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Avenged Sevenfold’s New Album “Hail To The King” Available Now!
August 27, 2013, 4:45 am
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Avenged Sevenfold are back with their brand new album “Hail To The King,” available on iTunes and in stores today! Over the past three years we have come together as a family and as a family we stand today. I don’t know about y’all but I remember how great it felt when Avenged Sevenfold debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 with “Nightmare” and I would love to make it happen again with “Hail To The King.”

So what do we need to do to make it happen? Purchase the album this week! Tell your family and friends to do the same! Not only are we up against some steady competition but we’re also working against streaming music services that have taken a toll on music sales. It’s up to us to get out there and make sure this album lands where it belongs: on top. I know the Avenged Sevenfold Family around the world will be representing at full force so USA? Are you with me? Here’s what you need to know:

– All PHYSICAL album purchases through retailers (Best Buy, Hot Topic, Walmart, Target, etc.) need to be made between TUESDAY, AUG 27TH and SATURDAY, AUG 31st.
– All DIGITAL album purchases through iTunes need to be made between TUESDAY, AUG 27th and SUNDAY, SEPT 1st.

What else counts towards debut week:
– All pre-orders.
– All physical albums purchased via retailers online (Amazon, Best Buy, Hot Topic, etc.) within the allotted time-frame.
– All digital albums purchased via iTunes within the allotted time-frame. Get the Deluxe Edition here.
– All albums included in the Limited Edition “Hail To The King” Box Set bundles.
– All albums included in the Avenged Sevenfold Bravado web-store bundles.
– All albums included in the “Hail To The King” Tour VIP packages (purchased prior to August 27th).

No matter the outcome.. One thing I’ve always admired about Avenged Sevenfold is that they don’t make albums to sell albums. They make music that they and their fans enjoy listening to. Avenged Sevenfold fans old and new can find something to appreciate within “Hail To The King.” I’ve gotten to spend a lot of time with this album and can say without a doubt it gets better with each and every listen. Blast this shit and enjoy an incredible album. 

DISCUSSION: Did you get the Standard, Deluxe or Limited Edition box set? Buy more than one copy? Anyone purchase a vinyl copy? If you streamed the album on iTunes have your thoughts on it changed after a week? What are your favorite songs? What do y’all think of the bonus track “St. James?” Feel free to discuss the entire album right here with your fellow fans!

– Less than an hour after being officially released on iTunes, Avenged Sevenfold’s “Hail To The King” Deluxe Edition shot to #1. They still hold the #1 spot as of 8/29.

– As of 8/28 here are some of the positions “Hail To The King” holds on the global iTunes charts: Norway – #1, Brazil – #1, Italy – #1, Finland – #1, Canada – #1, Sweden – #1, Mexico – #2, UK – #2, New Zealand – #2, Denmark – #3, Austria – #3, Norway – #3, Australia – #3, Spain – #4, Switzerland – #4, Germany – #4, Ireland – #4, South Africa – #5, France – #7

– On 8/28 Billboard reported that Avenged Sevenfold are heading for their second #1 album (week ending on Sept 1st) on the Billboard 200 with a projected 175,000 albums sold. On 8/30 their projections were updated to 160,000-175,000 albums sold. Hits Daily Double also updated their projections to 155,000-175,000.

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Comment by mkabaaboud

I got the Best Buy deluxe edition and the iTunes deluxe and I’m giving the shirt to my brother, if I wasn’t stuck working minimum wage with bad hours I would’ve bought the box set, and I still want one.

Comment by Jeremy

Purchasing 3 Deluxe albums (one on iTunes). St James is awesome. It sticks in your head. I like how they let Arin go a little bit on that one. Fitting to let it have more progressive drums considering the subject. The album has only gotten better since I first started listening to the stream. I went to Ohio University to hang with a friend last week and we blasted it through some huge speakers in his room. Met a lot of Avenged fans who could hear what we were playing. None of them being on his floor. Some not even from his building. I can only imagine this album will get better and better every time I put it on. Miss DBN we can’t be more thankful for everything you do for us. Even without all the news, it’s nice to have a place where I can come and post my opinion alongside likeminded people, and I use that privilege to the fullest. But without the updates you give I wouldn’t have any idea what was going on with the band. You help make the days go by between now and the next time I go see them. Thanks for everything you do; I’ll continue checking the site religiously until the planets collide and we all die together in a shower of acid rain.

