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Avenged Sevenfold’s “Hail To The King” Debuts At No. 1 On Billboard 200.
September 4, 2013, 8:25 am
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Avenged Sevenfold’s “Hail To The King” has debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart with 159,000 copies sold. This marks the second No. 1 debut for the band and the largest week for a hard rock album in more than a year.

Congratulations to M Shadows, Zacky Vengeance, Johnny Christ, Synyster Gates and Arin Ilejay on the accomplishment and for making such an incredible album. Thank you to Avenged Sevenfold’s teams at Warner Bros. Records and World Audience for making the release of “Hail To The King” exciting and fun and THE FANS – The band deserved this and you made it happen. This is the start of an amazing era. With that said, today is a day celebrate. Avenged Sevenfold has officially taken their seat on the throne. Hail to the Kings!

Here are some notable international chart debuts:
#1 in the UK
#1 in Canada
#1 in Ireland
#1 in Mexico
#1 in Brazil
#2 in Australia
#2 in Finland
#3 in New Zealand
#5 in Germany
#6 in Netherlands
#8 in Italy

Avenged Sevenfold: “We’re honored that our fans have once again put Heavy Metal at its rightful spot of #1. Celebrate today because this victory belongs to you.”

Zacky Vengeance: “Thank you for making Hail to the King #1 all around the world. And don’t forget to party tonight like its 6661!”

– You can now visit the official “Hail To The King Goes #1” page here.


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AMAZING album! Congratulations! *happy dance*

Comment by Lisafer

WOOH! Great job guys!! two #1 albums in a row. Metal kicks the mainstream door open once again. Hope you guys have a blast on tour.

Comment by Chris Hanna

Outselling major rap artists is no easy task! Truth that great music can still sell even in an age where all music is stolen! Congrats to my favorite band!

Comment by Geof Wilson

Hail to the Kings! Never had a doubt you guys wouldn’t get the #1!! Congrats and well done :D

Comment by Rachel Louise Slade

..this is amazing news, but im not surprised, the album is stunning, congrats guys!!

Comment by Bree George

Like we didn’t know it would be #!.. Never a doubt in my mind! You guys will always be #1..!!

Comment by Ace Ligonography

Great job guys!!!!!

Comment by Paul Cloutier

Great job guys. All of us are clearly proud of your accomplishment. See you guys next month for the Hail to the King tour :)

Comment by Benjamin Shearin

That’s right. A7X does it again! I’m a proud avenged sevenfold fan and will be till the end!! Hail to the king is an amazing record and you guys deserve to sit at the top!! Can’t wait to see you guys once again!! A7X foREVer!!!

Comment by Jose

Awesome! Way to go guys! Keep rocking and HAIL TO THE KING!!

Comment by Mandi Lilly

This is just the best! Thank god Rock is back on top where it belongs! I am so damn proud to be a diehard Avenged Sevenfold fan. I love this band and they are still without a doubt the best there is out there. Hail To The King is another badass record and I love it! Way to go Avenged, you guys definitely deserve this!!

Comment by nikka manwarren

Much deserved! So much for the nay sayers who were quick to dismiss a new, different sound, eh? Get on board, or get out of the way!

Comment by brittmgraves

Well deserved! So proud of you guys!

Comment by Valerie Rivera (@valilozada)

You fuckin’ rock, guys!!!! This record rocks, welcome back..we missed you!!! HAIL TO THE KINGS \m/ \m/

Comment by Francesca Sannazzaro

Congrat’s guys I’m ecstatic! The music is solid and I love the Deluxe box set. I knew it was your destiny you have a pretty tall Angel watching over all of you always. Hail to the King and our Saint James FoREVer!

Comment by Tammy LaBarbera

#6 In the netherlands? That’s so surprising!

Comment by Anonymous

I thought the same thing

Comment by Ids Schiere

This is great! Very proud! Congrats guys you earned it! #HailToTheKing

Comment by Ashley A Miller (@A7X_foREVer_0)

been a huge fan for 8 years, love seeing this!!!! Congrats A7X!

