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Avenged Sevenfold’s Q&A Session At Warner Bros. Records.
August 27, 2013, 4:43 pm
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KROQ’s Nicole Alvarez hosted a Q&A session this evening with Avenged Sevenfold at Warner Bros. Records. The band talk about their pinch me moments, the live DVD, their musical guilty pleasures which includes a fantastic story about Synyster Gates and Duran Duran, Splash Mountain Band, what the band listened to while in the studio, how the SoCal music scene has changed since Avenged Sevenfold began, Mr. Qantas, what songs they would like to play live that they haven’t yet and much much more. If you weren’t able to attend or tune in you can watch it here.

Soundcheck 411‘s Avenged Sevenfold Album Release Q&A gallery.

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I can’t watch it right now. What did they say about the live dvd?

Comment by jhgfd

They said they wanted to capture stuff from around the world and there’s still a few places they want to get to before it’s released.

Comment by Deathbat News

The Mr.Qantas story was great well the whole thing was well worth staying up for

Comment by Alex H

This was awesome.

Comment by Anonymous

I watch and it was awesome.

Comment by Oj

Best time of my life! I got a picture with Matt and I got to show him my deathbat on my chest it was amazing!!!! Got the hail to the king vinyl signed the whole band OMG it was the time of my life!

Comment by mike

This was fun to watch.

Also surprised to see someone from [DS] Australia there!

Comment by Francis

I was here at this awesome event, thanks to Avenged Sevenfold, KROQ, & Warner Bros! There was free soda, water, & Mexican food. There was a small shop giving away big flyers with the deathbat/release date & release date with their photo too. Other items being sold was their album with their autographs, their cd, and vinyls. When the Q&A was over the crowd just rushed to get their stuff autographed and people wanted to take a pic with then. My daughter got 4/5 of the guys autographs. I got the new cd signed by Synyster & MShadows. :) They had to leave to go to KROQ, before MShadows left (he was the last to leave) I got to take a few seconds to show my deathbat tattoo on my bicep & told him my baby on the way was going to be named, Matt Zachary. He responded, “Oh my god!” with a smile! I asked if I can take a pic with him he said sure! It was only supposed to be me and my daughter in the pic but I seen my husband and nephew and they wanted to be in the pic as well. Thanks to the guy that snapped the family picture of us! I know he was in a hurry, but he took the time to wait and pose!! All of them are so awesome. This day I’ll never forget. Although I didn’t get picked to ask my question just seeing your favorite band up close and personal was a great experience!

Comment by Forever Avenged

I died laughing when they talked about Mumford and Sons being “Splash Mountain Band”

Comment by O-H

Both the free Palladium show and this were awesome! One reason these guys are my favorite is because of these things they provide for their fans!!!

Comment by fatboy1271 (@fatboy1271)

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