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Sirius XM Octane Presents: 7 Days Of Avenged Sevenfold.
August 26, 2013, 6:50 pm
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Sirius XM Octane (Sirius Ch 37) presents 7 Days Of Avenged Sevenfold. Starting Aug 27th and ending Sept 3rd,  Octane will be playing music chosen by Zacky Vengeance, Synyster Gates, Johnny Christ and M Shadows as well as songs from the new album “Hail To The King” with custom introductions. You’ll also be treated to the world premiere Avenged Sevenfold’s radio show “The Seventh Lair” where the guys will discuss the history of the band “through Rock n’ Roll” and play tracks from some of their biggest influences.

The Seventh Lair: On-Air Schedule:
Tuesday 8/27 – 9am [Zacky & Synyster] / 6pm [Johnny & M Shadows]
Wednesday 8/28 – 3pm [Zacky & Synyster]
Thursday 8/29 – 12am [Johnny & M Shadows]
Friday 8/30 – 5pm [Zacky & Synyster] / 10pm [Johnny & M Shadows]
Saturday 8/31 – 12pm [Johnny & M Shadows]
Sunday 9/1 – 8pm [Zacky & Synyster]
Monday 9/2 – 2pm [Zacky & Synyster] / 7pm [Johnny & M Shadows]


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what time time zone is it going to be?

Comment by Hailey Smith

Should be EST!

Comment by Deathbat News

30-day online free trial? If you insist, Sirius.

Comment by ClarksvilleOHIO

Is A7x getting a permanent channel or show. More details on “The Seventh Layer” please :)

Comment by Matt

Judging by the schedule it looks to only be for the week.

Comment by Deathbat News

This is amazing!

Comment by Anonymous

This is awesome. I would be ALL for a permanent Avenged Sevenfold radio station where they play all of the music like they are doing today… and then randomly jump on and talk to us through it. :)

Comment by Blake Tull

Since about 8:30am (central) they have played the following –

Led Zeppelin – Black Dog (Syn)

System of a Down – B.Y.O.B. (ZV)

A7X – This Means War (Syn) [One of his favorites from the record. He loves the drums by Arin. This is based on a singular riff (as opposed to previous songs being saturated with multiple riffs). His dad plays a solo on this.]

Metallica – Wherever I May Roam (ZV) [He loves how much this song/album redefined metal and even more so how much it pissed a lot of people off]

Faith No More – War Pigs (Black Sabbath Cover – Syn) [This is one of his favorite covers of all time. He loves the over the top vocalizations by Mike Patton.]

Black Flag – Rise Above (ZV) [He loves how inspirational/influential this band is. He told a story about Henry Rollins recently emailing him telling him to remember to tell the record labels to F-OFF whenever they ask him not to wear Black Flag shirts]

Guns N’ Roses – Mr Brownstone (Syn) [He loves how GnR came in and broke all the rules at that time and how ecclectic Axl’s voice is]

Five Finger Death Punch – Lift Me Up (ZV) [They love seeing a fellow American metal band doing so well and doing so much for the genre. Looking forward to touring with them in the near future]

Megadeth – Holy Wars (Syn) [told a story about Johnny Christ playing too loud while testing his bass (Velvet Revolver riff) before going on stage, but while Megadeth was still on stage. Dave Mustaine had a mini-melt-down.

The Misfits – Hybrid Moments (ZV) [One of his all-time favorite bands. The only band he has a tattoo of (very special to him).]

Black Sabbath – Fairies Wear Boots (Syn) [Pioneering heavy metal / maybe a song people are not as familiar with / no clue what the lyrics are about]

Comment by Blake Tull

Iron Maiden – Wasted Years (ZV) [Fortunate to be able to learn, be inspired, and tour with them. They are the masters. So much energy and generations upon generations of fans. Honored yet scary to open for them. Personal favorite song of his.]