Comment by Lilly

Amazing job guys! I knew you guys were going to get #1 the whole album is BADASS!! Can’t wait to see you guys at Operation Kickass Fest! :)

Comment by Forever Avenged

Congrats!! Amazing Album,, you deserve this !!
I love ALL your music it just resonates with me can’t explain it. Enjoy your success, you earned it!!

Comment by Fallendreams

Congrats on the well deserved number 1 spot you guys earned it ! Cannot wait to see them play off of Hail To The King Live next month!

Comment by Maranda

Congrats guys!! my cd is one of those 159000 bought!! Seriously love the whole album, keep doing what you guys have allways done.. No matter what your real fans will support you foREVer!<3

Comment by tawnya

Amazing! It’s so great to finally see a band who has worked so hard and definitely deserves it get this kind of recognition!!! And to the fans– we did it, guys! :)

Comment by Debra Gonzalez

Amazing work guys! This album was really different but still had that A7X flare. Great stuff. i can only imagine arin, congrats man!

Comment by Bret Roberts

Amazing work guys! This album was really different but still had that A7X flare. Great stuff. I can only imagine how Arin feels! Congrats man!

Comment by Bret Roberts

Take your place alongside Eminem, Luke..KNEEL before The Kings! Congrats guys on your 2 consecutive #1’s. Jimmy is smiling!

Comment by Revenant

Awesome!!! Congratulations guys, I knew when I listened to it that this album was going to the top. Hail To The King!

Comment by Sandy Gonzalez

Congrats guys! This is a fantastic album, by the best band, you guys deserve it!! My whole family, including my metal loving 10 year old daughter love this album!!

Comment by Anonymous

Congrats guys! This album is so amazing and im glad you went the route you did! Seeing you guys grow up through the years and the different music sounds you have done, has made me a dedicated fan since 2004! Keep up the good work and cant wait to hopefully see you live this year!! You make my day so much better!

Comment by ashley

hell yeah congratulations dudes!!

Comment by Robert M

Amazing job guys! I’m so proud of you. Congrats!

Comment by Knox


Comment by Reem

YAY! I knew we could do it! This album is great and I’m so happy it debuted at #1 =)

Comment by Kel

Avenged Sevenfold has the best fans honestly!!! Congrats

Comment by Ivana

Walnuts here…. Congrats guys

Comment by Anonymous

Congratulations A7X! You absolutely deserve your success. Best wishes to you and your families.

Comment by Tracey7777

Congratulations!!!! YEAAAH!!

Comment by Ana Tillmann

Hell yea! Damn, it feels good to see rock on top! Cheers to the band who more than deserve this!

Comment by Stacey

Congratulations on your #1 Billboard album. It’s so cool! It has been such a pleasure watching your rise to success. I am so grateful for Nick, who introduced me to your music. I would never have been able to enjoy your music and that awesome concert in Irvine after Jimmy’s passing. I love that you guys appreciate your fans, stay humble, and are just fucking cool. Working hard and not forgetting where you’ve come from pays off. Big hugs to all of you.

Comment by Pam McConaha McGinnis

Congratulations A7X!! Long live metal!

Comment by kelly

Hell yeah!!

Comment by Rachel

you know why they are number 1? CUZ THEY ARE AMAZING AND ALWAYS WILL BE! :D a7x is the best and will always be the best in my mind no matter what!

Comment by Anonymous

A big congrats to our boys! They truly deserve this! I knew the new album would be number one! I really don’t know what else to say besides wooohooooooo and fuck yes!!!!!! So proud of these guys!

Comment by Randi Fay

helll yeah!!!! hail to the kings!! We love you guys! congrats on being #1, you all most definitely deserve it!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

Congratulations A7X! Hell yes!

Comment by Chris D. Castleberry

Yay congratulations guys. You really do deserve it. Your music is always amazing no miter what. Seeing your new album on the top charts is like nothing else. I wish you guys much luck. You never disappoint me with anything. Avenged Sevenfold FoREVer \m/

Comment by Samantha Aka-Bumblebeegirl

Holy fucking shit that is insane! Great job guys! Can’t wait to see you kill at Pain in the Grass!

