profile.

A very welcomed evolution which scored continuous huge sales figures in the USA and even after the death of their drummer and songwriter, James Owen ‘The Rev’ Sullivan, they reached their completion with the posthumous paragon NIGHTMARE (with Mike Portnoy on drums). New chapter: HAIL TO THE KING. With ringing intro bells, as well as a new drummer, they go on a transatlantic storm course. Streamlined, A7X have thrown big parts of the more playful, multi-layered ballast over board. Yet better said, brought it to a luscious, compact minimum, to position themselves primarily between metal mainstream like Metallica (more) and 80s-Maiden (less).

Already the title single is with its malmsteen-ish classic runs, the marching sounds and its dramatic chorus, a future stadium filler par excellence. While ‘Doing Time’, as a last relict, brings up some USE YOUR ILLUSION-charm, ‘This Means War’ and ‘Crimson Day’ show more roughly while huge and uncolored “M” (like metal milestone of the 90s) release is being admired.

Exactly, Metallica’s black album is dripping as the main reference from songwriting to the sound out of every pore (though ‘Coming Home’ would be more of a 7th Son era b-side child). That’s probably how the original second grade comic cover got thrown off the display and moved away for a new black simplicity. Long story short, A7X have managed to distil the essence of metallic mass appeal, with only the best, borrowed, metal classic ingredients for the new millennium, pour it into a coherent, modern souped-up recor and, with that, score immensely.

Translated and submitted by Tess.


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Having read this article in german, I have to admit that the guy writes like he has to prove he is some sort of goethe or shakespeare. SO thanks for the translation in english even from a native speaker cuz that guy has some issues with talking like a normal person.

Comment by Rad

Finally. A review which speaks the truth. This album just rips off all these artists and passes it off as their own work. Planets has a part which i swear is taken from Elizabeth by Ghost. Gone are this bands glory days. Till today, City Of Evil is their Magnum Opus and Waking The Fallen is their crowning Jewel. That doesn’t mean i don’t like Hail To The King, its a good album, just not them. Call me when City Of Evil two comes out.

Comment by Viknes

this is the worst review ever….not because of the rating (who gives a f#$% what people think) But because he claims to speak for the “A7X fan” quotes like this “And older fans can analogously moan about how the past records before this were so much better” really? You mean the original fans who’ve been with them since the beginning are whining about it? “it took them 6 records to land here” Um noo every album was exactly why we love them, they can make any genre of rock sound amazing and we love every album. Nobody cares what you think, none of the fans were quote “waiting for this album” what good would it be if they went with this 80’s style music for the album and it sucked ass? We want great quality music no matter the style it takes to achieve it. This guy obviously knows very little about the band or the fans

Comment by jruss

Well put my friend…Hail to the mother fucking King…A7X foREVer!!!!

Comment by Spencer

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