Avenged Sevenfold – Planets (Syn) [Probably his favorite track on the record. A song about intergalactic Apocalypse. They had a lot of fun creating this song. Worked a lot with David Campbell (major composer). Spent a lot of time with arrangements. Cinematic. Really excited about this album.]


End of 1st show.

Comment by Blake Tull

I can’t thank you enough for posting all the songs they played as well as descriptions of what they had said! I hope you (or anyone else) will be doing this for the next week :)

Comment by DeadAndBrokenFox

I recorded the sessions from yesterday evening, but I am still working on transcribing all of it.

I think they are just doing a 2 hour block for each pairing SG/ZV & MS/JC and then repeating that over the course of the week, so there would be a total of 4 hours.

I hope to see Arin involved in this type of stuff in the future. :)

Comment by Blake Tull

This is the portion that I missed from the beginning of the first session. The session today is a repeat of the first session from yesterday.

ZV: Volbeat – “Fallen” [New favorite upcoming band / looking forward to touring with them in the near future / Described Volbeat as heavy metal meets rockabilly / Syn said they are a bunch of whisky drinking f-cks / raw sounding with a johnny cash divebar sound, but class / They would jam to their music before every show in Europe a few years back]

SG: Pantera – “Throes of Rejection” [A band that when he first heard he lost his mind / His dad introduced him to them / Called them the heaviest reiging metal band / He referred to Dime (late guitarist for Pantera) as raping / pillaging the guitar and thus he aspired to do the same, but with a certain degree of failure]

ZV: Ghost B.C. – “Secular Haze” [He said Right now I want to take you to a darker evil place with one of his favorite new bands / They hail from Sweden (or as he likes to say the depths of hell) / He said they are Satanic, awesome, evil, but soothing to listen to / They are having them on their October tour and are looking forward to introducing them to the fans / This song is one of his favorites]

SG: Mr. Bungle – “My Ass is on Fire” [He said that this is a pretty f-cking ridiculous band that the REV introduced him to / You may have heard of Mike Patton from one of his numerous bands (famous for Faith No More) / He said that they are ridiculous band that kind of shaped his interior]

ZV: Avenged Sevenfold – “Shepherd of Fire” [Intro track to the album / set things off / drag you down to hell / set the tone]

SG: The Beatles – “Helter Skelter” [Few beginnings of the creators of heavy metal / One of the first heavy metal songs / Shaped him in understanding riffs / Shaped perception of song writing and what metal is / Loves Paul McCartney’s vocals / He said that if consider the time and age that this came out it’s pretty mind-boggling]

ZV: AC/DC – “Hells Bells” [from the blackest of the blackest of the black albums / one of his favorites / dark / evil lots of people probably had sex to it and you were probably conceived to it so you can thank AC/DC for being alive]

SG: Led Zeppelin – “Black Dog” [This band comprised of some of the greatest musicians who could have led their owns bands / The great Jimmy Page / He played with everyone under the sun (The Who, Jeff Beck, Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds) / A7X really wanted to convey this type of sound on Hail to the King / Sonically they wanted something built off a massive singular riff / First song Syn hear by Led Zeppelin / Rev, Zacky, and he would trip out trying to play the drums like Bonzo (John Bonham) played]

ZV: System of a Down – “B.Y.O.B.” [Personally it doesn’t get much better than this as far as heavy metal hard rock / completely unique and awe-inspiring band / A7X has had the privelege of touring with them many times before / They never cease to amaze / So many songs to choose from / ZV picked this one because it’s a lot of fun]

Comment by Blake Tull

This is the transcript from the sessions with Johnny Christ and M. Shadows –

MS: AC/DC – “Money Talks” [Instead of playing “Back in Black” / “Hells Bells” he wanted to play something newer. He said it has a great chorus and he doesn’t know how they keep it so simple but so impactful.]

JC: Metallica – “Blackened [He said this album Justice For All & song kicks it off and it’s always something he loves listening to before going out on stage.]