Comment by ClarksvilleOHIO

Thank you so much for the kind words. I do what I can and I’m so glad Deathbat News has become the place that it has. Without any of you, it would be nothing.

Comment by Deathbat News

I was in ou doin the same shit last weekend!!!

Comment by Anonymous

Welcome Weekend was the shit. Do you live up there or were you just visiting?

Comment by ClarksvilleOHIO

I bought the box set AND the Premier VIP Package to the show in Baltimore! I am SO PSYCHED!!! The album is amazing!!

Comment by lmb6534

I bought the box set, but I might try to get the deluxe edition through Amazon this week. Also, I love St. James. It’s the perfect tribute to Jimmy. A7X foREVer.

Comment by Our St. James

I bought the Hail To The King Deluxe Version on iTunes pre ordered. The album was great and got a question, if I buy the album through my CD store here in Malaysia. Does it still count for the billboard 200? Im looking forward to buy the Physical edition of the album.

Comment by Malaysian A7X Fan

Billboard 200 is a US-only chart.

Comment by Deathbat News

got my itunes deluxe copy and after buying a physical CD for my car- fingers crossed we get #1 although in truth up against BIG competition this week..

Comment by wp_rathead

First of all, thank you A7X for an awesome ride through the years. Second, thank you so much DBN for all the effort to keep us informed, entertained and so much more. Right now listening to Crimson Day for a little emotional time haha . Now to the meat and bones. I got the box set thankfully and Arrived yesterday (monday 26).

I absolutely love this album from beginning to end. Its hard to not like one particular song as always. To me, I love that the choruses are not as pop like other albums and really love the metal groove feel. I’m a big fan of older metal/hard rock which is why i find this album of great stature.

The only songs that it took me a while to really get into were surprisingly the most popular with most people, like Doing Time and coming home. Not because i don’t like them but because the whole album is filled with amazing songs like planets, requiem, this means war or Shepherd of Fire.

One song i truly enjoy is Crimson Day. I’m always impressed with A7X’s ballads. It shows their versatility and pure talent. And this album one thing they have done amazingly is modulation which is not that easy to do and make it seemlessly on songs like coming home. That’s actually what really hooked me to that song and the solo too.

I didn’t get to listen to Acid Rain as much because it is the last song on the record. I truly found myself playing the record from beginning to end but sometimes i had to cut it short and then started back at the beginning when i listened again. But i truly l truly love the tempo and the different signature of the song with a waltz type of feel but with a somber feel.

I don’t really want to go song by song since it would take me forever but all in all, this is an album that will make a mark for many years to come.

Now grab your favorite beverage and listen to the whole album.


Comment by Thierry Arrieta

I got the iTunes deluxe and will be buying the album at target again tonight tonight. The only reason I didn’t buy the box set is that I’m going to college today, and wanted to save my money so I could go see them live when they come to my city. In my opinion, the album is fantastic, and I expect to be irritating my floor with it all week! I love saint James, it harkened back to self titled era avenged, and seems like a more fitting tribute to Jimmy then so far away, not because it’s a better song, but because here they’re more celebrating his life then mourning his loss. And I’m absolutely sure he’d be proud right now. Come on guys, let’s blast this to number one and confuse the hell out of the masses!

Comment by SynVanSambora

2nd day of sales, and the Deluxe edition is #27 on the Latvian iTunes chart, and #3 on the Rock chart. Which likely means that I’m the only one who bought it. Might still pick up the CD…no practical use for me, but I do have all the original CDs of other albums.