Comment by Kirsten Mcgarvey

Congratulations! Hail to the King is a masterpiece that deserves nothing less than number one!

Comment by Kristin Horn

Hail to the Kings indeed!! I’m over the moon that this is their second album to go straight to number one on it’s first week out! All of my friends that have bought the album have loved it, and there is no greater testament to how HARD these guys work than with the success of Hail to the King. Shads, Syn, Zacky, Johnny, and Arin….THANK YOU!!…for giving me 11 new reasons as to why I love this band so much. Thank you for all of your hard work and sacrifice to put out such an iconic album followed by what I know is going to be a mind blowing tour! (Cinci here I come!!) And DBN Lady thank you for keeping up with and posting all of this exciting information for everyone to be able to reference! For being “the biggest band you’ve never heard of” (a quote from Shads) Avenged Sevenfold have made a sonic boom in the world of music with this glorious triumph!

Comment by Christen

This is truly a family foREVer

Comment by Nolan

FUCK YA! i am SO fucking proud. totally knew this would happen tho. haha the album kicks fuckin ass it only makes since that its number 1! ive been listenin to it since it came out and i still cant pick a favorite song. lol oh well. cant WAIT to see yall on tour this time around. Jimmy is so fucking proud of yall

Comment by Aj

Awesome dude well said

Comment by Jim

So awesome to see them at the top again… and great to see their sales number close to Nightmare’s. I know a lot of people thought that the Rev’s passing was the only reason they sold that much back then (using a sad situation to explain the band’s success is so low/stupid).

Interesting… they were only about 60,000 less than Linkin Park who back in the days of rock bands going platinum week 1 were one of the biggest sellers.

This should go to show how far rock has fallen and how well Avenged Sevenfold stacks up to the competition. Even the mighty Metallica only knocked out about 650k in their first week back in 2008.. they were consistent multi-platinum sellers previously..

Comment by Blake Tull

That’s good and all, but here are some things I noticed:

1. There was not much competition last week to take the number 1 spot

2. It doesn’t mean much, other than the fact that A7X has good fans.

3. This post will get deleted

4. It’s good to be at number one for the first week, but if they aren’t number one again, then there isn’t really any growth of the fanbase. They can’t become the “kings of metal” or whatever you guys are saying without a growing fanbase

5. It’s better to look at the numbers again in a few months to get a better perspective on how successful the album is.

6. I clicked on the “Billboard 200” at the top of the site, and I don’t even see Avenged Sevenfold on the list for the week of September 7 or August 31. So I’m not sure how to find the real list, or what they base it off of.

7. Hail to the kings

Comment by Rdog

1. Eminem wasn’t exactly competition after being #1 for 5 weeks before they knocked him off. Big Sean was supposed to sell a lot more than what he did.

2. It means a lot actually. Just like being nominated for/winning a Grammy means a lot though people are quick dismiss the Grammy’s now. When you’re able to have “Two #1 albums in the country” or “Grammy-Nominated/Grammy-Winning” in your press releases and articles you gain a certain kind of respect.

3. Looks like it didn’t.

4. No one’s expecting this album to stay at #1 for another week nor should they. Most tend to drop at least 60% in their second week. The reason why a Eminem or a Luke Bryan can stay at #1 for more than one week is because A) Those weeks don’t have big releases and B) They sell 500,000 albums in a week.

5. I don’t think you can measure the album’s success on what the numbers look like in a few months. The album has already been successful and as long as people continue to buy it, not just over the next few months but over the next few years, it will continue to be.

6. The Billboard 200 chart doesn’t get updated until Thursdays before Noon EST.

7. HAIL!

Comment by Cal

Congrats guys!! This album has proven soo much since its time of release. I’ve followed Avenged since waking the fallen and the journey has been great!!! Have a blast on tour!! I’m soo proud real music can still come out on top!

Comment by Pete Vandenberg

Here’s hoping it turns into a full-on streak like Metallica or Disturbed

Comment by ghostriderh

They had some tough competition this time, but us fellow Deathbats made Avenged Sevenfold come right out on top with a breeze!!!!!!! this is the long comment i warned you about a while ago DBN lady ;)!!!!

