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Radio X3M Interviews M Shadows And Johnny Christ.
September 10, 2013, 9:47 pm
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Finnish radio station X3M spoke with (Swedish/Translated) M Shadows and Johnny Christ about being tourists (or drinking), solo grimaces, which South Park member each band member is, where the best place to listen to “Hail To The King” is, the ‘King’ and more.

Who’s who in the band?
– “We are all father figures. In addition to little Johnny here. We take care of him,” says M. A few seconds later, he finds an even better parallel. “Actually, we are more like characters from South Park. I’m Randy Marsh and Gates is clearly Mr Garrison. Zack is Eric Cartman and Johnny’s Professor Chaos,” says M. “Not butters. Professor Chaos,” Johnny fills in. “And Arin. The Goth Kid.”

Submitted by Marco.


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Ha! Nice.

Comment by Johnnie

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