Anyway, 2 days and 10 playthroughs in, and I love it. It’s a complete album…not a collection of songs, but an album. Every single song has a little something to make it special, including the melodic flashbacks to Welcome to the Family in St James. Syn is a monster on guitar, Matt has written some of his best lyrics and melodies ever, and Arin fits in perfectly. Congrats and enjoy, everyone.

Comment by Frosty

Just downloaded my pre-ordered copy on Itunes :) I LOVE St. James, it is a dedication song that is fun and catchy and Arin got to show some more of his talent. I had already listened to the album but it sounds better after I downloaded it. I thought my favorite song was Requiem before but I really like Heretic after another listen. But honestly every track is so well composed it is hard to pick an overall favorite. Cannot wait to see them in Vegas 10/26!!

Comment by Stacey

I personally love the new album. It truely is the next evolution of Avenged Sevenfold. I am so glad they took their time over this album so that no fillers could be produced ( not that they ever produce fillers, I’m just saying ). It could be fitted into so many genres ; Heavy Metal, Progressive Rock or just Hard Rock in generall.

My favourite songs are probably Requiem, Doing Time and Crimson Day. Yes, I have downloaded the deluxe version and am going to get it from HMV as well. You will know if you have bought the deluxe version that it has a bonus track called St James. It’s just a great song in general. However, I see why the guys made it a bonus track because while being a fun and celebratory song, it would have disrupted the groove on this album being so dark and focused.

Heaviest Song: Requiem
Grooviest Song: Doing Time
Most Progressive Song: Planets
Best Ballad: Crimson Day
Best Guitar Solo: Acid Rain
Old School Song: Heretic
Best Guitar Riff: This Means War
Best Lyrics: Hail to the King
Most Technical Song: Coming Home
Instant Hit: Shepherd of Fire

But overall, I think the best song is Crimson Day. I think it’s probably even more emotianal than Seize the Day and I Wont See You Tonight Part 1, and is up their with So Far Away in terms of emotion.

I’ve been wrong, times over,
And I’ve been chained with no words to find,
But if the sun will rise, bring us tomorrow,
Walk with me,
Crimson Day.

Thank you Avenged, you have done it again.

Comment by HailToTheKingOfficial

i completely agree with the Crimson Day part. great song

Comment by Thierry Arrieta

Awesome album. Powerful vocals, powerful guitars, powerful drums. This album is my favorite from A7X. I hope they make more albums in the future!

Comment by Rdog


Comment by Reem

Every song is good in my opinion. but what I don’t like is the ending acid rain. After the endings of nightmare wtf and Coe with Save me, and all things will end and mia i wanted something badass as the rest of the record. The best album of a7x imo although