MS: Bad Religion – “Skyscraper” [He said that when they first started as a band they were very influenced by punk rock and there were a few bands that really stuck around in his playlist / This is one of those records that takes him back to the old days / Loves Bad Religion / Nothing but respect for them / Calls them punk rock icons / One of his favorite albums Recipe For Hate / Called the song pure melodic loveliness]

JC: Suicidal Tendencies – “Gotta Kill Captain Stupid” [He told a story about sharing a room with one of his older brothers and they would crank up their little boombox and just dance around the room to this song]

MS: Megadeth – “This Was My Life” [One of his favorite bands / One of the big 4 / Favorite track from Countdown to Extinction / One of their landmark records besides Rust in Peace]

JC: Primus – “Too Many Puppies” [Influenced him growing up as a musician / Trio of guys who are incredible musicians with incredible groove / He said you may find the vocalist a little funky at first, but he promises you’ll get into it]

MS: Queensrÿche – “Operation Mindcrime” [He said this next band has been involved in a lot of drama / Singer kicked out / Both bands continuing with the same name / He called it a “huge clusterf*ck” but said that original Queensrÿche is where it’s at / He called Operation Mindcrime one of the greatest concept albums of all time]

JC: Faith No More – “From Out of Nowhere” [He said this next song is off the album The Real Thing & called it a brilliant record]

MS: Rainbow – “Catch the Rainbow” [He called Dio One of the greatest vocalists of all time and said that was not debatable / He said this song is Dio at his finest / Rest in peace / Called him a metal legend / Hopes that some of you youngsters who haven’t been acquainted with Dio check it out and you’re gonna love it and see where a lot of bands nowadays get their influence from]

JC: Pantera “I’ll Cast a Shadow” [This is a song off of the last record they did together / He doesn’t get to hear this on the radio too often / Finishes out their record Reinventing the Steel / personal favorite of his]

MS: Scorpions – “I’m Leaving You” [One of his favorite bands / Massive in Europe / Favorite track off of the album Love at First Sting / Great album cover]

JC: Helmet – “Unsung” [From a band he saw open up for Metallica at the Great Western Forum in LA / Immediately went out to buy the record / One of his favorite songs from the record]

MS: Tenacious D – “Rize of the Fenix” [Newer song / Wasn’t much of a Tenacious D fan from the first 2 records / Just never really got into it / But they really sold him with the album Rize of the Fenix / He said for those that think it’s funny and just a joke, these are great songs with great songwriting / favorite track / hope you guys enjoy]

JC: AC/DC – “Big Balls” [One of his favorite songs off of Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap / Just shows how frickin rock and roll it was / So here’s some big balls for ya]

MS: – UFO – “Only You Can Rock Me” [Way back / highly influential on Iron Maiden’s sound / Got into them from hearing old school guys saying they were a huge influence / Amazing song / Amazing melody / Great bridge section is what hooked him]

JC: Tool – “Hooker With a Penis” [Said the band, album, and name of the song with a slight chuckle, but didn’t make any other comments]

MS: Iron Maiden – “Wasted Years” [Huge influence on the band / They’ve taken A7X on tour with them / Gracious tourmates / This is one of those bands where you drop everything when they call / This song really pulls on the heartstrings / Great to hear Iron Maiden on Octane]

JC: Deftones – “Digital Bath” [From upcoming tourmates this fall/ Legendary band / From his personal favorite album White Pony]

MS: Pantera – “Hollow” [huge influence on us / great guys / Considers Vinnie Paul one of the best drummers alive / Pure groove / Great person / Great to hang out with and party with / Another song that tugs at the heartstrings even with pure brutality as well]

JC: Guns N’ Roses – “Right Next Door to Hell” [Can remember when he first bought the cassette at warehouse / Long awaited / Heard Appetite For Destruction and couldn’t wait for the follow up Use Your Illusion I]

Comment by Blake Tull

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