So far this is the first album by them that i got to saw debut since i have been a fan since the summer of Nightmare, and this is just an awesome experience to see the boyz come out right on top like Nightmare with the awesome help from us. Avenged Sevenfold so far is the first band i have gotten addicted to (sevenfoldism) so much that i join up with WONDERFUL AND AWESOME websites like this and keep tuned in with whatever they do lol. So yes, A7X is my favorite band/artist by far from anyone else, and just when i thought i couldn’t get even more into them, i stumbled across, and i couldn’t say that i wanted more from you DBN lady, and the others that constantly get on this website (even during school hours) could say the same thing. LOL i ABSOLUTEY cannot think of any other awesome website on the internet that i have been to more, and i am proud of that statement. So, as many other Deathbats have said before, THANK YOU DBN LADY!!!!!!!
and in my opinion, this is the best album they have made yet, a message for A7X: You can take your time on the next album because i can listen to this one for years and years lol!!!! I am a fan of ALL of A7X’s albums EVEN a pretty big one of Sounding the Seventh Trumpet (and im not a big fan of scremo much lol) and Diamond in the Rough, i love and jam out to every single single song they have made and i am no where near tired of it yet! Since last week, i have listened to this album over and over and over again and i love more and more, I KNOW THIS MIGHT BE A MATTER OF OPINION BUT I HAVE A QUESTION LOL: Isn’t St. James like the first ENTIRELY happy song they’ve made? because i see no depression, it actually celebrates Jimmy’s life than mourning it, and that song makes me get a sad face every time lol.
So thanks for putting in so much work into this Website i really appreciate it and i am pretty sure this past week looks like it is keeping you busy lol so thank you DBN lady we all appreciate it. and thank you M. Shadows, Johnny Christ, Zacky Vengeance, Synyster Gates, and AAARRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNN!!!!!!!! AND I PROMISE TO STAY TUNED TO YOUR EPIC WEBSITE UNTIL YOU SHUT IT ALL DOWN (hopefully thats not soon though lol)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAIL TO THE KINGS!!!!!!!!!

Comment by J.C.

Thank YOU guys :)

Comment by Deathbat News

Dude you said it all.. Youre awesome!

Comment by tawnya

A7X job well done. This is one of the most complete albums I’ve ever listened to, front to back every song is amazing. This for me ranks up there with iconic albums like Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, The Stooges Funhouse, Led Zeppelin I, II, and Houses of the Holy. Albums that when I put on I let play all the way through and enjoy a complete piece of music. When I heard you guys were going back to classic metal/rock roots I knew it was going to be excellent. Only a talented band such as yourselves could of pulled of a album like Hail to the King. Back in 2007 when I first heard all of City of Evil I knew you guys had talent, potential, and the passion to make great rock music. Today with your 2nd straight #1 album is a testament to all three of those qualitites. In the age where garbage fill the airwaves and music lacks substance to be nothing more than noise, I’m so thankful you guys exist. Just keep staying humble, keep pushing yourselves, and keep rocking. This is good, isn’t it…

Comment by Andrew Marin

Well, here’s a reference I couldn’t silently ignore… First time I heard A7x, I thought about Pink Floyd… Nobody has ever created anything that would come close to the depth and scope of the Floydian approach to music, even by association… A7x remind me systematically of Pink Floyd, HTTK of course being a point in question. By intricate composition, grand design, epic touch, cosmic focus, classical music, slow open end, stirring tormented vocals, waling guitars, but mostly by treating music they do as a piece of art. The album deserves everything it has received to date and much more… It’s one of the best albums in the genre… We are all proud for you, guys, and excited for the future… Enjoy your moment and THANK YOU for the music… We love you and will back you up foREVer…

Comment by Maria Lebed

I agree Maria. I feel like A7X is just now hitting their stride, which it also took Pink Floyd several years to do so. Acid Rain even has a David Gilmore sound to it, especially on Syn’s guitar solo. I know the Rev is smiling down from from heaven, proud of his brothers. We all miss him and wish he could’ve been here for nightmare and hail to the king. And I know he is proud of Arin for carrying the torch so to speak, dudes a badass drummer.