Comment by Oj

I bought both the deluxe iTunes and a physical copy of the album. Just something special about driving to the record store on an album release day. I spoiled the release day surprise by streaming it over iTunes, but oh well. Having had a week, and maybe about 7-10 complete listens, I give the album a 8/10. I think the album starts off on the right foot with Shepard of Fire. It’s a really complete song beginning to end. It never loses you, and I think the lyrics are fantastic. Doing Time is very catchy, has a HUGE GNR feel to it as far as I’m concerned. Nothing special, but certainly a solid song. Hail to the King is a song that I’ve had a much longer time to listen to. I was lukewarm about it at first, but its grown on me over time. I have to agree with the band, that its a great representation of the album. Just a really solid song that slams from start to finish. Guitar work sounds awesome to me. (I don’t play guitar, so I don’t know whats complex and whats simple. I just know what I like) This Means War was a great song to pair with Hail to the King. Probably the second most powerful feeling song on the album. It has a straight forward groove that carries on all the way through. Lyrics again are very strong, and I love the guitar work again…thats a common theme for me. Requiem, I hated it at first. The latin chant sounded very cheesy to me, and the song felt very forced…..that was at first. It has quickly grown on me, and become one of my favorites. The lyrics really paint a picture and help boost the song in my opinion. It probably would’t have grown on me as much if it weren’t for Matt’s lyrics. Again, I love syns solo. Crimson Day is a song that I’m still waiting to grab me and it simply isn’t. I keep waiting for the song to suck me in and make me want to hit the replay button, but it hasn’t. It’s still a decent song, not necessarily a skip over, but probably the weakest song on the album in my opinion. Heretic is decent song, I just personally feel that as far as the rest of the album goes, it doesn’t really fit. I know the band has explained that, at least Syn has, but it doesn’t make me like it any more. It’s not a skip over either, but probably my second to last favorite. Coming Home is an epic song. It’s probably the one song that I had hoped for most when I heard about the direction they wanted to take with this album. To me, it has the most classic metal feel to it, while still leaving their signature A7X mark on it. The lyrics are great, guitar work is great, and syns solo is out of this world. Just a really great song. Planets really does have the feel to match the name. They did a great job of giving the song the vide it needed to sound as apocalyptic as possible with the brass arrangements on the song. Lyrics on the song are again really strong paint a very vivid picture. Acid Rain is a cool song. While not my style, I must agree that they did a great job with the song. Nothing feels forced, and it flows very nicely. I tip my cap to them on that one. I’m sure it wasn’t an easy song to write. St James is a great tribute to the Rev. I know Matt said he didn’t write the lyrics on it, so I’m guessing it was Syn. The lyrics are perfect. I didn’t know Jimmy, but it just seems like the lyrics are a fitting tribute. Musically, the song does not belong, but its nice to have a song that fits their signature style to listen to as well. My favorite to least favorite:
Shepherd of Fire
Coming Home
This Means War
Hail to the King
St James
Doing TIme
Acid Rain
Crimson Day

Comment by Anonymous

Finally! I waited until today to listen to the album, and it’s so worth the wait! DBN is still by far one of the best websites out there for connecting us fans. Thanks to all of you, DBN and especially A7X for making the last 3 years in between albums bearable! I’ll post a longer review when I can, I’m glad to finally own the album! :)

Comment by DreamByNight

I got the vinyl from Shop Radio Cast, the deluxe from Amazon and Itunes and the box set. Still considering a bundle. I’ve only had a couple of listens but reviewed it on my Tumblr. ( Overall, I very much enjoy the album! I think it’s going to be a grower, but it’s a great album. I do find that the songs don’t really stick with me yet, though. Usually after just a short couple of listens, I’m humming a song or two but not this time. Hoping that will change as time goes on.

I do notice the older metal influences on this album, which is nice. I’m an old-school metal fans, since that’s what I heard growing up. So that touch is nice. And St. James is amazing! St. James, Shepard of Fire, Acid Rain and Requiem really stand out to me as great songs on the disc.

Over all, I think people will be happy with this disc, even if it does need to grow on people a little. I say let’s get it to #1 and bring our boys to the top once again!

Comment by aightball

So nobody else is having problems buying the album on iTunes? I preordered it on my phone weeks ago and it won’t download. It just says “purchased” next to each song. Then if I try to buy it on iTunes on my computer, it says an unknown error has occurred! I don’t know what’s going on!

Comment by Kasey

Okay finally, I got it to work! I downloaded the new iTunes and that seemed to work. Strange. But so happy now!!

Comment by Kasey

The U.K work pretty much the same Single and Album sales go towards the Overall chart UK Top 40-100-200 (what ever the Radio station or Music channel chooses to start the chart at) all sales from iTunes go into the iTunes official chart picked up by some stations here and as i said the main one the Uk top 40 when that show is on they all also do the album chart and play a track off the top 3 albums so all itunes, HMV and other official music store sales count towards the chart here thank you DBN for the amazing work you do here you really bring the A7X Family together as one thank you :)

Comment by Alex Horsfall

Just got back from Best Buy with my BB Exclusive set. Looking forward to the upcoming show in Indianapolis!

Comment by Deetster

the album sounds freaking amazing. I have been listening to it while running and it really pushes me to run more and faster. Like every album I just can’t decide which is my favorite. I just love A7X, they just do a great job.

Comment by Jacob-Gates

St. James Is Amazing!
My Favorite on the album.

Comment by Mike

Just picked up my 3 copies but only got through track 4 by the time I got out of the car and back in the office, but I’m getting ready to pop it in the cd player and rock out the rest of this day at work. Of what I heard in the car the boys were true to what they said about this album being more of an old school metal styling, and a departure from their previous albums….but trust it DOES NOT disappoint. All of my (and your) favorite Avenged Sevenfold elements are in there, and I’m left wondering how Syn’s fingers haven’t just fallen off of his hands from the guitar work on this album! I’m having such a good time with this one because it reminds me of when I was a kid and used to watch the boys with the long hair wearing Metallica, Megadeath, or Iron Maiden T-shirts with their black hi-top Converse or checkered Vans loafers, with 1 ear pierced (that always had a knife or cross earring hanging from it) ride their bikes around with boomboxes tied to the handlebars blaring heavy metal. They could make hanging out on the side of the 7-11 look like the most fun anyone could ever have. I can remember also how I would have to turn down the volume on my TV to barely a whisper, and then throw a towel at the crack of my bedroom door to keep the light from shining out in the hallway so my parents wouldn’t know I was up and out of bed watching MTV because they generally didn’t show the heavy metal videos until later on at night. This is what great music does to you…it elevates out of your current station and into a time and a place where you don’t have to think, you don’t have to work, you don’t have responsibilities and obligations and it just allows you to BE. I hope the fans that have seemed to be resistant towards A7X moving away from their known style open up their ears and their minds and buy a ticket (aka an album) for the Hellbound train pulling out of the A7X station that is the Hail To The King album, because they won’t be disappointed. Thank you to Avenged Sevenfold for another amazing display of talent, and thank you DBN Lady for all your hardwork in all that you do to help A7X and spread the word about them through this AWESOME website!!!

Comment by Christen

I’m very hurt by the lack of support for Acid Rain. Just listen to it as a genuine creation of music and enjoy the ride. Every song on this album has given me chills at some point, and it all depends on your state of mind. If you listen to it and let it be what it is, rather than spend your time worrying about all the things it isn’t, then it’s a truely incredible experience. I’m not a fan of the whole rating songs vs other songs or even albums vs other albums. I don’t think they can really be numbered. None are really better or worse. They’re just different and that’s awesome to me.

Comment by ClarksvilleOHIO

I think Crimson Day is probably the most beautiful, emotional, thoughtful and well written piece that they have ever composed. I think it’s up there with In My Darkest Hour by Megadeth and Estranged by Guns N’ Roses as one of my favourite ballads of all time. However, every time I listen to Acid Rain I am blown away by just how much Avenged have progressed as artists.

Comment by HailToTheKingOfficial

Acid Rain is beautiful. My favorite on the album!!

Comment by Avenger7x

St. James is awesome!! The chanting reminds me a bit of some songs on Waking The Fallen:-) Favorite song on the album is probably Requiem. The chorus is great!

Comment by Mattias E

I can see the Second Heartbeat similarities, but really, that chanting is almost identical to Warriors of Time by Black Tide. The first time I listened to St. James, I was beating my head against the wall, trying to figure out what it reminded me of.

I love that they wrote a drinking song, though. That’ll be going on at some point the next time I throw a party :D

Comment by moridin94

Yes, it sounds exactly like Warriors of Time. I thought the same thing the first time I heard it as well. It’s funny because they played here in Ohio once and Black Tide opened!! lol So I am sure they know that song…

Comment by Anonymous

You guys were amazing in Hollywood! See you in Chula Vista and Vegas. Keep it up, boys.

Comment by Anonymous

Love it!!! Got my box set in the mail on Saturday for whatever reason!!! Best thing that has happened this summer!!!