Bottom line, A7X is the real deal. This is just the beginning.

Comment by Andrew Marin

Amen to that, Andrew. Still can’t get used to Jimmy being gone, but what can one do? The band are singing about him a lot, that keeps the grateful memory fresh… I seriously like Arin, feel bad for him being a little in the shadow and all, but he is standing his ground and seems to be taking all this hoopla around drumming on HTTK well enough… You can feel that he is exactly what the guys need, just give it some time… Great band, where the hell did they come from in this super-commercial pop ruled world? Feel so grateful indeed… Such a strong album, musically very deep and their various talents shine powerfully through… I think Matt should be awarded some big awards for his outstanding piercing sound and emotional delivery…

Comment by Maria Lebed

One box set and one deluxe cd later I am one happy girl! I love this new album, it hasn’t left my car’s cd player since I got it and I have fallen asleep listening to it every night since it was available for streaming! You guys can keep rocking like this until we’re all old and gray because it’s amazing! Thank you and congratulations on the #1 achievement!!! You rock \m/ \m/

Comment by Carmen Feuling

Avenged sevenfold is the most Amazing band EVER!! CONGRATULATIONS guys . you guys deserve it ! HAIL TO THE FUCKING KING !

Comment by david

Congrats guys! You always rock hard and write awesome music. It’s amazing to see a rock band take the top spot. You all never disappoint and I’m proud to say I’m a fan. Keep the momentum going! A7X foREVer!

Comment by Kristen

Hail to the King!
Kneel to the crown!

Comment by RemiBreel

Righteous spot for a kickass group! Way to go Gentlemen! Never doubted for a moment that album would make it to no.1! Can’t wait for 10/16/13 when you ROCK IT LIVE!

Comment by Tisha Horn

just like everyone else i knew theyd hit number 1. congratulations to the best band in the world, my pride and joy Avenged Sevenfold!!! well deserved and well accomplished. now the whole world will be hailing to the kings just as they should be. so fucking proud wooooooo haaailll to the kiingggg A7X foREVer now lets get out the beers and fucking celebrate!!! wooooooooooooooo

Comment by Andrew D.

I’m so proud of them. And proud of everyone who went out and bought a copy or ten! We fucking did it you guys! No one deserves it more than they do.


Comment by steph

way 2 go guys!!!! the album was worth the wait!

Comment by Stacy Nabor

Awesome job once again guys! I’m not at all surprised… but am very glad that heavy music is back on it’s rightful throne again! You never cease to amaze, bewilder, and inspire me! \m/

Comment by Tory Capman

Awesome job once again guys! I’m not at all surprised… but am very glad that heavy music is back on it’s rightful throne again! You never cease to amaze, bewilder, and inspire me! See you October 13th!!! \m/

Comment by Tory Capman

Having had this album long enough to REALLY give it a fair listen, I must say it’s their best yet. It’s lived up to everything they said. It really does sound just MASSIVE!! Every song is a a gem….there are no skip overs. You guys really hit a home run with this one, and this is a well deserved achievement. Congrats!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

Congratulations !!! I believe the torch has been passed!!!!! thank A7x for another awesome album !! Enjoy ur success the band deserves it….

Comment by Jim

Rolling Stone was mostly dismissive of Avenged’s second #1, giving Miley Cyrus a bigger blurb about her non-scandal than Avenged’s new album. I congratulate iTunes for giving this album way more attention. I guess it is another example of why print media is failing.

Comment by Brendan

#3 in Austria, many countries have not released stats yet…

Comment by Maria Lebed

Congrats to A7X!! The album definitely deserves to be #1 and to get two on the bounce is an even bigger achievement so well done to them.

Comment by Anonymous

I guess, the album is so popular, I can’t find it anywhere in Berlin! :D
Gonna order it online! Congrats to our favorite band!

Comment by Nick


Comment by Xiemasitakie Xeist

Such a well-deserved award. :’D Congratulations!!

Comment by obliteratedhype

Hail to the King! Hail to Avenged Sevenfold! Thank you for your hard work.

Comment by Diana

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