Comment by Rob

isn’t the box set just amazing? I really wasn’t sure if I should order it or not but I was like “fuck it, this is super limited” I’m really glad I was able to get one.

Comment by steph

So I went to buy the CD at target and I didnt see any that said Parental Advisory so I didnt get it. Do they not say parental advisory anymore?

Comment by ZP

I got mine at Best Buy and it doesn’t have a parental advisory sticker on it..

Comment by Christen

There’s only one instance of profanity and that’s in Doing Time. The record company felt that once is not enough for a PA sticker. That sticker is mostly only for excessive use of profanity or sexual content and is completely up to the record company if they want it on there or not.

Comment by StitchRS

Cool thanks. bought it at target and it does have the F word in it.

Comment by Anonymous

All I have to say is: IIIIN FLAAAAAAAAAAMES!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Kaylee

Got my physical deluxe copy from amazon today and have listened to it 3 times. Gets better every listen!! I love Requiem! I plan to also buy it on itunes. I just wish St. James was on the actual cd cuz that is a great song.

Comment by kelly

I just went to go buy a second copy. I’m really proud of these guys, this album is absolutely mind blowing. I honestly would never expect anything less from them. They always one up themselves and they kill it. That is one of the many reasons that they’re my all time favorite band. I love you all.

Comment by steph

god bless a7x… another great album that makes many people truly happy… it definitely deserves to be #1, no doubt… love you guys and wish you many many new songs to come…

Comment by musikfan

Bought the deluxe on itunes and just went and bought the physical deluxe copy, it comes with drink coasters most useful. love the album so much

Comment by camf90

What’s the difference between the deluxe physical copy and the physical normal copy?

Comment by Justin

The Standard edition is just the album. The Deluxe edition comes with a 4-color booklet, 2 Deathbat coasters and a download card for the bonus track “St. James.”

Comment by Deathbat News

Ms. DBN, do you know if what you said about the deluxe edition also applies to the deluxe edition sold on Amazon? Thanks in advance!

Comment by Anonymous

It should!

Comment by Deathbat News

I’m sorry, I just want to make sure- I’m not a US resident. If I order it on (the american website), do I still get the booklet and coasters? Thanks!

Comment by Anonymous

All Deluxe editions should come with the booklet and coasters.

Comment by Deathbat News

I got the boxset and the iTunes deluxe set. Next step is to get my deluxe edition from Best Buy which I will use to blast in my car. The boxset is supposed to stay untouched just like my Book of Nightmares edition and the iTunes version is for the comp and iPod/iPhone. There’s a method to my madness!!!

Comment by Lou

Got the deluxe best buy package and deluxe from iTunes today, hope you guys top the charts :)

Comment by David Myers

so far i’ve preordered the box set and i bought the regular cd today. i want to find a deluxe copy though!

Comment by MJ


i discovered a7x in 05 and have been a hardcore fan ever since. discovering a7x was like winning the lottery to me especially because it came at the time when i became a musician. i became absolutley infatuated with everything about the band. i dedicated my right arm to an a7x half sleeve(hoping to make it a full sleeve soon!) over the years my love for a7x had continuosly bloomed into something that words cant describe. but one thing that always remained the same to me was the fact of knowing that this band, in more ways than one, was just flat out better than any other band out there. and not on a technical level or anything like that. but their all around uniqueness, rarity, confidence and honor. a7x possess qualities that no other band does. they are truly the kings!
when i heard their new album was to be titled hail to the king it confirmed my whole opinion on a7x. they are the fucking kings all hail!!! this is personally my fave a7x album yet and i beleive it is their all around best album. this evolution of the band prooves that they can write any type of music they want. they truly are the best and ive never been prouder to be an a7x fan than now. for those of u out there that like to call urself a7x fans then go on to bash the band or their music, all i have to say is FUCK YOU! u guys arent fans ur the farthest things from it and u honestly disgust me. but anyways hail to the king is an amazing album/acheivement for a7x and they are ontop of the world now. i purchased 3 deluxe ed for me and my friends today and if i had a shit ton of money i would clean out the fucking store and hand out albums to random people across the city. truly proud for a7x and i hope u guys are aswell. now everyone get on ur knees and HAIL TO THE KING! even got my cat named jimmy, in honor of the rev.

Comment by Andrew D.

Couldn’t have said it better myself! Had my boy named after Matt. His name is Matthew Dwayne Lester. Named after shads and my dad :)

Comment by Holden Lester

Wow, that’s so cool. I love the name Matthew as well. Not to mention its the name of my favourite singer.

Comment by HailToTheKingOfficial

thats amazing!

Comment by Andrew D.

Well… I ordered 2 box sets and bought to HTTK VIP tickets. I feel my part is done :)

Comment by brandonmkwebb

ok, i went to buy the cd after work and in the whole chicago’ northern burbs target sold out before 2 p.m., and walmart had just a few left at 6 p.m…. i hope that’s a freaking good sign for the sales… second, thank you for the advice, dbn, you really need to blast it through good amplifiers and wuuuuhhhhhhhhhh, enjoy the damn ride like you never did before… can’t say which song is the favourite, all of them at this point… however i gotta say this means waaaaaarrrrrrrrr is quite something…

Comment by Maria Lebed

Bought the album twice.

Comment by Matt

I love that most of you guys, if not all, are so dedicated to getting Hail to the King to the number one spot by buying multiple copies. Due to funds, unfortunately, I’ll only be buying one copy of this album tomorrow. But at least I’ll be to contribute with my purchase. Also, I just noticed there’s a tiny smiley face at the bottom of this page lol.

Comment by Bodhi

Bought it today. Amazing album. I don’t know if I can put it above Nightmare but that doesn’t really matter cause its a masterpiece in it’s own right. Favorite song has to be Planets but theres like 5 or 6 songs right behind it.

Comment by Anonymous

i bought the album 3x. Deluxe and two standard editions!

And for all those whom have something to say about acid rain listen closely…. Matt deserves a fucking grammy for that song. Both for the lyrics he wrote and his voice!

Comment by Pete Vandenberg

acid rain is one of my favourite songs right now… just a perfect, perfect ending to the album…

Comment by Maria Lebed

Okay so I stumbled upon an extra 100 bucks today after already purchasing 3 deluxe albums yesterday, and at first, I was definitely thinking I should get the box set. And now I’m just buying however many standard albums I can around town. Best Buy, Walmart, and Target are the 3 stores selling. Target was sold out so I couldn’t get any. Best Buy is now out of standards (thanks to myself because I bought two this morning). Walmart’s shelf was full and I wanted to buy as many as possible, but I just took one. I don’t wanna hoard them and make it hard for other people to find them. I’ll go back tomorrow and get another if they aren’t all gone by then. But anyways, all I need is my original 3 deluxes. So I’m just gonna pass out the standards to strangers I suppose. I’m just worried my bank is gonna shut down my debit card for fear of identity theft. Who in their right would purchase the same album 10-20 times? Me that’s who.

Comment by ClarksvilleOHIO

you rock, man… i bought as many as i could find yesterday myself which wasn’t too many, i’m afraid…. wtf, target and the rest??? you’re pure with your intentions as a7x are pure with their music… a7x will prevail… the album is a MASTERPIECE…

Comment by Maria Lebed

yes! thats sick i was gunna do the same thing if i had alot of money just clear out the store and hand them out to strangers. and amen to the comment above a7x are pure, they will prevail and yes the album is definitley a masterpiece.

Comment by Andrew D.

I changed my mind on the box set because of some stranger walking around on the Ohio University campus in a Lamb of God shirt. At the time, I was wearing my Hail to the King shirt from the Michigan show last month. We passed each other, realized we were both rockers/metalheads, said nothing but just nodded in understanding, respect, and pride, and then we went on about our day; it was the most awesome social experience (hardly a social experience, but still) of my life because we can simply identify with each other. I felt like apart of this underground community that no one else knew about haha. I just love how the rock community has so much love for one another, and if I can make some new Avenged fans by hooking some randoms up with the album then that’d be pretty cool.

Comment by ClarksvilleOHIO

i got it!! hail to the king is number 1 in amazon bestseller italia and number 1 in us, canada and finland (top 10 rock songs) yeahh congrats a7x :)

Comment by rosi


Comment by Joshua Jonathon R.....

I was planning on buying the box set, until I found out they weren’t shipping it to my country, so I’ll have to settle for buying “just” the deluxe version.
As for my thoughts on the album (if anyone cares to read): Like almost every Avenged album, upon first listening I thought: What the hell is this? They can do better than that! After listening to the entire album a couple times, I can honestly say I’ve fallen in love with it. The strongest part on the album, for me, is Matt’s singing. I mean, I always know he had an amazing voice, but on this album it’s just phenomenal. There are no words to describe how much I loved his singing, especially on the high notes like “In flames” (Requiem), “Cleasne us acid rain” (Acid Rain) etc. The weakest part for me, I’m afraid, are the guitar solos. Although Syn plays wonderfully, and even better than ever, the solos aren’t as memorable as they were on Nightmare. Maybe they just need to grow on me a bit more. I’m sure it’ll change over time.
It’s really hard for me to pick a favorite, but my top three favorite songs are Requiem, Crimson Day and Acid Rain. Simply masterpieces.
Thank you Avenged Sevenfold for yet another wonderful album. I don’t know how you manage to put out such great songs every time. Thank you for the many great hours to come from listening to your CD.

Comment by Anonymous

This album is one that will conquer all, until planets collide. Great job avenged. LET’S GET THESE GUYS TOO NUMBER ONE!!!!!!!!! ALL HAIL TO THE KING

Comment by Johnathon Willkes

Kick ass album, Kick ass band, kicking ass too the number one spot on the billboard! The kings shall be crowned

Comment by Amber Demier

This album is just what I hoped for from the boys. Gets better with every listen. See you in Cincy!!!

Comment by Dave

The fact that it’s still #1 on the iTunes over all albums chart is absolutely amazing!

Comment by steph

My friend and I just bought our copies. Shame we don’t live in the States though… Either way, hell of a record! Absolute classic

Comment by yoanaher

I got the Deluxe Edition physical copy and I also got the Vinyl copy. It just came in today and damn is it awesome! <3

Comment by Victor Sterling

Im sooo glad u guys exist! :0) This is 1 of the greatest metal bands since, Metallica.

Comment by Miracle

We’ve managed to get HttK to Number 1 in Ireland lads in the album charts – sooo proud!! Hail to the Deathbat lads – i’m going for pints

Comment by wp_rathead

I first streamed the album on iTunes, and at first I wasn’t impressed. To me it all sounded the same and I began to tune it out and do other things. But I know listening to it once and once only was not the justification the album needed. So a couple of days ago, went to best buy and bought the deluxe edition. I’ve gotta tell you, my opinion has completely changed! I love the new sound/direction they went to. It’s more mature sounding and just completely in your face hard core rock. It was a risky, but smart move I think they made, and it will certainly pay off. My favorite songs are ‘Shepard of Fire’, ‘Doing Time’, ‘Coming Home’, but most of all the bonus track ‘St. James’. I absolutely cannot get enough of that song! Such a great and upbeat homage to Jimmy. This album will be on repeat for a while.

Comment by Melinda S

Heard it like once…just picked it up today ill enjoy it at work tonight

Comment by manday

Why is it #1 AND #3 In Norway? Weird… Let’s hope it’s #1 :)

Comment by PD

Deluxe Edition & Standard Edition.

Comment by Deathbat News

Bought my deluxe edition just in time from Best Buy yesterday morning. Loved the album and wanted to make sure the guys hit #1 once again, where I hope they make a more sustainable run than their last one.

Comment by Terrance

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